Tài liệu First friends 2 activity book

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Susanlonnuzzi ! - -_,4i 1.-L-.- . / nY g G0 9,{;% \.' \ \n r\,1 v e) ffiivf;*klt Susanlonnuzzi OXTORD IJNIVBRSITY PRESS Toplc 5{rntturc I Hello Revision Revision l'm (nome). Doysof the week Le{rel: ard p.fgdlr Numbrrr 5on9r cnd chonfr Alphobet revirion Revirion: Lesson2: Doysof the week Lesson3: Lettersong Lesson4: Lettersong ^"il-*--l 1-2 Number wordr: one,two Commonds 1 l I f : I I I --{ J- -, -* I 2 orr school j Revision: i friend 3-5 I I mu5rcroom Number wordr: three,four five Alphobet revision clossroom Whos this? ! ployground He's.. / She! sondbox I { schoolbus 5ee5clw : i te ocher | 3 My friendr Are you...? Yes.lom. / No, I'mnot , hoPPy 5neep hot shoes hungry fish l : : soo thirsty j Revirion: 6-8 Number wordr: srx,seven, eight Lerron3: Lettersong Lesron 4: lf you'rehcppy trred i I 4 | con... I c on throw both Number words: nine.ten bedroom digroph'ch' il-12 diningroom chocolote kitchen beoch eteven, lvvelve livingroom kitchen thumb lomp plont sofo TV I I I l I {i I Revirion: 9-10 i,-----_*,.--...*F Lerson 3: Lettersong Lesson4: I conlump Lesson3: Lettersong Lesson4: Beonplont,beonplont, Crow grow.grow I r'i, fl. ' 1 ,l ' . Topic , ': 6 My room .Lil'il $ . .,lwqil r;ii=-:=m qrr oed ph*rln* Xu.Ua* Where is it? bed CVC with'o': 13-14 lt'sin / on I under blonket coT shelf hot lhirteen, fourteen pillow mor wordrobe , Lesson3: Lettersong Lesron 4: Putyour hondon your heod tn on under 7 On holidoy How monyore there? beoch Thereore,.. crab s ond sondcosfle CVC with'e': r5-16 )eJ ner fifteen, sixteen Leron 3: Lettersong Lesron4: Gn umbrellos in thesun wel 5eo shell umbrello blcck brown PurPle white 8 Meoltime 5he/ Hes got.. cheese CVC with'i': t7-t8 chicken bis 5evenleen, dig eighteen fish juice fig pototo Lesson3: Lettersong Lesron 4: I love food, leti eot, please nce solod souP 9 Circus fun 5he/ He I It con.. t9-20 ocrobol CVC with'o': bicycle hoP nrneleen. clown moP iwenfy orum juggler Lesson3: Letlersong Lesron 4: Letsoll go to the circus IOP parrol tent l0 Jobs ls she/ he...? builder CVC with'u': Yes,she/ he is. / No, sheI he isn't docfor former bun run firemon policemon secreTory 5U n Numbers Lesson3: tl -20 Lettersong - revision Lesson4: How ore you todoy? Lerson 5: Twentyhorseson ihe form shopossistont (toxr)driver E LesronI I Troceond colour. Write ond sog. 2 Drow gourself. Unif I ActivityBook2 I Troceond sog. Drow. ActivityBook2 Unit I Lesson3 r-l. l | | ro ce o n o m ot c n. o o o o o o o o Unir I y Book 2 Activit Lerson6 I Motch ond sog. U o\ @ a E il g E @ Y4 wff ,tr"-*, ,,S ,ta_----.-R :: fe- Activity Book2 Unif I I LersonI I Motch ond sog. @ musrc room # *sq,rldbox plagground 6WWM00 0f schoolbus .l -:2 feocner Etrlnnrr pnllLsu!n classroom seesq,w friend, A6rrvrrv 6oo* 2 Unir 2 q Lesron3 I Sog ond write. Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt U u 2 Unit 2 ActivityBook q I Troceond motch. O> ,,€brq, bo,,', q,ter Activify Book 2 Leson 5 I Troceond write. Count ond colour. o(Pd 2 Troceond write. ActivityBook 2 Unir 2 , Lesron6 { 1. .-..=--. ----****:rE$"*i iFoI I L rrcre . ,,///,, q,cd t shu nuv kdt s f Unir 2 ActivityBook 2 f P P o w nuc q, iJs iejJ I Sog ond write. 2 Countond circle. f3 r4R5 3 4 5 3 4 5 Activity Book2 Unir 2 [| Leson I Circleond sog. hoPPg hungrg tired thirstg hot hungrg tired sad thirstg hot cold hoPPg hoPPg q Unit 3 AcriviryBook2 Lerson2 I Motch ond write. I' m o I'ln o I' m o hoPPg tired sad hungrg I' m ActivityBook2 Unit 3 q
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