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E-mail.: madopol(at)yahoo.com LITTLE ENGLISH (PICTURE) DICTIONARY -1- Adjectives An adjective is a word that describes something. afraid When you're afraid, you are scared. ajar Something that is ajar is partly open. The door is ajar. alike angry asleep When things are alike When you are angry, When you are they look the same. you are very mad. asleep you are not awake. bad When something is biggest bigger big bad, it is has The boy on the When someone or The boy in the middle right is the When you are awake, unpleasant qualities. is bigger than the boy you are not asleep. The opposite of bad is something is big, it is biggest of the on the left. above average size. good. three. awake broken black blue Black is the color of a The sky is blue during very dark night. the day. brave Someone who is brave has courage. When brittle something is Something that is brittle will break or broken, it does not work or snap in two easily. has been Potato chips are damaged. brittle. courage brown Brown is the color of wood. clean When something is clean, it is not dirty. colorful A quality in Something that is which a person closed colorful is brightly can face When something is colored or has many danger or pain closed, it is not open. colors. without The door is closed. showing excessive fear. -2- dark different When it is dark, there isn't much light. When things are different they are not the same. fast fat This girl can run very fast. early excellent When somethings When dirty happens early, it something is When something is occurs in the excellent, it is dirty, it is not clean. beginning part of the very, very day or it occurs good. before it was expected to happen. fiery full frightened When we are The opposite of fat is Fiery means very hot. This glass is full. frightened, we Fiery embers flew Empty is the opposite are afraid. thin. out of the campfire. of full. green Grass, broccoli, and gray Elephants are large, many other plants are good healthy happy gray mammals. Gray green. You can make When something is When you are People usually smile paint can be made by green paint by good, it is has nice healthy, you when they're happy. mixing black and mixing blue and qualities. The opposite are not sick. white paint. yellow paint. of good is bad. large hot Fire is very hot. last The last item or When someone or something is large, it is person is the one at the end. above average size. -3- little littler When someone or The boy in the something is little, it middle is littler is below average in than the boy size. on the right. littlest long loud The boy on the left is the littlest of the three. When something is long, it is not short. The opposite of loud is quiet. multicolored narrow Multicolored means having many colors. When something is narrow, it doesn't take up a lot space from side to side. mad many When you are mad at The are many someone, you are apples above. angry with them. new When something is new, it hasn't been used before. old open When someone or Something that something is old, it is open is not has been around for a shut. The door is open. long, long time. orange pink purple Orange is a color. You red quiet Pink is the color you The color purple is can mix red and Red is the first get when you mix red made by mixing red When it is quiet there color in the yellow paint to get is no noise. and white paint. and blue paint. orange. rainbow. sad scared Sometimes people cry when they're sad. When you're scared, you are afraid. shut When something is shut, it is not open The door is shut. sick When you are sick, you are not healthy. short shorter shortest The boy on the When someone or something is short, it The boy in the middle left is the is shorter than the shortest of the is below average boy on the right. three. height. slow smaller The boy in the small When something is middle is When someone or slow it does not smaller than something is small, it move quickly. is below average size. the boy on the right. -4- ________ straight smallest tall When splendid Something straight is someone or The boy on the left is smart not curvy or bent. the smallest of the Someone who is smart When something is something is splendid, it is very, three. tall, it is above can think well. very good. average height. tiny taller tinier tiniest The boy on the tallest When someone or The boy in the middle The boy in the middle left is the The boy on the right is something is tiny, it is taller than the boy is tinier than the boy tiniest of the the tallest of the three. is very small. on the left. on the right. three. upside down When something is upside down, its top Sometimes people cry Something that is ugly when they're unhappy. is where its bottom is not nice to look at. used to be. ugly unhappy young When someone or yellow something is young, wide Yellow is a color. The it has only been When something is sun is yellow. Lemons around for a short wide, it takes up a lot are yellow. time. A baby is space from side to young. side. -5- violet Violet is a bluish purple color. white Snow is white. Adverbs An adverb is a word that describes an action, telling "how," "when" or "where" the action took place. angrily When you act angrily, your actions indicate that you are very mad. bravely When you act bravely, you face danger and act without fear or despite your fear. Firefighters bravely face danger. daily early fast When something or When something When something is done someone moves is done daily, it is early, it happens in the fast, they change done each day. beginning of the day or position very Some people before the expected time. rapidly. The sprinter exercise daily. The sun rises early in the ran fast. day gracefully happily When you do harmoniously When you do friendly something gracefully, When something When people, countries, something with you do it with acts in an intense When people or other groups behave in pleasure or joy, you act nicely to elegance and beauty. or hot way, it is a friendly manner, they do it happily. She fiery. The fire each other, they A ballerina dances are acting harmoniously. happily helped her are being gracefully. burned hotly. brother. friendly. fiery horizontally joyfully When you do When something something with moves horizontally, it great pleasure or moves left and right. happiness, you do it Trains travel joyfully. She horizontally along their joyfully went on tracks. vacation. late When something happens late, it is done after the expected time or is done towards the end of the day. -6- magically monthly When something is When something done with magic and is done monthly, mystery, it is done it is done each magically. The rabbit month. People appeared magically out pay their bills of the magician's hat. monthly. quickly When something or someone moves quickly, they change position very rapidly. An athlete runs quickly. sadly People behave strenuously sadly when they vertically rapidly When you do are sad or When something When something or something depressed. She someone moves rapidly, strenuously, you moves vertically, it they change position very cried sadly when put a lot of force moves up and down. Elevators move quickly. A cheetah runs she found out the and energy into it. bad news. vertically in a rapidly. building. violently weekly wiggly yearly When something is When something When something acts violently, done weekly, it is When something is done or someone is it uses great force. The wind in done each week. Sue yearly, it is done each year. wiggly, it twists People celebrate their birthday a tornado spins violently. shops weekly for and moves all over. yearly. groceries. Astronomy-Related Words asteroid astronomer asteroid belt astronomy Asteroids are tiny Astronomers are astronaut The asteroid belt is a Astronomy is the planets that mostly orbit An astronaut people who study doughnut-shaped science that studies the between Mars and astronomy and goes up into concentration of universe. Jupiter. learn about space to explore. asteroids that orbit objects in the the Sun between the universe, like orbits of Mars and stars and planets. Jupiter. -7- 1,000,000,000 Big Dipper The Big Dipper is billion a group of 7 stars A billion is a thousand Auroras are atom contained in the million. The Earth is Everything is made beautiful lights Northern billions of years old. up of tiny atoms. in the near-polar Hemisphere sky. constellation Ursa major (the Great Bear). aurora atmosphere The atmosphere is the gas that surrounds a planet. constellation comet A comet is the a small, icy object that orbit the Sun. It's tail always points away from the sun. falling star A falling star is not a star; it is a meteor (made of rock and/or iron) which is burning up in the Earth's atmosphere. A constellation is a group of stars that we see in the sky. They are not necessarily located together in space, but looks as though they are from Earth. crescent moon Earth eclipse An eclipse happens The Earth is the when the moon blocks A crescent third planet from moon is smaller the sun. It's where out light from the sun or the Earth's shadow than a half we live! goes across the moon. moon. galaxy gibbous moon A gibbous moon half moon full moon A full moon appears A galaxy is an is between a half A half moon looks like half a circle. as an entire circle in enormous group moon and a full of stars. moon. the sky. -8- Little Dipper Jupiter Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and the fifth planet from the sun. The Little Dipper is a group of stars in the constellation Ursa minor (the Little Bear). This group of stars ends at Polaris, the pole star of the Northern Hemisphere. Mars meteor Mars is a Mercury A meteor is a reddish planet Mercury is a meteoroid that has and the fourth entered the Earth's planet from the moonless planet; it is the planet atmosphere, usually sun. It is the closest to the Sun. making a fiery trail as planet that it falls. It is sometimes comes closest to called a shooting star. the Earth. Most burn up before hitting the Earth. meteoroid Meteoroids are tiny A meteorite is a meteor stones or pieces of metal that travel that has fallen to Earth. through space. Meteorites are made of stone, iron, or stonyiron. meteorite meteor shower A meteor shower is when a lot of meteor fall through the atmosphere in a short time. Milky Way Galaxy Milky Way Our solar system is in The Milky Way is the Milky Way galaxy. a bright line of We can see the Milky stars stretching Way as a band of stars across the night in the night sky. sky. North Star The north star is a star that is located Neptune Neptune is the almost due north moon observatory and is useful for nebula eighth planet The Earth has one An observatory is place navigation. A nebula is a cloud of from the Sun. moon. The moon has no gas and dust in space. This frozen where people observe Polaris is atmosphere. The same the skies, using a planet has 8 currently the pole side of the moon always device like a telescope. star of the moons. faces the Earth. Northern Hemisphere. -9- phases of the Moon Pluto As the moon circles orbit the Earth, the shape planet The Moon orbits the of the Moon appears Nine planets Earth. The Earth orbits to change. The phases orbit our Sun. the Sun. of the Moon are: the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent. Pluto is the ninth and usually the farthest planetarium Planetariums put planet from the Sun. on star shows that Pluto is the smallest planet in our Solar teach astronomy. System. Saturn quasar A quasar is a distant energy source in space which gives off large amounts of radiation. satellite Satellites orbit the Earth. Saturn is the shooting star sixth planet A shooting star is Solar System from the Sun. It not a star; it is a has beautiful meteor (made of In our Solar System, nine planets, many rings. rock and/or iron) asteroids, comets, and which is burning other objects orbit up in the Earth's around our sun. atmosphere. stars Sun Uranus The Sun is a space shuttle Uranus is the seventh Each of the stars medium-sized The space shuttle flies we see in the yellow star in our planet from the Sun. spacesuit into space and back night sky is Solar System. We Uranus looks bluish Astronauts wear down again, carrying spacesuits when they another sun, but and is covered with get our light and people and equipment. clouds. It has an much farther walk in space. most of our away than our energy from the unusual, tipped axis, which gives it extreme sun. Sun. seasons. - 10 - Venus Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the hottest planet in our Solar System. From the Earth, Venus is the brightest object in the sky except for the Sun and the Moon. zodiac The zodiac is a band of 12 constellations (groups of stars) in the sky, including Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. At the Firehouse: Words ambulance An ambulance takes sick people to the hospital. ax boots An ax is useful for chopping wood. Boots are a type of shoe. Boots cover the feet and part of the lower legs. Dalmatian danger The Dalmatian is a You can get hurt white dog that has in a dangerous situation. dark spots. flashlight firefighter A firefighter is a person fire Fire is very hot. who puts out fires and saves people's lives. hatchet fire truck Fire fighters on a fire truck help put out fires. hero A hero is someone who is helmet A hatchet is an ax with a short A helmet protects your admired for great courage, noble character, and head. Firefighters wear handle. performing good deeds, helmets. like a firefighter. - 11 - flame A flame is a fire. A flashlight helps you find your way in the dark. hose hydrant Water flows through a hose. Fire fighters hook a hose up to a fire hydrant to get water. wrench ladder A wrench is a tool rope that turns nuts or You can climb A rope is useful for tying Water is a liquid that can bolts, like those on up a ladder to put out some types of things together. a fire hydrant. reach tall fires. things. water Bathroom-Related Words bathtub bubbles You take a bath in a bathtub. It is fun to blow soap bubbles! hairbrush mirror A hairbrush is used You can see to brush and your reflection untangle hair. in a mirror. soap toilet eyedropper faucet An eyedropper is used to You can turn water A comb is a used to drop liquids one drop at flow on or off at a smooth or untangle hair. a time. faucet. comb sink shampoo shower A shampoo is a liquid soap used to wash hair. When you shower, you When you shampoo your wash your body in a stream of falling water. hair, you wash it. We can wash our hands at a sink. toothbrush You can keep your teeth Soap and water help Toilets are in healthy by using a clean things. bathrooms. toothbrush to clean them. tub A tub is a large container. Tub is also another word for bathtub. - 12 - toothpaste You use toothpaste to towel clean your teeth. You can dry things with a towel. At the Beach: Beach-Related Words ball A ball is round and fun to bounce, throw, kick, or catch. crab A crab has a hard shell and eyes on stalks on its head. ice cream cone An ice cream cone is nice to eat on a hot summer day. popsicle beach bathing suit A bathing suit is a garment you wear while swimming. A beach is where the water meets the land. You can build sand castles on the beach. clam coral reef Clams are animals Coral reefs are warm, with two shells. clear, shallow ocean They burrow under habitats that are rich in the sand. life. fiddler crab The fiddler crab is fish small crab that lives Fish live in the water on beaches. The and breathe with gills. male fiddler crab has one enlarged claw. fishing rod hammock A hammock is a large People use fishing net or cloth that is used rods to catch fish. for sleeping or relaxing; it is hung up by both ends. intertidal zone kelp The intertidal zone is where the sea Kelp is brown seaweed that grows in cold meets the land, the water. area between high tide and low tide. reef sand kite net You can fly a kite on windy days. A net is used to catch things. sandcastle A popsicles is a Reefs are warm, Sand is a loose material sandals A sandcastle is a small sweet, frozen clear, shallow ocean composed of fine S andals are open castle made of damp treat on a stick. habitats that are rich debris of rock and shoes worn in warm sand. mineral particles. in life. weather. - 13 - sea sand dollar Sand Dollars are coin-shaped spiny-skinned sea bed animals that have 5-part radial symmetry. A sea is a large seaweed body of salt water shell sea gull Seaweed is a plant that is connected to Sea gull is the common Some animals grow a an ocean. A sea may name for some birds that lives in the sea. shell for protection. be partly or that live near oceans completely and lakes. surrounded by land. Sun The Sun is a starfish medium-sized Starfish (also yellow star in our known as sea Solar System. We stars) are animals that live get our light and most of our energy on the ocean from the Sun. floor. trash can A trash can holds garbage. swim When you swim, you move around in the water. wave There are waves of water in the ocean. whelk Whelks are ocean animals with a hard, spiral shell. - 14 - swim fins People wear swim fins on their feet to help them swim. towel You can dry things with a towel. Bird-Related Words Arctic tern beak The Arctic tern is a albatross A beak is the hard, bald eagle small bird that flies biped The albatross is outer part of a some The bald eagle is a from the Arctic to the A biped is an animal web-footed bird animal's mouth. Birds, Antarctic and back large bird of prey. It that walks on two legs. that can fly for octopi, squid, and is the symbol of the again each year. People and birds are a long period of other animals have USA. bipeds. Tyrannosaurus time. beaks. Some dinosaurs rex was a biped. had them too. bird Birds have feathers and wings. Most birds can fly. blackbird Some people keep birds in cages. blue jay bones The blue jay is a Blackbirds are black! The bluebird is a Bones are hard, beautiful song bird beautiful, noisy blue structural parts of the bird. that is the symbol of body of many animals, many of the states in including birds. the USA. Canada goose cage bluebird The Canada goose is a large North American bird that honks. canary cardinal carnivore Carnivores are Canaries sing very The Northern Cardinal organisms that eat is a bird with a short, well. wide bill. The male is meat. Many birds, like bright red; the female eagles, are carnivores. is brownish-red. claw cassowary chick A huge, A chick is a baby flightless bird chicken from Australia chicken. Some other with a helmet- baby birds are also A chicken is a farm animal. called chicks. like crest on its head. - 15 - A claw is a hard, sharp, curved nail on the feet of some animals. Bears, cats, birds, dinosaurs, and many other animals have claws. cockatoo Cockatoos are birds that have a large, feathery crest and a hooked bill. They are from Australia and Indonesia. crane crow The crane is a A crow is a very wading bird with smart black bird. a long neck, a long bill, and long legs. dodo cuckoo Cuckoos are birds whose call sounds like coo-coo. dove The dodo is an The dove is a bird extinct, flightless bird that lived on that is a symbol of peace. an island in the Indian Ocean near Africa. duck Ducks are birds that have webbed feet and a flattened bill. They swim well and live near the water. emu duckling A duckling is a young duck. endangered species The emu is a large Endangered species are types of Australian bird animals or plants that cannot fly. that may become extinct soon. Many birds species are endangered. eagle The eagle is a large bird of prey. It has a hooked bill and sharp talons. egret The egret is a large wading bird. emperor penguin The emperor penguin is the largest penguin; it lives on ice packs in Antarctica. extinct feather flamingo When a group of animals or plants goes extinct, they are gone forever. Some extinct animals include dinosaurs, saber-toothed cats, and dodo birds. Birds have feathers. The flamingo is a pink bird that eats shrimp. - 16 - fly food web goldfish The fly is a small, The food web (or A goldfish is a type of carp that flying insect. makes a nice pet. food chain) is all of the interactions between predators and prey in which plants and animals obtain food. goose Geese are migrating birds that honk! gosling A gosling is a baby goose habitat guppy groundhog great horned The groundhog is a owl rodent that is also The great horned owl is a large bird of prey from North and South America. called the woodchuck. gull Gulls are birds that live near oceans and lakes. Guppies are a type of small tropical fish. A habitat is the natural place where a plant or an animal lives. For example, a toucan's habitat is the rainforest. hummingbird harpy eagle The harpy eagle is one of the largest eagles in the world. It lives in rainforests of Central America and South America. Hummingbirds are tiny birds that heron drink flower A large wading nectar. They can hawk hen bird with hover in the air The hawk is a bird A hen is a female chicken. Hens distinctive and even fly of prey, a raptor. lay eggs. plumage and a backwards. long, sharp bill. - 17 - kiwi junco jay Jays are beautiful, noisy birds. This junco is a small songbird from North America. The kiwi is a chicken-sized kakapo flightless bird The kakapo is a large, flightless, from New nocturnal, solitary parrot from Zealand. It is New Zealand. generally nocturnal (most active at night). kookaburra The kookaburra is an Australian bird whose call sounds like laughing. macaroni penguin mallard The macaroni meadowlark The Mallard is a common wild The meadowlark penguin is a duck. penguin from the macaw is a brightlyAntarctic that has Macaws are parrots colored songbird a yellow, feathery from rainforests in that lives in crest on its head. the Americas. meadows and grasslands. nest moa The moa were huge, extinct, flightless birds from New Zealand. nocturnal Some animals, like birds, make Nocturnal mockingbird nene nests to hold their young even animals are more The mockingbird The nene is nightingale some dinosaurs built nests for active at night. is a North Hawaii's state bird. The nightingale is their eggs. Owls are American bird It is an endangered a bird that sings nocturnal birds. that can mimic the goose that lives on beautiful songs. songs of many volcanic slopes. other birds. - 18 - owl oriole nuthatch The oriole is a oropendola The nuthatch is a black and orange The crested oropendola is a small perching bird that eats fruit tropical black bird that makes bird that can and nectar. It builds long, pendulous nests. climb down trees a hanging nest. and opens nuts using its bill like a hatchet. parrot peacock The peacock is a The parrot is a beautiful bird from beautiful bird that india. The male has pelican can imitate a large train of The pelican is fish-eating bird sounds very well. feathers. with a huge, pouched bill. pets Pets are animals that live with us, like parrots and canaries. Owls are birds of ostrich prey that have The ostrich is the large eyes and largest bird. It very good can't fly, but it eyesight. Most runs very fast. owls hunt at night. pigeon peregrine falcon The peregrine falcon is the Penguins are fastest-flying birds that cannot bird. It prey upon fly but swim very other birds. well. penguin quail There are a lot of prairie chicken puffin A quail is a pigeons in cities. The prairie chicken is a bird that The puffin is an bird; it spends a lives in grasslands of North Arctic sea bird. lot of time on America. the ground. robin quetzal The quetzal is a beautiful rain forest bird with very long tail feathers. rainbow lorikeet A small, colorful, brush-tongued parrot from Australia. rhea The rhea is a large, flightless bird from South America. - 19 - The robin is a roadrunner common bird The roadrunner is with red-colored a bird is a fast feathers on its running bird that breast. rarely flies. snowy owl sea gull sparrow The snowy owl is rockhopper The sea gull is the a white owl that The sparrow is a penguin snow goose common name for lives in the North small, common The rockhopper some birds that live The snow goose is a migratory songbird. American tundra penguin is a bird from North America. near oceans and (a cold, snowy small, aggressive, lakes. environment). crested bird that cannot fly. tern spotted owl swan The spotted owl is Swans are longan owl from the necked water birds. Pacific coast of North America. umbrellabird Terns are birds that are sometimes called "sea swallows." toucan The toucan is a rainforest bird that has a big, colorful beak. xenops vulture The vulture is a The Umbrellabird big, bald-headed is a rain forest bird that eats dead bird with a large animals. tuft of feathers on its head. turkey woodpecker The woodpecker is a bird that can peck holes in trees. - 20 - Xenops is a rainforest bird from the Americas. Turkeys are large birds that nest on the ground.
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