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TÀI LIỆU - EBOOK Trang chủ Đăng ký Đăng nhập Liên hệ Thư viện tài liệu, ebook, đồ án, luận văn, giáo trình tham khảo cho học sinh, sinh viên Luận văn Materials accounting in nissei electric hanoi company TABLE OF CONTENT PREFACE 1 CHAPTER I: GENERAL THEORY FOR MATERIALS ACCOUNTING IN PRODUCTIVE ENTERPRISES 3 1.1. Materials and materials accounting issues 3 1.1.1. Definition and characteristic of materials 3 1.1.2. Classification of materials 3 According to materials’ use 3 According to suppliers 4 According to purpose using 4 1.1.3. Measurement of materials 4 Determine cost of materials stored 5 Determine cost of materials used 6 1.1.4. Managing requirement and accounting duty for materials 9 Tài liệu liên quan Luận văn A Contrastive Analysis between the Verb ‘Run’ in English and the Verb ‘Chạy’ in Vietnamese 52 trang | Lượt xem: 983 | Lượt tải: 10 Đề tài Nâng cao khả năng tiếng anh của sinh viên trường đại học Thương Mại 21 trang | Lượt xem: 5532 | Lượt tải: 51 Luận văn Nghiên cứu đổi mới phương pháp dạy viết luận cho học viên chứng chỉ toefl 47 trang | Lượt xem: 308 | Lượt tải: 5 Luận văn A study on some major factors affecting English learning of grade 6 ethnic minority students of a mountainous secondary school to help them learn better 39 trang | Lượt xem: 1002 | Lượt tải: 19 Luận văn The research focused on the problem of “inactiveness” in group discussion in preWriting stage of essay-writing practice lessons 46 trang | Lượt xem: 490 | Lượt tải: 9 Luận văn Research investigates the reality of the teaching oral skills to the first year students in HaUI when 44 trang | Lượt xem: 666 | Lượt tải: 11 Luận văn Giving suggestions for effectively teaching business correspondence writing in Haiphong University Managing requirement for materials 9 38 trang | Lượt xem: 363 | Lượt tải: 9 Accounting duty for materials 10 Luận văn Phát hiện dữ liệu bất thường với rừng cô lập 1.2. 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Nissei Electric Hanoi Company 30 The foundation and development process of the company 30 The characteristic of producing organization 31 The characteristic of management of the company 34 The characteristic of accounting system of N.E.H 37 2.2. Materials accounting in N.E.H 41 2.2.1. Accounts used for materials accounting 41 2.2.2. Characteristic and management of materials in N.E.H 42 2.2.3. Materials accounting at the beginning of month 46 2.2.4. Procedures for increment of materials in N.E.H 49 2.2.5. Cost of materials stored and examples 51 2.2.6. Materials accounting at the end of month 61 2.2.7. Some special transactions 66 2.2.8. Materials accounting books 69 CHAPTER III: SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE MATERIALS ACCOUNTING IN NISSEI ELECTRIC HANOI COMPANY AND LESSONS FOR VIETNAMESE COMPANIES 72 3.1. Suggestions to improve materials accounting in N.E.H 72 3.1.1. Opinions of materials accounting in N.E.H 72 Management system 72 Materials management 73 BPCS software 74 3.1.2. Suggestion to improve materials accounting in N.E.H 80 Classification and management of materials 80 Documents and reports 81 Other general solutions for N.E.H 81 3.2. Lessons for Vietnamese enterprises 81 3.2.1. Deploying ERP system in Vietnamese enterprises 81 3.2.2. Contribute enterprise culture with ERP 83 3.2.3. Lesson for materials accounting and management of materials 85 94 trang | Chia sẻ: maiphuongdc | Ngày: 25/10/2013 | Lượt xem: 493 | Lượt tải: 0 Tóm tắt tài liệu Luận văn Materials accounting in nissei electric hanoi company, để xem tài liệu hoàn chỉnh bạn click vào nút DOWNLOAD ở trên l directors in Nissei group. GD monitors directly Export - Import, Production Managing and Purchase - Sale Department. Deputy General Director (DGD): w orks as the counselor of the GD. DGD monitors directly General Affair, Accounting and IT Department. Section Manager: there are three section heads monitor directly Engineering, Production and Production Engineering section. They plan, coordinate directly and supervise actions of the sections in general. General affairs department: offers a safe and healthy w orking environment and chances of learning by training both in and outside of the company as w ell as training in Japan, provides sufficient w elfare and prompt salary; duties on recruitment, personnel management, updating new law policy and other administrative w orks. Accounting department: collects and records all economic transactions involved, draw s financial statements monthly and supplies accounting information for managers, etc… IT department: is in large of installing, repairing and settling information and technology problems for the company like installing computer and other machinery ensuring to w ork fluently. Export-import department: implement import and export procedures timely and legally. Production managing department: controls the quantity of products according to orders on the system and the completing level those orders of w orkshops; Các file đính kèm theo tài liệu này: a12.doc Copyright © 2014 Doc.edu.vn
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