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Key, scripts Big step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 2
1. (A) Two men are walking past a bench. (B) People are moving the chairs nearthe trees, (C) One man ỉs leanỉng on the other. (D) Some people are restỉng outdoorsế (A) He ỉs walkỉng đown the corridor. (B) He is entering the room. (C) He ỉs wỉpĩng the ha!ỉway wỉth a mop. (D) He ỉs sỉtting orì the tloor. 2. (A) The ATM is out of order. (B) The machỉne is against a waỉỉ. (C) Peopie are withdrawing money from the machine. (D) The machỉne ỉs beỉng inspected. (A) They are watching the race. (B) They are parking theỉr bikes. (C) They are riding bikes over rocks, (D) They are getting on bỉcycỉes. (A) People are packing their bags. (B) People are boarding the bus. (C) The windows are open wideỉy, (D) The tires are being repỉaced. (A) The man ỉs typỉng â document. 7. (B) The cup ỉs sỉttĩng on the tabỉe. (C) The woman is tacing the man. (D) The plant ỉs beíng vvatered. (A) The peopỉe are gettíng ỉnto boats. (B) The boats are tỉoatỉng on the water. (C) The boats are docked near the trees, (D) The peopỉe are taking the boats out on the water. 338 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 12. Can we postpone our dinner meeting until Thursday? (A) They mainly serve seatood. (B) Yes, I postponed it mysetf. (C) No, l’m already booked on Thursday. 13. Do you think we can tinish the project this week? (A) The people are getting off the buses. (B) The buses are on a City Street. (C) The people are vvaiting for the bus to come. (D) The buses are approaching the bus stop. (A) lf we work on nothing else. (B) No, l’m not vvorking on a project. (C) The projector is out of order again. 14. How long have you been waiting? (A) Less than an hour. (B) l’ve vvorked here since my graduation. (C) I don’t mind vvaiting. 15. What does Audrey do for a living? (A) She’s reading a mystery book. (B) She likes to play golf. (A).The dessert is being made. (C) I believe she’s a teacher. (B) The man is stirring something in the pot. (C) The meal is being served at the table. (D) The food is being spooned onto a plâte. 16. VVhich restaurant do you want to go to? (A) The one right across the Street. (B) l’m allergic to seafood. 10. (C) I tlke coffee in the moming. 17. Do you know where the convention will be held? (A) She’s holding onto it for me. (B) l’m looking forward to it. (C) Why don’t you ask Mr. Edmonds? (A) The people are boarding the airplane. (B) The airplane is sitting indoors. (C) The airpiane is on the runway. (D) The truck is moving tovvard the airpiane. 18. Payday is every two weeks, isn’t ít? (A) Yes, I always look forward to that. (B) You can And it everywhere. (C) Peter is in charge of payroll. 19. May I ask you a question? (A) lt’s hard to answer. ; Ị (A) 12. ịc) 13. (A) 14. (A) 15 (C) 16. ÍA) 17. (C) 18. (A) J .19. p (B) Yes, go ahead. (C) Last March. 20. (AL-21 (A) 22. 200. (C)
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