Tài liệu English vocabulary in use elementary level test

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English Vocabulary in Use Elementary Level Test 1 2 I in my English lessons. A got a good time B have got a good time You can A make C have a good time skiing, swimming, dancing and shopping. C take D go B do ?’ ‘I’m listening to music’. B do you do C do you like doing 3 ‘What A are you doing 4 this morning. A I did a coffee B I made a coffee C I’m doing a coffee 5 last night? What time did you A come home B come to home C come back to home 6 How A long it is 7 8 Please can you turn the TV A off B on C down D up D get over goodbye. B said me C said He A told 10 You can A catch B miss train, plane and bicycle. C go by A July is the sixth month of the year. B June C January D May Laura’s A out B abroad 11 at the moment but she’ll be back in ten minutes. C here 13 The driver sits at the A side B beginning 14 She drives A good B well of the bus. C middle D front . C slow D fastly .’ 15 ‘The weather’s nice today’. ‘Yes, it’s A terrible B lovely C dreadful 16 ‘Jacek is so easy-going’. ‘Yes, he’s always A happy B lovely C relaxed D kind 17 This house is A very quite 18 D far ? I can’t hear it! very well with my sister. B get on C get up I A get out 9 12 to get to the airport? B much C long does it take . B very quiet .’ C very quietly ‘Kate has a husband now’. ‘Yes, she’s A single B widowed C divorced .’ D married English Vocabulary in Use Elementary PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2008 www.cambridge.org/elt/inuse 19 This is my niece– my . A brother’s son B brother’s daughter C aunt’s sister. is not part of your leg. B toe C knee D foot 20 Your A thumb 21 I’m A wearing a green shirt. B having C carrying 22 He’s A too thin . He should eat more. B slim C handsome 23 Take an aspirin for A headaches B asthma . C hay-fever D vomiting . D well 24 ‘Sad’ is the opposite of A hot B happy C ill 25 ’ ‘I passed my exam!’ ‘ A Bless you! B Good luck! C Cheers! . C Sweden 26 Steffi is Swiss. She’s from A Switzerland B Holland 27 We saw some lightening, then we heard loud A thunder B fog C snow 28 You can borrow books from the A post office B bookshop 29 31 32 . has lots of trees. B field C forest A Snakes live on a farm. B Sheep C Elephants 33 A A banana D town hall D river D Fish at the train station. C boarding card You see the word A check in B platform ‘EXIT’ means A go out B go in . C library A A village 30 D Congratulations! D flight . C go up is red and soft. B An orange C An apple D A strawberry in the kitchen. B saucepans C wardrobes 34 You find A shampoo 35 You find an alarm clock, wardrobe and chest of drawers in the A bathroom B kitchen C bedroom 36 You keep books on a A bookshelf B sofa 37 38 . C armchair . A doctor works A in a shop B in an office When you finish university you A give a lecture B do a course 39 A An email D dining table C in a factory D at the hospital . C get a degree is not part of a computer. B A screen C A mouse . D take notes D A keyboard 40 We want to take the car with us so we’re going by A plane B ferry C train 41 You go to the A book shop 42 ‘Have you booked a room?’ ‘Yes, I .’ A have a reservation B would like a double room . to buy lipstick, aspirin and toothpaste. B butcher C toy shop D chemist C checked in Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2008 43 44 ‘ ’ ‘Yes, I’ll have fish and salad’. A What do you want? B Are you ready to order? She plays A swimming everyday. B karate C running C Is everything all right? D tennis 45 A is about ghosts or dead people. A horror film B musical C comedy D western 46 A DVD tonight? Shall we A see B listen to C watch D look at 47 A A terrorist attacked me in the street and stole my bag. B mugger C vandal D robber 48 A A talk show is often on TV every day and is about people’s lives. B cartoon C documentary D soap opera 49 . Can you repair my TV? A It’s untidy B It isn’t working C It’s out of order 50 A A strike is a type of natural disaster. B hurricane C car crash D It’s crashed D war Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2008 English Vocabulary in Use Elementary Level Test Answer Key 1 C Unit 2 D Unit 3 A Unit 4 B Unit 5 A Unit 6 C Unit 7 D Unit 8 B Unit 9 C Unit 10 C Unit 11 B Unit 12 A Unit 3 4 5 6 7 8 11 11 13 14 16 18 13 D Unit 14 B Unit 15 B Unit 16 C Unit 17 B Unit 18 D Unit 19 B Unit 20 A Unit 21 A Unit 22 A Unit 23 A Unit 24 B Unit 25 D Unit 18 19 22 23 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 English Vocabulary in Use Elementary PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2008 www.cambridge.org/elt/inuse 26 A Unit 27 A Unit 28 C Unit 29 C Unit 30 B Unit 31 B Unit 32 A Unit 33 D Unit 34 B Unit 35 C Unit 36 A Unit 37 D Unit 38 C Unit 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 39 A Unit 40 B Unit 41 D Unit 42 A Unit 43 B Unit 44 D Unit 45 A Unit 46 C Unit 47 B Unit 48 D Unit 49 B Unit 50 B Unit 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
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