Tài liệu English world 2 pupils book

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Scopeond sequence Unit New words ond poge speoking 1 At the castle oction verbs 24 2 76 8 A fantastic shoP clothes Doesshe like the dress? Do theg like the hot? Yes/ No, theg do / don't. Do gou like tennis? Yes,we do. sorting Pirotetock is on TV time phroses What'sthe time? I get up of six o'clock. tn the morning she PlaYs Whot time do gou get up? tennis. Who is the winner? ports of the bodg Thisis his/ her hand. Whot colour ore their noses? A trip in o bolloon food, drink ond contoiners There'swoter in the iug. t olwogs eot fruit. Thereore sondwicheson I sometimes eot crisPs I never drink milk. the plate. Look ot the animols! o n i m ol s Yesterdag it was cold. He wos cold. We were hoppg. Theg were hot. Whot's the time? t(s holf post eight. finding mistokes; obc order Look! The seo! seo creotures The fish is next to / between/behind/in front of the boot. There wos o house. There were three birds. sorting items into cotegories The island on the beoch I con seehim / her / it. Can gou heor me / them / us? Don't touch it. Don't go neor it. finding missingPictures; obc order The boot reguloroction verbs t wolked on the sond. He pointed to o shiP. They plaged in the seo. Firstt played footboll. Next I helped Dod. Then I watched TV. sequencing Welcome home! food ond drink He wolked over / under the bridge. He wolked through / into the river. Yesterdog I climbed o tree. Yesterdog he visited his Grondmo. sorting; obc order 92 10 102 11 t10 12 118 2 finding o different item sequenclng 84 9 Theseore mA books ond this is mg Pencil cose. Do gou like bananas? Yes,I do. No, I don't. 66 7 finding the some item t like bosketball. Dan likesbasketboll. Theg like banonas. 58 6 What'she doing? What ore gou doing? Whot are theg doing? PiroteJock sportsond hobbies 50 5 He's woshing the stePs. Are theg holding lights? Yes,he is. No, sheisn't. Thafs mg swing. 40 4 Grommorin conversotion Leorningto leorn WB) Whot'sthis/ thot? ln Biffo's gorden ploggroundequiPment What are these/ those? 32 3 Grommor Whoseiacket is this? It'sBen'siocket. Are theseAourPens? motching sorting abc order R€dfg I ,ree* with Grondmo ond o storg 3ndp : , : : c u l o r g :d o g si n o w e e k m o g r ce words, o_e sequencrng copitol lettersfor dogs of the week n o u n + p l u r o le s o storg with repeoted longuoge > cytime ::s:' otionsof octions : , : r c u l o r g :o c t i o nv e r b s m o g r ce words, t-_e identifging cvc verbs + ing hop hopping o descriptionot outdoor octivities ht.tn/ s bi rthdog present : - : ' g w i t h f o m i l i o rs e t t i n g : , : i o u l o r g :h o n d c r o f t m o g r ce words, o_e, u_e, + ue identifging; listeningfor gist m o g i c e v e r b s + i n g o storgfrom pictures moke making fi)qt dothes do gou like? ::s:' otionsof clothes : . : : o u l o r g :c l o t h e s i n i t i o lb l e n d s cl, fl, bl, pl ! n ortronout in space -':.motion obout o routine initiolblends br, cr, gr, dr, tr questionwords -er€s the band! -,..-, oulorg: i nstruments initiolblends i d e n t i f g i n g sl,sm, sn,sp, n u m b e r s st,sw controctions -.e months of the geor : ::?4 -.8:::#>- Y.,,..4. ' V\'*u$-r' '' *-J:? *t" x ), s I t a \ \: \ I t (- l (3" -- \.. \ \ +l! (3ed \<34 i"\ - *_- \ \ -s' i 2 rJ l. f-a \J ---{-*-J^.. Y. -*--*-._*-. =-l \ \ -\ \\ \ ___a\ f,- u- _ Listenqnd reqd. t.#9?ll'> o I Hi! What'sUourname? ffir Yg nome'sLitg.Th[s is mg frtend,Joe. : I \ t Listenqnd sog. Now gou! m write.V,V Remember! 1wh"f;i,ffi1N ti J ir *l 2whotisit? 3Whotisit?@ lW 4 Whotisit? { \ {t\-\ He[[oI nsff Myn What's Hi,Joe! Ask qnd onswer. lt's a Pencllcose. Whot is it? p^-@ -1ffi ,{ :#wer- ls it o,rubber? No, it [sn't. it o rul.er? 1-l p e n c i lc o s e ? pen? Remember![t- isru't= [t [.snot Write. 1 lsito penci|? 2 lsito rubber? 3 lsitq 4 lsito choi'?ffi ruler? v ry _ Yes.it [s. ^-. @il drol 2&4uler? oenoir? Listenqnd reqd. Goodmornlng,Dgnl ^\ #r-srrr GoodmornLng,L itg ! GnnA mornlng, rn nrnin n Ylr Jottg! Good -d" I How are you? veruwet[thankUOU. u -fff-e .\"' fl(, How are you? ftne, thanks. ,-d: We're lT-r I ll tE w i iime*At,ffi Listenond sog. Now gou ! Write. Remember! 1 Whot ore theu? 2 Whot ore theu? Whot ore theg? Whot ore theg? Ask ond onswer. What are theg? Ll r- ffi Th'eg're ,@xffi ,4rw tpc 1&ffi 2W$ 3ffi4ffi# d/) Ask ond onswer. Aretheg cats? Yes,theg are. '? l#'sr--.= n Ee€F" ,=-, A r et h e g b o [ [ s ? gwq 'l, :h{h-\___ troins? No, thegaren't. r*M dolls? D J A P /F, WE fh write. Yff plones? -51n''':'* = th.eill Remember! Abe 1 Arethegtroins?,ffi z Arethesboots? d#B 3 Arethesdolls? tks \).,2 4 Arethegbolls? W _w g,Yg nCIt bolloons? I C Listenond reqd. H f'm Luc1.f'm eight. This is mU fother and this [s mUmother. tm This[s mU brother,Tom.He'sslx. She'stwo. Thisis mUsister,Y1eg. 3 Writethe words. bedroom bothroom kitchen livingroom stoirs gorden LuvlnoroonL A rrrrr*^ Wflte. J,$" I'.9_{ = He is Remem berlHe's 1 How old is LucA? 2 How old isTom? 3 How old is Meg? 4 How old qre gou? 12 WelcomeUnit Revision She's= She Sl"reLsslx. f'm=f ft,, Answer the questions. 1 How old is Meg? 2 How old is Lucg? 3 How old isTom? Thisls mUgrandfather 4 How old ore gou? 4 Ask ond qnswer' -*H .'@ --..-:o'e u-.-". Where'sMum? , She'sin the bi:[t:_:; H 2 -&/'ffib' Tom? Grondmo? 4 6 Grondpo? Meg ? Write. 1 Whereis Dod? LrLtl"reLuvtn r00nL. 2 Whereis Mum? 3 WhereisTom? 4 Whereis LucA? R e v i s i o nW e l c o m eU n i t 13 ) - Xem thêm -