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Eiteen FLonnigon Frlends OXTORD \/NIVERSITY PRESS OX.FORD UNIVBRSITY PRESS Great Clarendon Street, Odord ox2 5DP Ordord University Pressis a department ofthe University ofOrdord. It fiIthers the UniversitSrsobjective ofexcellence in researcIl scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford NewYork Auckland CapeTown Dares Salaarn HongKong Karachi Kualalumpur Madrid Melboume MexicoOty Nafuobi New Delhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto Withofrces in Argentina Austria Brazil Chile CzechRepublic Frere Greece Guatemala Hungary ltaly Japan Poland Forqgrl Sngrfut SouthKorea Switzerland Thailand Turkey LJkrein Vam are registg€d tr& E r< d' oxroro and oxroRD ENGLTSH mb Oxford University Pressin the IJK and in ccnein & O Odord University Presszoro The mord rights ofthe author harebetosd Database right O)dord University Press@efrrl First published 2o1o 2073 2072 2011 2O1O 109 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Nounauthorizedphm.rynp*'atAll rights reserved- No pen dilri< Iff.-ir ryh c !r et E€ans, i r; h stored in a retrieral sylttm. c m-rL rri*d(HtHrriy Press, without the prior pernis*nf drih ft appmpriate or as expresslypetmirdbyfer,rrftrrll: r.1* reprographics r{fu alrirrnr b & Ef,f figlls DeParhent, &r b i d outside the scope drt & Odord University Prcrc r ft &s You must oc circula dtland you must inpc ts 4r& G-r - tindng a cow a q.quirer ia the public domain and Anywebsites n*rtdoitts ;&iaat tf ffi Lhiansiry Pressfor information only. their addressesar fror.*f r..l-< for the content Otrrd tiniuityPrrs rsBx: gzEo r9{Fqlr rs s x : 9 ? 8 o r 9 a t 6 ; 5 ffi &S -rcrymsibility t l@tl hintedinGiD nuoutr lrfotytd'||ri Studft{Eeehit lrcir ttfgbAti!ils At3ncy (ctraracters) and JHS Contents Storter Afier schoot Like+ -ing; ccn ond con't; o, on ond some;be going to I We'rehoving i c ec r e o m ! T h ep r e s e nst i m p t eo n d c o n t i n u o u s Adverbsoffrequencg A school.pLog The postsimple(1):be,hoveond regulorverbs Posttime expressions L2 ThepostsimpLe(2):irregu[orverbs L6 2 3 We sow o shork! 20 ReviewI 4 5 6 O u rc o m p i n gt r i p We hoveto hurrg! T h eb e s th o l i d o g ! pronouns Possessive Adverbs 22 Hoveto Theimperotive Whg ond becouse 26 Comporotiveo nd superlotiveodjectives 30 34 Review2 7 8 9 W i L t w eb e f o m o u s ? Wil.l.ond won't Futuretime expressions Lotsoffun! AfootboLL motch 8 36 Much,mong,lotsof ond o lot of Someond ong t8 Theinfinitiveof purpose How often...?ond odverbsof time 44 $ Review3 1O I've donemg homework The presentperfect(1) 11 A speciotodventure The presentperfect(2):ever ond never 54 L2 We shouLdplog outside Shou[dond shou[dn't Couldond couldn't 58 50 62 Review4 13 Hel"ping others 14 Hoppgmemories 1 5 W e w e r eh o v i n gf u n l Objectpronouns who ond which Relotivepronouns: 64 Thepostcontinuous Dotesond wos born On ond in 68 T h ep o s ts i m p l eo n d c o n t i n u o u s There,theg'reond their 72 Reviewl 76 Grommorreference 78 Irregulor verbs 80 After school Like + -irg; can and can't; a, an and some: be going to what do you like doingafterschool? I fike skateboarding. t like ploying basketball. We usetike+ -ingto totk oboutthingsthot we olwogstiketo do. Whatdo you likedoingat the weekend?I likegoingswimming. \tt- tr "( Remember wedon'trepeottike+ -ingin shortonswers. Does Charlie|ikeskateboarding? Yes, hedoes. Writesentences ondquestions. Use[ike+ -ing. 1 Beth/ Like/ pLoV tennis Beth [ikesptouLna tennLs. 2 I / Like/ pLog tennis IJJ mgfriends/ Like/ wotchfiLms 4 theg/ like/ cook/ 7 piono Som/not Like/ pLoVthe she/ Like/ pLoythe guitor gou/tike/surf/? redondrheo/ nofii,o.li,rn Starter Can t go to the caf€withToby? youcan. Yes, rL t We useconondcon't+ boseform to tol.koboutpermission. Conondcon't don'tchonge. We useconin questions ondconor con'twhenwe giveor refusepermission. Canweplay on the computer?Yes, you can./ No,you can't. 2 Writeguestions ondshortonswers. Useconondcon'tondo verbfrom the box. As' stog go do pLou bug use wotch moke visit C an I qo to th,i :: : . r ' i ' ' ' ' 1 I /th e p o rk I 2 we / footboLl, / 3 theg / the TV ,/ 4 he / sko te b oordi ng X 5 I/o n e wco o t / 6 sh e/wi th So LLg X 7 t he g /th e co mputerX 8 I/ o co ke / 9 sh e/Gro n dmo / 10 w e / o u r h o m ew orkLoterX Starter Whatwouldvoulike? we'd likesomeicecream,olease. We useo or on beforecountoblenounsondsomebeforeuncountoble nouns ondpluroLs. a cat an orange somewater someoronges E, *. usewouldLike(U Like)totolk or oskoboutwhot we wont.It is ''-,i- o politeexpression thot we oftenusein shops,coJ6s ond restouronts. t I'd likea cupof coffee,please. the sentences. Write'dLikeondo, on or some. 3 Complete you likez Whatwould | '..] itke sui,ri We lemon,please. please. aubergines, I 4 glassof milk,please. we we rice,please. 6 I orange,please. please. bananas, I we fruit,please. apple,please. Starter l'm goingto go now. skateboarding you going Are to comewith me? We usebegoingto + boseform to sogwhot we oreplonningto do. I'm going to listento mg MP3player. Mollg isn't going to plag with herfriendstoday. Aregougoingto do gourhomeworkthisevening? 6. - I Lookof the tob[e.Writequestions ondshortonswers. 1 Mu m o n d D od visitJriends 2 Ho rr i e t 3 Dq d pLogfootboLl. with Jriends c Leo n thecor 4 we wotcho DVD 5 G r o n d m oo n d Gro n d p o hov eo p ic n ic 6 Morion w ri tet o h e rc o u s in 7 Li L go n d A m g go to t h e c in e m o X X x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Starter We're hovingice creom! Thepresentsimple andcontinuous Adverbsof frequency I usually havecake,but todayl'm havingicecream. : ;'' t Weusethe present simpleto to[k obouthobitsondthingsthot oreotwogstrue. Leogoesto the cafdafier school Giraffesare very toIL Weusethe present continuous to to[k oboutwhot we oredoingnow. HoIIy'supstairs.She'sdoingherhomework. I'm makingdinnerat the moment. Seepoge78 forformotionof the -ingform. the sentences. Usethe presentsimpleor the presentcontinuous. 1 Complete Lookot thot bog! He 5 tunnrng - (run)reoltgfost! (stog)with ustodog. Tongoondhersister (use)it. Youcon'tpLogon the computer. Dod (notgive)usmuchhomework. ourteochers Usuo[[9, (be)mg birthdogtodog. sIt (Listen)to 6 Leo the rodio. (woLk)to 7I schoolevergdog. (Like) (noteot)it in winter. 8 Corlo soLodbut she (toLk) 9 Mum on the phonerightnow. 1 2 3 4 8 Unit1 Wealwayssit by the window. A I W. useodverbs of frequencg with the present simpleto toLkobouthowofien *. dothings. never rore[g sometimes usuo[[g o% olwogs LO0% Adverbs go beforemostverbs,butofiertheverbbe. offrequencu Weusuallg sithere. Thegarealwagslate. Wedon'tuseodverbs withthe present ofJrequencu continuous. I Writethe wordsin the correctorder.Useshortformswhenpossib[e. 1 never / go/ on Soturdogs / I / to school I netier ajc tti scirlrlr ')i, .i*irirLti'ir,l:i 2 the teochers / lotef ore/ never 3 oLwogs of the menu / Dod/for o Longtime/ Looks 4 lock/ hismeotI Jinishes / oLwogs 5 isn't/ the meoLf usuollg/ vergexpensive 6 rorelg/ goto/we lour LocoL cofe 7 I / hungrg/ ofterfootbo[Lproctice f usuollg/ om Uni t 1 Usethe presentsimpleondthe present Lookof the toble.Writesentences. continuous. Useusuo[[gondtodog. Usuo[19 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 the woitressf weor/ o reduniform MoU.g/ hovef somebreod H o r rg/ dri nk l mi l .k Chorlieond MoL[g/ eot / posto we / sit / bg the window Tobgf come/ with us Do d/ p o V/the bi LL we / woLk/ to the cofe Todog she/weor / obLueuniform she/ hove/ o bowl of soup h e / d r in k / o r o n g e ju ic e t h e g/ e o t / s o L o d we / sit / in the corner Tobg/ not be / here Mum / pog/ the biLL we / go / bg cor/ to the cof6 The',vo,tress*s-rolr-o .'.ec.:sc..ed unlform, but todoq she's\i/eqrinq-a-blug-undAfn J--_.+4._J- continuous the sentences. Usethe present simpleor the present 4 Complete of the verbsin brockets. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Iusuol.LU- -- -(go)swimmingonSoturdogs. Amg -- (send)on emoitto Hotlgot the moment. (eot)with o knifeondfork. Peoplein Chinonever (bring)thebiLl. immediotetg. Thewoitressolwogsfomie'son the phone.He - (tol.k)toEricrightnow. (pLoU)footbott ofier school. We sometimes I --- - (do)mg homeworkrightnow. (moke)me o birthdogcoke. Yourorelg (eot)breokfost. Thegolwogs (run)in o roce. TodogSidneg Unit1 5 Lookondwrite.Usethe presentsimpleor the presentcontinuous of eot ondthe wordsin the box. pstr rice coke noodles somefruit histog ,6 t Amg'smumonddod/ sometimes Amu's mum and dod sometlmes eo,toosto. JI Coroline / rightnow peopre',tl:'" /ofren @ we/never /beJorelunch - f,E the bobg Jone/todog 6 Writethe wordsin the correctorder.Usethe presentsimpleor the present continuous. 1 of themoment/cook/ mVmum/ dinner Mu mum'scookinodinnerat the moment. JJ 2 eot/o Lotof fruit / Motlg/ olwogs 3 I /hove o shower/ sometim es/ ofierschool 4 Horrgf weor/ the wrongtrousers / todog 5 the bilL/ bring/the woiter/ ot the moment 6 bring/ the biLL / the woiter/ ofterthe meo[/ usuoLLg Uni t 1 11 A n , _t_ _ _t -r _ SCnOOf PIOY Thepastsimple(1): be,haveandregularverb Past timeeipressio -,'zt. werec lot of people at theplay.rheyhad a great - rl1i.Chadie clapped. actedverywellandtheaudience ^r t -5. --. the postsimple,we odd-edor -d to mostregulorverbs. WhenweJorm HereoresomemoreruLes: Verb Exomp[e Chonge e n d svo w el+ co n so n ont s top e n d sco ns onont ti dg +-9 v erbs irr e g u L or doublethe Lost + -ed consonont )(+ -ied be hove Postsimple Negotive stopped didn'tstop tidied didn'ttidg wos/were hod wosn't/weren't didn'thove we chongethe wordorder. In questions DidMollg act in theplay? Beis different. Weregou excited? Wasthe play good? 1 Circlethe correctonswer. 1 3 5 7 12 Thereiiryos / wereo pionoon the stoge. 2 Wewere/ wosexcitedoboutthe concert.4 Wos/ Weregouof home? 6 LeoondSebwosn't/ weren'tot 8 the concert. Unit2 Ethon's voiceweren'tf wosn'tvergLoud. Whg wos/ wereAnnoondKotetired? ALIourfriends were/ wosin the oudience. Whotwos/were the nomeof the plog? 2 CompleteHorrg'sdiorg.Writewos,wereor hod. - -- ct schoo\ Ve l- hgd p\^y ftnis\^/eeKItrcrr\ie in it nnd ' ou( frtenCscrnCfcrmi\Y in f ire c.udience.LcrsI weeK,ve (L conc€fl r h crf schoo\ Aum cinC Uat , Iveryone prog(ctmme ctboul 1'heccn.c?ri Aolly played fhe g,ictr,c, :.ni. t'rerfriends Suzy crnC i:.n,? ftco(Jeft fl ' ve\ flood,but Ac\\y, Suzu Cr[\d Jc.ng to_ crll ve(y fired al the :nl 6 ou/ friends 3 Completethe sentences ond questions.Usethe post simpleof be or hove. 1 Phi['sverghoppgbecouse the exom wosn't vergdifficuLt. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 e 10 I'm verghungrg.I breokfost. Louise cokeof the cof6? -., Thepeoplein the oudience o greottime. He ten gesterdog. gouot Emilg's birthdogportg? Mg grondporents --- rich.ThegLivedin o vergsmollhouse. I o bobgwhenwe movedto London. thefilm good?Didgoulikeit? Thehomework hord.WeoLLgot goodmorks. 4 Completethe text. Usethe post simple of the verbsin brockets. (be)George's birthdogportgon Fridog.We (hove) (invite) o greottime.George' o (enjog) oLLhisfriendsondevergone it.TheLights u (sporkl.e), (Listen)to we musicond (pLoU) oLLevening. Weond -- (donce) (clop)whenGeorge'! gomes. I'---(open) hispresents. WeoLL" - (tidU)up whenthe portg 12 (end)ondI i1-(notwont)togo home! It I - Wgs Unit2 13 l'vegota lotto tefl you.There wasa play schoof last Saturdayandtwo weeksago I playedin a concert. L \ We usetheseexpressions to to[k oboutwhensomething hoppened in the post: lost+ night/ Fridoglweek/month/geor Iwatcheda goodfitmlastSaturdag. ogoofiero periodof time Wewentto Londonthreegearsago. + morning/ oJternoon gesterdog evening. / evening I emoiledhergesterdog Timeexpressions congo of the beginning or endof o sentence. I playedin a concertlastweek. Lastweek,I playedin a concert. Tick(/) the correctsentences. 1 Lostweek,Jonehodo portg.@ 2 Agotwo weeksit wosmg birthdog.D fonehodo portgweekLost.! Twoweeksogoit wosmg birthdoU.D 3 Fronk's birthdog wosgesterdog D 4 Wehodgesterdog obig portg. Wehod obigportggesterdoU O gFronk's Yesterdo birthOog *os. [_l D gesterdog. 5 Tinohoddinnerevening o Tinohoddinnergesterdog evening. 7 I hodon exomgesterdog ofiernoonD I hodon exomtostofternoon.[-l U n it2 6 Weplogedtennisogotwo hours.D Weplogedtennistwo hourcogo. ! 8 I phonedgouo Fridogogo.O I phoned gou[ostrridog.! Completethe sentences. Utetfi6 verbin brucketsond o time expression from the box. Thenrewriteeochsententewith the time expression of the end. Todog isSoturdog 15thNovember. LostSoturdog , Ctore ptoged htog)tennis. CloreploqedtennislostSoturdou. (be)mg birthdog. (ptog)bodmintonwith Henrg. Ioson (tidg)mg room. I (wotch)o plogot the theotre. we t I Dod (phone)Roger. Lookof the thingsthot hoppenedin exercise 6. Writewhenfteg hoppened. Usetime exprcssions with ogoondthe wordsfiomfte bq. Remember, todogisSoturdog lSthNovember.It is9 am. 1 3 5 one week ooo 2 4; 6 We sowo shork! The pastsimple(2):irregular verbs common verbshoveon irregutor postsimpleformin theoffirmotive. ft" fVfong ondhod.Hereoresomeothers: f Youolreodgknowwos/were Verb Postsimple bug eot bought ote fl.g flew go heor moke see think went heord mode sow thought Formostregu[orond irregu[orverbs,weform the postsimplenegotivewith didn't+ boseform.Seepoge80for o tistof irregulsrverbs. Wedidn't look at the postcards. Amy didn't go to the museum. Remember thot the thirdperson form of the postsimpledoesn'tchongein the cffirmotiveor negotive.Theexceptionis the verbbe (wos,were,wosn't,weren't). 1 Motch 1-8 with the word endingsto moke irregulorpost simpleverbs. heord he ot mo W 50 nt fL tht de e ew thou .we Un it3 ught ord Writethe postsimpleof theverbsin the boxintothe correct[ist. #Y hove heor hote live woit oo eot Regu[or -qske-d \ ,,/ Circlethe correctverbform. 1 Weeoted/(dlErlunch vergeorlg. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Ericsow/ seeno robotof the exhibition. Ho|'[gheord/ heoredthemusic. losperond Rgonbuged/ boughto sondwich. I went / goedto schoolgesterdog. lomie moke/ modebreokfost this morning. Thebirdsftew/tLied owog. Thescientist thinked/ thoughtoboutthe question. Lookof exercise3.Write negotivesentences. didn't__qq_t_.LunEh_veru earlu r __W_e 2 3_ 4 5_ 6 7 8 5 Completethe text. Usethe postsimpleof the verbin brockets. (go)too LoveLg OLtgondI i - - Went oldviLl.oge Lostweekend. (bug)some - (notbe)vergfor owog.WeI (think)obouthoving cheese, breodondfruit,ondwe' (nothove)vergmuchwoter. o picnicneorthe river.We'(see)o shopbut it ? OLLg i - (be)closed.We (foLtosl.eep) underthe trees. - (eot)ourfoodond1--It2 _ Un it3 Weform postsimplequestions in the somewoy for most reguLor ondirregu[or verbs. We usedid + I/gou/he/she/it/ we/gou/theg+ boseform. Didyou buy any souvenirs? DidAmy havebreakfastthis morning? Didyou learnanything? Yes,we did. word Weconuseo question beforedid,suchoswhot,who, where,whenor which. Whatdid you seeat the seaside? Weconusewhichondwhot with o noun. Whichmuseumdid you go to? what did you learn? Weformpostsimpleshort in the somewogfor onswers mostreguLor ondirregutor verbs. Didyou enjoythe trip? Yes,Idid./ No,I didn't. we learnt about sharks. Writethe wordsin the correctorderto mokequestions. 1 gouI eot/ did/ whot 2 He n rgo n d A ndU/ w here/ have lu n c h/ d id *hg / Max/ bug/ did/ten postcords the moneg/ where/ did/ find/ theg ond plo nts/whot Vou/Leorn/ did/ oboutrocks Vou/ did/heor / when/ the goodnews 7 which/the closs/ goto / did/ portof the coost U n it3 7 Lookof the pictures. Writequestions ondshortonswers. SoLLg /buV/opostcord ' : i) I f i r { theg/ hoveLunch / in o cof6 M u m o n d Do d/ g o / t o o c o n c e r t the chiLdren /heor /c funnr s::'- D , nnnl "f/Y ,t l {i nA )tt\v i /' o n g t h in gin t e r e s t in g Uni t 3 19
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