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English 10 Week: 32 Period: 91 UNIT 15: CITIES E: LANGUAGE FOCUS I. Aim: - Grammar: - Pronunciation: /θ/, / ð / - Non- defining and defining relative clauses. - Although. II. Teaching aids: - Pictures, posters, lesson plan, textbook, etc. III. Procedure: Teacher, s activities Pronuciation: * Warm up. - Show a picture of Tom’s family (3 brothers). - Ask: How many people are there in Tom’s family? - How many brothers are there in Tom’s family? -Write this sentence on the blackboard. There are three brothers in Tom’s family. Pronunciation(12mns) -There are three brothers in Tom’s family. /θ / /ð/ - Ask students to read this sentence in chorus. - Ask them to pronounce two sounds: - Describe how to pronounce the 2 sounds clearly. Activity 1: - Ask students to open their books page 164. - Ask Ss to listen and repeat: /θ/ /ð/ - Ask students to practice in pairs - Get some students to pronounce these words individually before the class. - Play a game. - Without looking back at the textbooks, put Students’ s activities - Five people. - Three brothers. - Read in chorus. - Pronounce the sounds in chorus. - Repeat after the teacher(3 times). - Pratise in pairs. - Pronounce. A /θ/ Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong B /ð/ English 10 some words pronounced / θ/ in column A. and some words pronounced / ð / in column B - Divide into 2 groups. - Choose the winner. Activity 2 - Practice the sentences. (These sentences are written on a poster) - Ask students to listen and repeat. - Get some Ss to go to the blackboard and use two kinds of coloured chalk to underline the words pronounced /θ/, / ð / - Conduct correction. - Get students to practice 3 minutes. - Get some Ss to read these sentences individually. - Correct their mistakes. - Get Ss to read these sentences in chorus again. Grammar Activity 1: Shows a picture of New York Harbour (textbook) Asks: What is it? *Says: New York Harbour, which is icefree in N–RClause all seasons, is one of the largest and finest harbours in the world. - Writes this sentence on the blackboard - Explain Gives another example. *The man who lives next door is very friendly. -explains. @ Note “That” is not used in non-defining rela clauses Exercise 2 - Repeat in chorus. - Practise - Read - Read in chorus. * Non-defining and defining relative clauses. Beginning: which, who, whom, whose, that. - Non-defining relative clauses: + After comma + can be omitted + After proper noun, possessive adj, demonstrative adj “Who lives next door” is relative clause * Defining relative clauses + Not after comma + can not be omitted - Take notes - Copy down * Connecting Although contrasting ideas: - Beginning: Although = Even though= Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 Connecting contrasting ideas: Although. Activity 1 Though + S +V - Replaced by In spite of/ despite + N. Phr. - Give an example Says: Although it is raining, they’re still - Copy down playing football. S V - Write this sentence on the board - Explain - Ask Ss to look at the example in their textbooks - Write down Ex: Although New York is not the capital of - Do the exercises again the S V U.S.A, it is the home of the United Nations. - Analyse - Explain notes ex: Though it is raining, they’re still playing football. Homework: Teacher assigns homework. IV. Feedback Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 Week: 32 Period: 92 UNIT 15: CITIES A: READING I. Aim: - Read for gist and for specific information. II. Teaching aids: - Pictures, posters, textbook. III. Procedure: Teacher’s activities * Warm up: Teacher shows pictures of some cities 1. Ha Noi 2. Sydney 3. New york 4. Paris - Ask Ss to give the names of the cities. - Have the class give comments. - Introduce new lesson: Ex: There are many beautiful cities in the world, New York is one of them. To day we’ll learn more about this city. * Before you read - Have Ss work in pairs, match the names to the pictures. - Ask 4 pupils to give their results. - Get other students to remark - Remark, explain and give information about the cities. - Ask Ss to close their books, discuss with their friends and answer the two questions. 1. Where is New York? 2. What do you know about this city? - Get 2 pairs to give feedback. - Get other Ss to remark or give more information. - Teacher pre-teaches some voc. New words: To mingle (v): Hoà lẫn, trộn lẫn Ice- free (adj) không bị đóng băng Take over (v) = to get control Unusual (adj) = special, strange Students ‘ activities - Work in pairs in 2 minutes then give the names of the cities. - Work in pairs and do the task. - Speak out and write on the board Answer 1.a 2.b 3.d 4.c - Listen and correct - Work in pairs (one asks one answers) - They ask and answer aloud in front of class. Ss repeat in chorus Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 Metropolitan (n) khu thuộc thủ đô Teacher reads as model and gets ss to repeat. * While you read Task 1 - Have Ss read the passage to find the information that they‘ve already discussed. - Get Ss to read the words in 2 columns, read the passage again, then match them. - Help Ss guess new words through the context - Get Ss feedback Task 2: - Have Ss guess the answers - ask Ss to compare their answers with their friends. - Ask some Ss to give their answers - Conduct correction Task 3: Answers the questions: - Have Ss sit in pairs, ask and answer the questions in some minutes - Go round and help - Ask some Ss to practise in front of class - Ask the other students to remark and correct together * After you read: - Have Ss to work in groups, to talk about New York city and answer the question. - Ask 1 Ss to ask Q and one to answer in front of class. - Remark together Homework - Ask Ss to learn words and prepare new lesson - Read the passage - Work in pairs, read the passage, discuss with their friends then match the words in column A with their definitions in column B - Give the answers and explain Key : 1.d 2.c 3.e 4.a 5.b - Work individually, read the statements then get the answers. - Sit in pairs and compare the results. - Speak out one by one. Then write on the board Keys 1.T 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.T They sit in pairs and do the task Answer key: B. It’s in the Southeastern part of New York state. B. 7 million in the city and 19 million in the metropolitan. B. Because it was founded by the Dutch B. Because it is the home … and business B. The Statue of liberty, Wall street Broadway theatre district - Work in groups in some minutes - Ask and answer the questions Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 IV. Feedback: The Leader’s signature ........................................................................................................................................... Week: 32 Period: 93 UNIT 15: CITIES B: SPEAKING I. Aim: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to give brief information on some typical cities; ask for information about cities. II. Teaching aids: - Pictures, lesson plan, handouts, and chalk… III. Procedure: Teacher’s activities * Warm up: Brainstorming Students’ activities - Ss’ answers The largest city Located in the Southern part of New York State largest New York city Some famous places N.Y city Founded by the Dutch Times Square Central Park 7 million people city The total area of 946 km2 The Empire State Building - Do the task * Pre-speaking Task 1: - Have Ss sit in pairs and complete each question in A with a suitable word in B - Review how to make questions about area, population, people, etc. * While- speaking - Get Ss to close their books Task 2: - Ask Ss to work in pairs. One reads the information about New York and the other Answer key: 1.d; 2.f; 3.e; 4.e; 5.b/c; 6.b/c - Practice making questions - Close their books - Work in pairs - Exchange the information Suggested questions:( on poster) 1. When was New York founded? 2. What is the population of N Y/ Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 about London. Then ask and answer questions about two cities. - Give Ss handouts Handout A (p. 159) Handout B (p. 159) -Go around the class - Help students if necessary - Check some pairs Then: - Ask Ss to open their books - Get Ss to look at the Task 2 ? What is the total area of London? What about New York?  London is larger than New York - Explain comparative clauses - Get Ss to make some sentences of comparison Task 3: Read and practice the dialogue - Ask Ss to look at the task 3 - Read this dialogue one time - Play role (T plays the role of A, 1 Ss plays the role of B) - Ask Ss to practice in pairs in 5 minutes - Go around and helps them if necessary - Get some pairs to represent (without looking at their textbooks on the whole of time) - Ask Ss to pay attention to comparative phrases. - Ask Ss to work in pairs and make some sentences of comparison between London and NY, using the information in Task 2 in 3 min - Ask some Ss to make some sentences of comparison. London? 3. What is the total area of NY/ London? 4. How many national holidays are there in New York / London? 5. How many high buildings are there in N Y/ London? 6. How many big parks are there in N Y/ L? 7. What are the people like in NY/ Ld? 8. What is the transport in NY / London? - Open their books Answer: The total area of London is 1610km2/ New York is 946km2 - Take notes Suggested answers: 1. London’s population is as big as the population of New York 2. NY has more high buildings than Ld 3. London has more big parks than N Y - Listen - Practice in pairs * Post- Speaking Task 4 - Work in pairs - Ask Ss to work in groups of 4 and tell each - Give answers other which of the two cities they prefer and Answers: Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 give reasons. - Go around - Get some Ss to present their talks. Homework: Teacher assigns homework 1. London has more big parks than New York 2. The transport in New York is as convenient as the transport in London ………………..ect…………………… Example: I prefer London to New York because it has more parks, and… - Present their talks in front of the class - Use the information in task 2 to write a paragraph (about 50 words) about London. IV. Feedback Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 Week: 33 Period: 94 UNIT 15: CITIES C: LISTENING I. Aim: - Listen for specific information. II. Teaching aids: pictures of the Statue of Liberty, some pictures of some famous cities, lesson plan, textbook. III. Procedure: Teacher’s activities * Warm up: Matching: - Uses a poster: Match the names of the cities in column A with the names of the countries in column B - Corrects * Pre-listening - Gets Ss to work in pairs to answer 6 questions in textbook * While-listening Task 1. - Explain the instruction and has Ss read the task quickly in 1 minute before listening - Play the tape twice Task 2 - Explain the instruction - Get Ss to read quickly Task 2 in 1 minute Students’ activities - Go to the board and match the words Ss’ answers may vary 1. It is the Statue of Liberty 2. It is the Statue of a woman /It is tall/ It is big 3. It got a crown in her head 4. It’s got a tablet in her left hand 5. It’s holding a burning torch 6. It’s wearing a robe - Read the task quickly - Listen and choose the correct answers Answer key: 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. C - Give their answers - Listen again to correct their answers - Listen to teacher’s explanation - Read the task quickly Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 - Play the tape twice - Listen to the tape and fill in the table - Ask Ss what they have heard. - Listen to Ss’ answers - Play the tape the last time to make sure that Ss can fill in the table enough with correct information - Give their answers - Listen to the tape and correct the answers Answer key 1. Liberty Enlightening the World 2. 46 meters 3. 205 tons 4. Copper (outside) and iron (frame) 5. (Made of) stone and concrete 6. 9.30 a.m to 5 p.m daily (everyday) except Christmas Day - Work in groups * Post- listening - Divide the class into 2 groups - 2 Ss present their talks in front of class - Have the students sit in groups of six and retell their friends what they have learnt - Other Ss listen to their friends’ about the Statue of Liberty, using the presentation information in the table. - Go around to help students - Get 2 representatives of two groups to present their talks - Give feedback Homework Assigns homework Write a paragraph (about 50 words) about the Statue of Liberty IV. Feedback Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 Week: 33 Period: 95 UNIT 15: CITIES D: WRITING I. Aim: - By the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a paragraph describing a city. II. Teaching aids: - Pictures, texbook. III. Procedure : Teacher’s activities Students’ activities * Warm up: - Ask some questions 1. What do you know about London? Answer 2. Do you like it? Give reason(s) (individually * Pre - writing: - Ask students to look at the pictures in the - Work in groups, discuss, and answer textbook the questions in task 1 - Ask students to read paragraph in silence Answers - Go around class to help students 1. In southern English, on river Themes - Explain some structures when describing 2. It covers an are a of 1,610 square a city kilometers + (be) situated 3. 7 million + cover an area of 4. It is a capital city + (be) founded by translation 5. It was founded by the roman in + (be) famous for 43AD + The best thing about …is …… 6. It is famous for many things : such as St paul’s cathedral and the houses of parliament, its museums and its many - Gives feedback shops * While - writing: 7. The best thing about London is the - Elicit 2 famous cities park - Give the name of two famous cities Give cues * HCM city : - Population – about 8 - Ask students some questions about each million people Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong English 10 of them (questions in task 1) - Area : 2,092 square km - Ask students to write a paragraph to - Founded : 1968 describe one of the two above cities (based - Famous : Ben Thanh on questions in task 1) by using posters. market, Duc Ba church. - Go around class to help students * CanTho : - Population - about 2 - Ask ss to exchange their writings million people - Go around to help them if necessary - Area : 2,964 square - Ask one student in each group to stick the posters on the board IV. Post - writing: - Correct mistakes - T & ss work together V. Homework : km Founded : 2004 - Famous: NinhKieu pier, CanTho port - Work in groups to write about a city of their interest - Exchange their writings and correct them each other - Ask students to write a short paragraph - Correct about the province of Ben Tre - Do the work at home. IV. Feedback Teacher: Phan Thanh Phuong
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