Tài liệu Học tiếng anh qua truyện cổ tích: snow white and the seven dwarfs

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"ffi,foJenny Dooley & ChrisBoles' ,lt I It'sw(nter,ond (t'ssnowlhg,o long long time ogo. The Queen [s ln her gorden,look(ngof the snow. "l wont to p(ck some flowers.Oh, looklA pretty budl Oh, nol My ltttle f(ngerlAnd look!A drop of blood!" Itrt t) "l wont o ltttle boby with sk(nos white os snow; w(th long block ho(r,red l(pslike blood - | hope (t con be sol" And so o few monthsloter,her secretw(shcomes true. "You'resucho pretty boby! Snow Wh(te'sthe nome for youl" But only two weeksofter, the Queengets s(ckond d(es. The Ktng(s very lonelyond every doy he crles. 'My boby needso mother,so th(s(s my new wife." 'She'sbeoutlful,but ev(l.,.'"..,ond hoso secretllfel" For s(xteenyeorsshe'shopPy- the mtrrorscysthe some. But then onc doy the m(rrorglvesher onother nome' .M[rror,m(rrot,on thl woll, who'sthe prett(estone of oll?' 'l cdnnot s ; I 'Whot cre you soy(ng,mlrror?Snow Wh(te?lThot connot bel I know the g{rl ls pretty, but prettler thon me?' The ev(l Queen (s ongry, She colls one of the guords. 'Toke Snow Whtte to the forest ond br(ng me bock her heortl' ! f-- Chorus: The Ev(lQueen! The Ev(lQueen! She (s so bodl She (s so meonl Oh, poor SnowWh(tel Oh, poor SnowWhtte! Where con you run? Where con you htde? Repeat chorus The guord (s sod. He wonts to cry. He doesn't wont Snow Whtte to d(e! Repeat chorus @ "Whyhove you got on orrow?""TheQueenwonts you to d(e!" 'Oh pleose, sir,pleose don't kill me!" "My deor Pr(ncess, don't cry. I know the Queen (s evil, so run ond don't come bock!" And so he tokes o deer's heort ond puts (t in h(s sock, tc l eve r ,a Hq 'ufr, N )ne rl I l[,' It I ,I ltrI T he guor d i s v er y c l ev er l H i s pl on [s v er y s r n
  • nc" she w ol k s ond w ol k s for hour s ond f( ndso l ( 1ttehor r r . F/: Chorus: The home of the sevendworfs so smoll(n every woyl The home of the sevendworfs o lovely ploce to stol Whot o lovely l(ttle house! And everythlng'sso smoll! Thy chc(rsond tiny beds there'snothhg b(g of oll! Repeat chorus _ Whot o lovely l(ttle housel But no one [s lnsidel The dworfs work hord oll doy long ond come bock home of night. Repxt chorus so smolll "Th[shouse(s very t(ny ond everythtng's But where (s everybody?There'sno one here at oll!' SnowWh(te(s very sleepy.Sheneedso l(ttle rest. "l need o bed to sleepon. Ah yes!Thtsts the bestl" The sevendworfs come home now ond then they ftnd Snow Wh(te' "Th(sg(rl [s very prettyl" "Why [s she here ton(ght?" "oh, look of cll her r(bbonsl""And whot o pretty dressl" "Shemust be o pr[ncessl" "Her sktn(s white llke snowflokesl" 'l th(nkshe'swok(ng up now." "You'rewelcome here, my deor!' 'Pleosetell us where you come from.""And tell us why you're herel' "My fother's w(fe (s ev(|,""Who is she?""She'sthe Queenl And now she wcnts to k(llme.""Oh, no! Thot'svery meon!" 29 'Don't worry!You ccn h(de here.TheQueen(s for owoy!" 'Oh, thonkyou! I'm so hcppy! | don't know what to soyl" "Butprom(seto be coreful!''Andstcy (ns(de,my dedr." "Don'tever talk to strcngers!"Don'tever let them nedr!" But then o few months loter, the Queen gets o surprlse. "She'stolking to the mirror.""lt never tells her liesl" "Mirror,mlrror,on the woll, who's the prett(estone of oll?" "l connot lfe, so I must soy Snow White'sthe prettiest todoyl" 33 - "Butshe (s deodrThot connot ber Shecon,t be prettier thon mer" "over the htllsond for owcry,she liveswith sevendworfsth(sdoyl" The Queen (s very qngry."Justwo(t ond see, snow wh(ter" She polntl her foce ond puts on rogs ond wolks (nto the n{ght. \\ s \€- She finds the house next morning."Who'sknockingon the door?" "Pleosebuy some of my opples.You see, I'm very poor!" "But rook otth"lJ"i:: ]Jr","I, ffi'J"',iliH J::i::;" 'All r(ghtthen, let me try one.'"Pleosetoke thts red one here." 'You'rer(ght!lt looksso tosty!'"Thentoke o b(te, my deor!' But when she b(testhe cpple, she follsdown on the floor. 'Theopple'sfull of polson!Now SnowWh(te'sdeod, I'm surel' ThBdururfcdre comlng home now. They see the evll Queen. 'lc ftEt the Sueen I see there?''She looksso very meonl' "She'srunntngto the forest!""Come on, let's go there, tool' 'She'sfollingtn the r(ver!""Now,thct's the end of youl' sl
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