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Tiếng Anh 9 – Giáo án Unit 1: A VISIT FROM A PENPAL Lesson 1 section : Getting started & Listen and read I. Objectives: After the lesson Students can tell other about things they did through historical places and understand the use of wish in part simple. II . Contents 1- vocabulary 2- structure : wish + S + V(past simple ) III. Teaching aids : book , real things, picture…. IV. Anticipated problems: V. Procedures : 1. Warm up : Getting started. - Introduce the request of the getting started then ask : “ Where will you take your penpal to if you have one from a foreign country ?” Ask to look at the pictures and the name them. 2. Presentation: + Set the scene:Introduction of the situation Lan’s penpal visited Lan. *Pre teach: a) Vocabulary : (to) impress (v) (translation) friendliness (n) ( explanation) moaque (v) (synonym) pray (v) ( picture) To keep in touch (v) (translation) * Matching ( use extra board) + set the scene : Ex ( I have a short vacation) I wish I had a longer vacation. - ask to give the form of wish after explain the meaning as wellas the situation of the above examples : S + wish S + V (Past simple) - Ask to give some more examples and T correts if necessary. Notice the from and meaning of “ used to ”. 3. Practice - The first listening : Comprehension question: 1.What is Lan’s penpal’s name? 2.Where is she from ? 3. How long have they known each other ? 4. How often do they correcpont? 5. Was this their second meeting? 6.Where did they visit? 7. Do they wish they had a long longer vacation. 8.Did Mary invite lan to visit Kuala Lumpur? - The second listening: read in Silence and answer the question. + Have compare and give the answer. + T correts. + Ask to read aloud and find the sentences relevant to Strucure of wish in past simple. 4. Production: * Survey Name Place to visit What to wish Lan Sam Son beach Saw beautiful places ……… ……………………… ……………………….. * Write it up . 5. Homework . Unit 1 : A VISIT FROM A PENPAL Lesson 2 - Section : Speak I. Objectives : - By the end of the lesson, Will be abal to introduce them selves and respond to the introduction . II . Teaching aids: Text book , 2 extra board. III. Anticipated problems: IV- Procedures 1. Pre- speaking *Brains torming. * Word cue drills. Name: hoa My name is Hoa Age : 14 I’m 14 years old Class: 9A I’m in class 9A Country : VN I live in T.H city -Making and responding introduction Make introduction Respond to the introduction + Hello, I’m Hoa. I’m from T.H city. + Nice to meet you. + Let me introduce my self . + Please I’m Hoa. I’m 14 years old + Realy, Me ,too. * Set the scene - Nga is taking to Maryam. - Matching and ordering the conversion between. - Nga and Maryam. - Hang extra board on ; ask Ss to work in pairs to match. Call match. - Let Ss order the dialogue ( conversation) then compare with their friends. -Feed back Key 1-c,5-b ,4-d ,2-e ,3-a. Elicing : Must be Be different from: Ex: Kualalumpur isn’t very different from H.N. 2. While- Speaking * role a doption (3a) - read the dialogue again (3a) in pairs. * Precribed role play (3b) ask to rebplay. - Hang extra board 3b -Guide: to make similar dialogue,teacher shows in dialogue, 3a having some sentences (3) which will be replace in dialogue 3b. -Ss work in pairs. - Correct. 3. Post- Speaking : Report : My friend is yoko… She is from tokyo. 4. Consolidation - Make and respond to introduction. 5. Homework. Introduce about members in your family. Unit 1 : A VISIT FROM A PENPAL Lesson 3 - Section : Listening I-Objectives: By the end of the lesson , Students will be able to listen to the dialogue and choose correct answers. Set the scene : Tim Jone’s Mexican penpal , Carlo is visiting the USA. II-Teaching aids: Tape , poster , cassete … III- Anticipated problems: IV- Procedures 1. Warm up: chatting  T asks some questions.  Shoud we walk on the grass ? Do you like eating humbergers ? 2. Pre_ Listening  T asks to look at the pictures and answer the questions:  What is she doing in picture 1a?  What is she doing in picture 2a ?  What is the number of the bus in picture 1b.  What is the name of the restaurant in picture 1a about ?  Teacher writes down answer on a poster.  T divider class into four groups and guess : What they are going to do and which answers.  Teacher delivers study parers to.  T explains exercises.  T ask to guess the pictures and writes down ss prediction on the board. 3. While- Listening  T ask ss to look at the study parers and listen to the tape twice.  T asks ss to check their own prediction.  T requests ss to compare their answers with friends.  That ss listen to the tape one more.  T calls some ss to answer in front of the class . T gives feed back and key : a1 , a2, a3 . 4. Post - listening  T ask ss to retell 5. Homework:  T asks ss to write it up and guides ss to do exercises in workbook. Unit 1 : A VISIT FROM A PENPAL Lesson 4 - Section: Read I-Objective: By the end of the lesson ss will be able to get some more . II- Content : - vocabulary - structure III-Teaching aids : extra board. IV-Procedures 1. Warm up * Brain stoming or open question. * Pre question : - Can you see Malaysia on this map ? - How many parts are there in Malaysia ? -Which country are next to Malaysia ? 2. Pre Reading * Introduce using the map of malaysia. a) Pre- teach : Vocabulary Comprise (v) Example ( Syn… ) Curreney (n) Islam (n) Religion (n) ( trabslation) Compulory b) Which country are next to Malaysia ? 2. . Pre _ Reading task * T/F statements ( part b_page 10 ) 3. While_ reading * First reading : ss read and check their predictions. *Second reading : -Feed- back and give correct answers : 1… 2… * Third reading : comprehension questions. 1) What is the largest city in Malaysia ? 2) Is Buddhism the only religion in Malaysia ? 3) How many languages are spoken in Malaysia ? 4. Post_reading * Word cue drills: -Ask ss to tell about Malaysia using the given information page. * Write it up : Have ss write a short paragraph of Malaysia. 5. Consolidation - Consolidate ss about Malaysia. 6. Homework Unit 1 : A VISIT FROM A PENPAL Lesson 5 : Writing I . Objectives: -By the end of the lesson ss will be able to understand of the information and write a letter to their family. II. Content : III.Teaching aids : Poster , extra board,… IV: Produces : 1. Warm up : * Chatting : - Have you ever written to anyone ? To whom? - Have you ever visited anywhere ? - Where did you go ? And when ? - How did you go? 2. Pre- Writing: Let the scene : “Image you’re visiting your relatives or friend in another part of Vietnam or in different countries . Write a letter to your family”. * Networds : What do you write to your family? -Give out time of a letter -Ask ss to read the out line -Ask : + Which tenses are often used in this letter ? Past simple Present perfect Simple future -Explain and suggest each paragraph. a-Question : 1.Where have you visited? 2.When did you visited? 3. Who pick you up? 4.What kinds of food have you tried? 5.What have you bought? 6. How do you feel about the visit? 7.What time did you return home? - Correct(if necessary) 3. While-writing: - Ask ss to write an informal letter, using out line. ( T moves around and takes notes.) - Ask ss compare with their partners. 4. Post- writing -Call some ss to read their writing test. -Correct mistakes. 5. Homework Unit 1 : A VISIT FROM A PENPAL Lesson 6 : Language focus I . Objectives: - By the end of the lesson ss will be able to further practice. - the past simple. - The past simple with “ Wish”. II. Teaching aids III.Anticipated problem IV: Procedures: 1. Warm up : Chatting What did you do yesterday? Where did you go lastnight ? 2. Practice : Ex 1: Ask and answer about what you did on the weekend substation drill. Look at the table on the page 11 . Name Activities Day/ Time Thao Movie – Ghosts…. Saturday / 2p.m Lam Camp – Yand y… All Weekend Huong Play-Much Ado … Sunday/ 7 p.m T ask ss to read the model conversation and look at the table about Thao, Huong , Lam …activies work in pairs (about each person’s activity). Let ss ask and answer about themselve. Ex2: Write the things Lan and her friends prepared for party. Matching : Use extra board. 1 2 3 Buy Made a cake Make Went Flower Hang Bought Go painted a picture of HN colorful lamps Paint Hung shopping Ask ss to look at the pictures ( use extra board). Ask ss to name for each person in the pictures. Answer the question. T :1What did Mai do in the pictures ? S : she made a cake. T : did Ba hang colorful lamps on the wall? Ss work in pairs : ask and answer. T corrects. Ex 3 : Write wishes you want to make in these situation. Net work : T asks ss to make sentences using “ net work” T explains situation ex3. Ss read model : I wish I were taller. Ss give structure : S + Wish (es) + S + V(past simple) Were Ss do exercise. T corrects . 3. Homework
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