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KEY BÀI TẬP BIẾN ĐỔI CÂU – CHỈ CẦN HỌC CHỖ NÀY LÀ ĐỦ 0.5Đ RỒI CÁC EM – CÔ MAI PHƯƠNG <3 Sentences transformation 1B 1. You don’t have to finish the work today 2. Sally finally succeeded in getting the job 3. I certainly will never go to that restaurant 4. “You’d better take a holiday” – the doctor said 5. Unless you rest yourself, you really will be ill 6. “You work too hard” – the doctor said to him 7. How beautiful those pictures are 8. What an interesting film! 9. How heavy is your suitcase? 10. What is the height of Peter? Sentences transformation 2B 1. We didn’t arrive early enough to see the first film 2. Peter apologized for breaking the glass 3. If he hadn’t saved me, I would have been downing 4. Nobody is cleverer than Sally in the class 5. This is the most romantic story I have ever read 6. The car is too expensive for me to buy 7. He was made to study hard for the exams 8. We have been cooking for the party for four hours 9. He is behaving more violently than ever before 10. The police prevented us from getting nearer Sentences transformation 3B 1. She had her car repaired yesterday 2. You’ve got to see the manager tomorrow morning 3. I’ve warned you about going near the dog 4. So long as he arrives before eleven, she can meet him 5. Every time I rang, there was not any answer. 6. I don’t know as much about it as she does 7. In spite of having a good salary, he was unhappy in his job 8. He’d rather play golf than tennis 9. The garden hasn’t been dug yet 10. If Susan hadn’t eaten four cream cakes, she wouldn’t’ t have felt sick 1. Susan felt sick, because she ate four cream cakes. Sentences transformation 4B 1. The car is too expensive for her to buy 2. She left the room without saying a word 3. The owner of the house is thought to be abroad 4. You didn’t forget to post the letter, did you? 5. It is not easy to speak English 6. I wish I had finished my homework last night 7. “How do you like my new dress, John?”, she asked 8. There is a train leaving ay 8 o’clock every morning 9. It can’t be denied that she has a beautiful voice 10. Do you mind helping me to put the chair away? Sentences transformation 5B 1. I’m interested in reading scientific books 2. If he doesn’t phone her immediately, he won’t get any information 3. We are going to have the car repaired by the garage next week 4. It was such the wonderful news that she decided to have a celebration 5. It isn’t easy to leave here after such a long time 6. He takes every Sundays to work in the garden 7. Two extra people came although we had expected only 16. 8. Jerry makes two thousand dollars a month as an accountant 9. We need to think about it for a week 10. The people who owes newspapers are usually very rich Sentences transformation 6B 1. Neither she nor I have been there before 2. The weather was so good that we went swimming 3. It is too far for me to see 4. It is the first time I have been to the ballet 5. You can’t believe that John always speaks the truth 6. He suggested I should put my luggage under the seat 7. It is such a dirty restaurant that no one wants to eat there 8. Facing a lot of people always makes me nervous 9. Apples are not as expensive as oranges 10. If you don’t get a visa, you can’t visit Moscow Sentences transformation 7B 1. John used to smoke cigarettes when he was a young man 2. He asked me to hand my books to him when I had finished. 3. In countries like Britain, the weather is very changeable 4. Secondary education is free in Britain 5. His heart was so weak that he couldn’t walk very far 6. If he doesn’t phone immediately, he won’t get any information 7. When did they buy the house? 8. The broken vase couldn’t be repaired by him 9. The garden hasn’t been dug yet 10. Is this the cheapest carpet have you had? Sentence transformation 8B 1. Now I do not go climbing as much as I used to when I was younger 2. There used to be dreadful dogs in England 3. We haven’t decorated the room for years 4. The other guests will start dinner before we arrive. 5. I wish the school holidays were longer 6. John is too young to join the club 7. It is very necessary for him to be to blame for his mistakes. 8. It was obligatory for him to pass his intermediate level English examination 9. It was their request that the mother came and lived with them to take care of their children 10. Isabel deny lending Robert her pen 11. You were wrong to lie to him Sentence transformation 9B 1. There’s nothing I would not do for you 2. Yogurt is supposed to do good for you 3. Does your aunt have to be met at the station? 4. Much as I admire his courage, I think he is foolish 5. If you had told me in advance, I could have avoided that date 6. I wish you didn’t say things like that 7. I wish you had told us about this 8. But for the weather, it would have been a superb weekend 9. Cats can not swim as well as cats can. 10. It’s three months since she went to the hairdresser 11. David’s room has a spare bed. Sentence transformation 10B 1. These shoes are too small for me to get my feet into 2. I’m looking forward to meeting again soon 3. The security guard told me to keep away from this area 4. It is the first time I met such a famous person 5. You don’t have to put this pudding out of its tin to cook it. 6. He was thought to have been waiting for a message 7. If he had driving license, he could drive his car 8. The key which he lost a long tine ago was found out by him 9. They could not do anything to help him 10. He used to stay up late Sentence transformation 11B 1. My purse was stolen from my handbag 2. “Please repeat what you have said”, she told John 3. I wish you had told us about this 4. It was such the bad weather that we couldn’t go out 5. The security guard told me to keep away from this area 6. The broken vase couldn’t be repaired 7. He wishes he had invited us to the party 8. Despite having a good salary, he was unhappy in his job 9. He wasn’t rich enough to buy the car 10. Wasn’t it possible to get a bus to the station? Sentence transformation 12B 1. Jane, who is a brilliant swimmer, presented Britain in the Olympic games 2. The girl that lives next-door to me is getting married next year 3. This mountain is too high for us to climb. 4. Are you tall enough to reach that picture? 5. A donkey is not as beautiful as a horse 6. She’s not used to staying up late 7. I suggested you should look for another job 8. If he had been careful, he would not have lost his money 9. They haven’t visited me for five years 10. He had all his suits made in Paris Sentence transformation 13B 1. He was seen to come out of the house by me 2. If only I had much money to buy some new clothes 3. It was believed that she took part in revolutionary activities 4. Only a reasonable standard of living is enjoyed by the whole population is a few countries 5. Although it rained, we went out 6. Mr. John prefers watching TV to going to the cinema 7. Working in that condition was impossible 8. Frank plays tennis very well 9. I wish I could help him 10. It is not easy to speak English fluently Sentence transformation 14B 1. The question is too hard for her to answer 2. Not being certain of the way, she asked the policeman 3. She asked him “Have you studied French?” 4. I wish I had studied French last year 5. Unless it isn’t sunny, the children will go swimming 6. He told me to bring my swimming things in case it was sunny 7. You don’t have to talk so loudly 8. The last time I went to Bristol was three years ago 9. This cheque hasn’t been signed 10. It’s Tim eighteenth birthday next week Sentence transformation 15B 1. So great was her grief that she almost fainted 2. Until I tell you can’t you leave 3. She’d rather eat Italian food than French food 4. Susan is not as good at Chemistry as Sarah 5. When are John and Mary married? 6. He can make people understand when he speaks English 7. Tom wishes he had watched the football match last night 8. Yesterday we did such a difficult test that we couldn’t finish it in 2 hours 9. The man asked me how many students there were in my class 10. She has been listening to the radio before seven-thirty 11. The lady-researcher advised us to take science appreciation courses at school Sentence transformation 16B 1. Falling to pay taxes, you may go to prison 2. To everybody’s surprise, the work completely failed 3. In spite of being tired, the poor farmer kept working 4. What the sad news you have brought 5. I do not know whether she is innocent or not 6. All the prisoners will be caught again tonight 7. Joanne isn’t interested in reading stories 8. I’d rather you didn’t tell him 9. I suggest you should ask her yourself. 10. You’ll need to get an up-to-date visa for Andorra Sentence transformation 17B 1. Joan eats very little because she doesn’t want to put on weight 2. Rarely did she meet such a beautiful film star 3. Despite being poor, he wasn’t always unhappy 4. She can’t neither ask intelligent questions nor profit from listening to her colleagues 5. He not only spoke English very carefully but also very clearly 6. If there weren’t gravity, balls thrown into the air would fall back down 7. Faraday’s father was too poor to send him to school 8. The book is so boring that nobody likes it 9. They were such strong people that they could lift the rock 10. My brother plays tennis better than I do Sentence transformation 18B 1. If Jim had lent me some money, I would have been able to buy a car 2. When arriving at the shop, the goods are inspected carefully 3. Laurence last saw her sister when she left for Japan 4. Peter said, “I don’t not fell well” 5. If John did not eat so many chips, he would not be fat 6. If John did not eat so many chips, he would not be fat 7. Jane is interested in collecting stamps 8. George used to be more energetic 9. Unless he changes his way, he will end up in prisons 10. If he had done his homework, he would not have got bad marks today Sentence transformation 19B 1. Before the ship was half burnt, it had not been surrendered 2. Had the weather forecast been accurate, we would have taken the right precaution 3. If the temperature had fallen below zero last night, the crops would have been damaged 4. Poor as I am, I’ll not serve a villain 5. However much I pay this man, he is never satisfied 6. Since the mangoes are cheap, they can not be good 7. Unless you speak slowly, he will not able to understand you 8. John didn’t sign the contract without speaking to his lawyer 9. Nobody in Jane’s class is taller than her 10. I need to clean my suit before I go to the party Sentence transformation 20B 1. Was the garage built at the same as the house? 2. Nobody who was at the meeting will say to the press 3. We were impossible to have a picnic because of the heavy rain 4. If she doesn’t find a job before September, Joan will stay on at school 5. I’d rather not go out tonight 6. It wasn’t until she was eight that Shirley began to read 7. The last time Lucy worn that dress was at Barbara’s wedding 8. Why don’t we go abroad for our holiday this year? 9. He speaks so slowly that his students get very bored 10. By the age of twenty, Mackenzie had written four best-sellers Sentence transformation 21B 1. “How do you like my new dress?” – She asked John 2. There is a train leaving at eight every morning 3. He was arrested for stealing some money 4. She wouldn’t have met Mike if she hadn’t gone to Spain for her holiday last year 5. The job should be done tomorrow 6. Roger is the most dependent person I have ever met 7. She has hardly rung the bell when somebody opened the door 8. He is said to have been all over the world 9. I hate having to write letters 10. I wish I had finished my homework last night Sentence transformation 22B 1. I have no advice that is offered to you 2. The war ended and soldiers returned home 3. He is said to have died by his own hand 4. Unless you do as I tell that, you’ll regret about it 5. Unless you do our homework well, the master will get angry with us 6. She reminded him to phone the office 7. I wish I had time to listen to you 8. John has just been released by the police 9. They were speaking too softly for us to hear 10. It took us five hours to get to London Sentence transformation 23B 1. The news that her son died was a great shock to her 2. Mary refused to lend Peter her motorbike 3. Hardly had he written the problem on the blackboard when he solved it 4. Not only did he study English but also French 5. The farther we live from our house, the more we miss it 6. No matter strong you are, you can’t lift this heavy box 7. Jane is as heavy as her sister 8. A new shopping center was being built when we came 9. Are these old houses going to be demolished? 10. The coffee was so bad that he couldn’t drink it Sentence transformation 24B 1. Most crops are influenced by weather conditions 2. Smoking is not allowed in here 3. It took us three hours to open the door 4. I didn’t finish my homework until mid-night 5. Isn’t there another way to reach the city center? 6. He didn’t forget, and neither did she 7. It’s high time something was done about the city’s traffic problem by the council 8. Would you mind lending me your pen? 9. Peter suggested I should take a taxi 10. He is said to have escaped to a neutral country Sentence transformation 25B 1. My sister began studying English two years ago 2. Mr. Dean, whose house was for sale, was one of the customers of Mr. Brown’s bank. 3. December is the busiest month of Mr. Smith’s company 4. If Mary had worked hard, she would not have failed in her exams 5. Because the weather was bad, the train was delayed for twenty minutes 6. John couldn’t hardly understand what the teacher said 7. We can only get into the house if someone has a key 8. You can’t have locked the front door. Here’s the key 9. He’d rather play golf than tennis 10. He wishes he had invited Molly to his party Sentence transformation 26B 1. I wish I had known how to do it 2. If a child is spared punishment, he will be spoilt 3. It wasn’t necessary to remind him about it. 4. They will have these shoes repaired 5. Despite the fact that I can’t play any instrument, I love music 6. He wanted to know how long it had been since Bob left this city 7. Children of rich family tend to be sent to private school 8. No sooner had he got home than it began to rain 9. The children whose parents work late are taken home by bus 10. He laughs as if he had done the exam successfully Sentence transformation 27B 1. It was too late to do anything 2. Bill doubted if John would come 3. I wish I had finished my homework last night 4. Every time we rang, there was not any answer 5. John suggested Barry should put a better lock on the door 6. If you do not get a visa, you can visit the United 7. Traveling by air always makes me nervous 8. John could hardly understand what the teacher said 9. If he does not phone immediately, he won’t get any information 10. The office manager wondered why he had not got a computer before Sentence transformation 28B 1. He built a house and that is the finest in the village 2. No sooner had the teacher come in than they stopped talking 3. He hadn’t left college before he took his degree 4. To rush out is not as good as to wear out 5. If the child is spared punishment, he will be spoilt 6. Calcutta is the largest town in India 7. By whom were you taught grammar? 8. One should keep promise 9. It’s time for lunch to be prepared Sentence transformation 29B 1. Unless Peter takes more care, he will have an accident 2. In spite of the heavy traffic, the little boy crossed the street 3. The question couldn’t be answered by us because it was very hard 4. He could neither drive, sell nor give it away 5. Never shouldn’t him abbey his parents 6. I apologize for being rude to you yesterday 7. In spite of his broken leg, he managed to get out of the car 8. It can’t be denied that she has a beautiful voice 9. She thought Rome was worse than Paris 10. The firemen managed to put it out after fighting the fire for 12 hours Sentence transformation 30B 1. It is time the children worked 2. He was made to wait for two hours 3. The boat was made to turn back by the police 4. Would you please smoke in here? 5. As I didn’t know all the facts, I didn’t ring the police 6. The police shall be notified about this matter by us 7. Galileo is regarded as the father of modern astronomy 8. There has been a considerable fall in the value of Sterling in the past week 9. I can barely see any mark on that dress 10. It is the first time I have seen such a mess in my life Sentence transformation 31B 1. I can remember an incident just as mysterious as this 2. It was fool of him to say that 3. It’s years since I went to a cricket 4. You needn’t go to so much trouble on my behalf 5. A frost, which is late, spoiled much of the crop 6. That’s that man who I lent the car 7. He works very hard in the evening 8. I really looking forward to going to the theater tomorrow 9. I went to that school, and my brother did, too 10. I denied being there at that time Sentence transformation 32B 1. “You stole that bicycle” – the policeman said to him 2. Unless you don’t want to keep fit, you must play sports 3. That mosquitoes cause malaria is well-known 4. Though life is short, we waste a lot of time 5. Unless you don’t want to keep fit, you must play sports 6. Mr. Hill’s students are taught to understand different English accents by him 7. The film was so boring that we left before the end 8. It’s four years since Robert and Catherine are married 9. If Elizabeth hadn’t smoked cigarettes, she would not have got a bad cough 10. Anna asked if she could have a new bicycle Sentence transformation 33B 1. The meal began with a wonderful fish soup 2. Although I had met Brian before, I had never really talked to him 3. It can’t have been Hilary’s fault 4. I wish Mr. Barker had told me until it was too late 5. I’d rather you didn’t go out this evening 6. Learning a foreign language in a week is impossible 7. I am fond of detective stories 8. I wish he were here now 9. She doesn’t know where he has been. 10. Have you been told about it yet? Sentence transformation 34B 1. We spent three hours opening the door 2. He would not be allowed to go out by his mother 3. He’ll always remember waiting for his friends to go to school 4. Andrews suggested that they should do for a walk in the park 5. He broke the world record in his second attempt 6. He said that he wished he knew the answer 7. He was sorry for spending so much money 8. He wished me luck 9. My application for the job was turned down 10. Ann pleaded with her boy friend not to drive so fast Sentence transformation 35B 1. John Speck did not succeed in finding the source of the river Nile 2. Maria wishes she had applied for the job in the library 3. In spite of not speaking Dutch, Bob decided to settle in Amsterdam 4. It is difficult for handicapped people to find shopping tin supermarket 5. Sally was given a micro-computer for her birthday by her parents 6. It’s not my fault if the tin- opener’s broken 7. Mike doesn’t play squash as well as Barbara 8. Who does this suitcase belong to? 9. In spite of having a bad cold, William went to work 10. It is a two-hour train journey from London to Bristol Sentence transformation 36B 1. If the lecturer had prepared his speech carefully, he would not have done it very badly 2. If the gardener had watered those plants yesterday, they would not have died 3. The bread was so bread that my grand father couldn’t cut it 4. My mother cooks better than my sister does 5. In spite of the bad weather, the schoolchildren managed to come to class on time. 6. Bill doubted if John would come 7. Our dog bit the post man 8. The fog prevented us from driving 9. In spite of his broken leg, he managed to get out of the car 10. Miss Jones is the best teacher in this school Sentence transformation 37B 1. You’d better apologize to Sally 2. Be careful or you will fail 3. That car belongs to Mrs. Edward 4. According to the station clock, it was half past ten 5. The wallet was found with no name in it by Henry 6. Ronald said that he did not steal Mrs. Clark’s handbag 7. Susan doesn’t like staying in hotels as much as camping 8. The fridge was too heavy for us to move 9. Mary asked John not to tell anyone about her new dress 10. Sally’s English is quite fluent Sentence transformation 38B 1. Bill’s call was answered by Mr. Anderson because his secretary was out to lunch 2. The boys was made to go outside by security guard 3. Ali has studied in both the US and Europe 4. His sister called 5. We were as surprised as Jane 6. If it hadn’t been for his help, I would have gone bankrupt. 7. After Tim’s friends had arrived, he reached the station 8. I expect him to get there by lunchtime 9. Although my plans are careful, a lot of things went wrong 10. Because of his bad behavior, he must be punished. Sentence transformation 39B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. It looked as if the house had been unoccupied for several years The identify of the murdered man was informed to the police Throughout his life the fisherman was very poor The lion is fed at 3 p.m everyday by the keepers If we had had the map, we would not have got lost I would rather you delivered the sofa on Friday If there were no sun, there would be no kinds of energy Though the weather is bad, the pilot will bring the plane down safely. Unless the scientists get energy from the sun and wind, Fossil fuel will be more expensive 10. Although the salary was slow, she decided to accept the job Sentence transformation 40B 1. If he had studied hard, he would not have failed in his examinations 2. Eric told his girlfriend that he didn’t leave her anymore 3. He insisted on seeing the manager 4. Arthur apologized for hurting her feelings 5. It’s better for me to get back to work 6. People said that he was in the French foreign Legion 7. The nurse asked Mrs. Bindley how old the little boy was 8. It can’t have been Mrs. Elton because she’s in Bristol 9. When did Catherine and Henry engage? 10. Although Mr. Benton is old, he runs seven miles before breakfast Sentence transformation 41B 1. Unless you promise to try harder, I will not help you 2. Carol accused June of bring cheating 3. She has got that house since 1973 4. He is believed to be mad 5. We are going to have out house painted by a local firm 6. He advised us to go by train 7. She is too old to have children 8. You don’t need to shout 9. The play was so dull that he fell asleep 10. She enquired where the nearest tube was Sentence transformation 42B 1. There were no volunteer to help 2. Many others residents are like you situation 3. “There was more snow than ever before” – Richard said 4. Our neighbor has never invited us into his home 5. I am so sick now 6. The wanted man is believed to be living in London 7. No one knows how many stars there are in the sky 8. Unless we use a giant telescope, we can’t see most of the stars 9. The boy asked his sister if she had ever read a book on space lights 10. The travel agent asked if I wanted to insure my luggage or not Sentence transformation 43B 1. You have such a beautiful home 2. It is so nice that Jay could come with you 3. Tom’s sister will come to the US to study if Tom’s mother allows. 4. Linda’s uncle died and she sold his house 5. Betty allowed Karen to keep the kitten 6. The fox tried in vain to reach the grapes 7. His briefcase was so full that the zip fastener can not close properly 8. It is said that he beats his wife 9. It looks as if he is running away from you fierce dog 10. No sooner had he returned from his walk than he got down to writing the letter Sentence transformation 44B 1. Unless you didn’t miss the program, you couldn’t really understand their intension 2. It is over a year since I was able to see them 3. It has been suggested that income tax should be abolished 4. Never before had the king resigned 5. He was too tired to see the end of the film 6. He is the first time he has visited England 7. It looks as if it may rain 8. He will come so as to be sure of meeting you 9. He enjoys waling in the rain 10. A child spends most of the life playing Sentence transformation 45B 1. He didn’t manage to win the race 2. It can’t be denied that she has a beautiful voice 3. The flat costs $ 60 per week 4. The bank lent him the money 5. It doesn’t take too much money 6. They are being made to prepare carefully for the exam by their teacher 7. There is nothing I would not do for you 8. The reason why he was late was that his car broke 9. The sea is not warm enough for me to swim 10. Robert says this is the last time he visits Manchester Sentence transformation 46B 1. Mary reported the burglary to the police 2. I never had any intention of going to the wedding 3. Bob refused to take the car 4. She can play guitar well 5. Swearing at the referee earned him two-match suspension 6. Norman’s house may be more expensive than mine but it is not as big and attractive as mine. 7. He must be met at the railway station 8. I am used to getting up early 9. He is not interested in getting a good job Sentence transformation 47B 1. Is there any possibility that Sally will come to us for Christmas? 2. Shall we eat something before the show? 3. If you don’t start at once, you’ll be late 4. This is the dirtiest dog I have ever seen 5. In spite of his broken leg, he managed to get out of the car 6. All the prisoners will be caught again tonight. 7. It is hours since Mary rang 8. In case you get hungry on the train, take some sandwiches 9. We don’t understand as much as they do 10. The enquiry is going to be opened by the Prime Minister Sentence transformation 48B 1. The doctor warned the patient to take it easy or he would have another heart attack 2. This reporter whose background I know well is 100% honest 3. By stretching the rope from one side of the crevasse to the other, they hauled their equipment across 4. The smoking that people do is not as much as it used to. 5. We’ve given our mind to think the matter over and come to a decision 6. What’s wrong with this TV? 7. This is the first time I’ve tasted pleasant 8. In case there is an emergency, ring this number 9. She always gives me a cup of coffee when I visit her flat 10. The engine failure is caused by a badly fitted part Sentence transformation 49B 1. If I hadn’t lost my passport last week, I would not have had troubles 2. Hardly had she begun to speak when people started interrupting her 3. The team leader criticized John for not waiting for her him 4. If I hadn’t been thinking, I would not have made that terrible mistake 5. The police caught him when he was climbing over the garden wall 6. Getting to work this morning was a bit difficult 7. He might not have got my letter 8. We were going to visit our grandmother so we left early in the morning 9. Sad as it is, unemployment is unlikely to go down this year 1. Much to our regret, your application has not been successful
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