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Mark Weidman Photogaphy/mixing chcolate, DarirJenkiru/chtrolate moulds), 44 (Hm4uenther Oed/Vuio images/ 54 (Collen Miniuk-Sperry/compass on map], cu factory, Colin Underhi[/hsporter), 60 (Skyscm Photolibrary/Stonehenge aerial), 68 (vm hilveNuldcmGs), 78 (Anthony Kaynigbvplue taking off, Tatim Gribmova/Ntr York from air), 82 (Chtrles Willim Lupicaltheme park): Getty lmages pp.12 (Christoph Wilhehlfui/aftist), 15 (Cuie), 88 (Smi STkis/Photogapher's Choice/surfing, Picturegildenfhe Image Bmk/boy); Otrord UniveEity Presspp.12 (girl), 16 (climbing, Tony), 22 (boy playing guitar), 35 (hot air ball@m), 40 (conveyorb€lt, child), 54, (compass,orientees) 60 (stoneh€ngemain), 66 (postcsd sceDe),78 {girl and air hostess),88 (beach); Photolibrary p.82 (Chad Ehle$[,lordic Photos/rcller cmterl, Confenfs StarterAfierthe holidagsThepresent simpleondcontinuous Thepostsimpteondcontinuous Postforms 4 I F ir stp r ize ! Begoingto ondwi[[ Thepresent continuous withfuturemeoning 2 Wil.Lwe hoveong homework? FirstconditionoI Second conditionoI L4 A cetebrotion just,getondbefore Thepresentperfectwith since, for,olreodg, ThepostsimpleondpresentperJect 20 3 ReviewI 26 4 Mokin go m o d el Thepresentperfectcontinuous 30 5 Mokin gth in g s (t): present Thepossive simpleondpostsimple (2):present Thepossive continuous 36 (3):future Thepossive (4):presentperfect Thepossive 42 6 G oo did e o s Review2 48 7 Discoverg pronouns Relotive ondwhere 52 8 A specioIploce Thepostperfect(1):offirmotive Thepostperfect(2):negotiveondquestions 58 ThirdconditionoI ModoIverbs 64 9 ActiveLiving Review3 10 Trovel 1l lournegto spoce 1 2 G o in gptoce s 70 (1):stotements Reported speech pronouns Reflexive 74 Reported speech(2):questions (3):commonds Reported speech ondrequests 80 Wish togs Question 86 Review4 Grommorreference 92 Irregu[or verbs 96 The presentsimpleand continuous; the past simpleand continuous Past forms After fhe holidnys €re{ { G o -1-r. what didyoudo in thesummerholidays? uy familyalwaysgoesto thebeachon wewent snorkelling. holiday.Thissummer, Wow!that sounds amazinglt'm goingto thebeachattheweekend. You'llhavea greattime atthe besch.Oneday,I was swimming whent saw a turtle!lt was beautiful! p*fhe present simpleondpresent t continuous We usethe presentsimpteto tolk obouthobits ondthingsthot oreolwogstrue.We usethe present continuous to totk oboutwhot we ore doingnow. Bobbgalwaysplagsin the schoolfootballteam. Iulia's listeningto hernewMP3player. Thepostsimpleondpostcontinuous We usethe postsimpleto tolk oboutcompleted octionsin the post.We usethe postcontinuous to totk obouton octionthot went onfor sometime. Weoften usethe postcontinuous to describe whensomething thingsthot werehoppening elsehoppened. Postcontinuous Postsimple Ryonwosswimming whenhe sowa turtle. 3, Circlethe correctonswers. 't Coro'sin the kitchen. sf,l.ti.-U"iiiy bokeso cokeforMum'sbirthdog. nothingto seehereof the moment. 2 Whotdo goutoke/ oreUoutokingo photoof?There's 3 Vi s i t o russ u o [[g co me/ o reu su o tl gcomingto seethe doLphins. plogs/ ls ptogingtennisonTuesdogs. 4 HelenoLwogs 5 It doesn'tsnow/isn't snowingof the moment. 6 I'm not coming/ don'tcomerightnow,but I'[[ seegouLoter. 7 MgfomiLgrecactes rubbishevergweek. /'s recAcling orestoging/ stoywith usof the moment. 8 Ourcousins 9 Peggyleoves/'s leovingschootrightnow. Storter Complete the conversotions. Usethe presentsimpleor presentcontinuous ondthe verbsin the box. hove Josk--troin notknow notfeel. wanf' do meet r mum. to b u go p re se n tfomg Y e s .He t tr lamie thisevening. Io mi e ?I t o b e o n o t h L e t eo f t h e m o m e n t . 90u o s t o m o c ho c h e ? Writesentences ondquestions. Usethe presentsimpleor presentcontinuous. 1 Mu m / o lwo g s/ shop/ ot the morket. 2 I / oct/i n the p Log/ ot the moment. 3 lud go n dT i n o/ do/o j i g so w/ o t th e mo ment. 4 T h o tp l o g e /r n e vefr sco re / o n gg o o [s. 5 Sid n e /g d o h i sho me w o rk / ri g h tn o w . 6 Whg/ Kim/tough / now? 7 Thebogs/ plogfootbo[L/ rightnow. 8 Whot/ tooLs/ we /ofien / needT Storter 4 Writesentences. Usethe postsimpleondthe postcontinuous. Firstoction s".onJo.iion 1 we / sit down i when/ the pLog/ stort. z | / c h o o s e /o b ro ce te tfo rMu m when/ Mum / comeinto/the shop. 3 Louise / toLk/ to Am_g when/ the bus/ orrive. 4 When/ Horriet/ Lookfor/ someptosters she/find / herwotch. I l ' 5 Theteom/ troin when/Ted/ hove/ on occident. 6 il.; somestones / JrrLL. theruins t *" twotk/ oround l --i 7 Theoctor/ perform / onstoge when/ thedirector / stort/ to Lough. 8 W h e n/ r / co rrg /so meb o ttl e s the corrierbog/breok. 9 when / theg/ shop it / stort/ to roin. I W e w e r e s ittrn cd o .'.r .'.r1 e ":i\ e plou stor ted. - 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5 Complete the conversotion. Usethe presentsimpte,the presentcontinuous, the postsimpleor the postcontinuousof the verbsin brockets. Lewis. Bil,tg HeL[o, It'sgoodto seegoubockof school. I t heord (heor) oboutgouroccident. lewis Yes,it m o u n t o in w h e nI (cl.imb) up o a B il. t g O h l T o mmg so i dg o u '-- (fol.l.)over o rock. (hove)the occident whengou1 (woLk) u po h i L L . LewisWet[,it woso vergbig hil.l.! I1 t (get)betternow.I 1 [.g --- proctice Bil,l,gSeegouinJootbol.L soon,then! 6 Storter just ofterthe occident, (notcon)wotkot ol.L but mg (do)exercises evergdog. I Requlorverbs t-. ThepostsimpLeformof regutorverbsisthe some osfor the postporticipLe. Weodd -d or -edto the boseform.Wheno verbendsin consonont + -9,we chonge-g to -ithen odd-ed.Wheno verbcontoinsoneshortvowelond endsin o consonont, we doublethe consonont. tl- t Irregu[or verbs Thepostsimpleformof irregulorverbsisofien difJerentfrom Wehoveto the postporticipLe. remember LookottheListof irregulorforms. irregutorverbs on poge96. 6 Comptete the toble of regulorond irregulorverbs. Boseform Postsimple Postporticiple mok e I mode see sow fLs 3 mode peeI send 2 peeted sent 6 put show showed enter entered 10 L-: - Complete the conversotion. Usethe postsimpleor the postporticipleof the verbsin the box. spend finishH work be wont see go t Su z g H o v eg o u -d p n e o n g th i n gi n te r esting r ecentlg? Hele n Ye s , I ' v2e q u i teb u sgOn . S otur dog, I3 She'd1 6 Suzg I've Helen BethondI1 - theJiLmbefore,but she' to the cinemowith Beth. to seeit ogoin.Howoboutgou? the lostfew dogsdoingthot projectfor schoolnextweek. 8togetheron ours,soit's now. Su z g L u c k g o u ! Storter $ns€ ps-*m*F Be going to and will The presentcontinuouswith futuremeaning ART COMPETITION PRIZE FIRST RYAN 0v cRsst Goodwork,Ryan!They'regoingto putyourpaintingin theart gallery. Yourmumanddad will besoproud. t131.il:.Ii!=i-:::.r:r:::i': :j - -:' h wiu, i\I e" goingto T Weusebegoingto + boseformto tolk obout plonsonddecisions we modeeorlier. We'regoingto seea play thisevening. ! We usewitl or won't pLusboseformto totk oboutinstontdecisions or offers Weotsousebegoingto + boseformto moke o prediction bosedon o situotionthot is ho p p e n i nngo w . Look!Leo'sgoingto win the race! It's roining.I'Il takean umbrello. Weolsousewi[[ or won't + boseformto moke predictions. I'll be thirteennext year. I won't befamous whenI grow up. Co m p t e t et h e se n te n ce s. U se'|'[o r w o n' t. It beo lovetgdogtomorrow. I t o L dS u z gt o g e tso meb i scu i ts, b u tI'm sur eshe Jor get. wotchit onthe Inter net. T h em o t c hi s n 'to nT V We . I n 2 0 5 0t,h e re b eo n gco rsonthe r oods. M u m ' sg o t o h e o d o ch e .I - - mokehero cupof teo. - sheoLwogs does. findo goodpresent T h ep h o n e 's ri n g i n gIt. p roboblg beJorme. Em i Lg I J i t k e e p sr o i n i n gw, e Unit1 hovefootbolLproctice Loter. I look of the chort.Writepredictionstfoittr wiLl.or won't.Useongin the negotivesentences. 1 troffic in the streets x 2 trofficin the skg / 3 corS x 4 electronic tibrories ,/ flgingcors 6 poperbook 5 ,/ x 7 electronic bookshops ,/ 8 PoPermoneg 9 pot[ution x x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3 Complete the sentences. Usewill, '[] or won'tondo wordfromthe box. 'n#h*n*-ru 1 We '[[ wrlte 2 Fiono 3 4 Tom'svergshg.He 5 It'ssunng.I 6 Detectives 7 8 Rob 9 I'm eteven thisgeor.I 10 Dod'sosleep.I o lettertothenevwpoperobouttheschool.p[og. to useherdod'scomputer. mg birthdogsq)n.I'm vergexcited. in the school.pl.og. on umbre[o with metowork. the monsoon. somecokeforgou. hisroomthismorning. He'[[doit thisofiernoon. twelvethis geor. with hirnloter. footboLL Co m p [ e t et h e se n te n ce s. U se:i ' ond o verbfrom the box. toke switchon heLp fol-toiJ not moke be not woLk notgo Look!He the Lodde r. trffiP Theg - I -r.- ,,;,";'' :i'...*:,.'== - .. . , th e p ri n te r. She He o photogr oph. tr somebre o d . Sh e fO to school Un it1 to schoo L. o beoutifudLog. 5 Writeoffirmotiveond negotivesentences. Usebe goingto. I Gorg/ beo footboLLer / Gorg'sg-o-ulg to be o Jootbq[[er. 2 SoLl.g / leornChineserY gomes/ 3 GinoondChorles / pLogcomputer 4 Mg brother/ livein FronceI 5 Youond Bob/ wotchTV X 6 Mg brother/ invento computergome/ 7 I/beonTV I 8 I / do mg homework/ 6 Tickthe correctsentences. Sometimes bothsentences orecorrect. 1 Thot'sthe phone.It'l.t be foro.@ Thot'sthe phone.It'sgoingto betoro. [-l 2 WhenPotrick he'sgoingto beonostronout. isoLder, O WhenPotrick isotder, he'[[beonostronout. LJ 3 You'regoingtofind the miLkin thelridge.[_-l You'tLfind themil.kinthefridge.[-l 4 We'regoingto do our homeworktogethertonight. [-l We'[[do our homework togethertonight.[-l 5 Mum'scor'smoking noise. It'L[breokao*n. [--l o stronge Mum'scor'smoking noise. o stronge It'sgoingto breokao*n. [--l 6 Look!The dog'sgoingto cotchthe boLL. Look!Thedog wil.l.cotchthe boLl.. Circtethe correctonswer. ' 'tt /Q1_ge'ngl}et reodgfor the portg. Poulo I '------Kim O K . I 2 ' Lfl ' mg o i n gto Ji n i sho ffth e p r epor otions, if gou[ike. Poulo Whot3wi[[ gou/ oregougoingto do with thosedecorotions? Kim 1 4 ' l L/ ' m g o in gto p u tth e mu p n e o rthedoor . Poulo I ' m s u r e t h eg s'l L'sg f o i n g to L o o kn ice.Ihopeever gone6wi[[ /' sgolngtocome. Kim Don'tworrg.I expectthere''LL1 oregoingto betotsof peopLe. Lookot theJoodl 8 There won't / 's goingto betoo much. Tom gou! Ie ' l L/ ' m g o in gto h e L p to fi n i shi t o L Lfor UnitL , ..,J v 1. 1. I(( .,J , lf 3t ; . r &^ i1/ 1 C,l.'\ ' J " ,''," ii. i.s vLsitin3 t, 're ,, leavrnq . . .., \ :' ;ti ,r .| | :.u', -iL lt r i )_. ..r- I t.',\r i , , i : 'l l f.. v\. .' itt, iiL r ' r ,. .. . r/1 q i v i n q \-/ ! " . t, .i' t ,.: . : i l - r '.{.1 !) / ti , li^ ) t ,.a _ ' tI S qi .V tnq J :i .', J ' , r. " J s comi na J , ,t r. , ,'s takinq photos .i iil J Ii Lnj i r i ;fl l -J , - r i, r f r ir Ci , ri i -,rr 1 i S Openi ng ! i ,, J 1 tti .:t:i l, ..r ' l i ' . t,".. jia-. 1c t( Tl tt: .:i ,.r-' J,: i.u)t t:t r ; i j . r i t ; c i r - 'i , ; J . t r '; t t - r ; , - '. . ''a i. i' ,-''i. ir ,,.t .1 r r t , , , i , , ' 1 . , , i : ) t ) 'tt !t;.1 Jl Iffis t n ti n u o uto Weu s u o [ Lugs eth e p re se nco s to|.koboutsom ething thot is hoppening r ightnow. t n ti n u ous Weo L s o f i e nuseth e p re se nco to toLkoboutdefinite futur eor r ongements. We'rehovinga singinglessonat 4 o'clock. I'm not doinganythingtomorrownight. Areyou leavingtomorrowmorning? W Co m p l e t et h e se n te n ce s. U seth e p re sentcontinuousond the ver bsin br ockets. 1 L o terto d o g ,we 2 M g m um ( tr oveL) to the oir por t. (mo ke) o cokethisofier noon. (se eo) fi L mo t the cinemotonight. 3I 4 To n g 5 ]im on d Ko r L (sto rt)schoolnextweek. (m ove)housetom or r ow. 6 We (get)ourtestresultsloter. 7 You (b u g )o n MP3pLoger on Sotur dog. 8 The g 9 Lizzie 12 Un itI (p toU )Jo otbo LLon Fr ido g. (sto gw ) i thfr iendsnextSotur dog. t i'( i, t '1 .,.1 '.:,;1 . Lookof Kotie'sdiorg.Write questionsond onswerswith the presentcontinuous. G G G C G l\ondov e W*tesdatt take flowers to Grandtrto s wptch the tootball natch .a Friday makea co'kewtth RosY G Saturdoiy a !*tdgL T""sW G {;ntsh the classproict 'G rC G unisithranlna anl brandpa G buynew shoes Sunduy have a PLcnk on the'heoch G I t Is Kotie hoving (hove)lunchin o cofeon Mondog? (pLog) sportonTuesdog? (Listen)to musicon Wednesdog? (visit)friendson Thursdog? (hove)opicnicon Fridog? (hetp)Korenwith her projecton Soturdog? (wotch)o f Lmon Sundog? lO Completethe sentences. Writeobout goursef.Usethe presentcontinuous. 1 At 10 o'clocktomorrowI 2 At 1.2otLocktomorrowI 3 At 2 otlocktomorrowI 4 At 3 otl.ocktomorrowI 5 At 5 otlocktomorrowI 6 At 7 otlocktomorrow,I . ' ,. .irw'f=.. '. :-:J*.. ..,:id ff@ ; o,i,''{=E=+tg i: ?== zZas: rr?'# iS Firstconditional Secondconditional r i" i lf youfinishyourworkin class, I won'tgiveyouanyhomework. we'llplayfootballafterschool if we don't haveanyhomeworkl j,::-..:r.*=+=1. |?:..:l oddo commo(,).Whenthe wiLl./won't cLouse comesfirst, we don'toddo commo. to to[k obout h *. usethefirstconditionot thot wiil.hoppeniJsomething else I something 'hop p e n s f i r s t . If the weatherisgood,we'll haveo picnic. We'll havea picnicif the weatherisgood. If it rains,we'll take the bus. Wemokethefirst conditionoL with on if-ctouse ond o wi[[/won't clouse.Formthe if-clousewith If + presentsimpLe. Formthe wi[[/won't ctouse with witL/won't+ boseJorm. If you win the competition,we'll celebrate. Weconput the if-clousefirst or the will/won't clousefirst.Whenthe if-cLouse comesfirst, we WemokefirstconditionoI questions ondshort onswerswith wil.L/won't+ subject+ boseform + if-clouse. Weconolsouseif-clouse+ wil/won't + subject+ boseform. Themeoningisthe some. Will gou phoneme if gou passtheexam? Yes,Iwill. / No,I won't. If gou passthe exam, will gou phoneme? Yes,Iwill. / No,I won't. r Complete the sentences. WriteiJor -. 1 I g e tg o o dmo rksi n mg e xo ms, 2 I'L[d r inksomeorongejuice I ' m t h irs t g . 3 C h r i swi L |'co meo u tto p to g h eJ in is h e sh is h o me wo rk . 4 w e m o veto o h o tco u n trg , 5 C o r oo n dP e n n g w o n 'tw i n th e roce 6 I ' [ Lg oto th e co n ce rt 7 i t r o i n sto mo rro w , 8 g o ue o t u n h e o L thfo g o d s, t4 Unit2 I' [Lbehoppu. we' L[bugo housewith o swim m ingpooL. thegdon' tr unJost. U o ucomewith me. w e w o n' thoveo picnic. go u wo n ' t b e v e rg h e o L t h g . Completethe first conditiono]sentences. I If Rgon 2We 3 If Penng 4 Iess 5We 6 If gou wlns (win)thecompetition, he 't[ be (bring) somesuncreomf Uou (wotch)theJi[m, she (notget)fitif she (win)ifwe (be)verg hoppg. (bring)somefood. (be)scored. (notdo)ongexercise. (score) the winninggool.todog. (not hove)gourtroiners,gou (notpl.og) on the teomtodog. Write, or -. I If goutokesomephotos witt goushowthemto me? ! 2 Theprojectworkwon'ttokeo longtime [--l if weworkquickl.g. 3 We'[[hoveto weorsuncreom *. decide to goto the beoch. O'f 1 If thewovesorebig won'tbeollowedto swimin theseo. D*. 5 I'[[ geto newmobilephone ,f at'. shopisopen. ! 6 If it roins n. won'twolkhome. D a Writefirst conditiono[questionsond shortonswent.Keepthe wordsin the someorder. 1 | /get goodresults/ I / studgevergdog { ? 2 she/find o nicepresentI I / giveherthe moneg/ 3 we / buiLdo tree house/ Dodl hel.pus / t he/plog voltegboU. I / he/get homeeorl.g 5 we / seethe oudience/the stogeLights/ beon X 6 everuone plosticbogs/ the ptonet/ theg/ recacLe / heLp 7 gou/teU.ongone/ I / teLLgouo secretI t it / becheoper / we/ bringour ownfood{ w Ottg'b s tog If I hqd the chqnceto do on gs p o r t I, ' d do p o ro g ti d i n g . l'd loveto ftg!If I hod wings, l'd flg reollgfost,likeo bird. I'd look If I went porogl.iding, down ot the eorthondtqke Lotsof photogrophs. lt wouLd be reollgexcitingl W T ong' biog s If I could do ongsporl,I'd go rockctimbing. lt would be omozingif I leorntto ctimb fromthe bottomto the top of o cl.iff. W Cor r ie'btog s If I hod lotsof moneu,I'd bug o big bootond leqrn to soit.lf I did thot,thenI' d inviteol Lm g friendsond fomi[gto soil round the world.lt woutdbe oreotfun! Ji q Weu s et h e s e co n co d n d i ti o n o toI to L ko bout s o m e t h i ntgh o t w e th i n kmi g h tn o th o p pen. If I passedthe exam,I'dbe veryhappg.(I don't think I'U passthe exam.) If shestudiedharder,shewouldn'tfail herexams. (I don't thinkshe'ltstudyharder.) We mokethe second conditionot with on if-c[ouse ondo wou[d/wou[dn't-ctouse. with if + postsimple. WeJormthe if-cLouse WeJormthe would/wou[dn't-c[o usewith would/wou[dn't+ boseJorm. If you plagedbaseballmoreoften,you'd be healthier. Aswith thefirst conditionol, we conput the if-clouse first or the would/wou[dn't-c[ouse comesfirst,we odd Jirst.Whenthe if-cl.ouse o commo.Whenthe woutd/wouldn't-clouse comesfirst, we don'toddo commo. If shecamewith us,she'dhaveo greattime. She'dhovea greattime if shecamewith us. questions Wemokesecond conditionoL with would/wouldn't+ subject+ boseJorm+ if-clouseor with if-ctouse+ would/wouldn't+ subject+ boseform. WouldI learn Englishfaster if I lived in England for a month?Yes,you would./ No,gou wouldn't. If I lived in Englandfor a month, would I learnEnglish faster?Yes,you would./ No,you wouldn't. Unit2 5 Circlethe correctonswer. 1 If I wosgoodot moths,r g"t /6;ho goodjob. 2 l'dbe /'m vergcoldif I Livedin Norwog. 3 WoutdgoubeverghoppgrJUouwon/win the roce? 4 If gouwork/ gouworkedin o bonkgouUhoveto begoodot moths. 5 Youd burnif goudon't/ didn'tusesuncreom. 6 lf gouwrote/ 'dwrite to her,shed repLg. 7 Wouldtherebeo lot of snowif I go / wentto Swedenin December? 8 Hewoutduptoodthefil.esiJ heknew/ 'd knownwherethegwere. 9 MrsCossidg if shehod/would hovemoretime. wouldhoveguitorlessons 10 I wouldLeornGermonif I tive/ livedin Germong. 5 Motch 1-8 with o-h. 1 g-- If I hodo hundredpounds, 2 -*-- If I hodo newMP3ploger, b we'dbecome o Jootbo[L teom. 3 IU pLogfor o bigJootboLL club c I'd bugsomenewtroiners. 4 -----If I wosin o schootplog, 5 ' a Id tistento totsof popmusic. - P e o p l e w o u td to ke p h o to so fme d iJI wosJomous. e iflLivedinlopon. 6 IJ I hodten brothers, f if I wosgoodotfootboLL. 7 IU leornIoponese g peoplewouldoskformg outogroph. 8 If I wosfomous, h I'd Leorno[Lmg words. Completethe secondconditionoIsentences.Write the correctform of the verbsin brockets. 'd osk (meet)o fomousperson, (osk)to toketheirphotogroph. 1 If I -- met t (notgo)to schoolif she (notbe)verywe[l. 2 Iulie 3 If loe (do)herhomework, she 4 I f we (g o )o no p i cn i c, we 5 There (notbe)somuchLitterhereiJthere 6 Mor ep e o p l e 7 I 8 If gou 9 We 10 If I - (u se )th e p o r kiJit (l"ike)the porkmoreif it (eot)o hundredcokes, gou (go)tothe cinemomoreif we (go)to ItoLgthissummer, I (get)o goodmork. ( bug) some meot,cheese ondbr eod . (be)morebins. ( hove) o biggerplogor eo. (notget)socrowdedin summer. (Jee|.) sick. ([ive)closer. (eot)LotsoJpizzo. Un it2 n B Complete the sentences. Usethe phroses in the toble. 1 m g fo milg befomous 2 R go n b eo n o stro n o u t 3I hoveo job 4* " n o t b u rnsomo n gfossiLfuels 5 Iulio h o veo g o ch t 6 m gd o d sp e o kR u ssi o n 7 _\__ \ N r n ufo m Li ,; 1r f a, t weUuseour Jom eto heLppeople. -al 2IT hed go intospoceto do scientific reseorch. 3r f -- Id bever gbusg. 4IJ ourplonetwouLdn'be t sopolluted. 5I J shed soi[ or oundthewor ld. 6IJ he' dgoto Russio on holidog. Complete the secondconditionoI questions ondwrite shortonswers. 1 gou/ besurprised / it / roinin the desert{ wouLd .. - :,:, r.:t liiiseq lj i! iciLiLucLl1_tng 2 Oscor / beo film stor/ he/go to schoolX : l n sta r, y,l c,u l a- he qo to S-Clia_Q_ii i\ci, iig in,ouidn't r J ) : ' . . r . t .r'.'o {Jd 3 we / heorher/ she/ speoklouder/ WouLd 4 w e / s p e o kLo tso JE n g ti sh nd / /w e /g o to Eng[o WouLd 5 theg/ hoveLotsoJmoneu/ theg/ bugo bighouse/ TJ 6 g o u/ b es c ore /g d o u /g o to th e mo o nX Woutd w e / d r i n ko b o ttl eo f w o te r/ w e /b e thir stgX ry gou/visit Rome/ Vou/ speokltolion/ rf Unit2 . : Lookof the pictures. Writefirst or secondconditionoI sentences. c t r d nt r e c q cl e (n o tre ca cL e )thrubbish, is Iock (woste)o Lotof moteriots. we cl \t/oste IJ we (wotch)thefiLmif he ( under stond) it. 3 If gou Jou (g o )tob e de o rl gtodog, T h e ird o d (n o tb e )ti re di n th e mo rning. ( pickthemup)i f i t ( stor t) tor oin. 5 \ IfI I (see)o dongerousonimo t , (run)owogl Theg (notfoL[osleep)iJtheg (toLk) ol.Lnight. .a a )I IfI ') i (be)o fomouspopstor, (weor)Lotsof beoutifuL (h o v e )mo re mon e U , (s e e )t h emo t c h . dres s e s ! Unit2
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