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Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc Week: 30 Period: 86 UNIT 14: FREETIME FUNS LESSON A: TIME FOR TV(A3/P.142)  A. Objective: 1. Knowledge: a. General knowledge: After the lesson, students may: - Develop reading skill. - Understand about TV in Viet Nam thirty years ago and today. b. Language contents: - Grammar: Review simple present tense and simple past tense. - Vocabulary: Gather, owner, (to) change, inside, outside. 2. Skills: Listening- Speaking-Reading- Writing. 3. Attitude: Students will be able to understand the details about television in Viet Nam. B. Preparation: 1. Teacher: Textbook, laptop, projector. 2. Students: Book, notebook. C. Procedure: Lesson Plan 7 1 Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc 1. Greeting and checking attendance: - Giving the greetings. 2. The previous lesson: - New words. - Text & questions. 3. The new lesson: Content  Warm up: Play game: Shark attack What’s it? - Almost all families have this object. - It can be a square or a rectangle. - We can watch films, music shows, football matches, news…. on it.  TELEVISION Teacher’s activities - Guide Ss to play a game “Shark attack” Students’ activities - Listen and play the game - Have Ss guess the keyword - Give Ss some clues - Give the keyword  Pre- reading: UNIT 14: FREETIME FUNS LESSON A: TIME FOR TV(A3/P.142) * New words 1. (to) gather (n): tụ tập, tập trung 2. owner (n): người chủ 3. may → might (v): có thể 4. (to) change (v): thay đổi  Times have changed 5. inside # ouside (adj) bên trong # bên ngoài * Look at the picture and answer - Introduce some new words. - Give the meanings of the new words. - Ask Ss to read all new words again - Repeat new words after the teacher the question: 1. Is it different? 2. What are they? Lesson Plan 7 2 - Call some Ss to read new Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc  While- reading:  True/ False Prediction 1. Thirty years ago in Vietnam, a lot of people had TV sets. => F. very few 2. These TV owners were very popular. => T 3. The neighbors gathered to watch color programs in the evening. => F. black and white programs 4. Now, they don’t spend much time together. => T 5. A few people have TV sets today. => F. many * Complete the summary (page 142) Lesson Plan 7 3 words aloud and corrects their pronunciation - Read the new words loudly - Ask Ss to look at the pictures and say about them - Look at the pictures and answer - Play the tape in twice and - Listen and read it Ss to read the text in in silence silence - Call some students read - Read it loudly the text - Correct their pronunciation - Ask Ss to guess True/ False sentences. - Do the task Correct the answer - Ask Ss base on the reading to complete the summary. - Correct the answers - Complete the summary Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc  Answer key: (1) people (2) not (3) TV (4) popular (5) evening (6) gather (7) They (8) today (9) have (10) life (11) know - After that give the key .  Post- reading: Play game: Lucky Numbers * Questions: a) Did a lot of people have TV sets thirty years ago? - Guide Ss to play the game - Copy the answers in their notebook - Listen and play the game b) What did they watch? Black and white programs or colour programs? c) What might the older people do? d) Did anyone go home before the TV programs finish? e) Where do people watch TV now? * Answer keys a) No. Very few people. b) The black and white programs. c) They might sleep a little. d) No. No one. e) In their own living rooms. - Give the answer 4. Consolidation: Ss retell the main points of the lesson 5. Home Assignment: - Learn by heart all new words. - Practice reading the text at home - Prepare the next lesson. *D. Self-Evaluation: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lesson Plan 7 4 Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lesson Plan 7 5
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