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II 1. 01 2. I 1,1, I lUi~ 7 3. 4. 8 II 5. 01 6. 9 7. 8>. 10 9. 01 10. 11 PART 2 Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken 1n Engllsl'l They will be spoken only one trme and will not be printed rn your test book. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A). (8), or (C) on your answer sheet Example You will hear· Where is the meeting room? You wrll also hear: (A) To meet tM new drrector tB> It's the hrst room on the nghl (C) Yes. at two o'clock The best response to the queStion "Where IS the meeting room?" Is choice (B). "It's the ftrst room on the nght. • so (8) is the correct answer You should mark answer (B) on your answer sheet 11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 13. Mark your answer on yotrr answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on yovr answer sheet. 33. Mar1< your answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on yovr answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your an$wer $heet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12 II PART 3 01 Oilec:tions; You w hear some conversatiOns between two people You Wll be asked to answer ee QuestJons about what the speakers say 1n each conversa110n Select the best response to each quost1on and mark the letter (A) , (B). (C). or (0) on your answer sheet The conversations will spoken onty one bme and will not be printed rn your test book C1 Who most likely are they? A A JOb C"lndldate and an inlei'V!ewer. B A 'Tiarkebng manager and a personnel manager C Co-workers who wor1< rn the same department of a company. D Ad -.nt and a shop empJoyee Q. Why •• the man reluctant to transfer to another department? 1-< appy wrth h1S current jOb. He r-.. that he 1 not qual•h-.:1 lor the op411 44. Who is the woman? (A) A vls1tor (B) A bulld1ng security guard. (C) A parkrng attendant (D) An ar11st 45. What suggestion does the woman receive from the man? (A) See the art exhibtt. (8) Park In the underground garage. (C) Tum back and dnve down to the intersecllon. (0) Walk back to her house. poslllon. - Ha doesn't like the people In the Marketing Department He would have 10 aceept a pay cut of he got hrteC' C3. wr.at will the man probably do? 46. What will the woman most likely do? {A) Drive back home CB) Buy a bcket to the exhibit. (C) Pay lor the toWing lee. (D) Park her car somewhere etse. Put s apprca110n and fdC& the outcome 3) Talk to h1s boss about ge«ing more details about the pos1tion C Disregard the opportunrty and wart tor another 1'. tme Worlc harder to be considered lor the next promotion. 13 47. What is the man doing? (A) Argu1ng abool1he seat. ttl) Searchong for the right spot. (C) Trymg to catch fish. D MoVIng to a different house 53. What Is the man ask1ng the woman about? (A) An e~ro n•dP n h1s psychecl tB)Awarnong he t1ad r9C81ved at worx (C) The lunch meflu at a restauront ho wants to go to (01 A no1ohcnt•on of an unpaid b11l 48. How tong has the man been here? (A) 15 minutes. (6) 30 minutes. (C) 60 m1nutes. (0) 120 minutes. 54. What will the man do? (A) Drop by the bank. (B) Take care of a misunderstanding (C) Call another electrician. !D) Go on an errand. 49. Whet does the woman suggest may be the reason for the man's problem? !A) He IS S1tl1ng in the wrong pi.Jce. (B) He ts uSing the wrong baot. (C) He has been waibng too tong (D) He Is not thinking properly. 50. What Is the man doing? (A H.. , trying to buy some ctol!ung tBJ Ho •s looking for a bani. (C) He ts prepenng to start a bus.ness (D) He 1s S9Mng a customer 51. Where will the man most likely go next? (A) To another store. (B) To the back part of the store. (C) To a fashion show (D) To tee a customer 55. When was the boll taken care ol? A WodneSday. !B) Thursday (C) Fr~day. (D) This mornong. 56. When will the exhibition be held? (AJ On the thtrd of this month !B) At the end ol October (C) tn a oouple ol weeks (D) After three days. 57. How tong does it take to send the Items to the Detroit plant? (A) One day (B) Two days (C) Three days. (Dl Foil"" days 52. What 1s special about this ptaoe? (A) The otems are reasonably pncud. (6) It IS located close to the man's place. (C) It ca rr~es otems that other stores don't have. (D) It has been In business lot many years. 58. According to the woman. wily i s the delivery betng rushed? (A) To have plenty olttme to deal wtlh a problem done occurs. (B) To prepere for the company's move. (C) To a110td runnong onto the possobthty ol a Stock Shonaga (D) To obloge the demand of Mr. Johnson 14 !i8. How tar did the man's team go in the tournament? 65. Where is the conversa!Jon most likely taking A 1~ey reach ad the finals before getting place? defeated S l'hey gotll'to the s..m lonals dltar beabng the sales team C They were defeated In the first round of the (A) At an auto repa1r shop. (B) At a gas sta!Jon. (C) In a computer store 10) Alongsid a freeway II 01 ~mament 0 They went all the way to thelonals and won. a Accotd•ng to the woman, whydld her team not compete in the tournament? A. ~~ '"Y of her staH members were out of town "' uusiness Bi Hor boss does not like baseball very much. C She fell down the sta1rs and broke her ankle. :J ~ ·~.am Tnmbers wme too busy With worlt. 11 What does the man mention about some of the man"98 staff members are stay1ng at very e ">11SIV9 hotels :: T r travel expenses have shot up 'D) Th• cost of u'lsurance has more than doubled. ll. What does the man suggest they do to solve the problem? more people YIOlatiS theo store celebrating? ""e opening of a new store. A reocord year for sales. :; '"he retirement of a staff member. - M 1mportant anniversary. G V.hen does the sale begin? Today. Fnday. Se1Urday. Sl"'lday. a 'tll'ten does the store open this Saturday? a.m ~am. 92. What is causing the flight delays at Heathrow Airport? (A) A flight accident. (B) The local weather. (C) A secunty alert. (D) The overbooking of flights. 93. When was the Hight originally scheduled for takeoff? (A) t2 o'clock. (B) 2 o'clock. (C) 5 o'clock. (0) 7 o'clock. Bam 9a.m 94. What is being offered to the passengers at the second floor lounge? (A) A meal. (B) Accommodations. (C) Snacks and dnnks. (D) Flight tickets. •. . l.!lfhi!Mi Hi. 17 95. What Is the speaker doing? (A) G1v1ng OUI on award (B) ln~oducmg u QV<-St. (C) Making a sales prosentabon (0) Ct--duc~ng an ontel'\liew 98. Whal does lh8 speaker say is in pian fOr Codak in lhe early part of next year? (A) They"' buy oul Japanese company (B) They W111 shut down one of lhe1r faCIOnes (C) They woll embark 011 a buSIMSS partnership. (0) They W111 merge w11h anolher company. 97. Which of lhe following is NOT true aboul Codak lncorporaled? (A) It has OV< r 100.000 employees. (B) The company started a decade ago. (0) II has a branch offiCe In Japan. tO) The company 1s plann•ng :o add more planls 18 98. What Is being advertised? (A) A ora"' ' agency (B) A gelaway resort (C) A fitness center } A fr ./ fA 'I"'• 99. What does lh8 speaker say about The Adoms and Aphrod1te Paradise? h • .d by many rave"''$. (B) There are over 500 rooms. 1A) (C) Famous people vacatrM lhere. (0) It •• Sllualed near an ocean 100. Which of lhe following is NOT part of lhe amenities offered? (A) An an1mal shew. (B) Great cuiSine (C) A sw•mm1ng pool. (0) Cycf1ng Reading Test In the readong test you wll read a vanety of texts and answer severa different types of reading comprehension questiOnS. The ent..e read ng test wtlllast 75 mu>utes There are ttvee parts and d rvc:tfons are 9J11811for each part You are encouraged to answer as many quesi!Or1S as poss ble w1th1n the time allowed PartS Directions: A word or phrase Is m1ss1ng 1n each of the sentences llelow four answer choices are g1ven below each sentence Select the best answer to com e e he sentence. Then. mark the letter (A), (8), (C), or (0) on your answer ~l 101 . you want to receive additional information regarding the services we offer, please log onto our website at www. healthelub.com today. It B For J C) Despite (D) Whether 102. Sandy Duncan was handpicked by the general manager to head the next project because of expelience in this field. (AII>.lr (B) hors (C herself (OSha 103. The changes made In the work1ng condrt1ons 6 104. All commuters the ma1n highway to get to the center of the city will face delays of up to an hour today because ot on-going construcbOn. ~use used C)usmg !DlWI use 1 05. In order to become a member of the country club. applicants have to meet the strict set by the club president. (AI requ;re (tl) requ res (C) requ nng (D) requirements 106. The outcome of our meeting today w1th the at our company resulted in remarkable Improvements in all aspects of our business and ...... more so in the morale of our employees. board of d1rectors will -- - the course of action we will take this year. tA)all IB) any (C) even (D) a lthough (C) determonlng tDI determ1nato<>n (AI determine (B) determtnes 107. The announcement of John Stanton's ret•rement was not well received by most of the staff members, but Leslie, his long time friend end eolleagu e, was extremely ···- to hear that Mr. Stanton will now be able to enJOY some leisure time. (A) happ1est (8) happily (C) happ1er 112. The presentation of this evening's winners will commene& ---- at seven following dinner at six. 1\1 01 preci.. (8) preciSIOn (C) precisely oJ precis.JneSS 113. The new sports complex willeceommodate (D) happy 108. Because many of the warehouse workers were out sick today, Mr. M1ller had to stock the goods on the shelves •• an Olympic-sized SWimming pool and other - , Including a mness center and a spa, to name just a few. A fact1b..., IB) categor1es (C) qualities ID)supphos (A) 1tself (8) himself (C) herself (0) themselves 114. Our new product will be put through a number 109. Please accept our - apology for the inconvenience this delay Is causing all the passengers here at Pearson International Airport. (A) ~•ncere (8) orlg•nal (C) est•mated (0) completed 11 0. The majOrity of the contract - that took place during the year were handled by lawyers from a local law finn. 1AJ negohate (8) negotiations of - - · tests before being released to the public. (A) dependent 18) foundud Withhold (0) stringent 115. Mr. Chan's main role in the company for the the right next two weelks Is to look -· person to take over Mr. Shaw's position when he leaves at the end of the month. (A) in (8• for Cover (0) from (C) negotiable (0 ne(IOtl8tor 116. People unanimously agreed that John would 111. It will be next to Impossible to a room at the Ashton Hotel this week because of the film festival. (A) reserve (8) respond (C) connect (D) appoint II have performed a great deal better under more -· circumstances. (A) favorable (B) favorably tCI favonte (01 favor 7 117. After a long and difficult strike, the plant wOder (C) W1thin 10) d rectly 126. The alr11ne requested a call to ensure a seat on my flight back home. (AI coni rrn IB) conhrrned (C) confrrrmng (0) conf1rmahon 127. If the task is too complicated to figure out on own, please don't hesrtate to ask one of our representatives. who are here to help. )'<> IB) your iC)yoors (0) yourself 132. One of the reasons why our sales team has become a leader today is that they are put through a numb&< of vigorous trainong sessions to keep up with the -ChangeS that occur in the mar1rous (B) continuous (C) straoght (0) mature 128. The hard wor1< put in during his younger years made him become - - · sound in his later years. !A) finance 1Bl fmances !C) fonancial (D) f~nnnclally 129. Ms. Taylor has called the m anagers to her in the main conference room to discuss next year's budget. (A) met IB) meet (C) have met !D) will meet 133. John is a bit netVOUS because he will gove a speech the board members thos altemoot~. ,A) by (B) on (C) to (D) during 134. Of the many radio statlons in the city. FM 109 is conSidered to play the ·- • listening music. 1~ easy (B) easoest (C) more 88SAiy (0) most easoly 130. .. announcing his retirement, Mr. Kinsley has been busy trying to train his replacement. (A) Because (B) Once (C) Sonce {D)Whle 131. Please fax us the information immediately because I need to - - - the client right away. (A) notoly (B) speak (C) report (DI attend 135. The new, expensive software was purchased to help keep better ----- of the clients we have here at our company. (A) recOfd• (B) states ICI poonts oO) mar1or (C) paltlal (DIIow&r (8) Except (C) Unless (D) Therefore 140. The defense attorney contemplated a long time before finally making his decision to the accused In court. (A)nttend (B) represent (C) e>.preSS (0) 10 PCt " ....... we were able to amass a small fortune for the couple! !:: Now, we can show you how you can. too. London Life • ANANCIAL PLANNING • STOCKBROKING • PROPERTY • FINANCE =illllllllllll llllllllllll llllll lllllllllllllll lllll llllllll ll lllllllllllll lllllllllllll lllll lllllllllllllllllllllll lllll lll lllllllllllllll lllll llllllllllllllllllliT 12 Questions 147·149 reler to the follOwing notice. ---- ---------------------------, I :. 01 Promoting Cycling in our City An essenJia/ elemem ofthf! 1ranspor1a1ion system in mat'l)' ofrhe cilies around the world is cycUns The city ofBuffalo recot:m:es this and has t/1!>·~/0ped a IO..>ear plan to promote mo,. cycling in 0111" ci (I" The city's developmen 1 plan includes the addition of more cycling ·- • to our streets. 147. (A) admission (B) entrance (C) ac:ceRs (0) pa:iS This, of course, is with the intention of encouraging greater cycling by our citizens in 148. (A) participate (B) participation {C) partiCipates (0 partiCipated an effon to mimic the benefits other global cities have experienced, >ueh as the reduction of pollution and trnflic congestion as well as health and social advantages. Other plans include a coordinated network of bicycle lanes to be interconnected to the surrounding towns as well as the sening up of a number of social programs to provide information to the cyclists. The eity wishes to hear your thoughts about its ·-· . t='urther information and submission 149. (A) effects (B operat1ons (C) remed1es (0) proposals forms are available at our website at: www.cityofbuffalo.gov.us, by visiting your local Neighborhood Service Center, or by calling 755-9333. I ·---------------------------------------------- 13
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