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with cD-RoM/ Audio CD Book Starter Student's tti*- CA M B R I D G E U N I V ERSIT Y PRESS Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, SdoPaulo,Delhi, Dubai, Tokyo Cambridge University Press The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 8RU, UK www.cambridge.org lnformation on this title: www. cambridge.orgl9 87 0521712736 O Cambridge University Press 2009 This publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. First published 2009 Reprinted 2010 Printed in Dubai by Oriental Press A cataloguerecord,Jorthispublicationis availablefrom the BritishLibrary ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN 978-0-52L-7L273-6Studenr'sBook with CD-ROM/Audio CD 978-0-521-71274-3Workbook with Key 978-0- 521-7IZ7 5-0 Teacher'sBook 978-0-52I-71276-7ClassAudio Cassettes(2) 978-0-52L-7I277-4ClassAudio CDs (3) 978-0-521-74044-9 ClasswareCD-ROM (single classroom) 978-0-52I-74584-0 Test Generator CD-ROM Cambridge University Presshas no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URts for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this publication, and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate. Information regarding prices, travel timetables and other factual information given in this work are correct at the time of first printing but Cambridge University Pressdoes not guarantee the accuracy of such information thereafter. StarterStudent's Book risRedston GillieCunningham Cl.tvrnRrDGE UNTVERSITY PRESS Contents 1 cD-RoM f.ftlEif New friends 'lA Vlrhat's your name? pG numbers 0-12 1E} \,vher€'s pa countries plo things inyourbag(1); RealWorldfirstnamesandsurnames: Conversations in class thealphabet; classroom a andan language people; plurals things; 'tc she from? In class 'tD Peopte 2 and things p12 Review and Progress Portfolio p13 All about you cD-RoM r.lnril 2A She's British 2El vvhafsyourjob? 2C Personal 2D How old is she? 2 Review and Progress Portfolio 3 People and places 3A Two cities 3E| Brothers 3c and sisters Eat in or take positive be(singular): andnegative (singular): questions ,e andshort answers Trueandfalsesentences p16 nationalities jobs p18 titles;greetings RealWorldemailaddresses; personal questions information Email addresses p2o 13-100 numbers ReafWorldHowold... ? p14 information away? 3D Breadandcheese p21 cD-RoM fJEilif p22 (1);wordorderwith adjectives very adjectives; p24 family p26 foodanddrink(1) o2B foodanddrink(2);love,like, eat,drink,a lot of 3 Review and Progress Portfolio p29 4 My world cD-RoM r.tt!!!ir 4A I like it! p3O 4El My free time p32 zlc Buying things zto Days and times p34 p36 4 Review and Progress Portfolio p37 5 Day-to-day life Present Simple(1,you,we,they\: positive andnegative Present Simple(1,you,we,theyJ: freetimeactivities questions andshortanswers thingsto buy;fhrbthat,these,those BealWorldin a shop RealWorldtellingthetime; daysof theweek;timewords talkinoaboutthetime p4O timephrases wilh on,in,at 5C The New Moon D42 foodanddrink(3) 5D A day off D'44 andphrases trequency adverbs wiln every sEl Where does she work? Twoemails Fiona's family A pricelist in a caf6 Lifein PeruandAustralia Anonlineinterview in a shop Fourconversations cD-RoM r.rTllar dailyroutines day positive, be(plural): negative, questions andshortanswers possessive 3; subiectpronouns (1,you,etc.)andpossessive (ny, your,elc.) adjectives RealWorldmoneyandprices; H o wm u c h. . . 7 i n a c a I 6 phrases withlike,have,Iive, work,study p3a 5A A typical l, my,you,your Conversations at a party RealWorldsaying hello;introducing people; phonenumbers; goodbye saying he,his,she,her ReafWorldWhere areyoufrom? Present Simple(ra she,O: positive andnegative Present Simple(he,she,it\: questions andshortanswers Carol's routine Tom'sroutine BealWorldin a restaurant A restaurant menu routines Sunday Conversations at a party Phone numbers Whereareyoufrom? Helpwith Listeningwordstress Welcome to theclass Helpwith Sounds/a/ and/a/ Names people Introducing Phone numbers Names andcountries What's his/ hername? Where's he/ shefrom? Firstnames andsurnames Conversations in class Talking abouta photo Sentences aboutfamouspeople Reading andWriting Portfolio 1 WBp60 Around theworld Photos of friends Trueor false? Aboutyourpartner Ben'sfriends Trueandfalsesentences yes,/noquestioni Atanemployment agency Goodmorning! yourpartner Interview Filling in aform Howoldis yourcat? HelpwithListening numbers wilh-teenand-ty HelpwithSounds /r/ and/irl ouestions wilhHowold... ? Guess theages Reading andWritingPortfolio2 WBp62 Helpwith Listeningcontractions Talking aboutthetwoemails Fona'sfamily 0urgrandchildren Yourfamily Prices Twocustomers in a cafd Theylovechocolate! 0rdering foodanddrinkin a caf6 Helpwith Sounds/o/ and// Lifein PeruandAustralia Anonline interview Eourconversations in a shop Times Helpwith Listeningquestions wiln doyou Helpwith Sounds/0/ and/d/ Sentences aboutFiona's family Foodanddrink Srntences wilh love,tike,eat,drink, a lot of Reading andWriting Portfolio 3 WBp64 Trueorfalse? Trueandfalsesentences Your freetime Yourpartner's freetime Buying thingsina shop Filmtimes Your freetime yes/ noquestions Aconversation ina shop Reading andWriting Portfolio 4 WBp66 Carol's routine urnchon Monday (1) HelpwithListening sentence stress Yourdailyroutine Yourpartner's dailyroutine Yourbestfriend Conversations in a restaurant (2) HelpwithListening sentence stress ordering foodanddrinkin a re$auranr RConversation ina restaurant fundayroutines HelpwithSounds /w/ and/v/ YourSunday routine Trueandfalsesentences Ouestions withdoes Reading andWriting Portfolio 5 WBp68 6 Towns and cities CD-ROM 6A tufy home town p46 places in a townor city(1) a, some,a lot of; thereis / thereare:positive 6Et Are there p4A placesin a townor city(2) thereis / thereare:negative, yes/ noquestions andshort answers; any p50 thingsin yourbag(2) RealWorldat thetouristinformation Conversations at a tourist cenlre information centre p52 clothes; colours;favourite 6G Tourist any shops? information 6D lt's my favourite Susan's home town p53 6 Review and Progress Portfolio 7 C'fnfttf Love it, like it, hate il! 0D-RoM 7A We're h^rins p54 thingsyoulikeanddon'tlike; love,like,hate objectpronouns 7B Can you drive? p56 abilities canfor ability 7c p5A prepositions of place BealWorldaskingfor and givingdirections inthestreet Three conversations p60 Ooontine thingspeople PastSimpleof be:positive andnegative PastSimple of be:questions and shortanswers;wasborn/ werebom Threeamazing days RealWorldtalkingaboutdaysand dates;making suggestions A conversation aboutthisevening Directions 7D I love tfre Internet ? Review and Progress Portfolio A Days to remember We'reverydifferent p61 CD.ROM 8A l was tfiere! p62 (2) adjectives aB Ffappy anniverrsary! p64 years andpastiimephrases 8C When's your birthdiy? p66 months anddatei 8D Festivals p6a bignumbers 8 Review and Progress Portfolio p69 9 Going away CD.ROM Fantastic festivals 9A Amazing joumeys p70 transpofi positive (regular PastSimple: and irregular verbs) Let'sgo bytuk{uk! Around theworldbybike 98 My tait notiaay p72 holidayactivities questions PastSimple: negative, andshortanswers places Favourite 9C f-ast *..l<"na p74 at thestation RealWorldbuyingtraintickets 90 Who, what, when? p76 question words 9 1() Review and Progress Portfolio C0-R0M My future p7A 1oA Life changes you going p8o to do? loB What are pa2 1OC Good luck! 10 TheTravel0uiz p77 futureplans;futuretimephrases phraseswith have,watch,go,go to (3):feelings adjectives begoingto:positive andnegative begoingfo:questions and shortanswers goodbye RealWorldsaying andgoodluck Review and Progress Portfolio p84 End ofCourse pas Review Pair and Group Work pa6 Language Summaries ploo Recording Scripts p12o A worldlanguage Seeyousoon! colour ispink t bvourite Atownorcityyouknow Sentences withthereis/ thereare Helpwith Listeninglinking(1) Places nearSusan's flat Places nearyourhome withls therea ...? and Questions Arethereany... ? Hefpwith Sounds/t/ and/d3l Yourclothesandcolours Favourite thingsandpeople Reading andWritingPortfolio 6 WBp70 youlove,like,don'tlikeandhate Things :f+ wifi thechildren youandyourfamily Things can andcan'tdo Helpwifi Listening canot can't -- -trceconversations inthestreet Helpwitt Sounds /s/ and/J/ withDoes... like... ? Questions withDoyoulike... ? ouestions Trueorfalsesentences with canand can't wilhcan Ouestions n finstor.rd SirhSdir*tir* youdoonline Things Reading 7 WBp72 andWritingPortfolio '[LEt amazingdays WhenI wasten Sentences with wasandwere When andwherepeople wereborn Your lastwedding orparty yourbirthday? (2) Helpwithlisteninglinking When's _ ___ __llgkingsuggestions f tda" -rdilirq Helpwith Sounds/crl and/g:/ Aconversation about nextSaturday Festivals Reading andWritingPortfolio I WBp74 Present HelpwithListening Simple orPastSimole (3) HelpwithListening sentence stress Helpwith Sounds/V and/r/ Howyoutravelaround Thelasttimeyouvisiteda different townorcitv Sentences in the PastSimple ThingsNancyandJeffdidonholiday Yourlastholiday_ Thingsyoudoon holiday PastSimplequestions Lastweekend Buyingtraintickets 0uestions aboutyouandyourpartner Questions withbegoingto plans Students'future Sayinggoodbye andgoodluck li|/h-questions Reading andWritingPortfolio 9 WBp76 Sentences with begoingto wilh be goingto Questions Reading Portfolio 10WBp78 andWriting P?spmic S)rmbols p126 Answer Key p126 Glassr.oom Instructions p127 CD-ROM/Audio CD lnstructions p12a 1 New friends 1A What's your name? VocabularynumbersO-12 Grammar l, my,you,your RealWorld sayinghe[[o; introducing people; phone numbers; sayinggoodbye Hello! a) Look at the photo. Read and listen to conversationI. Listen again and practise. = pfOIlUICl?tlOl b) PractiseconversationI with four students.Use your name. c) Tell the classyour name. @ ul FiIl in the gaps with I, my,you or your. A SUE M ARIO SUE M ARIO b) B Hello, Il?J narne'sSue. What'-s.. nar-ne? 'n M:rrio. Hello, Nice ttr rncet ADAM Hi, MEG Hi, ADAM MEC M.g. Adarn.How are ? 'rn fine, thanks.And 'm OK, thanks. l oo. Listen and check. c) Work in pairs. Practise the conversations in 5a). Hello, l'm Francesca. Hetto,my name'sLee. .an &l Read and listen ^l to conversation 2. Listen again and practise. I b) Practise conversation 2 with four students. Use your name. J {* t I? a. .d, HelpwithGrammar / { "f I I I '\, "ttirt' a) Fill in the gaps with I or my. 1 ,/_.'rn Stefar"r. 'rr fine, thanks. 2 3 ., narnesEmcl. b) Fill in the gaps with you or your. sTEFAN Hello, I'm Stefan.What's your name? EMEL Hello, my name'sEmel. STEFAN Nice to meet you. 1 How are .yelL? EM EL Y OU tOO. z Nice to Inc('l a What'-s name? p101 Listen and practise the sentences in 3. nM ANtrA lM ANtrA Hi, Anita. Hi, Tim. How are youl I'rn fine, thanks. And lr I'rn OK, thanks. 1A Vocabularyand Grammar people ntroducing Phone numbers -'-' a Readand listen to conversation3. -:sten againand practise. : \\brk in groups. Practise conversation 3. -, \-our se names. \ o Lrmbers 0-12 Listen and practise these numbers. 3i 0 zero 2 two 5 five 6 six 7 seven wh;i,; t;;;h";; ;;;.;i J,0 ten 11 etev en 12 twetve It's02076223479. TIP! e In phone numbers 0 = oh and 44 = doublefour. b) Work in pairs. Practise the questions and answers. three toLir 9 nine a) Listen to three conversations. Write the phone numbers. !i \\brk in pairs. Say four numbers. Write your :artner's numbers. Are they correct? b) Work in pairs. Compare answers. -fl-r- NtNA David, this is Polly. DAVTDHello, Polly.Nice to meet you. PoLLY You too. LUcY Goodbye,Miki. MtKt Bye, Lucy. Seeyou soon. LUCY Yes,seeyou. @ Wotk in pairs. Student A pB6. Student B Goodbye! @ '-., Read and listen ro conversation4. i;l;i: ' ^l Listen again and practise. b) Say goodbye to other students. p92. Where's she from? rrr QUICKREVIEW Writetwo phonenumbers. Workin pairs.Sayyourphone numbers. Writeyour partner's numbers. Arethey correct? Countries 6f $ Look at the map. Match thesecountries to l-12. itay r srazit Rissia the USA GErmanyEgyp, AustreliaM6xico Tirkey the Uft China Spair', Wo.k in pairs. Look again at the map. Say a number. Your partner says the country. Number7. ltaty. Where areyoufrom? Q ul Look at the photo of Stefanand Emel. Listen to the conversationand fill in the gaps. b) HelpwithListening Vocabularycountries Grammar he, his,she,her Rea[World Whereareyou from? Help with Listeningwordstress Review phonenumbers;l, my,you,your Listen and practise. c) Where are you from? Tell the class. 6rt Lrsten,arrd notice the word stress (') in the countries in 1. l'm fromJapan. l'm fromFrance. I'm from Colombia l'm from Moscow. itatv grazit d) Work in groups. Ask other students where they are from. v"\ \JA L./b "\JR> 1i 6. i ,-...r.\ v r^/ )v/\ g - *. \ -_l:fi, iF# ..'. ff \ \ !i .,/ il'\_> 1E| Vocabularyand Grammar Work in new pairs. Ask and answer questions about the people in the photos. 1----_'_-*-"**_ What'shername? 1-2./-""-' -i -" "^-' Binoche i ]yji91te f wr,"i.tin.fr"rz''; ,:. france.: \.a','*.-._'.'_-...*-...-.''...1 @ 's hisname? I -.rtrk again at the photo of Stefan and Emel. 'tlllch questions 14 to answers a)-d). ' .i:-.rr'shis name?\ a) He's from Russia. \-- b) His name's Stefan. : .i.:eres he from? ,i'iat's her name? .i'ieres she from? I GIE c) She'sfrom Turkey. d) Her name'sEmel. f,S Listen and practise. r Fill in the gaps with he or his. - ''\-hat's.-l?l-5-. name? -nGrammar : name'sStefan. .\-here'-s from? from Russia. ........! e !, Fill in the gapswith sheor her. - -*-hats..h.e-r... name? : name'sEmel i\-here's from? 's from Turkey. p10l ai \\brk in pairs. Look at photos 1-6 of famous 3ctors and actresses. Write sentences. Use these :-unes and countries. lllet*effi Pen6lopeCruz WittSmith Chan NicoleKidman DanielCraig .;ackie Frand Spain the UK China the USA Australia ' Her name's Juliette Binoche. She'sfrom France. b) ' Lisren and check. Wort in pairs. Student A p87. Student B pg3. 1G ln class Vocabularythe alphabet; thingsin your bag(1);a andan RealWorld first namesandsurnames: classroomtanguage Review What'shis/ hername? ooo QUICKREVIEW Workin pairs.Askthe namesof studentsin your ctass: AWhat'shisname?B Marcus.What's hername?A Ana. Thealphabet O fi[q ffi Listen and saythe alphabet.Notice the b) Work in pairs. Compare answers. vowels and tlre consonallts. Ao Bb C cD d EeF f G g H h Ii Jj Kk LLM mN n 0 o PpQqR rSsT t U u Vv WwXx Yy Zz et a) EIID Listen to the teacher talk to two more students. Write their names. ffi Listenandwrite theletters. 0 ^l trIU in 3a). fi! Lister,andpractisethe questions first name) What'syour first name,please? b) Ask three stud.entsthe questions in 3a). Write their first names and surnames. Things in yourbag(1) @ What'syourfirstname? @ ,l Look at photo A. Then match the teacher's questions I-3 to the student's answers a)-c). t What'syour first name,please? a) Molina. z What's your surname? b) M-O-L-I-N-A. 3 How do you spell that? c) It's Pedro. U)4lf,Il Listen and check. a) Look at photo B. Match these words to things l-10. a bag7 a dictionary anSpple a pen a pEncil a book a ndtebook aniPod a m6bite anumbrElla b) EE| Sf Listen and practise. Real World lC rfflr rtI ''\.rrk in pairs. Look againat photo B. >.rva number. Your partner says Kate :c thing. '."mber 1 Il I A bag. ,* lI$ withVocabulary -oot at the words in 6a). Fill in ::le gaps wrl"h 6ror an. O - \\ e use with nouns that regin with a sound. \\ e use with nouns that besin with ? rr)\\'cl sound. pl00 1ll in the gaps with a or ar,. 'a : a-, , country number English dictionary .. student answer phone number i r CUSB 1il0! -r L'- Look at photo C. Lislen to '-hreeconversationsin class.Match :tudents l-3 to the words they ask .rbout a)-c). ' \lagda : Pedro I Hasan @ a) Brazll b) answer c) pencil ^l Fill in the gapswith thesewords. Ex€ui'esorry mean spett repeat What's understandknow A prono l--EXC--qSe me. What does'notebook' 2,,, KATE Look. This is a notebook. EdWorld Listen again. Tick (/) these rentences when.you hear them. Can you 4 that, please? ...-.. c I'm sorry,I don't understand. What's(tdpiz)in Engtish? KATE What's the answer to question 2? HAsANI'm s.. .. , I don't Canyou repeatthat, please? l'm sorry,I don't know. How do you spe[[(Brazit)? D PEDRO 7 Pl01 C B KATE Do exercise4 on page 10. MAcDAI'm sorrv. I don't 3 KATE Do exercise4 on page 10. Excuse me. What does(answer)mean? ? Listen and praclisethe sentencesinll. 'numero'in English? KATE Number. proRo How do yotr 8 KArE N-U-M-B-E-R that? b) Work in pairs. Practise the conversations. Take turns to be the teacher. 1D People and things { I f QUI(REVIEW oor Write four Engtish words.Workin pairs.Spellyour wordsto your partner. Wtite your partner'swords.ls your spettingcorrect? O Vocabularypeople; things; plurals Reviewthe alphabet Look at the photo of Kate for ^l one minute. Close your book. Write all the things in the photo you can remember. b) Work in pairs. Compare answers and check your partner's spelling. Who has more words? O ^l a biby a) b) .'l... - ' 0 Look at these words. Write the missing letters. Look at the picture. Match thesewords to people a)-e). fiftff a boy a girl a man a w6man Listen and practise. tl Look at the photo of Kate. Match thesewords to things I-7. a diary4 SINGULAR achairt atiblei' a compiter:,a cimerat awatcht a sinUwich-: a chair a table a thing a Doy b) , ' -' ', 'r.;i Listen and practise c)Workinpairs.WhatthingsfromlessonlCareinthephoto? a watch a sandwich +-s chairs tables thing_ boy+ -es watches sandwich y ) -ies diaries bab irregular men women I I people ffiffi proo {-j'ffi $"$ Listen and practise the plurals in 4. @ wir" the plurals. t 2 3 4 5 .rl..,yitrl t) ry @ a girl girls a camera a country a watch aman 6 7 a s 10 a computer a woman an apple a dictionary a person Wortoin pairs.Look at p98. thhsw* g 11,,"",,,'n:*l'"t"ff'*:";, @ilo,,."r.Yl:',:;,ffin*'; 9:1",",.", ,-,,Xil1!;fl'ffi letters. lnl lal bag b) Listen again and practise. Fill in the gapswith I, my, ^l or your. \ou ANDY Hello, 1/'m Andy. What's name? KARA Hello, 3------.-..,,,-name'sKara. ANDY Nice to meet a--KARA s---------------too. BILL Hi, Vicky. vrcKY Hi, Bill. How are 6 -.. . ? 'm fine, thanks. BILL 7 Ands ? 'm OK, thanks. vrcKY s b) Work in pairs. Practise the conversations. Use your name. . \\rite the numbers. O i + 6 2 I p zere f___ f-__ s_t__ o__ 7 s 12 t_____ 9 n___ 3 r____ 8 e____ ll e $tit" rhe countries. r alyrl 2 3 4 s e z 8 suiRas ceMiox myranGe niCah azrliB kueTyr piSna b.g man appte practise vocabularythat Japan understandcamera alphabet lal c:rmput wom n teach, It rty Chin Br zil J ,pan und stand camer atphbet G,:-,rTlput;, 1 Review O le,l I talv R.. M G c.,.". B T S b) practise. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Is your camerli from Chin'? Your apples are in my bag. Practisethe alph.,bet. My c,mput. is fromJ,rpan. Is he from It rly or Br,,zil? Is your teach, a man or a WOm,ln? b) Work in pairs. Practise the sentences. Listen again and practise. Language Summary 1, plOO a) Fill in the gaps with he,his, she or her. n B n B name? What's 1__h.l_s__, 2.---.....-....name's Andy. Where's :--...,,,------from? 4 ,.,,......... 's from the UK.. I B I B name? Whats s__h_er.. 6-............-name'sKara. from? Where's z 8-.....---..,,--'s from the USA. b) Work in pairs. Practise the conversations. a) Find 12 things or people (+ .r). rq wov€Ex DFMANCE EDLBBHI S I A Y SANDWIC HRGAWRA ta l t.'l GAR lrl lcl tH, JYGIRLM COMPUTE PTABLER I E LWOMA K Y R Z N b) Write the plurals. boy ) boys c) Work in new pairs. Ask the questions in 4a) about students in your class. Write the vowels(a, e, i, o, u) in thesethings.Then put a or an in the boxes. r fjl z[-l rf_l 4f_l sf_-] of--] zf_l bag -ppla-ct--n-ry -mbr-11-n--bt -- b l -- - k p-nc-1 el --l - p - a s f_-l p _ ' rof_l b _ _ k a) Tick (/) the things you can do in English. I cansayhelloandgoodbye. I canaskpeople's names. people. I canintroduce I cansayphone numbers. I cansaywherepeople arefrom. I cansaythealphabet. I cansaywhenI don'tunderstand. I canaskpeople to repeatthings. I canuseolurals. b) What do you need to study again?SeeCD-R0Ml"Ittll 2 AII about you She's British ooo QUICKREVIEW Writefivesingular words(awatch,etc.).Work in pairs.Take turnsto say your words.Saythe pluralsof your partner'swords:A a watch.B watches. Nationalities Write the missing vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in these countries. ^l y t / talv s G rm nv 9 T rk pvDt zBr_ z_1 to the _K 6 3 R_ss__ 11 Sn n 7 __str_l__ + the _S_ SMxc 12 Ch n O b) Match thesenationalities to the countries in 1a). ' ^a a) berman ) b) M€xican c) Itilian d) Rfissian e) f) Am€rican Spinish e) L.gl'ptran h) eizitir" British t) lirkish k) Lnrnese r) AustrAlian t) a) #,HS o;, Listen and practise the countries and nationalities. itaty ttiltian b) Work in pairs. Say a country. Your partner says the nationalitv. ' itheuK i -zr*---""' c) What's your nationality? TelI the class. /.:--:-\ ' .* l'm Colombian i l'mJapanese. i ( l'm French. ) Around theworld a) Work in pairs. Look at photos A-D. Fill in the gaps with a nationality from 1b). b) ,:',ffi Listen and check. HelpwithGrammar @ Eitt in rhegapswith 'm,'re or \. (+) POSITIVE 1 I British. z You lre a student. : He.._._.._._. Chinese. + She ,,.,.,.,_,, Brazilian. s It American. (= I am) (= you are) (= he is) (= she is) (= it is) pr03 Vocabularynationalities Grammar be (singutar): positiveand negative Reviewplurals; countries; my,your, his,her [-o 2A Vocabularyand Grammar Listen and practise the sentences in 4. n ) l'm British. O Work in new pairs. Write three true sentencesand three false sentences. ,, Fill in the gapswith'm or 3. JKRowlingis British. Lacosteis a Russian company. ' Shels- from Sio Paulo and she ..--,-.,,,, a student. z I from London and I ........... a teacher. 3 It isn't a Mercedes.It..--..-.... a Chrysler. : She isn't Australian. She. from the UK. ! He isn't from Beijing. He from Shanghai. a I'm not American. I from Havana, in Cuba. Ol Work in pairs. Compare answers.Then match the to photos A-D. 'cntences i. | nn withGrammar I I O I I I I I pr03 l,l r-g I . Listen and practise the sentencesin 7. -nor)imnorAmerican. | |I -.,, orfatse? g .a i ; I il 3) Checkthesewordswith your teacher. ,t,ecipitat(city) a singer a c6mpany I I J I I I I I I | | | I I I T | I JK Rowtingis British. l --7 '*""- I think that'strue / fa[se. -- '- q.Yes, you'reright./ No,you'rewrong.I b) Tell the class two of your true sentences. Look again at 6a). Then fill in the gaps with nr t:o|.aren'tor isnt. *:cArvE (-) (= am not) I ,. American. (= , r"t ,rer:f a teacher. arenot.) t H. .-.from Berjing. (= is not) . >he Australian. t lt aMercedes. | I | I I I a) Work in groups of four. Read your sentencesto the other pair. Are the other pair's sentencestrue or false? t' \\brk in pairs. Look at photos I-10. Trck (/) the true sentences.Make the other negative.Write the correct sentences. -"tences ' -{nkarais the capitalof Turkey. / z TigerWoods is British. -d riierWoods isn'tBritish.He'sAmerican. t ClmeronDiaz is Spanish. I . \intendo is a Japanese company. ; Cairois the capitalof Egypt. : Big Benis in New York. - Kylie Minogueis American. s RobbieWilliams is an Australiansinger. I BMW is a Germancompanv. -: Hollwvoodis in SanFrancisco. ,, Check on p126. Are your answerscorrect? What's your iob." Vocabularyjobs questions Grammar be (singutar): andshortanswers Reviewcountries andnationalitie positiveand negative be (singutar): ooo QUICKREVIEW pairs. Yourpartnersaysthe Workin Taketurnsto saya country. ATheUK. nationality anda personor thingof that nationality: B British.JamesBondis British. Photos of friends @ ^l Check thesewords with your teacher. a friend mirried singte beiutifut b) Look at the photo of Amy and Ben. Listen and match these names to photos l-4 on Amys computer. Claire Steve Daniela Karl c) Listen again. Complete the table. Karl country job Claire Steve Daniela Cermany a doctor HelpwithGrammar @ Jobs @ ul Match thesejobs to pictures a)-i). a minager h) wH- QUESTTONS (?) 1 Where am I2. 2 Where . you from? 3 Where . he / she/ it from? a What your name? his / her name? s What 6 What your job? z What his / her job? p103 a ddctor an ictor / an ictress a sh6passistant a te"acher a waiter / a wajtress a tixi driver a musician a policeofficer o ln thesevocabularyboxeswe only show the main stressin wordsand phrases. b) rm in the gaps with am, are or \. Listen and practise. c) Work in pairs. Ask questionsabout the people in pictures a)-i). What'shisjob? He'sa waiter. What'sherjob? She'sa waitress. @3, Listen and practise the questions b) Cover the table in 2c).Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the people in photos 1-4. what'strisnamei Kart. Wh91e's he from? uEil wfrai;snii.yoUz , He'sa doctor. iloily. 2B Vocabularyand Grammar '..1 Ity fiends bpl '' -?t 1 [ a r l, I GF* ef -..-..-. hea musician? :, Look again at the table in 2c). Trck (/) the correct answers. - l: Karl a musician? a) \'es, he is. b) No, he isn't. / : .s Steve from the USA? a) \'es, he is. b) No, he isn't. -s Claire an actress? a) \'es, she is. b) No, she isn't ^' Daniela Italian? a) \'es, she is. b) No, she isn't -\re I'ou from Russia? a) \'es, I am. b) No, I'm not. : -s vour cameraJapanese? a) \es, it is. b) No, it isn't. *.gg i;i Lisren and pracrise the quesrions and short answers in 6. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 :, \\brk in pairs. Compare answers. Swih p Grammar -- | in this class? you from Russia? he a doctor? sheltalian? it Japanese? Fill in the gapswith Is or Are. -\re -. you a student? ._. ,..,your teacherfrom the UK? .. ., ,you Chinese? ... ,,_you married? your mobilein your bag? ,,___ you a manager? . .,..... KeiraKnightleya musician? ............ Tom Cruisean actor? ,.,..... b) Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions. Use the correct short answers. :U in the gapswith am, are,is or isnt. .:i / No (?) QUESTTONS ^l SHORTANSWERS you are./ No,you aren't. Yes, Yes,I / No, I'm not. Yes,he is./ No, he .... . Yes,she . / No, she isn't. Yes,it . / No, it pr03 i-li.l" -riig:1'1: I Yes, t am. Work in new pairs. Student A StudentB p93. p87. ,,-2c^Personal information Vocabulary titles;greeti RealWorld emailad personal information questions Reviewjobs;be (singutar) questions o Q UIC KR E V I Er rW jobs.Work Take turnsto mimeyourjobsto your in pairs. Writefour jobs: that'sright. a doctor.B Yes, yourpartner's A You're partner. Guess morning! Good O ul Match1-3 to a)-c). a) a married woman t Mr (Brown) (King) b) a single woman 2 Mrs or Ms (Roberts) c) a man (married or single) s Ms or Miss this email address'Noticehow we I *;l; eve.smith@webmail.com evedot smith at webmaiIdot com Listen and practise. b) m,ffi Mr ) Mr Brown a) Look at pictures A-D. Complete the conversations with these phrases. Which three phrases meanHello? Which phrase means Goodbye? Coodm8rning GoodEvening cood nlght Goodafterno'on ftl!}il pr03 William Brown Manager 8frH#gfsr'* BS37RJ MrsKing. 0117 9276538 william.brown@blt.mm i-ng\ '^FE X'-'.,"nffi .., k",y k,;;;;;.webmair.ner totmail. ^g sublect: H"; #;;t O co.uk Work in pairs. Sayemail addressesI-4. ^l b) ffi$ Listen and check. a) ffi$ $l Listen and practiseemail l-4. addresses @bfl.com ) wiIIiam.brown@bfl.com .) b) Ask three studentsfor their email Write the email addresses. addresses. b) ilffitr fi$ Listenhndcheck.Listenagain Are they correct?' and practise. @ c) Work in pairs. Practise the conversations.
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