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GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 UNIT 14: MAKING PLANS A/ Vacation destinations (period 1 A1, 2, 3): I/ OBJECTIVES: - The student learn how to speak and write about their summer vacation ask – answer about their vacation plans. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Pictures of beautiful in Ha Long Bay, Hue, … - Cassette recorder, tape. VI/ PROCEDURES SECTION A1 STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT Warm up Introducing the beautiful places in Ha Noi, Hue, HCM city, … and asking the students the places they are going to visit. Pre-listening -Introducing the dialogue. Teaching some new words (using situation) + Summer vacation (n) + Visit (v) + To stay (v) with (some one) using picture  citadel (n) While listening Playing the tape twice students listen and repeat. Post-listening Teaching new structure  I’m going to visit HaNoi this summer.  Be going to + bare inf.  How along are you going stay  Pairs work: practicing the dialoged in pairs. A2 Practice -Students practice asking and answering in pairs. - Students practice in fontal the class and write their answer on the board and their notebook. - T. corrects errors’. A3 -Guiding students to make new dialogue after DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 reading A 3 (in pairs). - Correcting errors’. Consolidation - They ask and answer about their summer vacation plans.  Homework: Learn new works by heat. D exercise: A1, A2 (page 114 in workbook) GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 Section A: Vacation destinations (period 2 A4, A5): I/ OBJECTIVES: - Reading a test about vacation plans to understand the details and practice going to future and sequencing words: first, then, next, after, finally. - Developing listening, reading and speaking skills. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Pictures of Ha Long Bay, Hue, HCM city … V/ PROCEDURES : SECTION STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT A4 Pre-listening Introducing the situation of the text Phuong and reading and Mai are going on Vacation this summer: Where are they going? Where are they going to stay? Where else are they going? (can introduce Vietnamese) 8’ DRAWING EXPERIENCE -  Pre-teaming some new words first (adv) - then (adv) next (adv) see (v) While-listening and reading -Playing the tape once (close the book) - Playing it twice (part of the text) - The students review “going to” future in questions with: what? Where? How long? - Asking students to read the text silently. Post list-ending and reading -Asking some students to read aloud and correcting their pronunciation. 5’ Practice -Guiding students to make a table of notes about the five different places Phương and Mai are going to visit. (teacher makes a table of notes then student write in it) Time Place Stay How Activities GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 with along First Then Next After That Finally - Asking students to look at the table of notes and answering about their plan. - Correcting errors. A6 - Consolidation 4’ -Asking some pair of students to ask and answer about their vacation plans using: What? Where? How along?  Homework: Learn new words by heart. Practice question and answer: where? What? How long? GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 Section B: Free time plans (Period 3: B1, 2, 3) I/ OBJECTIVES: - Further listening practice with “going to” to talk about plans for the near future. - Developing listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Cassette recorder + tape - Some picture of sports. V/ PROCEDURES: SECTION STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT B1 Warm-up -You go to school in the morning (or afternoon) then in the afternoon what are you going to do? Ex: play badminton, listen music -Giving free time plans - Teacher introduces the dialogue] While – listening and repairing -Playing the text once (book close) - Playing the text twice (stopping the tape after each sentence) -Reviewing structure Be going to + bare inf -The students give some sentences with structure: Be going to … Post-listening and repeating - Pair work. - Reading these statements, they give answer true or false. T: Lan’s going to do her homework tonight F: She’s going to visit their grandmother F: Tuan’s going to play table tennis. B2 5’ Explaining the exercise. -Students do this exercise in pairs. -Correcting errors. B3 Introducing the content of the dialogue. DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 10’ Pre-listening and reading -Nga and Ba talk about what they are going to do on the weekend. -Teaching some new words: * Weekend (n), I don’t know … Whilelistening and reading -Playing the tape once (book closed) - Playing the tape twice (stopping) -Students repeat. Post-listening and reading -Making some questions to check student understands. 1. What’s Ba going to do on weekend? 2. What’s she going to see? -Practice in pair. - Correcting errors. B4 5’ - -Asking the students: What are you going to do on weekend? - Students answer: …… - Students answer: …… 1. On Saturday morning, I’m going … 2. On Saturday afternoon, I’m going … 3. On Saturday evening, I’m going … - The students write them in their exercises books.  Homework: Learnt new words by heart. Ask and answer with : be going to … Do exercise B1 page 115 ( in workbook) GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 Section B: Free time plans (Period 4: B5-6) I/ OBJECTIVES: - Further listening and reading practice with “going to”, and the way to talk about other people’s plans. - Developing listening and reading. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Cassette recorder + tape, pictures. V/ PROCEDURES: SECTION STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT B5 Pre-listening/ -Using pictures to introduce the situation. reading -Students: listen -Reviewing the words and teaching new words -Repeating these words: picnic, camera, photo, food, drink, take. - Giving some questions: Whilelistening/ reading. Post-listening/ reading B6 (listen) * Pre-listening What are they going to do? Who is going to take photos? -Asking students to listen and answer. - Playing the tape once. - Correcting task 1 after the first listening. Nam ……… camera  take some photos Tuan …… some food Minh …… some drink -Playing the tape again - Listening and reading. - Pair work: students ask and answer questions about Nam, Tuan, Minh - Using picture to introduce the situation and helping students to know the names of people in the text and what are they going to do/ bring/ DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 * Whilelistening * Postlistening * Structure *Follow-up activity: - Listening. -Looking at the pictures and telling what those things are. - Playing the tape once – listening. - Playing the tape again. - Correcting * Vui…  a tent and some food * Lan …  a ball * Ly …  camera and tape some photos. * Nga and Mai …  some drinks. * To camp in SaPa. - Pair work: students ask and answer questions about their free time plans (Vui, Ly,…) - Question – answer with … be going to + inf What …? Who …? Where …? - Group work of 3 students. Asking and answering questions with: be going to + inf What about you? – I don’t know Homework: a) Bài tập: Dựa vào bài học đã học ở trên, em hãy viết câu hỏi và trả lời ( ở phần 5 & 6 /145) Họ dự định làm gì – ở đâu – đi đâu – Họ đem theo vật dụng gì? b) Bài học: Học từ mới – cấu trúc : be going to + infinitive Cụm từ: on the weekend – tonight, tomorrow. GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 Section C: Suggestions (Period 5: C1-2) I/ OBJECTIVES: - Making suggestions with “Let’s …” and responding. Further practice in “want to (do)…” - Developing listening and reading skills. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Cassette recorder + tape, pictures. - Picture (from picture in the text book page 147/148) V/ PROCEDURES : SECTION STEPS TECHNIQUES & CONTENT C1 (listen & Pre-listening/ read then practice in group) reading Warm up -Introducing the situation of the text. - Pre-teaching some new words (using picture): travel, pagoda, minibus, walk - Asking students to name some beautiful places in VN: Hue, Ha Long Bay, … DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 Section C: Suggestions – Grammar practice Period 6: C3 I/ OBJECTIVES: - Making suggestion with “Let’s …” Exercises in work book. Further practice in present Simple-adverbs of frequency Present progressive “going to”. Further the weather. IV/ TEACHING AIDS: - Picture (from picture in the book page 148) V/ PROCEDURES: SECTION STEPS C2 Whilelistening/ reading. Postlistening/ reading TECHNIQUES & CONTENT -Playing the tape twice. - Listening-reading the dialogue. - Teaching the structure: * Let’s = Let us (chúng ta hãy …) Ex: Let’s go camping * What about …? (còn về dự định …) Ex: What about going to Hue? * Why don’t we …? (tại sao không) Ex: Why don’t we go to Huong pagoda? * Pair work: ask students practicing the dialogue. - Reading the questions page 148 and answers. - Two students (ask and answer) and write the board. - Asking students to ask and answer, using: * What + be going to + infinitive? * What + do/does + S + want …?  S + want (s) + to infinitive * Let’s … * Why don’t …? * What about …? - Working in pair (making similar conversations to those in C1/147-using students’ real activities) Ex: + What are we going to do on the weekend? (in the DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 vacation) + Let’s go camping in Vung Tau. + Why don’t we go to Dam Sen Park. + That’s a good idea. + How are we going to travel? + Let’s go by bus. Homework: 1. Bài tập: Em hãy viết về dự định của kỳ nghỉ hè sắp tới (Em đi đâu? Bằng phương tiện gì?)- Đề nghị 2. Bài học: a) Đọc bài đối thoại 5 lần, nắm ý chính của các nhân vật b) Hiểu bài đối thoại và trả lời câu hỏi. SECTION STEPS C3. Look at the picture & -Asking students to look at the picture (p.148) using: Let’s … make suggestions about them Exercises Grammar practices 1) Present TECHNIQUES & CONTENT Why don’t …? What about …? a) Go to the beach b) Visit museum c) Play volleyball d) Takes some photos e) Play badminton f) Go camping - Work in pair A: What are we going to do this weekend? B: Let’s go to the beach C: I don’t have money A: Why don’t we go camping in the park? C: How are we going to travel? B: Let’s go by bus A: Great - Do exercises in workbook (p.116/C) Revision - Asking students to retell the formation of present Simple. DRAWING EXPERIENCE GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 simple - The Auxiliary Verbs: do/ does (-) & (?) S + V (s – es) (-) S + don’t/ doesn’t + bare inf (?) Do/ Does + S + bare infi? 2) Adverb of Frequency -Practice : complete the dialogue -Explaining how to do this exercises. - Listening and answering. - Working in pair. -Reviewing the present progressive. 3) Present progressive S + be + V-ing 4) Future “going to” Weather Future plans Remember consolidation Structure Grammar - Complete the dialogue (p.151) - Asking the question “What are you going to do on the weekend”. -Emphasizing the structure “going … to” -Completing the idea (p.152) - Emphasizing the question: What is the weather like …? - Asking students make question and answer. - Using “going to…” - Pair work (p.153) -Making suggests: * Let’s … * What about …? * Why don’t we …? - Simple present – present progressive adverb of frequency _ future “going to …” Homework: 1. Bài tập: a) Do exercise workbook page 122 b) Chọn động từ trong ngoặc cho đúng thì: - Marie (play) aerobics every day. - They always (go) swimming. - Ngoc (watch) TV at the moment. GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG ANH 6 - We (go) HaNoi on the weekend. 2. Bài học: a) Học thuộc các điểm văn phạm của các thì đã học. b) Ôn lại từ vựng.
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