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Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc Week: 28 Period: 81 UNIT 13: ACTIVITIES LESSON A: SPORTS(A4/P.132)  A. Objective: 1. Knowledge: a. General knowledge: After the lesson, students may: - Develop reading skill - Know about walking and sports’ affect to the health . - Know about the benefits of walking and discuss about the benefits of walking. b. Language contents: - Grammar: Review simple past tense. - Vocabulary: Competition, organize, participant, inexpensive, ability, a 5 km walk, walk – to – school, wish, increase, instead of, prize, district, therefore, WFF, WTS 2. Skills: Listening- Speaking-Reading- Writing. 3. Attitude: Students know how to improve their health. B. Preparation: 1. Teacher: textbook, tape, cassette, picture. 2. Students: book, notebook C. Procedure: 1. Greeting and checking attendance : - Giving the greetings. 2. The previous lesson : - New words. - Text & questions. 3. The new lesson :  A/ Review: Answer the questions: - Do you play sports? Lesson Plan 7 1 Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc - Which sports do you play?  Look at the picture A4.P132 and answer the questions to lead in new lesson: 1. What are they doing? ( They are walking) 2. Do you always take a walk?  B/ New lesson: Content Warm up: Play game Matching the pictures with the names of the sports: - Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Table tennis, Tennis - Walking. Teacher’s activities Students’ activities - Show some pictures and asks Ss to tell the names of the sports. - Give feedback. Play a game. Lead in the lesson by asking some questions. Listen and guest the answer. Introduce some vocabulary. Give the meanings of vocabulary.  Pre- reading: UNIT 13: ACTIVITIES LESSON A: SPORTS(A4/P.132)  Questions: 1. Do you like walking? 2. Do you often go walking? 3. Do you know the goodthing of walking? * Vocabulary 1. Competition (n) cuộc thi, cuộc đua 2. Organize (v) tổ chức, thành lập 3. Participant (n) người tham gia 4. Inexpensive ( adj) ít tốn kém 5. Ability (n) khả năng 6. A 5 km walk: chuyến đi bộ 5 km 7. Walk – to – school day: Ngày đi bộ đến trường ( WTS day) 8. Wish ( v) mong muốn 9. Increase (v) tăng cường 10. Instead of ( adv) thay vì 11. Prize (n) giải thưởng 12. District (n) huyện Lesson Plan 7 2 Ask Ss to read all vocabulary Repeat new words again. after the teacher. Call some Ss to read new words aloud and corrects their pronunciation. Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc 13. Therefore (adv) do đó  While- reading:  True/ False Prediction 1. WFF is “ walking for Friday”=> F. Fun 2. Last year, there was a district walking competition for teachers => F .School children 3. The regular activity of the club is a 10 km walk to the beach on Sunday morning => F. 5 km 4. Another activity is a walk – to – school day ( or WTS day). T 5. Walking is a fun, easy and inexpensive activiy. T Read the text. Listen and read it in silence. Call some students read the text. Correct their pronunciation. Read it loudly. Ask Ss to guess True/ False sentences. Do the task. Correct the answer.  Answer the questions (page 132)  Answer key: a . He takes part in walking. For fun club / walking. b . The writer’s school team won the first prize: they were so happy and everybody wished to keep walking activity c . One activies is a 5 km walk to the beach on Sunday morning walking and the other is walk to school day. d . It’s 5 kilometers. e . Wednesday is the WTS day of the club. f . Members living near school often take part in the WTS day. Lesson Plan 7 3 Ask Ss to work in pair and answer the questions. Work in pairs, answering the question. Correct the answers. After that give the key. Copy the answers in their notebook. Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc  Post- reading:  Gap - filling a .The writer takes part Ask Ss to close the book and in ………………. complete the sentences. b . WFF means …………… c . The writer’s school team ……… the first prize . d . People take part in the club are called …………….. e . A 5 km walk means: I walk ………..  Discussing: Benefits of walking Close the book and complete the sentences. Checking together. Work in groups and Ask Ss to work in groups to * Possible answers: discuss about the discuss about the benefits of - fun benefits of walking. walking. - easy - inexpensive( cheap) Call on some Ss to talk about Talk about their - for everyone opinions. - healthy the benefits of walking. - losing weight ………………………….. 4. Consolidation: Teacher repeats the content of the lesson 5. Home Assignment: - Learn by heart all new words. - Practice reading and speaking at home - Prepare the next lesson. *D. Self-Evaluation: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lesson Plan 7 4
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