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Key, scripts Big step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 1
A c tu a l T e s t 1 Script & Answer Key 4. WÊUÊÊÈÊÊÊËL ft181 1. (A) The office tables are being wiped off. (B) No man is working in the office. (C) The pipes have been hung from the ceiling. (D) The computers are being raised onto the tables. 5. (A) He is working on a machine. (B) He is cutting the paper in pieces. (C) He is filing the documents. (D) He is writing something on the paper. 2. (A) The customers are dressed up. (B) The customers are standing in front of the counter. (C) One of the clerks is placing an item into the display case. (D) One of the clerks is handing something to the customers. 6. (A) The woman is looking through the microscope. (B) The woman is putting on the protective glasses. (C) The woman is using laboratory equipment. (D) The woman is pouring liquid into a glass. (A) They are paving the road. (B) They are walking across the street. (C) They are stuck in the middle of traffic. (D) They are moving along the road. 7. (A) People are leaving the stadium. |B) The sports game has begun. 1C) Some people are facing a field, p ) The stadium is completely empty. (A) There are some chairs around the round table. (B) There are glasses and plates on the table. (C) Some diners are ordering in a restaurant. (D) The glasses are being filled. 12. When did you buy this jacket? (A) About two weeks ago, (B) Any time now. (C) Yes, it’s a little expensive. 13, What did the doctor say? (A) The construction site is open. (B) The construction vehicles are digging in the ground. (C) The man is stopping traffic. (D) The man is stacking up some construction materials. (A) It’s on the second floor. {B) I think so too. (C) He needs to run some tests. 14. Do you have change for five dollars? (A) Well, let me just check. (B) At the bank, next door. {C) It’s fine either way. Is there a gym in this neighborhood? {A) Yes, he lives on this street. (B) They used to be so cheap. (C) There’s one around the comer. (A) People are sweeping the path. 16. Where do I park my car? (B) The ground is covered with leaves. {A) I like to go there for a walk. (C) The leaves are being raked. (B) in the basement right over there. (D) The trees are being cut down. (C) It’s a new model, I think. 17. Could you explain this table to me? (A) Ml try, but it looks complicated. (B) Ml ask Bob if he’s free. (C) Wood and glass, I think. 18. Who requested the dental records? (A) She is the best dentist. (A) The aircraft is landing onto the ground. (B) The data is recorded accurately. jB) The passengers are exiting the plane. (C) One of our patients. (C) The sky is clear. (D) The plane is parked at the airport. 19. You’re scheduled for the night shift next week, right? (A) Yes, I’ll be working until 10. (B) It’s next to the rest room. (C) Pm leaving next week to London. 11. (A) 12. (A) .13. (C) 14 (A) 15. ( O '16.'(B) 17. (A) .18. ¡¡§ 19. (A) 20. (C) '21 (B) 22. (B) 23. (B) 24. (A) 25. (C) 26. © )' 27. (B) 28. (C) 29. (A) 30. (B) 31. (A) 32. (A) 33. (B) 34 (C) 35. (B) 36. (A) 37. (C) 38. !B) 39. (C) 40. (B) 20. What’s this meeting about? (A) Ten-thirty sharp. (B) In the seminar room. (C) Delivery schedules. 21. Why is Kevin always late? 11. Where’s the nearest drugstore? (A) I always knew these machines were slow. (A) There’s one across the street. (B) I have no idea. Someone should speak to him. (B) It’s on your desk, I think. (C) He said he’d finish it soon. (C) Until eleven, most of the time. 22. Would you like to throw the boxes away or keep them? 32. Who’s responsible for the marketing department currently? (A) They are kept in the supply room. (A) The former sales director is in charge. (B) I think we’d better hold on to them. (B) The market is very competitive. (C) It’s only two blocks away. (C) I’m currently working in the accounting department. 23. Didn’t you like Mr. Kim’s presentation? 33. How many copies should we take? (A) Yes, it’s a gift for my wife. (A) Not too well, i’m sorry. (B) Actually, it was a bit boring. (B) About twenty, I think. (C) No, Craig is making a presentation this time. (C) I took one yesterday. 24. Have they agreed to our conditions? 34. Isn’t it time we leave for the conference? (A) Yes, I believe so. (B) I’ll speak to him. (A) It’s in the hall on the left. (B) It will go on for some time. (C) They find it cold here. (C) Yes, just give me a minute. 25. Do you know which bus goes downtown? 35. Don’t you want to visit the city hall while you’re in town? (A) It’s two bus stops away. (A) Yes, I’ll visit the museum next week. (B) It only takes 30 minutes from here. (B) I do, but I don’t think I have enough time to do it. (C) Sorry, I am a visitor here. (C) No, it’s located at the intersection. 26. Can I leave a message for him? 36. Would you prefer a window table or a table in the center? ¡A) He should be back by Saturday. (B) Certainly, I’ll pass it on. (A) Whatever comes first. (C) He had to leave in a hurry. (C) They said they would send out the mail. 27. How many people came to the shareholder meeting? (B) I placed it by the window this morning. 37. Do you want me to take you to the airport, Mr. Bums? (A) It will be next week. (A) Because the flight has been delayed. (B) Fewer than 100. (B) To Berlin at 7 p.m. (C) It was pretty positive. (C) Thanks. That would be great. 28. Did he explain the procedure to you? 38. Could you tell me how I can cancel my reservation (A) He said it is two blocks away. tomorrow? (B) We’ll give details later. (A) Sorry, we’re fully booked. (C) Oh yes, quite clearly. (B) May I have your name, please? (C) I can get there by 3 p.m. tomorrow. 129. You are going to be free in the afternoon, aren’t you? (A) Yes, do you need any help? (B) Yes, I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow. (C) It costs 20 dollars. 39. Should I have someone bring you the file or will you pick it up yourself? (A) Yes, Michael brought it in this morning. (B) I think I misplaced the file somewhere in the office. 30. If the shipment arrives late, I think we should take the rest of (C) I will come over after lunch. the day off. (A) Yes, I worked very late yesterday. (B) That sounds like a better idea. (C) Shipping costs are getting high. 40. I haven’t ordered refreshments for Tom’s retirement party yet. (A) It was a lovely party. (B) I can help you with it if you want. 31. Could you recommend any good place to eat around here? (C) The food there is so fresh. (A) There’s one across the street. (B) You need at least one recommendation. (C) Yes, I already ordered my lunch. 333 [50-52] iskg!. H 48. (D) ¡ 49. (B) 50 (B) 51. (B) 52. (C) 53 (D) 54, (B) 55 (C) 56. (B). [ 57- 64. (C) ; 41. IS :'# C )'43. (D) 44.JW 4 Ç (« S a ip;« (C) 67. (B) 68. (B) 69. (C):70 (A) [41-43] W; We need pictures of our employees for our silver jubilee brochure. Can you arrange to get them by this evening? M: I’ll see what I can do. Most of our staff is busy with arrangements for tomorrow’s anniversary function. W: Maybe you could take the photographer to the cafeteria during lunch hour. He can get all the pictures he wants. M: That’s a Very good idea, thanks. I was wondering how to organize it. [44-46] W: I’d like to see some formal shoes, please. Something in black or tan would be fine. M: Sure, we’ve just got in some new designs that are both comfortable and elegant. What about this black pair? W: I like the design of those brown shoes more. Could I just try them on? M: I’m sorry, but we don’t have your size in that design. But if you order a pair, we could get them for you within a week. [47-49] W: Is Amy back from the seminar in Spain? I want her to go through this report. M: No, she’s expected by Thursday at the earliest. Her assistant Kim might be able to help out though. Amy said she’s knowledgeable. JN: Maybe I’ll get her opinion on it since it’s urgent. M: I’ll call and ask her to meet you immediately. Good luck with it. 334 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 W: Do I need to put more stamps on this letter? It has to go to Los Angeles. M: No, if it’s sent by ordinary mail. Express mail is faster, but more expensive. W: Well, l’d like it to go as soon as possible. How much more would express mail be? M: That’ll be $4.75, ma’am. I’ll just get you the extra stamps, if you’d like. [53-55] W; Could you check on the arrangements in the conference room for this evening’s program? We may have more guests than expected. M: Sure, and I’ll arrange for extra chairs. Is there anything else you want me to do? W: Please get Hari to ensure that all the sound equipment is working fine. Last week we had a problem with the microphones. M: Yes, we need to be extra careful this time. But I’m sure Hari’s at his job already. [56-58] W: How was your vacation, Dave? I heard you went to Europe. M: It was just great. Actually, I spent two weeks touring France with my family. W: I’ve been to Paris, but that was on business last year. I'd love to go to the French countryside. M: You should go sometime. I can tell you the best places to stay, visit and eat at. [59-61] M: So you’ve re-installed the printer driver and rebooted the computer, but it’s still not printing? W: That’s right, Andy. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have to print out this report for the 2 o’clock meeting, and it’s already one. Everything’s working except the printer. M: It must have something to do with your computer because everyone else can print. Look, since you have the Internet access, why don’t you e-mail the report to Mary and then print it from Mary’s computer? While you’re printing, I’ll take a closer look at your computer and see if I can fix it. W: That’s a great idea. [62-64] M: Wendy, could you send a memo to all of our contract employees? [71-73] We would like to remind passengers that this is a non­ smoking facility. Please limit smoking to the designated W: Absolutely. What’s it about? areas located outside the terminal building. Under federal M: Management has decided on a new payment system. safety regulations, all bags are subject to search by From now on, I’d like everyone to send us an invoice for security personnel. Please do not leave carry-on baggage their work based on the same format. I’ll send you the unattended in the terminal building. If you see any invoice template to attach to the e-mail. This way, unattended baggage, please report it to security or an everyone’s pay statements will look the same. airline service official immediately. The gate areas are for W: That’s a great idea. I know there’s been some confusion ticketed passengers only. Those awaiting arrivals may meet with that. I’ll send a copy to the accounting department them at the shuttle train exit, located at the east end of the as well, just so they know that the memo’s been sent. terminal, or at their flight’s designated baggage claim area. See the arrival board for flight numbers and corresponding [65-67] W: Sarah told me you went to the new restaurant on Miller carousel designations. [74-76] Street. How was it? M: The food there is just great, and the service is excellent, too. W: That sounds promising. Maybe I’ll take our overseas clients there this week. How are the prices? M: Very reasonable. Here’s their phone number if you need to make a reservation. We’re proud to welcome you all to this Theatre Festival. As you know, it is dedicated to the memory of award winning playwright Immanuel Pareto. This week you will get to see some of Mr. Pareto’s finest works brought alive on stage by the most talented theatre groups in the country. As | students of theatre, you will also get an opportunity to ! interact with the cast and crew of each play at a special [68-70] | gathering after the day’s performance. Please restrict ! yourself to one question, so that everyone in the audience W; John, there’s a lady waiting for you in reception. She’s been there for some time now. M: She’s Amy Grant, the accountant we hired last week. Could you take her over to Human Resources? They can start processing her. I’ll be there in 15 minutes. W: Sure, I’ll do that. The staff will be thankful for the extra gets a chance to speak. We request you to turn off your mobile phones during the question session. However, you are welcome to take pictures of your favorite theatre stars *at the end of the session. And now, Ms. Manuela Pareto, who is herself an acclaimed actress, will share some memories of her famous playwright father with you. help. Will she start work right away? M: Yes, but she’ll assist Mary for 15 days first, in order to understand our systems and procedures. After that, she’ll work independently. [77-79] -----------------------— ----------- mm----------— ----------------------------- j This is going to be a brief meeting. You are all aware of the damage caused by last week’s hurricane. Many buildings in this area have been seriously damaged. Our premises have also been declared unsafe. So, we will now have to move to the office bn 21st Street. For many of you this will mean a rather long distance to travel every day. I know we 71. (C) 72. (D) 73. (B) 74. (C) 75. (D) 76. (B) 77. (D) 78. (A) | will all miss being near the harbor. However, the city 79. (B) 80. (C) 81. (A) 82. (B) 83. (A) 84. (D) 85. (A) 86. (D) council has approved our restoration plans and work has 87. (C) 88. (D) 89. (B) 90. (C) 91. (B) 92. (C) 93. (B) 94. (D) already begun. If all goes well, we may be back here by the 95. (B) 96. (B) 97. (C) 98. (A) 99. (C) 100. (D) end of the year. 335 [80-82] [92-94] I Mr, Schultz, congratulations! This is Terry Allen calling from Coming up at noon is our special report on polluted air | Skyways Travel Agency. You’ve won a $250 certificate in spreading through the city. But first, local residents are I the “Away from Home” Holidays Sweepstakes! You can protesting against the expansion of roads in Leigh Nafiona I use this discount the next time you book your travel on a Park. Forestry officials think this will help bring more j JK flight to a destination of your choice anywhere in the visitors, but concerned citizens say the construction and | United States. The gift will be mailed to the address you the increased traffic will prove harmful to the environmert provided on the registration form. Please call our toll-free | number 1-800-876-2134 for further details regarding this and affect animals badly. The citizens are currently tafcrc part in a rally in front of the Forestry Department bufldng. i offer. Wish you a wonderful holiday! [95-97] [83-85] It’s Friday evening and time for the latest news on the The View-R has arrived: the ultimate mobile phone. This traffic situation in your city. If you are traveling northbomril handheld device can not only make phone calls but also traffic is very heavy on Highway 18, especially near receive TV signals of business, sports and news channels. Langford Garden. Traffic is backed up in both directions You can even record TV programs on the View-R and send due to an accident, so turn on to the S-8 or Highway 1Gis them to your friends. The View-R is available at the Mervin avoid being delayed. In another area, a breakdown on Department Store. It costs just $120. In our special offer Trafford Bridge has brought vehicles to a halt in the B^r valid for this month only, you can make free local calls on area. Police are arranging to tow the broken-down true* your View-R and subscribe free to any two channels of your | and restore the normal flow of traffic. Please wait for choice. So rush to the nearest Mervin’s and get the View-R. directions from them if you are in this area. Call 1-234-1234 for more information. To get a discount, order online at www.view-r.com. [86-88] [98-100] The city council is seriously considering rebuilding the Latong Railway Station. It has approached our company. The next two days will show a cold front moving toward the Branson and Javier, to submit an estimate for the work As center of the country, bringing cool temperatures to you know, our nation’s very first passenger train steamed Kentucky and Oklahoma. Texas will remain dry for the next out of this station about 150 years ago, making it the oldest week, while a new storm is already building up off the coast station in the country. It is used by over 50,000 commuters of Seattle. The city will be hit by a thunderstorm within the even today. However, it cannot meet the rising demands of next 6 hours or so. Georgia and Louisiana are on hurricane rail travel. We have proposed that a new terminal be built alert. In the east, expect sun and high temperatures and the present station be converted into a Railway everywhere. Museum. This will ensure that commuters get the benefit of the latest technology and conveniences while preserving [89-91] an important part of our city’s history. Our firm has already submitted a proposal to the council and is waiting for it to You’ve reached the main office of Synergy Telecommunica­ tions, the first word in communications. Our office is closed today due to the national holiday. Please call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday if you need to speak to our customer service staff. Our online service provides information regarding bills, additional services and tariffs. Customers can also receive information on our web site for special offers. Thank you for calling and have a nice day. 336 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 be approved. m 101. (B) 102 (B) 1Q3. (A) 104 105. (C) 106. (A) 107. (A) 108 (D) 109 (C) 110 (A) 111 (C) 112. (C) 113 (B) 114 (D) 115. (D) 116. (B) 117. (D) 118. (B) 119. (C) 120. (A) 121. (A) 122. (D) 123 (A) 124 (A) 125, (D) 126. (B) 127. (B) 128. (B) m Ü 130. ü u (A) 13a (B) 133. (C) 134 § j 135. (D) 136 -(B) 137 (C) 138 (D) 139. (A) 140. (C) Part 6 141. (D) M2. (B) 143. (A) 144. (C) 145 (D) 146 (C) 147. (B) 148 (B) 149 (D) 150 (B) 151 (A) 152. (DỈ 337
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