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Although we have tried to trace and contact copyright holders before publication, in some cases this has not been possible. If contacted we will be pleased to rectify any errors or omissions at the earliest opportunity. Printed and bound in Malaysia 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Contents Unit 1 It’s headline n e w s !_____________________________ page 5 Unit 2 I am w riting to s a y ______________________________page Revision 1 (Units 1 and 2 ) _____________________________ 15 page 25 Unit 3 This house believes . . . __________________________ page 27 Unit 4 W hat c a re e r? __________________________________ page 37 Revision 2 (Units 3 and 4 ) _____________________________ page 47 Unit 5 Look what they d id !_____________________________ page 49 Unit 6 In perform ance________________________________ Revision 3 (Units 5 and 6) _____________________________ page 59 page 69 Unit 7 In s u s p e n s e ___________________________________ page 71 8 Moving o n _____________________________________ page 81 8) _____________________________ page 91 Unit Revision 4 (Units 7 and Unit 9 Being d iffe re n t_________________________________ page 93 Unit 10 C hanges_____________________________________ page 103 Revision 5 (Units 9 and 1 0 ) ____________________________ page 114 S kills and Reference Section Study skills 1: E d itin g _________________________________ page 116 Life skills 1: W riting a C V ______________________________ page 118 Study skills 2: Dictionary o verview ______________________ page 120 Life skills 2: W riting a personal s ta te m e n t_______________ page 122 Study skills 3: Exam s tra te g ie s _________________________ page 124 Grammar reference___________________________________ page 126 Word lis t ____________________________________________ page 138 Conversational p h ra se s_______________________________ page 141 Irregular verb lis t _____________________________________ page 144 3 m Sty* Jfew iJjjrk Simcs PROBABLY 1 COAST; SINKS INCLUDED VANDERBIL LUSITANIA SUNK B Y A SUBMARINE, TWICE TORPEDOED OFF IRISH AMERICANS ABOARD WASHINGTON BELIEVES THAT A GRAVE 1 It’s headline news:! | Start-up Note your answers to SB pages 6-7 here. • r it e notes about your attitud e to the news. Enalain why you do or don’t want to know what is going on around you. interesting local events and a c tiv itie s ________________ interesting national news stories are a b o u t___________ Explain why you are or are not interested in world news. Reading Reports about your school: new spaper_____________________ TV_____________________________________________________ Vocabulary come up w ith ________________________________________ stand in f o r . pull o u t_____________________________________________ step i n ____ Grammar Underline the subject and circle the verb in each sentence: Here comes the bus. The bus is coming. Language practice Punctuation Three marks at the end o f a sentence a re :_____________________________ Two reasons for using an apostrophe a re :______________________________ Language use Five conjunctions a r e :______________________________________________ Grammar in use Circle the auxiliary verb: I really did enjoy that film! Listening and speaking a bulletin i s _________________________ Three news events: 1 2 3 ___________________________ 1___________________________________ Conversation focus Answer the questions. 1 Where were the floods th a t Kurt was finding out a b o u t? _____________ 2 For which subject was Mimi com pleting a p ro je c t? __________________ 3 Which magazine was Mimi going to read o n lin e ? ____________________ Writing Three kinds of school performance are: Vocabulary H B W rite the w ords in alphabetical o rder and add the word class for each one. Use the words to com plete the sentences. M ake sure you use th e correct tenses of the verbs. exceed enthral exquisite expand elderly exclusive 1 Although my grandm other i s _____________________________, she likes to buy her clothes from the 2 We w e re ____________________________ by t h e _____________________________ gold and diamond jewellery that m o s t_____________________________shops. the craftsm an was making. 3 My uncle’s business has a lre a d y _____________________________by 30% this year and if this growth continues it will s o o n _____________________________the record for a new company. W M W rite th e p a s t te n s e s o f th e s e v e rb s . Use th e v e rb s to c o m p le te th e se n te n c e s . M ake su re y o u use th e c o rre ct te n s e in e ach sen te n c e . c ra m ______________ contact range______________ ju d g e ______________ 1 ____________ c a n c e l______________ After the head te a c h e r___________ the art com petition, the s tu d e n ts ____________________________ into the hall to hear the results. 2 Our goalkeeper is injured but it isn’t n e cessary_____________________________tom orrow’s match, because the 3 This dress is available in different sizes w h ic h ___________________________________ from very small to extra large. c o a c h _____________________________the reserve goalkeeper who will play instead. K S W rite th e n o u n s fro m th e b o x n e x t to th e m e a n in g s used in th e n e w sp a p e r re p o rt. C irc le th e w o rd s th a t can a ls o be u sed as ve rb s. praise E highlight artefact inspiration location flavour an idea of what something is lik e _____________ 2 the 3 an interesting object from the p a s t______________ 4 a p la c e _______________ 5 strong approval or a d m ira tio n _____________ 6 several 7 someone or som ething th a t creates enthusiasm or ideas to do som e th in g ______________ m ost exciting p a r t______________ l W rite th e c o rre c t p h ra sa l v e rb fro m th e b o x n e xt to each m eaning stand in fo r 1 2 come up with pull out things in a particular o rd e r_______________ used in th e re p o rt. A n sw e r q u e s tio n s 5 and step in to think of and s u g g e s t________________________________ to do som ething in place of som eone e ls e _____________________________ 3 to become involved in s o m e th in g ____________________________ 4 to decide not to take p a r t_____________________________ 5 Which tw o verbs mean nearly the s a m e ? _____________________________ 6 0 sequence 1 Which two verbs have opposite m ea nings?____________________________ Vocabulary: alphabetical order; gapfill; past tenses; definitions ( _____________________________ _____________________________ 6. Comprehension n Com plete the statem ents with the co rrect answer; a, b or c. 1 M iss Jackson was proud b e c a u s e ________________________ a c 2 3 record the ir music for the DVD c expand the orchestra’s repertoire 6 the arts day was successful b ask them to write music for the orchestra b one of the dancers was hurt Eva danced on the last night o f the festival because one of the dancers had pulled out she knew the people in the ballet company Eliza Brodie pulled out of the festival w h e n ___________________________________________________ a c 5 b Gustav contacted The River Boys because he wanted to a a c 4 the students had launched the DVD the students had put on a successful festival a Hollywood studio made her a million dollar offer her book Himalayan Adventure was being film ed b she had to go to India to film on location The festival com m ittee were grateful to Anthony Holt b e ca u se __________________________________ a he was an inspiration b c he is m odest about his success he stepped in at the la st minute The elderly lady interviewed by the reporter will come to the next festival b e ca u se________________ a the cham ber orchestra was exquisite c she and her husband both enjoyed everything b her husband likes music N um b e r th e p a ra g ra p h s u b je c ts in th e o rd e r in w h ic h th e y a p p e a r in th e re p o rt. * 1 a photography_____ b e introduction A ____ f a u th o rs ______ next y e a r_____ c d a n c e ______ d visitor’s c o m m e n ts_____ g m u s ic ______ h the DVD la u n c h _____ The re p o rte r c u t th e s e s e n te n c e s fro m h is fir s t d ra ft. Read th e s e n te n c e s c a re fu lly . W rite th e n u m b e r o f th e p a ra g ra p h y o u th in k he c u t each s e n te n c e fro m . a Fortunately, the company was able to appear at our festival. _____ b A great many people would like to know the answer to this question. c It too k place at the beginning of the month. _____ _____ d The festival com m ittee members were very concerned when they heard the news. eShe said it had not been an easy ta sk for the com m ittee. ( f Every ticke t for th is outdoor show had been sold. _____ g Her pictures are in colour and in black and white. _____ h Lots o f people made very positive remarks about it. I f l ___________ Find th e s e p h ra s e s in th e te x t. M atch th e ir m e a n in g s b got in touch c ________ ________ touch in th e s e n te n c e s to th e d e fin itio n s . a put us in touch with d touched by 1 fe lt pleased about s o m e th in g _____ 2 feel with the hand and fin g e rs _____ 3 made c o n ta c t_____ 4 gave information for making c o n ta c t______ Comprehension: multiple choice; order and subject of paragraphs; definitions ^ | Grammar mm Com plete the sentences with the verbs from the box. Look up any verbs you are unsure of. Use the past sim ple. ride spring glide march fa ll fly 1 Aw ay______________ the bird, free at last. 2 Up the s tr e e t______________ the band. 3 With a deafening crash d o w n ______________ the tree. 4 Into the s q u a re ______________ soldiers on horseback. 5 Across the la k e ______________ the swans. 6 She opened the window and i n ______________ the cat. W M Change the sentences as in the exam ple. 1 Miss Jackson walked in. 2 The rocket flew up. In walked Miss Jackson. 3 The lights went out. 4 Ramon burst into the room. 5 The children rushed out of the school. 6 The clim bers struggled up the icy slope. m m Rewrite your sentences in Exercise 2 using pronouns instead of nouns. 1 In she walked._________________________________ 2 _________________________ ______________________________________________________ ___ 3 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 ___________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _ 5 _____________________________________ ___ _____________________________________________________________ _ 6 ______________________________________ ______________________________________________ _ E f f l C om plete the sentences with th e verbs and nouns from the boxes. W rite the verbs first. Use the past simple. beg sneer inquire shout whisper insist 1 “Get o ff my land!” shouted the farmer. 2 “ It’s essential th a t vou stay in bed and re st,” 3 "Can vou tell me what tim e we’ll be landing?” 4 “ Please, keep your voices down in here,” 5 “ Please, please, call a doctor!” 6 “ New trainers? They’re ju s t stupid,” Q Grammar: word order (inversion of subject and verb) the passenger the bully the librarian the doctor the farm er the injured man Language practice A Punctuation Full stop / question m ark / exclam ation mark Write a sentence that ends with: • a full stop _______________________________ ______________________________ • a question mark ______________________________ _______________________________ - • an exclamation mark ________________________________________ B Punctuation A postrophes Rewrite each sentence adding the m issing apostrophes. There are two in each sentence. 1 Were going to the Professors ta lk on archaeology. 2 Shes amazed at the womens costum es. 3 The audiences applause for Evas perform ance went on for a long time. 4 The Festivals programme couldnt be better. 5 Id like to have heard Anthonys reading. C Language use C om plex sentences Rewrite these groups of sentences as single sentences. 1 At the launch o f the DVD, M iss Jackson gave a speech. In her speech she said how proud she was of her students. They had worked very hard. 2 The DVD has the com plete River Boys concert. It also has a special track. It consists of the school orchestra. They are playing a song with The River Boys. 3 The reporter enjoyed the ballet performance. It ended the festival. It included a college student dancing in the ballet. Her name is Eva Zemanova. 4 Lucie Duval is a very good photographer. She took photos of d ifferent objects during the festival. These inducted ancient artefacts. These were shown by Professor Barnes during his talk. Language practice: punctuation (sentence endings, apostrophes); language use (complex sentences 9 Grammar in use mm Change the sentences. Use do, does or did to em phasise the verbs. 1 i enjoy travelling / do eniov travelling. 2 3 The rim m m er plays loudly. 4 The governors marie a harsh rieoision. 5 We enjnyeri the arts festival. 6 Ymi rianre heantifiilly, Fva. 7 Tasha takes amazing photos. 8 1 found the exhibition fascinating. ......... W M Contradict the statem ents. Use do, does or did. 1 Gustav d oesn’t enjoy classical music. 2 Anthony Holt d idn’t give a talk. No. He does enjoy classical music._______ 3 The students don’t like The River Boys. 4 Miss Jackson didn’t s peak to the governors. 5 She d oesn’t care about the festival. 6 The governors don’t mind about the financial loss. 7 Eva didn’t take part in the ballet. 8 Ramon doesn’t come from Mexico. ____________________________________________ _____________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________________ __________________________ ___________________________________________ ________________________________________ m s Com plete the sentences with do, does or did. 1 Tasha enjoys swim m ing more than L u c ie _____________________________. 2 My brother speaks German better than I _____________________________ 3 The second festival m ust not make a loss like the firs t o n e ____________________ 4 No one wants to make a profit more than we ____________________________ . 5 No team tries harder than o u rs _____________________________ 6 The audience enjoyed the concert as much as w e ____________________________ m m Read. Then make sentences ending in do, does or did like those in Exercise 3. 1 Harry got 75% in his exam. His friend, Charles, got 80%. 2 Sally has got a lovely voice but Jill’s is even better. 3 Colin is a better footballer than James and Joe. 4 Jane studied at the international school for six years. Paul went there for three years. Charles got a better m ark than Harry did.____________________________________ E 10 Grammar in use: auxiliary verbs do, does and did Listening and speaking 1 L is te n in g c o m p re h e n s io n C o m p le te th e e x tra c t fro m th e n ew s b u lle tin w ith th e w o rd s fro m th e box. cause attended establish local hurt announced all-im portant captain block scene spread residents tough injury fortunately crews fans com ing broke unable sustained sports against organisers apartm ent news owing attra ct forced game blaze incident A fire w h ic h ______________ out th is m orning in a n _______________on Beach Avenue_______________ quickly through t h e ______________ More than fifty fire -fig h te rs _______________ th e _______________ All t h e -------------------------w e re --------------------------to leave the building b u t_______________no one was seriously -------------------------in t h e ---------------------------F ire _______________ are still at t h e _______________ Police and fire officers are trying t o ______________ t h e _______________of the fire. In -------------------------news it w a s --------------------------today t h a t _______________of the firs t Bay City Marathon are hoping t o ------------------------ international runners as well a s _______________ athletes. And some football news ju s t -------------------------in: Andy Barton, t h e _______________ of Bay City United, will b e _______________to play in tonight’s ______________ cup m a tc h _______________ to t h e _______________h e _______________ during Sunday’s g a m e ______________ W estport. This is b a d _______________for U n ite d_______________ Tonight’s ______________ is going to be a _______________ one. In d iv id u a l sp e a k in g You are g o in g to ta lk a b o u t an e ve n t w h ic h is in th e n ew s n o w o r w h ic h has been in th e n ew s re ce n tly. You can ch o o s e an in te rn a tio n a l, n a tio n a l o r lo ca l event. H I Make notes. 1 Which event are you going to ta lk about? How did you learn about it? ______________________ _____________________________ _ _ _ ^ ________________________________ __ Why have you chosen to speak about th is event? 2 __ ________________________________________________ When did it h a p p e n ? _____________________________________________________ Where did it happen? __________________________ Describe the event in as much detail as possible ' ______________________________________ _ Describe w hat happened after the event. 3 How did people react to the event? Can anything be learned from th is event? M ____________________________ Using the notes you have made, speak to the class about the event you have chosen. Illustrate your talk with pictures if you can. Listening and speaking: listening comprehension (complete the news bulletin): individual speaking (an event in the news) "| "J ^ Writing Planning your w riting assignm ent You have read and discussed a newspaper report about the festival at Bay City College. You are now going to imagine that your school has held a 'performance day' with music, dance, readings, sports displays, etc. Write a newspaper report about the performance day. Headline Make notes of a few ideas fo r your headline. you vvai/vt to alienage I t whev'v- y o u r report Is written,. By-line You can use your own name or make up a name you would have liked to be called! Opening paragraph Your opening paragraph m ust keep the reader interested and give specific inform ation, Think about the event you are w riting about. W hat exactly was it? ________________________________________________________ When did it happen? Where did it happen? Who was involved? Facts and statistics You m ust decide what events in the performance day you are going to report, The assignm ent makes some suggestions th a t you could include. •music - solo singing/ c h o ir/in d iv id u a l instruments / orchestra / band? Make detailed notes on the m usic in the performance day. •dance - individual/ group / ballroom / modern / traditional? Make detailed notes on the dance in the perform ance day. 12 Writing: a newspaper report • readings - individual/ group / poetry / fiction / students’ own work? Make detailed notes on the readings in the performance day. • sports displays - individual/ group/ gymnastics / football skills / tennis? Make detailed notes on the sports displays in the performance day. Now you know what, where, when, who and details of the events, you can work out the sequence of your report. Sequence Paragraph 1 : w hat/ w here/ when / who? Paragraph 2 : __________________________ Paragraph 3 : __________________________ Paragraph 4 : __________________________ Paragraph 5 : __________________________ Paragraph Opinions Past tenses Captioned illustrations 6: __________________________ Make notes on: Who you will quote Their opinion Whose words you will report Their opinion What you express an opinion about Your opinion Remember, you are w riting about som ething th a t has already happened. Use past tenses. If you cannot actually include illustrations, leave boxed spaces in the report where you would put them. W rite y o u r f ir s t d ra ft. Proofread It fo r I'wistalees. e d it y o u r f ir s t d ra ft to Improve the -paragraphs, sei'v-tei'v-ce s tructure av^d voc.abu.Lary choices. Writing: a newspaper report 13 Unit 1 Self-assessment Read through this page. Tick the tasks and areas of w ork you feel confident about. Use the CHECK! advice to help you revise your w ork and track your progress. Reading Language practice You have read a newspaper report of the college's Arts Day. Punctuation As well as information, it included opinion and the writer's impression of the event. Have you understood the three ways of ending a sentence? Are you confident you can recognise these different features in the report? |jj/j] W rite your own short sentences using the punctuation. Check them against the rules on SB page 12. [/ Scan the text and m ake sure you can find an exam ple of each one. I CHECK!\f you have made m istakes or you are not sure, ire-read the rules. Find examples in other texts and jstudy correct usage in different contexts. CHECK! Look back at the features on SB page 15 if you are not sure of these features. You have read the report several times. Can you read it with confidence? Q) Do you have a good understanding of it? I Q |~~| CHECK! If you th in k you need more reading practice, listen and follow the text, then read it yourself at least once. Go back over any sections th at you have not understood well. Language use Are you confident about complex sentences? Do you understand these terms: main clause; conjunction; subordinate clause ? I I . ] [ / ] Spot them in this sentence: It was warm but it was raining, which was annoying. Vocabulary CHECK! Look back at page 12 if you found this difficult. Look at the word list for Unit 1 on page 139 of your workbook. Do you know all these words? I I I I in version of sub ject and verb Have you prepared your presentation on a news event? Can you remember how to form this structure? □ CHECK! If you need to revise it, look at the Gram m ar box on SB page 11. CHECK! Read through the Gram m ar box on SB page 13 if |you aren't sure about these. Do you know how to use the auxiliaries yourself? CHECK To bear the correct tone in using these auxiliaries, listen again to the discussion in the computer room, track 1.03. B 14 Unit 1 Self-assessment CHECK! When you have given your presentation, try it again using fewer notes. Do you know what the first paragraph must do? CHECK! If you’re not sure, look at the W riting features Checklist on SB page 15. Writing assignment Q Say w hat th ese uses are: “/ work hard er than you do. And you never h elp .” “That’s n o t true, I do! A nd I do w ork h ard !” I CHECK!\f you have not yet given your presentation, practise it again. Are you sure about the purpose of the headline? I Grammar in use / I ( Writing features The horsem en gallo p ed out o f the forest. CHECK! If you couldn’t do this easily, look at the G rammar box again. Do you know when to use the auxiliary verbs do, does and did? Q Have you given your presentation? [ 7 Invert the o rder of th is sentence: I □ CHECK! Practise talking with a friend about any news you have heard on radio or TV. Grammar Can you remember when you can use this and for what purpose? Listening and speaking Did you talk about the items of news you heard in the bulletin? CHECK! Use your dictionary to look up words you’re not sure about. Have you completed your newspaper report? Did you compare it with the Checklist of features before you decided it was finished? Q Did you automatically check spelling, grammar, punctuation? I I CHECK! If you didn’t make these checks, make sure |y o u do them next tim e. 2I am writing t o s d p l Start-up} Note your answers to SB pages 16-17 here. here, ___ jjj Note your answers to the questions about letters. A letter I have w ritten was t o ___________________ A nersonal le tter 1 received was ___ Out of email and text 1 m ost often use Reading for A reason for writing a form al letter is A reason for w riting an informal letter is Vocabulary treasure trove base camp field trip art form Grammar inversion means Parts of a sentence th a t could be inverted are Language practice Punctuation Two occasions when commas are needed in writing are: 1 2 Language use Two features o f informal w riting are Grammar in use a credit card i s ___________________ It is u s e d ______________________________________________ You can have one i f ____________________________________ The setting sun glowed in the western sky lik e _____________ Listening and speaking one thing i like a lo t:_____ One thing I absolutely can’t s ta n d :_______________________ Two incidents th a t upset Lucie on the way to school could be I Conversation focus F ill Answer the questions. 1 Who has Giorgio w ritten a letter to ? __________________________________________________________________________ 2 Who does Gustav say people have learned about from his le tte rs ? _______________________________________________ 3 What sound is Giorgio’s ring tone on his phone?_______________________________________________________________ Writing 1 he easier kind of le tter to write i s __________________________________________________________ because: 2 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unit 2 Start-up 15 1 Vocabulary | Check you understand all these words. Find them in the text. W rite the word class for each one as it was used in the letters. 1 contribution ______ 2 _____________ 3 cutting 4 behalf ______ 5 c o n s e rv a tio n _____________ 6 live up to ______ 8 sensational 7 e fficient enhance sponsor _____________ 9 10 clip ______ 11 assume _____________ 12 scatter 13 fistfu l ______ 14 passion _____________ 15 devoted 16 intrigued ______ 17 scintillating _____________ 18 phenomenal 19 am ateur ______ 20 _____________ 21 generosity calligraphy W M Use the correct suffix to m ake a noun from each of these verbs. W rite the com plete word. -ship -m ent -tion -ing sponsor enhance 1 assume 2 _________________ devote 3 ______________ scatter ■ClWord fam ily: contribute Use the correct form of th e word to com plete each sentence. 1 Gustav h a s ___________________avery good article to the school magazine. 2 The sensational fireworks were a ______________________________ factor in the success of the 3 festival. The m a in _____________________________to the cost of the fireworks came from Lee’s dad. 4 A local sculptor was a s ig n ific a n t___________________________ to the a rt’s programme for the festival. M iM Rewrite the phrases from th e text replacing th e expressions in italics with w ords from the box. W rite ‘form al’ ■ and ‘inform al’ at the top of the correct colum n. very much rather excellent concentrating im pressed w illing 1 she was a bit concerned _______________________________ 2 the absolutely sensational fireworks _______________________________ 3 I’d really like to know _______________________________ 4 we were all bowled over _______________________________ 5 he’d be up for it ----------------------------------------------------- 6 a great video clip 7 keeping my mind on chem istry _______________________________ _______________________________ Com plete the sentences with these phrases: h o w ’s it g oing by the way _____________________________, I m eant to ask you about your project s o _______ I m eant to ask you about your project s o ___________________________ , _______ 16 Vocabulary: word classes; suffixes; word family; formal/informal expressions truly impressive Comprehension ¥ m m W ho was it? Read the question and w rite the name. 1 Who took photos of objects shown by Professor Barnes at the firs t festival? 2 Who has a special interest in early form s o f writing? 3 Who wants to include writing as an art form in the next festival? 4 Who lives on Ocean Avenue? 5 Who encouraged and supported the festival com m ittee during the last year? 6 Who is doing work experience at the mom ent? 9 10 ______________ ______________ 7 Who sent a letter to Lee’s father? 8 ______________ ______________ ______________ Who knows tha t pandas are rare? Who is an am ateur calligrapher? ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ Who has got a te s t at the end o f the week? ______________ w m Decide if these statem ents are T (true), F (false) or NS (not stated). 1 The DVD has pictures of treasure from Ancient Britain. N _____ 2 The photographs o f the treasure trove were taken by Professor Barnes. _____ 3 The next festival programme will be illustrated in full colour. _____ 4 The com m ittee would like Professor Barnes to open the second festival. _____ 5 Lee is enjoying his work experience in China. _____ 6 Tasha has sent the photo of a panda for Lee. _____ 7 Lee’s fa ther is not very interested in calligraphy. _____ 8 The com m ittee is going to try to get four other calligraphers as well. _____ Com plete the sentences using the correct form of th e words from the box. s ca tte r 1 passion contribute sponsor form jew el In Lucie’s photo, it looks as if a giant hand h a s _____________________________lights across the sky. 2 Lee’s dad was t h e _o f the fireworks at last year’s festival. 3 Professor Barnes was a m a in _____________________________to the last festival. 4 Todd has developed a _____________________________fo r pyrotechnics. 5 The literature event could include early w riting and hand w riting as an a r t ____________________________ . 6 E The colours and shapes o f the fireworks exploded lik e ____________________________ breaking apart. l Com plete th e sentences. C heck the text to make sure you are right. 1 Lucie contributed to the DVD and the Arts Day through her skills i n _____________________________ 2 Lee has always wanted to get involved i n _____________________________ 3 Todd is interested i n ________________________________ . 4 At the present tim e, Todd is meant to keep his mind o n _____________________________. 5 Todd is planning to s tu d y _____________________________. 6 Lee’s father is enthusiastic a b o u t_____________________________. Comprehension: literal questions; true/false/not statec date 179 Grammar Rewrite the follow ing sentences. Use inversion of subject and verb. S tart your sentences with the verbs in brackets. 1 If the perform ance had been shorter, it would have been more enjoyable. (Had) 2 If you require assistance, please ring the bell. (Should) 3 If the professor gave a talk, it would attra c t considerable interest. (Should) 4 If the principal le ft the school, she would be greatly missed. (Were) 5 If Todd is not able to attend the meeting, Tasha will take his place. (Should) 6 If audiences had not enjoyed the festival, the com m ittee would not have created a DVD. (Had) W M Rewrite these sentences putting the subordinate clause second. 1 Should you have any problems, do not hesitate to call me. 2 Were the brakes to fail, there would be a terrible accident. 3 Had he passed his exams, Ben could have gone to university. 4 Should you change your mind, it will cause considerable inconvenience. Do not hesitate to call me should vou have any problems._________ ■ C l Com plete the follow ing sentences using your own ideas. E H l 1 Should you feel unwell during the night, we w ill have to call a doctor._______ 2 Were John to fail his e x a m s ,______ __ __________________________________ 3 Had Carol given a poor presentation, _ _ _ _______________________________ 4 Should you need any h e lp ,____________________________________________ 5 The audience would be disappointed should the star o f the show not appear. 6 The m echanic would be responsible were the c a r _________________________ 7 The principal would have been angry had the s tu d e n ts ____________________ 8 Please call th is number should y o u _____________________________________ Com plete the following conditional sentences using your own ideas. 8 1 Should y o u ____________________________________ 2 Were you t o ___________________________________ 3 Had y o u __________________________________ Grammar, inversion in conditional sentences Language practice A P u n c tu a tio n C om m as A dd th e m is s in g co m m a s . 1 Gustav a music 2 The audience 3 M iss Jackson 4 The com m ittee 5 Grateful 6 The 7 In 8 the fo r Standing to in talked about fo r an the in next injured The applauding River Boys. shouted congratulated the Barnes’ displayed plan contacted and headm istress Professor exhibition order student standing festival help the hall festival ballerina for the the DVDProfessor Tasha wrote was amazing. we Eva more. com m ittee. m ust decide gave a Barnes and future plans. to thank him. on the com m ittee members wonderful very soon. performance. B L a n g u a g e use Informal writing M M These p a irs o f s e n te n c e s c o m e fro m d iffe re n t le tte rs . M ark th e m F = F orm al o r I = In fo rm a l. A fte r th e in fo rm a l s e n te n c e , w rite th e tw o fe a tu re s o f in fo rm a l s ty le th a t y o u n o tic e d . 1 a b 2 a We hope th a t you will be able to vis it us soon. We hope you’ll be able to come over soon. I hate this hot weather. 4 /. short form, vocabulary, come over__________________ ___________________________________________________ b The weather is unpleasantly hot. 3 _F_________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ a It was quite surprising. ___________________________________________________ b It was a bit of a surprise! ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ a Your holiday’s going to be absolutely great. b I feel certain your holiday will be enjoyable. ___________________________________________________ 5 a The large hotel would be m ost suitable. ___________________________________________________ b I know you will like the big hotel best. ___________________________________________________ 6 a Can’t you possibly come next week? ___________________________________________________ b I wonder if next week is possible for you. ___________________________________________________ W rite th is p a ra g ra p h in in fo rm a l s ty le . I would very much like to visit Rome. I am extremely interested in history. I have a great fascination for Roman architecture. My firs t destination would be the Roman baths as I understand they are truly impressive. Language practice: punctuation (commas): language practice (informal writing) 19 Grammar in use | Com plete the sentences with like, a s ... as, or as if. 1 Tasha’s eyes w e re ______________ b ig ______________ saucc 2 Lucie was g rinning______________a kid at a birthday party. 3 The plane soared up into the s k y ___________ _ a huge bird. 4 _____ his cheeks were on fire. Blushing with embarrassment, Joe f e l t ______ 5 That terrible joke i s ______________o ld ______ 6 ______ the hills. The old tree creaked and groaned in the wind _ ___________ it was in pain. | Name the pictures. Then use the nouns to complete the sentences. Add adjectives if you can. i I l L 1 The road went up and down over the hills like _ 2 Snow covered the fields lik e ________________ 3 The bag fell into the water and sank lik e _____ 4 The river wound its way through the valley like _ 5 The waterfall cascaded from the high c liff like _ 6 H Tears streamed down the g irl’s face lik e ______ Com plete the sentences with words from the box. quick free white quiet light 1 The girl crept out of the room a s ______________as a mouse. 2 School was finished for the summer and the boy was a s ______ 3 He answered the questions a s ______________as a flash. 4 The statue looked heavy but it was a s _____ _ as a feather. 5 The news was a shock. Jane’s face went as _ _____ as a sheet. it's good to lew)w expressions lltee these but u s in g y o u r own, o rig in a l Ideas Is iM-ore Interesting! I Use your own ideas to describe someone you know. Write three sentences using the words in brackets. Who are you going to describe? 1 (as...as) 2 (like) 3 (as if) 20 ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ______________________ _______________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________ _______________ __ _____________________________________________________________ Grammar in use: figurative language: like, as ... as, as if / a s though
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