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Questionwords Heflo.what'syourname? Myname's 1amie. Who'sthis? rhisisAlison. l'm ftne,thankyou. Whot,who ondhow orequestionwords. Who Who'sthis? +c= € In o question, whot osksoboutthingsondwho osksoboutpeople. We sogHowore gou?whenwe meetsomeone. StorteU r ni t 1 Motch. t HeLLo ------n_1 2 Whot'sgournome? I How ore Uou, 4 Who'sthis? \ ''", t',.. \----- I'm fine,thonkgou. ThisisAtison. Mg nome'sIomie. HeLLo. Lookondwrite. Whot's How Who's yourname? Hello. My name'sJamie. areyou? l'm ftne,thankyou. Stor terU ni t How old areyou? Howold osksoboutoge. 3 Motch. 1 Howold oregou? 2 Howold oregou? /rnrfu, g I'm two. &n#, w I'm three. 3 Howold oregou? I'm six. 4 Howold oregou? I'm five. 5 Howold oregou? I'm fo ur. S t o r t eU r ni t 4 Write. t Howo[d oregou? I'p 2 How old ore-]+otr ? I,M 3 How old ore- I,M ---? 4 How old I,M 5 How I,M \P\/e[\ Reodond colour.Findthe hiddenword. Colourwhot red. Colourwho b[ue. Cotourhow ge[[ow. how how how how how how how whot how who how how how how how how how how how how how whot how who how how how how how how how how how how how whot how who how how how how how w h o w h o wh o how whot how who how whot w hot w hot how how w h o how who how whot how who how whot how w hot how how w h o w h o who how whot how who how whot how w hot how how w h o how how how whot how wh o how how w h o w h o who how whot how who how whot w hot w hot how whot how w hot StorterUnit withis Questions Theindefinite article Whot'sthis?iso question. Weuseit tofind out oboutthings. Wecononswerwithlt's o ... Writeond motch. t Whot'sthis? penci[. z Whot's this? 7 d door. @ window. ru What'sthisZ book. What'sthisz A ondon oreorticles. Thegcomebeforesingulor nouns. It'sa pencil. It'so book. Weuseon beforeo,e,i, o or u. It'san apple. U n i t1 2 Writethe wordsin the correctbox. pencit rubber ruler book oron9e : It's cl bog. It's oron9e. It's book. It's_ opple. It's_ penciL cose. U ni t1 o or on. 4 Write.Remember troin p[o ne It's q bot l t Whot'sthis? 2 Whot's this Whot's 4 5 6 U n i tL umbre[[o ? It's ? It's etephont 5 Whot'sthis?Drowondwrite. oppLebook oronge troin elephont It's o bo[[ Uni tL 11 Possessive adjectives Present simpleof be J Thisisyour teddy. Thisisyour car. :ctives. Thegsogwho ownssomething. I teddg I Motch. U n i t2 Circlemg ond gour. This is ball.Thisis your teddy. Thisis my doll.Thisis your car. 3 Writemg or gour. t This is - n\! -- bo1,1.. 2 Thisisteddg. 3 Thisis -- cor. 4 Thisis kite. s Thisis--, - - troin. 4 Writemg or gourond completethe words. r This is -g-o-urt 'i-aln-2 Thisis te3 Thisis c- 4 Thisis - -- lLs Thisis, -- b- Unit 2 thisyourdoll? Is comes or something. We useisto identifgsomeone fromthe verbbe. This is Alison. 4s This ismycar. Wechonge thewordorderin questions. Is this...?iso ges/noquestion. Stotement Question Is thisyour teddy? ThisisAourteddy. Weconusethem Yes,it isondNo,it isn'toreshortonswers. with Is this...? if the question begins Yes,it is. No,it isn't. Is thisyour car? isn't= is not 5 Motch. I s t h i so Is this o cor? t Yes,it is. Is th iso kite? '@I st hiso tro No,it isn't. Is th iso b oo k? s U n i t2 6 Is this o do.- 6 Writethe wordsin the correctorder.Mokequestions. t this Uour boLl, Is 2 mV doLL ls . 3 mU this Is cer s puzzle Uour th is Is 4 Is llt;...!i. this ,:,1 kite this gour m g I s t r oin t his ? 7 Lookond write. Yes,it is. No,it isn't. lsthisyourdoll? lsthisyourcar? fsthisyourtrain? fsthisyourteddyZ lsthisyourkiteZ Uni t2 pluralnoun Regular Present simpleof be (2 Demonstrativ /^911! Finger, flnger, finger. Yes, Aliso n. Three flngers! whenwe or e Weu set he s ingulor f or m issing uto r. F inger toLkingoboutonethingor person. whenwe or e is plu ro[.Weu sethe plur oLf or m F ingers tot kin gob ou mo t retho no net hingor per s on. pLuro[=sin gu Lo r+s // F> ,r -\ oinh* finnor< W onefinger)eightfingL,, ( / fW ( I @ oneeye) twoeyes I I nose ) fournoses .\ one 164 1^ the tob[e. Complete Singular Plural arms ear faces leg NOSES 16 U n i t3 - Tick(/) the correctone. 'i l ) o o : - r eeJinger - reef ingers t onefoce onefoces D D two Legs two Leg D D \\*-/ V # 0 il t: -r orm D t : ort, D -, D one honds D one hond t hr eeeor t hr eeeor s o D ; l c u nt ond w r ite . --iowmongfoces? 2 How mongnoses? -lw mongeors? 4 How mongorms? -J,V mongfingers? 6 How mongeges? Uni t3
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