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2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101. The city's mayor is ------- to attend this weekend's charity marathon. 105. The executives of Walt & Warren have finally reached a ------- regarding the merger with Grainger Enterprises. (A) continued (B) involved (A) decide (C) expected (B) decision (D) presented (C) decisive (D) decidedly 102. Mrs. Lewis made the decision to resign from her post after a long discussion with 106. Access to the business lounge is limited to those who have ------- a membership ------- colleagues. card or their member identification (A) she badge with them. (B) her (C) hers (A) either (D) herself (B) both (C) each 103. Mark's new office is only a short drive (D) any ------- the Saint bridge. 107. When taking a tour of our cosmetic (A) across laboratory, please move through ------- not (B) about to disturb our researchers. (C) outside (A) quiet (D) between (B) quietly 104. Jack Sampson, the vice president of Urban (C) quietest Automotives, is famous for being very ------- to (D) quieted his clients. 108. The team's project manager, Eileen, is (A) attention known ------- her exceptional (B) attentive organization skills. (C) attentively (D) attentiveness (A) as (B) along (C) during (D) for Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 109. The board of directors has not ------- the contract with the new distributor yet. 113. Our flight to Narita International Airport is scheduled to ------- at 10 A.M. on Wednesday. (A) final (B) finally (A) raise (C) finalize (B) vacate (D) finalized (C) transport (D) depart 110. Our customer service team found your comments ------- and would like you to fill out a more detailed evaluation form. 114. Hartford & Associates has publicized ------Mrs. Jane Freeman will be the newest member to their legal team. (A) useful (B) interested (A) what (C) expectant (B) that (D) confirmed (C) while (D) because 111. Phillip wants to successfully complete a few more projects before ------- applies for the vice president position. 115. A recent agreement to share market data and statistics will be mutually ------- for the two publishers. (A) he (B) his (A) benefits (C) him (B) beneficially (D) himself (C) beneficial 112. The regional supervisor is putting together team-based ------- for new trainees for each of the main offices. (A) position (B) occupations (D) benefited 116. Following a brief introduction about his previous work experience, Mr. Kayato thanked the president for the ------- to join Kremlin Consultants. (C) assertion (D) orientations (A) fortune (B) opportunity (C) situation (D) event Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 117. The server had been updated ------- than was 121. Life Fitness has sent letters of appreciation out to customers ------- are expected to initially thought. renew their memberships. (A) recently (B) more recent (A) who (C) more recently (B) whose (D) most recently (C) when (D) where 118. ------- our factory is to maintain its relationships with our retailers, we must increase 122. TelePrompt has openings for secretarial assistants that we hope to ------- by the end production. of the month. (A) How (B) Until (A) create (C) If (B) fill (D) As if (C) make 119. Employees are ------- from eating outside of designated rest areas during their lunch breaks. (D) inform 123. With a 15 percent ------- in sales, the Jeweler can look forward to have its best quarter yet. (A) prohibit (B) prohibited (A) increase (C) prohibiting (B) increases (D) prohibitions (C) to increase 120. Matthew has put in a transfer request in order (D) increased to stay ------- to his parents. 124. As the head accountant is out of the office (A) close today, the budget meeting will be ------- until (B) thankful next week. (C) contained (D) regular (A) taken (B) remained (C) proceeded (D) postponed Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 125. The CEO said that Mrs. Lytle will be ------- of 129. Organic Generation was a supermarket marketing the new line of women's casual that ------- on carrying only certifiably wear. organic products. (A) management (A) insist (B) leadership (B) insisting (C) in charge (C) insistent (D) in place (D) insisted 126. At the beginning of the fiscal year, interest rates climbed ------- 3.2 percent, up half a point from the previous year. 130. The Director of Sales can't attend the meeting because of a ------- in his already busy schedule. (A) at (B) in (A) conflict (C) to (B) combination (D) on (C) preservation (D) following 127. Family First Funds is now making a ------brochure to offer diversified portfolios to its 131. A patient's consent must be ------- given before the surgery. clients. (A) detail (A) expresses (B) detailed (B) expressive (C) details (C) expressing (D) detailing (D) expressly 128. Initial fears about the compatibility of the 132. We highly recommend that you extend the program with personal computers have ------- six-month ------- on your laptop if you intend been resolved and the manufacturers have to take it overseas. begun production. (A) warranty (A) soon (B) subscription (B) after (C) expiration (C) since (D) supply (D) often Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 133. Following a long -------, the insurance company was cleared of corruption charge. 137. The city council provides free tax guides to local businesses to guarantee ------- with federal taxation policies. (A) investigate (B) investigated (A) rise (C) investigation (B) compliance (D) investigative (C) accumulation (D) probability 134. Of all herbal medicine manufacturers, Green Leaf is one of the ------- to have international 138. Mountain Sports, Inc. has announced the ------- closure of its European branches distribution rights. following nearly a decade of decreasing revenue. (A) some (B) few (C) most (A) strategize (D) little (B) strategies (C) strategic 135. This year's heavy rains ------- affected road (D) strategically construction plans scheduled to be completed 139. Racer Bus Services has reported significant this fall. ------- in profits due to the new Amtrak line. (A) adversely (B) valuably (A) lose (C) strenuously (B) losses (D) exactly (C) lost (D) losing 136. Although it was a difficult choice, Bright Logo's designs better ------- our company's image. 140. Stock analysts on Wall Street wrongly ------that Midwest Grains would dominate the industry this year. (A) suit (B) suits (A) collected (C) suitable (B) selected (D) suitably (C) sponsored (D) anticipated Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 141-143 refer to the following memo. To: Inventory and Shipping Departments From: Charles Lee, Manager Subject: Reminder Date: Feb. 5, 2007 This is to remind you that, starting on Wednesday, the regular cargo docks will be temporarily closed while the construction crew works on expanding the old storehouse. The work is expected to continue until February 21. While the warehouse is undergoing -------, all vehicles will be redirected to the north side of the 141. (A) inquiry (B) payment (C) renovation (D) appraisal structure. This ------- all trucks that load and unload at the docks. The north side of the facility is under 142. (A) was to include (B) include (C) to include (D) includes the oversight of Mr. Mel Gavino. Any question about the provisional docks should be directed to -------. 143. (A) these (B) him (C) them (D) which Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 144 to 146 refer to the following e-mail. To: Kristen Garcia From: Portia Brooks Subject: Report Date: Tues, 19 Aug 2008 Hello Kristen, Thank you for sending me the product distribution report. It gave me a clearer understanding of ------144. (A) lately (B) now (C) able (D) recent marketing developments. I am confident that my team will be able to make good use of the ------- to study strategies for 145. (A) data (B) funds (C) time (D) offer marketing the company’s new line of products. I have some inquiries about the information. Would you mind ------- with me on any morning this week? 146. (A) meet (B) to meet (C) meeting (D) having met Thanks again for the hard work you put in to complete the report. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 147 to 149 refer to the following e-mail. To: Kenneth Moore From: Kayla Stewart Subject: Catering Service Date: Sep. 14, 2007 Dear Mr. Moore, Thank you for your inquiry regarding catering service for your September 20 event. I ------- to provide 147. (A) had been pleased (B) was pleased (C) would be pleased (D) will please a classic French menu for your annual Ales Group Company branch conference. For your dinner gathering, may I suggest starting the meal with an assortment of hors d’oeuvres such as freshly steamed mussels with white wine sauce and a charcuterie plate with pâté, duck breast, olives and sliced French bread? For the entrée, I propose offering a ------- of beef tenderloin medallions 148. (A) range (B) choice (C) preference (D) nomination or pan-seared salmon. As a side dish, fried garlic and parsley potatoes and crepes are all delicious accompaniments. For dessert, a raspberry chocolate mousse cake and tiramisu will be a ------149. (A) satisfyingly (B) satisfied (C) satisfaction (D) satisfying conclusion to the meal. The menu is priced at $35 to $45 per person, depending on your selection. Please contact me at 5559900 to discuss the details. Kindest regards, Kayla Stewart Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 150 through 152 refer to the following article. A well-known Finnish store is coming ashore. Stockton’s, Finland’s largest and most popular discount department store chain, ------- its plan to 150. (A) was announced (B) will be announcing (C) has announced (D) will announce establish a franchise in the United States. F. Mietissen, the company’s spokesman, said at a press conference on Wednesday that the chain will open five department stores on the west coast of the United States over the next two years. “------- the success of these stores,” Mr. Mietissen said, “Stockton’s will make a decision on whether to 151. (A) Due to (B) Depending on (C) So that (D) In contrast continue expanding in other parts of the country.” Stockton’s initial ------- is expected to surpass 120 million euros. 152. (A) delay (B) circulation (C) delivery (D) investment Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 8월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101 C 102 B 103 A 104 B 105 B 106 A 107 B 108 D 109 D 110 A 111 A 112 D 113 D 114 B 115 C 116 B 117 C 118 C 119 B 120 A 121 A 122 B 123 A 124 D 125 C 126 C 127 B 128 C 129 D 130 A 131 D 132 A 133 C 134 B 135 A 136 A 137 B 138 C 139 B 140 D 141 C 142 D 143 B 144 D 145 A 146 C 147 C 148 B 149 D 150 C 151 B 152 D ※ 해설은 http://www.Hackers.co.kr 에서 확인하세요. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101. Ms. Bradshaw informed Mr. Tanner that 105. Market analysts are surprised that Xcell she would be working for ------- office as Electric's quarterly ------- have been an intern over the summer. steadily increasing by about 4 percent. (A) he (A) profit (B) his (B) profitable (C) him (C) profits (D) himself (D) profited 102. The marketing director showed the annual 106. Mattson Tax Agency has been handling profits distributed ------- between the our company's annual taxes ------- over corporate executives and the 30 years. shareholders to the CEO. (A) among (A) equal (B) since (B) equally (C) with (C) equality (D) for (D) equalize 107. Patrick accepted an associate position at 103. Queens Hotel ------- substantial discounts Harrison & Associates as it offers flexible to corporations that often lodge their working hours and ------- health benefits. employees there. (A) excels (A) offers (B) excellent (B) buys (C) excellently (C) tells (D) excelled (D) travels 108. Inspectors visit the area's major 104. Our store is closed this week ------- the security system is enhanced. corporations once a year to ensure that employment procedures are followed -------. (A) during (B) after (A) absolutely (C) along (B) decidedly (D) while (C) normally (D) properly Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 109. A press conference about the sudden 113. As a sales representative, ------- have to resignation of the financial minister will be develop your interpersonal communication ------- today at 4 P.M. skills. (A) hold (A) you (B) held (B) your (C) holding (C) yours (D) is holding (D) yourself 114. Your eligibility for the fellowship depends 110. As the number of participants is confirmed ------- the schedule is set, the marketing division will design a poster for the conference. on the kind of research you do and the awards you -------. (A) possess (B) possessing (A) but (C) had possessed (B) and (D) will possess (C) yet (D) if 115. The film "Love Lost" is a stunning ------- of 111. Visitors to the laboratory facilities must show ------- a valid driver's license or a personal ID card to security before entering. the best-selling novel by Richard Keen. (A) adapt (B) adapter (A) both (C) adapted (B) neither (D) adaptation (C) whether 116. Every employee is required to attend ------- (D) either one of the training workshops each month. 112. Going into the city by the expressway takes ------- longer than the local roads because of (A) so that heavy traffic. (B) at least (C) only if (A) even (D) as much (B) so (C) too (D) more Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 117. Mackley's online Business Ethics journal ------- publishes articles by well-known 121. When experiencing technical difficulties, it is ------- to consult with a trained expert. social-psychologists. (A) capable (A) frequent (B) interested (B) frequency (C) helpful (C) frequently (D) usable (D) frequented 122. The Greydog Bus group has decided to 118. Pure Bliss Inc. is trying innovative marketing erect advertising billboards along the ------- on its new line of cosmetics. highways as a way of ------- travelers. (A) approached (A) attracts (B) approaches (B) attraction (C) approach (C) attractive (D) approaching (D) attracting 119. Construction of the skyway has ------- been approved by city officials and will begin next month. 123. The ------- for taking a holiday includes filling out a vacation request form. (A) establishment (A) highly (B) measurement (B) exactly (C) transaction (C) soon (D) procedure (D) recently 120. Modern Art Studio canceled its outdoor ------- 124. When hiring new employees, we only offer of contemporary photography due to bad positions to applicants ------- qualifications weather. match the company's high standards. (A) exhibiting (A) that (B) exhibition (B) than (C) exhibitor (C) whose (D) exhibited (D) which Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 125. We were informed ------- President Forrester 129. ------- the competition, Graystone Juice's that three new accountants would join the team leaders stand by the company's next week. commitment to environmental responsibility by producing eco-friendly (A) at packaging. (B) by (C) until (A) Before (D) of (B) Instead (C) Unlike 126. Axion Shot is the ------- manufacturer of digital (D) Contrary camcorders and cameras in the world. 130. Director Tim Crane is in town attending (A) leading multiple gatherings to ------- his most recent (B) leader movie. (C) leads (D) leadership (A) emerge (B) disturb 127. In order to receive a refund for faulty products, you have to turn in an original receipt and a (C) promote (D) pose ------- complaint form. 131. To ensure the assembly workers remain (A) performed -------, the supervisor asks them not to chat (B) completed during the work hours. (C) concluded (D) succeeded (A) productive (B) advantageous 128. Obtaining ------- in CPR requires 120 hours of class time, in addition to a live demonstration (C) durable (D) abundant in front of a teacher. 132. Due to an ------- in need for organic foods, (A) certification distributors are racing to make contracts (B) certificate with local organic farmers. (C) certifies (D) certify (A) increase (B) error (C) effort (D) intention 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 133. Although Ellen has had a remarkable sales 137. It became very ------- that the project record since being hired, she is ------- to accept wouldn't be finished on time after the a management position because of the planning stage was extended by one month. increased responsibility. (A) negligible (A) hesitance (B) contingent (B) hesitant (C) apparent (C) hesitated (D) prerequisite (D) hesitantly 138. Montgomery Inc. insists that its stock prices 134. Mary White is expected by experts ------- Dan ------- stable despite an unpredictable market Fraiser as CEO of Washburn Enterprises when caused by several companies filing for he retires next year. bankruptcy. (A) succession (A) is remaining (B) successive (B) have remained (C) successor (C) were remained (D) to succeed (D) to remain 135. It is common for trainees to find themselves 139. The manager of the IT Department has ------- ------- on their instructors for information, but payment for the order to LCD monitors for we encourage self-reliance. its employees' computers. (A) depend (A) reminder (B) dependence (B) authorized (C) dependent (C) equipped (D) dependently (D) stated 136. ------- Michael is on a leave of absence this 140. In politics, it is necessary to offer a clear month, he might be willing to do some work ------- for new legislation and policies in from home. order to convince the public. (A) Whenever (A) cooperation (B) In order that (B) management (C) Once (C) rationale (D) Even though (D) revision Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 141 to 143 refer to the following e-mail. From: Daniel Doyle To: Lois Henares Subject: Our appointment Date: Wed, 20 Sept 2008 Lois, I’m sending my apologies for having to ------- our 10:00 appointment for this morning. I was on 141. (A) record (B) plan (C) finance (D) cancel my way to your office but was suddenly called away to deal with an ------- problem at the factory. 142. (A) average (B) urgent (C) instant (D) complete I have asked Ms. Blanchard to reschedule our meeting on Friday at 11:00 A.M. Our agenda, as agreed upon, will be the implementation of a new inventory system. I would appreciate it if you could send other members scheduled to attend the meeting a summary of the points that ------- in your 143. (A) were covered (B) will be covered (C) are covering (D) to cover presentation on the new system. This should facilitate decision-making during our meeting. I hope you were not inconvenienced by the cancelation of our meeting this morning. All the best, Daniel Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 144 to146 refer to the following advertisement. For all subscribers to News Time Magazine! We are offering you a chance to renew your current subscription to News Time Magazine at the special rate of $63 for one year. If you renew before August 21, you ------- a beautiful hard-bound copy of 144. (A) are receiving (B) received (C) will receive (D) have received Nature: Top Scenic Spots Around the World and a pair of binoculars absolutely free. Also, if you purchase an ------- one-year subscription to the magazine, you will pay just $48 for 145. (A) adding (B) addition (C) additional (D) add 24 issues. The special low price makes News Time Magazine an ideal gift to give during the holiday season. Please be reminded that we will charge your credit card upon receipt of your order. -------, the 146. (A) However (B) After (C) Unless (D) When renewal term will not start until your present subscription is finished. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 147 to 149 refer to the following memo. To: Engineering Department From: Peter Manning Re: Pedestrian Hike and Bike Trail System Date: Aug. 27, 2008 We are pleased to announce that Callahan Construction Company has won the bid for the pedestrian hike and bike trail system to be constructed in Towson, Maryland. However, due to a problem with the timetable, the local government cannot agree to our proposed deadline. As such, we were unable to receive the ------- we asked for. 147. (A) extension (B) location (C) funding (D) invoice We now have to finish the hike and trail system one month earlier than the project completion date we planned for. In light of this development, we are asking all engineers to give attention only to toppriority projects ------- this one. 148. (A) instead of (B) more than (C) such as (D) as for We will be holding our initial meeting on Thursday at 10:00 A.M. It is important for us to finalize our strategies to meet the new deadline. Let us use this time for ------- a new plan for the project. 149. (A) to discuss (B) discuss (C) having discussed (D) discussing Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 150 to 152 refer to the following letter. July 19, 2008 GERALD PEMBERTON 5725 Delphi Drive Troy, Michigan 48098-2815 USA Dear Mr. Pemberton, We would like to thank you for booking exhibit space at the annual Electronics World Convention in Saginaw, Michigan. We anticipate more than 10,000 electronics enthusiasts to attend this year, so you can be ------- that the convention will be an ideal place to display your products. 150. (A) assuredly (B) assure (C) assuring (D) assured To make sure that your exhibit will be ready on the first day, we are enclosing instructions for setting up your booth. Along with your requested space, a table and one chair are included with the price of your booth. Other equipment and services such as an Internet connection are available for an ------151. (A) original (B) extra (C) eligible (D) authentic fee. For more information, please visit our Web site at www.electronicsworld.com/convention. To simplify preparation, an events coordinator ------- available to provide support during the 152. (A) was (B) has been (C) will be (D) will have been booth set-up period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the contact numbers or e-mail address listed on our Web site. Sincerely yours, JILL COLTRAINE PRESIDENT Electronics World Associates Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 9월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101 B 102 B 103 A 104 D 105 C 106 D 107 B 108 D 109 B 110 B 111 D 112 A 113 A 114 A 115 D 116 B 117 C 118 B 119 D 120 B 121 C 122 D 123 D 124 C 125 B 126 A 127 B 128 A 129 C 130 C 131 A 132 A 133 B 134 D 135 C 136 D 137 C 138 B 139 B 140 C 141 D 142 B 143 B 144 C 145 C 146 A 147 A 148 C 149 D 150 D 151 B 152 C ※ 해설은 http://www.Hackers.co.kr 에서 확인하세요. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved.
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