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TimWord Gremffi Fgiende OXTORD UNIVERSITY PRESS OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Great Clarendon Street, Oxford oxz 6op Oford University Pressis a departrnent ofthe University ofOxford. It fi[thers the University's objective ofexcellence in research,scholars[p, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York Auckland Cape Town Dar es Salaam Hong Kong Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melboume Mexico City Nairobi NewDelhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto Withofrces in Argentina Austria Brazil Chile Czech Republic France Greece Guatemala Hungary ltaly Japan Poland Portugal Singapore SouthKorea Switzerland Thailand Tirkey Ukraine Vietnam are registered trade marks of oxrono and oxroRD ENGLTSH Oford University Pressin the UK and in certain other counries @Oxford University Press2o1o The moral rights ofthe author have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press(maker) First published zoro 2OU 2(J13 2072 2071 2O7O 1098 7 6 5 4 3 2 photocopying No unauthorized All rights reserved. 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Oxford Universir_vPressdisclaims an1'responsibiliry for the content rsBN: 978o 19478oo49 (Student'sBookl rsBN: 978o 194780162 (Pack) Printed in China AC KN OWLE D GE M E NT S mustrotiors W: Stephen Elford and Andrew Hennessey Cover imogeW: Stephen Elford ThePublkherswould ako like to thank tlw follwing for tlwir kind permissiann reproducephotogropls and other coyyrightmaterial: Alamy pp 32 (Shockpix.com/bins),a5 flohn Hyde/AlaskaStock LlC/eagle), 54, 78 (Ben p.amoslhouse),84 (Pictor InternationaVlmagestate/Holywood), 90 (Kevin Howchin/plane, Kevin Britland/car), 91 (I€brecht Music and Arts Library/Shakespeare, Rolf Richardson/Globe Theatre); Getty Images pp 62 flohner Images/restaurant), 78 (Joson/faxi/t{enry); Oldord University Press pp 12,24,32 (family, recycling box), 40, a6 (dolphin/fish in water), 62 (chefl asparagus),&,68,59,78 $amie), 81, 84 (Hollywood Boulevard),89, 90 (tv); Photolibrary p 32 (Erc Crichtor{Garden Picture Library/garden). Confents Storter Mg bestfriends! Thepresentsimpleond continuous The postsimple 4 I Mokingthings Thepresentperfect(1):everond never Thepresentperfect(2):for ond since 2 On the stoge ThepresentperJector postsimple? The presentperJect(3):olreodg,get,just ond before L4 Comporotive ond superlotive odjectives Tooond enough 20 3 Cornivo[! 26 Review1 4 5 6 Theworld oroundus Thepostcontinuous ond the postsimpte Usedto Theenvironment Dogtrip Will ond won't Thepresentcontinuouswith future meoning 36 Begoingtofor plonsond intentions Begoingtofor mokingpredictions bosedon whot Uouconsee 42 48 ReviewI 7 8 9 Firstoid Ourfovouritefood Possibilities Reported speech(1) Reportedspeech(2):soidond told ond time words 52 (1):offirmotiveond negotive FirstconditionoL (2):questionsond shortonswers FirstconditionoL 58 Modolsfor possibititg: mog,might ond could Hoveto 64 Review3 fO Lifein the post 30 70 Indefinitepronouns Questiontogs 74 11 Mokingo fil.m Thepossive(L):presentsimpte With ond bg 80 12 Fomousinventions (2):postsimple Thepossive (3):questions Thepossive 86 92 Review4 Grommorreference Irregutorverbs 96 ftfrybesffriends! The presentsimpleand continuous The past simple +i Younormallygo what are you doing,Ryan? Maddyand Bethon out with Martin,Tommy, Saturdays. l' m talking to themright now, Muml Ryan we alwaysgo outtogether on Saturday afternoons. to totk obouthobits We usethe presentsimpLe ond routines. Younormolly go out with yourfriendson Saturdags. Orthingsthot oreolwogstrue. Wego outtogether on Saturdagofternoons. to to[k obout We usethe presentcontinuous whot we oredoingnow. I'm talking to them. like now,right now, Or with time expressions of the moment. I'm talking to them right now,Mum! Weofien usethe presentsimplewith odverbsof frequencA[ikesometimes,never,usuo[19,often, mostdogs. play vollegballin the pork. I sometimes We usethe postsimpleto tolk oboutoctions thot orefinished.Weofien useit with time Likethis morning,gesterdog, tost expressions geor,of 10 o'clock. Wewent to the park gesterdag. Write the words in the correctorder. e s/ I / w i th mgfri e n d s/ g o swimm ing 2 she's/todog / o redskirt/ weoring 1 sometim I s o m e t i me sg o s'w rrn mL nwgtth my Jr iend.s 3 s h o p p i n/gMu mo n dD o d/ o re/o t the moment 4 ever gmor ning/ I /to schoo[ / w ol k 5 u s u o l l g/ s h e/o b l u ed re ss /w e o rs 6 wolking/ rightnow/to the shops/ Mum's Storter Completethe sentences. Usethe presentsimpleor presentcontinuousof the verbsin brockets. I Dod wotches (wotch)TV mostevenings. (ptog)with gourfriends mostdogs. 2 You 3 GrondmoondGrondpo (Listen)to the rodioot the moment. (do)her homeworknow. 4 She (be)in thefootbot[teomthis geor. 5He 6 Mu m (write)onemoitrightnow. 7 Theg (hove)homeworkot weekends. I (stick)picturesin her bookot the moment. Mg sister (go)ono summerhol.idog evergAugust. 9 We r0 I (l.eorn)to pl.ogtennisin schoolot the moment. Lookof exercise 2.Writesentences. Usethe postsimpleondthe time expression. 1 gesterdog evening 2 gesterdog 3 lost night 4 of the weekend 5 lost geor 6 two hoursogo 7 lost weekend 8 t h ism o r n i n g 9 lost geor 10 thisweek storter + Lookof the toble.Circlethe correctonswerin the sentences below. Lostnight Alwogstrue TheCoseg fomiLg the Dod ;T;t l#;:1"'ot Mum worksoso teoche, Rgon i so sch o opLu p il Iulio pupil is o schooL Now o restouront openins o po,...r o restouront l|:;t wotchedo DVD plogedwith dol.l.s toLking to ngon usinghiscompute r toLkingto ood -->-\ is workingot the hospitoL. 1 Dodfovorks)/ ot o school. 2 Mum isteoching/ teoches \J 3 D o do p e n s/ 's o p e n i n go p o rceol f th e m oment. 4 Rgonwotched/ did wotcho DVDLostnight. 5 DoesMumtoLk/ Is Mumtol.kingto Rgonrightnow? Lostnight? 6 DidMum eot/ DidMum ote of o restouront 7 DidDodwotcho DVDlostnight?No,hedidn't./ No,hewosn't. Yes,heis./ Yes,is. 8 Is Rgono schoolpupil.? 9 Is Rgontotking/ WosRgontotkingto Mum rightnow? with Mum Lostnight?Yes,theg did./Yes,hedid. 10 DidDodeot ot o restouront i Write sentences. Usethe presentsimpte,the presentcontinuousor the post simpleof the verbsin the box. stort listen wotch ptog Like visit eot be toLk 4d to schoolmostdogs. 1 lock, .q-oe: 2 M u mo n dD o d C h i nesefood Lostnight. o doctor. 3 Mum -4 Ienngofien-- - 5 So l . Logn dM u m 6 Louise 8 Edword h e rsch o o l . to useo computer threegeorsogo. porklostweekend. the odventure 9 We 6 to Gr ondm roightnow o DVDot the moment. 7 Eric 10 I -- with dotls. -.-- Storter to mg MP3plogerot the moment. Writenegotive sentences. Usethe present simple,the present continuous or the postsimple. 1 Mum/ notwork/ rightnow. Mum isn'tworking_nght now. 2 Rgon/ noteot/ oto restouront / Lostnight. 3 Dod/ not be/ o teocher. 4 Dod/ not use/ the computer/ of the moment. 5 lulio / not wotch/ o DVDLostnight. 6 DodondMum / notgo/tothe cinemo/ tostnight. 7 Grondpo/ not eot / icecreom/ of the moment. 8 Dodond Rgon/ not wosh/ the cor/ Lostweekend. Writeguestions ondshortonswers. Usethe present simple,the present continuous or the postsimple. 1 Rgon/ goto school/ most dogs / 2 Mum / pLogwith doLls/ lost night )f 3 be/ Dod/ ot the hospitol/ Lostnight / 4 Tutio/ pl.ogwith dol.l.s /otthe moment I 5 be/ Mum / oteocher / 6 Rgon/ wotch / o DVD/ right now tr 7 Grondmoond Grondpo/ Listento the rodio/ gesterdogtr 8 Mum ond Dod/ woshthecor/ rightnow / The presentperfect(1):ever and never The presentperfect(2):for and since we'vedecidedto uiiilda doll'shouse s mew ood. f o r1 u l i a D . a d 'sg i ve nL 4so Haveyou broughtthe paint,Martin? Yes,I have. Doyouwantto helpus,Tommy? Haveyou evermadea doll'shouse? No,I haven't.I'venevermade anything outof wood! I '.:+".?," , ''i':'tt "- '-., ,..-*e:,iS R W. usethe presentperfectto to[k oboutoctions $ in t f r ep o s t h o t o resti tLtru en o w . We'vedecidedto build a doll's housefor Iulia. Wemakethe presentperfectoffirmotivewith hove+ postporticiple. We normo[[gusethe shortformof hove,especioL[g in conversotion. Dad'sgivenussomewood. g e so m e ry T h ep o s tp o rti ci p lies u su o [Lth o Jth eve rbbut , t o st h e p o s tsi mp l e Jo rm someverbsoreirregu[or. Thereis o Listof r rb so n p o g e9 6 . c o m m o ni r re g u [ove 8 U n i t1 Thewordevermeons'in gourLifeupto now'. Weconuseit with the question Jormof the presentperfectto oskobouto person's [iJe experience. Havegou evermadea doll'shouse? We useneverin the presentperfectto to[k obout something thot we hovenot donein our life up now. to Weolwogsuseon offirmotiveverbwith never. I've nevermodeangthingout of wood. ! Writesentences. Usethe presentperfect. 1 We / decide/ to mokeo dotl'shouse. Wd v-edeei-de-dro-nnake-cdolLshouse2 Rg o n/ J i n d/ o h o mme r. 3 Tommg/ meosure of wood. / the pieces 4 Do d/ b u g/ s o mep o i n tJoth r e d o l l 'sh o use. Mortin/ point/ the wo[Ls. Be t h / m o k e / o mi sto ke . 7 Rgonond hisJriends / finish/ theirwork. 8 Thefriends/ give/ the doll'shouseto lutio. 2 Lookof the [ist.Writesentences with the presentperfect. 1 l'v e d o n e m')u h o me w o rk. 2 3 4 ) 6 7 8 Uni t1 3 Completethe questionsond shortonswers.Usethe verbsin brockets. 1 Hove 2 -'-Tong gou €otet- (eot)thecoke?No,I hoven't (l.ose) hisbosketbolt?Yes,he (hove)onemoilfromthem? Yes,we 3 ---------- we - 4 R o bo n dA mg- 5 -6 shegou-- 7 - he - 8 Coroline 9 (give)Mumthe doorkegs?No,I gou(coLL) gouondMum Grondmo to sogthonkgou?Yes,we 10 ( see) thefiLm? No,theg (buil.d) o sondcostle? Yes,she (find)gourfootbolt?No,I (turnoff)the DVDploger?Yes,he (eot)Lunch?No,she with neverond questionswith ever. 4 Write the wordsin the correctorder.Mokesentences 1 Louise / hos/mode/ ever/ o do[['shouse Hos Loulseevermodeo dott'shouse? 2 never /I / hove/oneLephont/seen 3 ever/ octed/ in o pLog/ gou/ hove 4 been/ hos/ to Chino/ Hel"en / ever ond lockf never/ visited/ on oquorium/ hove 5 Bif.l.g 6 orgued/ with mg porents/ hove/ never/ I 7 hove/ eoten/ Chinesefood / never/ myfriends 8 theg / swum/ in the seo/ ever/ hove 9 o fiLm in Engl.ish / seen/ hove/ youf ever 10 we / eoten/hove / lemonicecreom/ never Unitr t lYriteguestions with everondshortonswers. Usethe presentperfect. 1 lulio / soito boot? HosJutiaeversoitedo boot? Yes,shehos. 2 Mum ond Dod/ goto o desert? No,theu hoven't. 3 Mum/ seeo giroffe? 4 Rgon/ swimin the seo? 5 Rgon/gotoAmerico? No, 6 Mum / seeo polorbeor? No, 7 Mum ond Dod/ cl.imbo mountoin? 8 Rgon/ go to Austrolio? 6 look of exercise5.Write sentences. Useneverin the negotivesentences. 1 ]ulio 's soltedo boot. 2 MumondDod hoveneverbeento o desert. 3 Mu m 4 Rg o n 5 Rg o n 6 Mum 7 M u m o n dD o d 8 Rg o n- unitl 'a!t,, -* A TOY MUSEUM i Coro Whiteond her dod Williomhove on unusuol hobbg.Thegore tog collectors ond theg ore the owners of o tog museumneor London. Englond. r} a l .' 6 t hos beeno tou collectorfor morethon 20 ueors. Witl.iom He stortedcotlectingtogs in 1986whenhe boughto teddg. hove hod theirmuseumsince 2000.Theghove Coro ond WiLLiom o huge number cottected of togsond lotsof peoptehovevisited since it opened.Theghovedo[[sond dotls'houses,teddgbeors,troins, booksond togsfromTV progrommes ond fitms.Visitors otso bringtoUSto the museum,ond in 2002Coro ond Wittiomopenedo museumshop "{r'r1 -So IFg Weconusethe presentperJectwith for to tolk obouthow long somethinghoslosted. We useforwith o periodof time.Theperiodof time conbe long or shorte.g.2Ogeo]s,o week, four hours,threeminutes. WiIIiamhasbeena toy collectorformorethan 2Ogears. Thismeonsthot Wil.l.iom stortedto coltecttogs morethon 2Ogeorsogoond hestiLL coltects togs todog. Weconusethe presentperfectwith sinceto tolk oboutwhensomethingstortedif it is stitL hoppening. We usesincewith o stortingpoint.Thestorting pointconbeongtime e.g.1,998, lost geor,in Morch,ho$-postnine. Theghavehad their museumsince2O0O. Thismeonsthot WittiomondCorostortedthe museumin 2000ondthegsti[[hoveit todog. the sentences. Usefor or since. ? Complete 1 WiLliom o n dC o roh o veh o dth e mu seum - - f or neor lgL0geor s. h o sc o l l e c t e dt o g s 2 Wil.Liom 1986. 3 shewos o LittlegirL. Coro'sLikedcollectingtogs 4 Lorgenumbersof peoplehovevisitedevergUeor . 2000. 5 Vi s i t o rfsr o m o t[ o ve rth e w o rtdh o vebr oughttogsondgomesto the museum ueors. 6 Th em u se um hoshodo s hop 7 People h o v eg i ve nto g sto th e mu se um 12 U n i t1 2002. it openedin 2000. monu 3 Lookof the pictures.Writesentences with the presentperfect. 'I .rii".;1;,., "nJ theg/ befriends/for Theu' vebeenfr Lendsfor thr ee Lieor s J__--__r) Todo9 -x )- t/ G r o n d m o/ b e o n h o L i d o gi n A u s t r o l i o/ s i n c e Todog he/ hoveon MP3pl.oger /for C o t h g/ L i k ec h o c o l o t e/ s i n c e theg/ Livein theirhouse/ for I F i v eU e o ros g o ll l u - - i - r s H r Todog Writesentences. Usethe presentperfect. 'l be/ ot thisschool / for/four geors '' hor-n t' '"1.( ,r hu, . 2 studg/ EngLish / since/ I wossix . 3 know/ mg bestfriend/ Jor/ Jivegeors 4 Live/ in m g house/ Jor/eight geor s 5 hove/ mg Jovourite tog / since/ Lostgeor 6 plog/ vollegboll / since/ lostsumm er Uni t1 13 On fhe stoge Ryan At fastl'm goingto seeDadpefiorm in a play.I've beenexcitedall day. Mum Yes.I scw Dadact in hisfrst play 20yearsago.He'sber;nin foBof playsand he'sgreat. ft W" usethe presentperJedto toLkobout nergrecentlg. I somethingthot hoppened Thelights have gorrcbvun. Weolso usethe presentperfectto totk obout on octionin the postthot is stitLtrue now. I've beenexcited all dog- The presentperfector past simple? The present perfect (3):already,yet, just and before Julia Thetightshavegonedown.ft's tirme for the playto start. l'veturned off my mobilephone. Beth I turnedoff my phonewhenwearrived. perfectto tolk obout Weolsousethe present eventsfrom ourlifethot hovehoppened upto the present time.It doesn'tmotterwhentheg hoppened. He'sbeenin lotsof ptags. Weusethe postsimpleto tolk oboutoctions thot stortedondfinishedin the post.Weofien sogwhentheghoppened. I sowDadactin hisfirstplag20yearsago. L Tic k( / ) t h e c o rre ctse n te n ce . 1 HoveUoueverseeno plogbgShokespeor@ "? Hovegoueverseeo plogbg Shokespeorel [-l Hovegoueverbeento the theotre?[--l 3 I sowmgfirstplogin 2003. D Sheneverbeento o dromoctoss.[-l . I ' v es e e nm gfi rstp l o gi n 2 0 0 3 D 5 Theoctorsteorntthe scriptLostweek.[_l nJ:."rr 14 U n i t2 hoveLeornt thescript tost [-l Didgoueverbeento the theotre?[-l She'sneverbeento o dromoctoss.[-l 6 Yesterdog we wotchedo JiLmot the.inemo.[_-l :;':il::, wehovewotched ofiLmotthe l 2 Motch 1-5 with o-e. 1 d 2 , -- 3 - Hovegoueverbeento the theotre? a Yes,I did.I woso detective. Didgou Likeit whenthe Lightswent out? b Yes,I hove.I fel.tcol.d. H o v eg o uco u g h tfL u ? c No,I didn' t.Ihotethe dor k! 4 -.. .- - Didgouoct in the lost pLog? 5 - * Hovegouput gourcooton? d Yes,I hove.I lovewotchingpl.ogs. e Yes,I hove.I feel.iLt. 3 Circlethe correctonswers. '*" @ / f i n i s h e d o u r h o me w o rk.C o n We 9 ooutsidenow? 2 Whenhewos/ he'sbeensix,hewent / he'sbeento schoolin NewYork. 3 Amgdidn'treod/ hosn'treodthe third bookin the seriesget. teocher? 4 Hovegoumet / Didgoumeetthe newscience twicein mg Life. 5 I went/'ve beento London 6 Leoond Freddidn'tknow/ hoven'tknownthe onswersothegoskedtheirDod. 7 WereVou/ Hovegoubeenof homeLostFridogmorning? todog?Yes,I did./ Yes,I hove. 8 Hovegouspoken to Grondpo : Completethe text. Usethe presentperfector the post simple. ond he'sgot lotsof Jriendswho plogit with Brionis reottggoodot vol.l.egboLL him.Het 's-k[etln- (know)some of themJorfivegeors.WhenBrion 3 (notknow)howto pLog. ' .-. -=- - (meet)hisfriends,he (te L Lh)i mto g o w i ththemto theircLubondtheg Hisf rien d si * (wont)him Soon,evergone - (teoch)him howto pl.og. (be)on the teomfor threegeorsond to beon theirteom.NoWBrion1-t he ,-- (ptog)in totsof motches. ! Lookof exercise4. Answerthe questions.Useshort onswers. did.georsogol - Y-e--s,he 1 DidBrionmeethisfriendsfive - 2 DidBrionteochhisfriendsto pl.ogvoLtegbol.l.? 3 Is Briono goodvoltegbo[[ploger? 4 HosB r i o ne v e rp Lo g eodnth ete o m? 5 Ho sB r i o ne v e rp L o g eidn o n gmo tch e s? Unit2 15 Detective Wherewereyouat twelveo'clock lastnight? Srdspect You'vealreadyaskedmethqt qustion. Detective Andyou haven't answeted get,just ond beforecono[[ meon'ot ft ALreodg, I sometime up to now'.Weofien usethem with ' the presentperfect. Suspect I'm nelotts.I haven'ttalkedto o detectivebffOrz. DetectiveWell,you'vejusttalkedto me, and t'm a detective. Sonowyou havetnlkedto a detective. We useolreodgto sogthot we oresurprised hoshoppened soonerthon we thot something expected. You'vealreodgaskedmethat question.OR You'veaskedme that questionalreadg. We useget to tolk oboutsomethingwe expect. We It oJtencomesof the end of the sentence. onlg useget in questionsond negotivesentences. Iust meons'vergctoseto the time now'.Wecon useit to totk oboutsomethingthot hoshoppened Youhoven'tansweredit get? Theoffirmotiveform is subject+ verg recentl.g. Havegou answeredit get? just + post porticipl.e. + hove/hos Beforemeons'ot ongtime up to the present'. justtalked to me. You've It oJtencomesot the endof the sentence. Weformquestionswith hove/hos+ subject+ I haven'ttalkedto a detedivebefore. just + postporticipLe. Haveyoujusttalked to him? Circlethe correctonswers. I get goneup. ThecurtoinhosQust)/ 2 Hehosn'tpLogedchessbefore/ olreody. pointedjust / just pointedthe set. 3 Theg've 4 Hovegoushownthe scriptto him get/ getthe scriptto him? 5 Youhoven'tgiventhe booksto themjust / get. 6 16 Hovegoueveroctedbefore/ just? U n i t2 7 Complete Usethe presentpertect. the sentences ondquestions. I gou/ go /to Americo / before/7 2 gou/ oLreodg / oct/ in four pl"ogs 3 I /see/thefil.m/ beJore 4 I / oLreodg / go/ tolivedifferentcountries person/before/ ? 5 gou/ speok/toon Engl.ish 6 gou/ eot breokfost / oLreodg / ? 7 I / n e v e r / o d / b efo re 8 theg / olreodg/ point / thestoge / 7 ! Completethe questionsond onswers.Useget ondjust. 1 she/ meethernewdromoteocher Hosshemet her new dromoteocher ys5,she'sjust m€t hsL theg / speokto the octors to them. 3 she/bugthe costumes Yes, them. 4 the children/ pointthe stoge it. Yes,theg 5 the octors/ finishtheir costumes Yes, them . 6 she/ woshedherhoir Yes, it. 7 theg / openthe curtoins Yes,theg 8 the pl.og/f nish Yes,it Unit2 9 Lookof the text. Writequestionswith the presentperfector postsimple. 1 (Tom/ go) Drd Tom go---- - , to schoolin London from 1985to 1998? ( h e/ g o )- 3 I n 1 9 9 8(, T om/o ct ) to h isfir stdr om oclossin 1990? 2 (he/ Live) 5 (Tom/ won) - -6 (he/ stort) 4 (he/ just stort) 8 ( T o m/ h o v e ) 7 U n i t2 - -- in Por is? ..-.-.in Spoinsince2000? . o prizefor octingget? in 1990? to LeornFrench --to leornltolion? otr eodg? --thr eechildr en 10 Lookof exercise 9. Answerthe guestions. 1 U Yes.he did. He went to schoolin Londonfrom 1985to 1.998. 2 to hisf rstdromoclossin 1990. 3 in Londonin 1998. 4 in the USAsince2000. 5 o prizeforoctingin 2009. 6 to leornFrench in 1990. 7 to leornItolionlostmonth. 8 threechi[drenotreodg. Write negotivesentences. Usethe presentperfector the postsimple. (notgo)toschoolin Coirowhenhewoso chil.d. 1 Andg-dddlgo (nothove)Frenchlessonsbefore. 2 Mondg (neverstudg)Sponish. 3 Kote 4 We (notLive)in Londonsince1996. (notgo)to hisf rst pointingclossin 1989. 5 Mox (notjust stort)toleornGermon. 6 M u m o n dD o d (notfinish)mg homeworkget. 7l 8 You (notmiss)thebusoncelostweek-we[[ done. (nottrg) to skoteboord before. 9 Iomieondlock l0 Lil.9 (nottoke)hermobi[ephonewith hergesterdog. U Writeshortonswers. I HosCorooctedin o pl.ogbefore?./Yes,shehos. 2 HosTedjust hodo PElesson? I 3 Hovegou met o fomouspersonbefore?/ 4 Hovegouotreodgdoneong homeworktodogTX 5 Hovetheghodlunchget?/ 6 HosEricpLoged otreodgtodog?I footbol.l. 7 Hovegouhodon Engtish testtodog?/ I HoveI oskedgouto bringgourtroiners? I 9 Hovetheg written o letterto the Queen?/ l0 HosCorriemodesomebreod?{ Unit2 !9
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