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Key, scripts Big step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 5
(A) The man is steppỉng toward the copier. 1. (B) The man ỉs carrying a backpạck. (C) The copier is unplugged. (D) The man is loading paper into the machine. 5. (A) The gỉrls are reaching torthe notebooks. (B) The girls are looking at a laptop Computer. (C) The girls are moving the monỉtor to the side. (D) The girỉs are gettỉng up from the chaỉrs. (A) The woman is touching the Computer screen. 2. (B) They are standing side by side. (C) They are looking at the monitor. (D) The man is trying on some clothes. (A) The man is driving a machine. (B) The tractor is pullỉng back tovvard constructỉon materials. (C) The tractor ỉs movỉng equỉpment. (D) The man ỉs using a hand tool to fix the machỉne. (A) The train is carrying containers. (B) The train is leaving the stationề (C) The trees are being cut down. 3. (D) Containers are being put on the train. 7. (A) Some peopíe are putting tables away. (A) The man is speaking to the children. (Đ) The man is holding both chiidren ỉn his arms. (C) Some people are vvaỉking outside. (D) Some people are climbỉng the mountain. (B) One man is vvalking ỉnto the building. (C) All the chairs are occupied. (D) The tables and chairs are in a hallvvay. 8. 12. How do you record a message? (A) l’li certainỉy pass it on to him. (B) Go to the menu and check. (C) There’s a studỉo here, lf you ỉike. f3 . What tỉme is your tlight? (A) We’lỉ be there in two hours. P ) ỉt got here at 7:40 in the momỉng. (C) lt*s at 5:30, this evening. (A) The Computer has been tumed off. (B) The man is seated around a round table. 14. Would you care for a cup of coffee now? (0) The Computer is OIÌ the table (Â) Noỉ mỉne, i’m sure. (D) The man is hoỉding a cup of coffee. (B) Pỉease try some. (C) 1’d ỉove that. 9. 15. Do you have sortie time to help me wỉth the Doughson campaign? (A) Pm atraỉd, l’m a bít busy now. (B) i’ve had enough, thank you. (C) lt’s eight-thirty. 16. Why aren’t the computers workỉng? (A) They are ỉookỉng in the same dỉrectỉon. (A) By next week, I supposeề (B) They are wearing workỉng clothes. (B) There’s been a power shutdown. (C) They are restỉng at the edge of the sidewalk. (C) Not until the attemoon, ỉ’m sure. (D) They are vvaỉtỉng for the light to change. 17. Who will represent the company at the annual stock 10. holder’s meeting? (A) I ỉhink he will. (B) ỉ am ỉnterested in the stock market. (C) Aỉl the senior members wilí be there. 18ế Do you have an account at that bank? (A) The people have ỉeft the buỉldỉng. (Â) Yes, thỉs one please. (B) The lights are being ỉnsỉalledắ (B) Of course, and so does Maya. (C) No, there’s one at the maíỉ. (C) The seats have been arranged ỉn rows. (Đ) Some of the seats are occupíed. 19. Who wilỉ be vice-president after Mr. Giuliani retires? ^^^^BSÍÊÊKÊÊÊtÊÍÊKKKÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÌÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÍÊÊKÍÊÊiÊÊÊÊÊÊKÊÊÊKỄKÊKÊÊÊầ (A) We doiVt know yet. (B) Yes, he certaỉnỉy wilỉ. (0) He retỉres next yeaí. Ị 11. CA) 12. (B) 13. (C) 14.(C) 15. (A) 16. (B) 17; ỈA) 18. (B) I 20. Hasn’t the boss approved the proposals yet? 19. (A) 20. (A) 21. (B) 22. (Â) 23. (C) 24. ÍC) 25. (A) 26. (B) (A) Not yet, but he said he would. 27. (C) 28. (A) 29. (A) 30. (A) 31. (A) 3a (ừz (Ở 1123. p 8 §ÈỄ125. ■ 126. (B) 129. (B) 130. (C) 131, (B) 132, (A) 133. (A) ịỵỵ. íữịýíW. H 138. H 139. (B) 140. (p) 1 II 1 m 120. (D) ia l i 121 (8) m ịii 134. (Dì 135. (0 Part 6 Hỉ, ỉ’m Mark Spendertrom Human Resources. I will be taking you on a tour of our tacilities, starting at the shop tỉoor m this buildỉngếAs you can see, this is where our company’s Products are made. llp ahead is the Delỉvery '141. <é) 142. ' 146. (0 )'t47. (D) .148. (A) 149. (C> 150JB) 19;.(A).; 152..CA), sectỉon from where our Products go out ỉnto the market. Ori the first tloor we have the Accounting sectỉon. Lét’s now go ỉnto Human Resources to colỉect your empioyee Part 7 identitication badgesỂOnce youVe receỉved the badges we’ll go into the cateteria for a cup of coffee, and lff be happy to answer any questions that you may have. HHHI - 153. (Sì 154^ Í3,' Ì55. u ;j 15& 0 : 1 ^. iAi I58: (Bi 159. ÌC! 160. (C) 161. (D) 16a (A) 163. (B) 164. (D) 165. ÍB) 166, - Xem thêm -