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f rj 6T * ' F I lf i, A ln*' f,i .e i i+ '\ts G* tri !.g**mc- t '!ntF" ft I ,A -l' '1#:_;'i" -, -.Ah'* - -i+r '. . -,.** rf :F"' ot :$'.'+ ,' { i J I I '+- I ,d / I i ^af,{& { l . f ii nff*tlqf lif ,' 'l ;l rj rinqrrv.-. I .rna.*** .,...atr --/ ^ \ ]ol Y -._ !r t f , .f Words I Circlethe right word. .=..J>r=- @flower 2 costle house 3 light lodder night light 5 flower window 6 steps window 2 Reodond motch.Write the letters. A 'v"1Y,o \ 2 ,-// 1 Thegore woshingthe cor. 2 He is climbingo tree. 3 He is corrgingo lodder. 4 Sheis holdingon umbrello. 5 Sheis wotchingTV. 5 Thegore cleoningthe windows. unit 1 Actionverbs Leorningto leorn Findthe sqmepicture.Circleit. @ ffi ffi ffi ffi ffi @ @ @ @ @@ @ @ @ g ffi ff g ww w w w ffi ffi ffi ffi ^a g Findthe sqme word. Circleit. boot bolloon 2 crown clown cloud clock crown 3 reod robbit red reod reoding 4 sweet sweets street streets sweet 5 stor step stor stond stoir 5light lomp look night light t boll @ doll Findthe sqme item Unit t Grammar t Completethe sentenceswith the words in the box. wotch hold point plog 1 The bogs the bogs. t 2 Dod ot the bogs. 3 Mum 4 'it .d. Write questions.Usethe words in the box. the lodder? he 1 2 uou 3 theg 4 she to school? the windows? o book? .sWrite qnswersto the questions.Stqrt with No. 1 Are Uou eoting on opple? 2 ls shewolking to school? 3 Children!Are Uoueotingsweets? 4 ls he corrgingo kitten? 4 U n i t1 P r e s e nct o n t i n u o u so: f f i r m o t i v e ,i n t e r r o g o t i v en, e g o t i v e a Gromrnorln conversotion ' Completethe questionswith the words in the box. Who Whot How mong? Where t Completethe conversotionwith the words in the box. -::r /rtYD'trt) tKt Lookot those childrerr I Whot ore theg don't know. lsthe bou Yes, Whot'sthe 5he's Whot'sin the o box? opening corruing girl doing he kitten beoutifuI I box children rs. doing? the box. 7 Look! lt's o oh ! lt's Presentcontinuous;questionwords Unit t ffi Reodingcomprehension 1 Reod,look qnd write the dqg. It is Mondou.Grondpois pickingbeons. Grondmoiswoshingcorrots. It isTuesdou. AmUis cotchingopples. It isWednesdog. Grondpois corrgingboxes. It isThursdog. It is Fridou.AmUis corruingflowers. It is Soturdou.Somond AmUore woiting. It isSundog.Thereis o big opplecoke. 5 Morudag g Reqd,mqtch qnd write. corru Amg is catchirr.g corru @o Grondpo 3 AmU Grondpo Grondmo 6 completingsentences motchingpicturesond sentences; unit 1 Reodingcomprehension: Phonics sogthe sounds. ffi E@ E@ E@ Write ske.Write the words. Reodthe words. ccrke cake m b E@ E@ pl- d SqUthe sounds. E@ Write qte.Write the words. Reodthe words. t Completethe sentences. Reqdthe sentences. The is on the Thisis KingTub's We con We con o coke. o coke. We con eot the P h o n i c so: e U n i t l Writing skills It LsMorr.dog. Sarnond A^U ore ccrrrglngboxes. * Write the letters. _ondo g -uesdo g _oturdog _ridoU -""h "si; -ed nesdog -h ursdog _undog Reodthesewords. Thegend in ch,s, sh qnd x. & I sondwich dish bus Write es.Write the words. Reqdthe words. sondwich box bus Usethe words in the box. :$ Choosethree dogs.Finishthe sentences. corru 1 ltis 5om is o lodder. 2 ltis AmUis sondwiches. 3 ltis Grondpois 8 climb U n i t1 eot boxes W r i t i n g s k i l l s c: o p i t o ll e t t e r sf o r d o g so f t h e w e e k proctice Composition Choosetwo dogs.Write obout the pictures.Usethe words in the box. cook wotch eot corrg Pick climb Compositionproctice:o storg with repeotedlonguoge Unit t tS 1 Check-up t Completethe sentenceswith Qtrt,$ or ore. reodingmUbook. 1l not looking. 2 You visitingGrondmoond GrondPo. 3 Somond AmU Amg hel ping Sompickingopples? 4 Grondmo? not wotchingTV. We 2 Completethe questions.Usethe verbsin the box. 1 the children 2 Amu 3 WC o song? to the teocher? Som 4 Where 5 Whot uou :3 Add not to these sentences. 1 Sheisclimbingthe lodder. 2 | om woshingthe gropes. 3 He iscotchingthe boll. 4 Thegore pickingoPPles. 5 We ore cooking. 6 You ore drowing. 10 Unit1 Revision in the gorden? 7 $. Look qt the picture. Think qbout these questions. 1 Whot isthe weotherliketodog? ,% 'fu, '%4 'V/2. 2 Whereore Somond Amg? 3 Whot is Somholding? 4 Whot isAmg doing? 5 How mong birdsore there in the tree? 6 Whot ore theg doing? Write qbout the picture. Revision Unit 1 ...tliEil'r;.i '.ii w# Words *+* l[ -e:i;s'i' t Circlethe words. d o n c e w o I k g o h A , h e l p d. o p .i c ,k c no o K / ffi Complete the sentenceswith the words qbove. 1 AmUis f lowers. 2 Somis Grondpo. 3 Grondmois lunch. o song. ! The girlsore 4 Listen 5 Look!| con on mUhonds. 6 A bird connot 7 Whereore Uou 8 Whot ore Uou ? ? s Write the words. 1 2 3 ^zA m # @ 12 U n i t2 A c t i o nv e r b s ;p l o U g r o u n de q u i p m e n t --1iTl. ,l :5;:.:it'a i:';:: 'i:i1*f, : ::f,s .-: ,.".' Leorningto leorn '-: :, tii Circleit. tr ff tr ffi & ffi ffi ffi # ffi ffi 'g#d' ng ^@l -o ga ,oa ){ l{ o o ,F Rl '.@ gFrc ,o1 1A .A. v{@ ,/flfiftl,"4K dFbgw ,o\ -o ){ o ,tr R: ffisffi^: : Findo different word. Circleit. 1 von von von von 2 slides slides slide slides slides 3 swing swing swing swing sing 4 ship ship shop ship ship 5 choir hoir choir choir choir 5 bell bell bell belI boll Find o different item Unit 2 'iw. "its: w Grommar Mqtch ond write the letters. s A D Whot ore these? Completethe sentencesw ith this or these. ismg bog. 1 fs A* ore mU books. flowersore Prettg. choirisverubig. kittens. I like 3 Completethe sentenceswith thot or those. is mg costle. 1 oremu cors. clownsorefunnu. I like E&ffi ) f Fs/Yv/ ffi 14 Unit Z this, thot, these, those bike is greot. f lowers. Grommorin conversation i Completethe conversqtion.Usethe words in the box. funng old school colours window togs These those Yes th is thot Lots @ls shopnew? is. € Whot'sin the 7 of things. € Cors,dollsond gomes. Look!Thereore big teddg. llike € pencilcoses. I like € too. Thereore thingsfor Theg'recotsond dogs.Theg're Pens... pencils... crouons... Lookof the Look! ore mUcrouons. € Oh! Theg'reverg @ Colourthe picture. this, thot, these,those Unit 2 -ffi, Reodingcomprehension t Reqd.Write the nqmes. cles Jenngis on the lodder.Sheisclimbingslowlg. Benis goingdown the slide.He is goingquicklg' Fredis sittingon the roundobout. Joeisthrowingthe boll. sku. AmUond Sueore on the swings.Sueis loughing'AmUis lookingot the g Write the nqmes. 1 He hos got o hot. 2 Sheis hoppu. 3 Sheisclimbing. 4 Thegore plouingwith o boll. 5 He is stonding. 6 Thegore holdinghonds. 16 U n i tz R e o d i n gc o m p r e h e n s i o nm: o t c h i n gs t o t e m e n t st o p i c t u r e s Phonics SoUthe sounds. E}r} E[E} E}E} Finishthe words. Write the words. Reqdthe words. r ude ride SqUthe sounds. q E}EH Elm EE} Write ine.Write the words. Reodthe words. f I Completethe sentences.Usewords on this pqge. 1 How old ore Uou?l'm 2 Thisis mU new 3 ConUou 4 How ore Uou?l'm 5 Ther:eore Uournew bike? thonks. on this poper. Reodthe sentences. Phonics:r-e Unit Z Writingskills slt sltflng He Lssufting. ft Write the words. Write sentences. 2 skip 1 hop Tl"r.euore l^r.opplruq. 4 sit 3 run R Write the words. wo ll roundobout swing slide ffi 18 Unit 2 verbs+ ing Writing skills:consononVvowel/consonont log proctice Composition i Reodthe words in the boxes.Write qbout the pictures. ln the gorden ( ft, climb jump sit lough v,ryL throw run quicklg sit sing loudlg proctice: of outdooroctivitiesUnit2 o description Composition {ffi
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