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Đây là 20 bài điền từ đã có key chuẩn theo tài liệu ôn của sở nội vụ công bố. mọi người đọc kỹ nhớ đáp án để làm trắc nghiệm nhé. đề thi sẽ bốc random 1 trong 20 bài này. chúc mọi người đạt kết quả cao nhất!
ĐÁP ÁN TRẮC NGHIỆM THI CÔNG CHỨC QUẢNG NGÃI ĐỢT 2 NĂM 2018 MÔN TIẾNG ANH ( PHẦN ĐIỀN TỪ) CLOZE TEST (20 BÀI) C1.Since food (1)_____ both important for physical and mental well being, theimportance of food in life is huge. Proper nutrition means (2)_____ you get all the essential nutrients required for healthy functioning of the body through your diet. These essential nutrients can only be obtained (3)_____ the diet. If your body is in shortage of these nutrients, it can have adverse effects on your overall functioning. The body (4)_____ the right amount of nutrients, and this can be only done through the diet. Importance of food nutrition can also be understood by the fact that even if a single micronutrient is missing or is in short supply, it (5)_____ cause serious implications for the functioning of the entire body. There are many different nutrients that (6)_____ to be consumed in order to maintain healthy functioning of the body. These nutrients (7)_____ vitamins and minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Each of these nutrients (8)______a vital role to play in the functioning of the body. Therefore, the deficiency of any one of them can cause (9)_____ organ system to fail. For instance, potassium deficiency causes muscle cramps and calcium deficiency can (10)_____ heart and bone diseases. KEY: 1. Is 2. That 3. Through 4. Needs 5. Can 6. Need 7. Are 8. Have 9. The 10. cause ##### C2. A healthy diet is the basis for (1)_____ well-functioning body. Food is the source of (2)_____ for all of our bodily functions and directly affects how our bodies and minds function in (3)_____ stage of life. There are a variety of reasons why a healthy diet is (4)_______, including disease prevention, maintenance of a healthy weight and quality of life. Calories are the unit of measure (5)_____ stored energy in food. The energy provided by food calories is needed for every function of the (6)______, including thought, physical activity, growth and healing. According to Medline Plus, foods containing an equal (7)______ of calories and nutrients are ideal for a balanced diet. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the building blocks of energy. After ingestion, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, (8)______ provides raw energy that is either used immediately or stored in the muscles for later use. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables and fruits provide a (9)______ of calories and nutrients, whereas simple carbs such as sugar and white flour are high in calories and low in nutrients, making them a poor choice (10)_____ energy production. KEY: 1. A 2. Health 3. Our 4. Needed 5. Of 6. Body 7. Amount 8. And 9. Lot 10. Of ##### C3.Most people have a (1)______ idea about what they want for their lives. The capacity to relay that vision to others is the challenge. This is something that sets apart a leader from (2)______ rest.The main quality that all leaders share is that they have a clear (3)_____ exciting vision for the future, and the ability to communicate that vision.Only a leader can (4)_____ about the future and plan for the future each day.In order to develop a clear vision andplan for your future, there are several tips to keep (5)_____ minds. Firstly, let communicate your vision. Secondly, let motivate people (6)_____ give their best. It is the vision of the future possibilities, of what can be, that arouses emotion and motivates people to give their best.The most powerful vision (7)_____ always qualitative, aimed at and described in terms of values and mission. It is not a quantitative vision, described (8)______ terms of money and numbers. Thirdly, let keep in mind that money is important. Of course, money is important. The decision and commitment to ‘be the best in the business,’ though, is far more exciting. Last but not (9)_____, let practice patience under pressure. This is the important quality required for rapid promotion is the ability to function well under pressure, especially in a crisis.Keeping your good performance in a crisis (10)______ to practice patience and self-control under difficult or disappointing circumstances. KEY: 1. Little 2. The 3. Minded 4. Talk 5. In 6. To 7. Are 8. In 9. Least 10. Help ##### C4.There are (1)______ major mental obstacles that deter financial success. The most common reason is that some people believe, for whatever reason, that they don’t deserve to (2)_____ rich.Some people believe that they don’t deserve to be successful and happy.Of course, this (3)_____ untrue. Yet, this negative way of thinking can lead to destructive financial habits. These habits can be hard to break. The first thing to do is that you (4)______ change your attitude toward money. Negative experiences in childhood, which are all too common, can have terrible effects. For example, when people (5)______ do succeed as the result of hard work, they feel guilty.These guilt feelings then cause them to do things to get rid of the money, to throw it away. They spend it or invest it foolishly. They lend (6)_____, lose it or give it away. They engage in self-sabotage. It can come in the form of overeating, excessive drinking, drug usage, marital infidelity and often dramatic personality (7)______.To change your results with money, you have to change your attitude (8)______ it. You have to make a habit of seeing money as something positive. It must be courted and coaxed and flattered and treated (9)_____ care and attention. It gravitates toward people who respect it, value it and are capable of doing worthwhile things with it. It flees from people who do not understand it, or who do not take proper care (10)_____ it. KEY: 1. Many 2. Be 3. Is 4. Should 5. Actually 6. It 7. Change 8. To 9. And 10. Of ##### C5.In a 2005 article called ‘Effects of Exercise and Diet on Chronic Disease’ it was reported that chronic illnesses in Western society (1)_____ increasing and are now the leading causes of death in the modern (2)_____. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC state that the top three killers (3)_____ America are heart disease, cancer and stroke as of 2007. The 2005 article also states that these chronic diseases are based (4)____ three main factors including genetics, diet, and physical activity levels. They state that most people have the perception that genes cause chronic disease, (5)_____ they state that the genetic factors are heavily influenced (6)_____ the environment and lifestyle that the person lives and not solely based (7)______ genes. Simply put, this means that if someone (8)_____ a family history of disease, they do not (9)_______ have the same destiny (10)_____ they make appropriate lifestyle changes. KEY: 1. Are 2. Society 3. In 4. On 5. And 6. By 7. On 8. Has 9. Believe 10. So ##### C6.The more (1)_____ you invest into setting priorities before you begin a task, the faster you will get the important things done. The (2)_____ important and valuable the task is to you, the more motivated you are to overcome procrastination and launch yourself into the job.William Matthews said, ‘The first law of success is concentration – to bend all the energies to one point, and to go directly (3)______ that point, looking neither to the right or to the left’. Today, I want to share a method of (4)_____-management for setting priorities that I’ve been using for years, called the ABCDE method.The ABCDE Method is (5)_____ powerful priority setting technique that you can use (6)_____ single day. This technique is so simple and effective that it can make you one of the most efficient and effective people (7)______ your field. The ABCDE list is a to-do-list on steroids when it comes to learning (8)______ to prioritize.The power of this technique lies in its simplicity because it’s so action oriented.Discipline yourself (9)_____ do nothing else until this one job is complete. It will become one of the best time-management tools you (10)_____ use. KEY: 1. Thinking 2. More 3. To 4. Lifestyle 5. A 6. Every 7. In 8. And 9. To 10. Can ##### C7.The most powerful word (1)______ how to become a public speaker is “ask”. The future belongs to the askers. The future belongs to people who confidently ask for what they (2)_____, and especially to speak to a company or organization.You can call them up (3)______explain that you specialize in this subject and that you’d love to speak to their organization.Ask them for the opportunity. Ask them (4)______ more information. Ask them if they use speakers and when they will next be using a speaker again.The more you ask, the more answers you (5)______.When I began my speaking career I advertised my seminars (6)_____ every possible way: radio, television, newspapers and even billboards if you can imagine, and direct mail by the thousands of pieces. And I did that (7)_____ I was broke.I used to joke that when I started off in professional speaking I learned how to sell again. I (8)______ my house. I sold my car and my furniture. I sold nearly everything trying to buy business with public advertising.You cannot get (9)______ engagements or even seminar attendees by simply advertising.Finally, when I had no more money I picked up the telephone and got (10)_____ hold of decision makers and made appointments. KEY: 1. Is 2. Want 3. And 4. For 5. Get 6. In 7. And 8. Sold 9. Any 10. Hold ##### C8.The start of a new year always represents (1)_____ exciting time. For many people, it feels like a fresh start – a brand new year full of brand (2)_____ possibilities. In preparation for a (3)_____ new year, there are several things that people often as follow. Firstly, before you can achieve (4)_____ goals, you first have to set them.These goals should be (5)_____ than the typical New Year’s resolutions that are all but forgotten by the time February rolls around; they should be serious commitments that you (6)______ through on for the duration of 2018.The specific goals you set is entirely up to you. They could be related to your health, your relationships, your career, (7)______ anything between.The important part is that you choose goals that mean something to you and follow through to make those goals a reality. Secondly, so far too many people remain in negative situations (8)______ they feel as if they are stuck there with no opportunity for escape. Finally, you should learn (9)_____to say ‘No’. There is such a thing as stretching ourselves too thin, and people (10)____ far too often guilty of agreeing to more than they can actually handle. KEY: 1. An 2. New 3. Positive 4. Your 5. More 6. Do 7. And 8. So 9. How 10. Get ##### C9.We often judge the (1)_____ brilliant people because they’re different. But we don’t need them to be normal; we need them to be brilliant.The world needs brilliance, (2)____ it always has. It’s rare and powerful, and when it has a chance to reach its full (3)_____ in just the right circumstances, we are all better off for it.But brilliance can be a challenge. Those among us who march to the beat of a different drummer can be intimidating, or (4)_____ strange. They don’t do small talk very well. You might not invite them to your next dinner party. They are not standard in any way.The truth (5)_____, we don’t need these people to be normal or standard in any way. We need them to try and fail 10,000 (6)_____ to invent the next light bulb, or figure out a way to fly, or go to Mars, or improve our lives in some way that we have (7)____ thought of (8)_____ predicted. Why? Because they are brilliant (9)_____they always have been, even when the rest of the world is not quite sure (10)_____ to make of them. KEY: 1. Successful 2. That 3. Achievement 4. Very 5. Is 6. Times 7. Not 8. Or 9. People 10. What ##### C10.We know the tried-and-true advice (1)____ optimal digestive health: Eat lots of fiber, drink tons of water and avoid greasy foods. But what (2)_____ the physical things you can do?David Greuner, M.D., the surgical director at NYC Surgical Associates, offers his tips (3)_____ physically aiding your digestion, and suggests the yoga poses below for optimal digestion. Firstly, (4)____ up straight. Minimize your heartburn risk by sitting up straight. ‘Good posture daily can help with stomach discomfort,’ Greuner says. ‘After (5)_____ meal, it will help your digestion if you remain upright and avoid positions such as slouching and lying down.’. Secondly, rest (6)______ eating. Don’t partake in any strenuous activity after eating (7)_____ large meal. ‘You actually digest the most when you are resting, and digestion slows when in motion,’Greuner says. Thirdly, strike a pose. Yoga poses can help open up the abdomen, Greuner says. ‘Yoga helps (8)_____ your breath with many different breathing exercises. By doing this, you are strengthening the diaphragm muscles, which will help prevent reflux. There (9)____ also certain stretches that target abdominal organs, and twists (10)_____ can help massage and wring out stuck intestinal toxins.’ KEY: 1. The 2. Are 3. On 4. Stand 5. A 6. After 7. A 8. For 9. Are 10. That ##### C11.I’ve written over 70 books over my 40-year career, and I can (1)____ you that as much as we would (2)____ them to, books don’t write themselves. Motivation is the measurement of the energy that (3)____ put into any endeavor.When you write a book, you are bound (4)____struggle with periods where you lack the motivation to write or experience writer’s block. To combat this, you need (5)_____arsenal of tools and techniques that you can use to help you overcome motivational issues like getting started writing, finding (6)_____ message, or getting rid of writer’s block. Writing is a job and every job needs the ‘write’ tool.First, you should (7)____everyday. Second, don’tedit as you write. You should keep writing and (8)____ editing for the very end. Third, get rid of distractions. Get rid (9)______ distractions when you write. Writing a book requires all of your attention. Create a space where there are few if any outside distractions. Your goal is to eliminate all distractions and get (10)____ a state of flow. KEY: 1. Tell 2. Want 3. You 4. To 5. Many 6. A 7. Enjoy 8. Leave 9. All 10. Into ##### C12.For (1)____ growing child, nutrition is all the more important. The importance of nutrition in child development simply cannot (2)____ denied. Since the child is still in the growing stages, all the organs are developing, and the child needs (3)_____ lot of nutrition for proper growth. In childhood, the importance of food and dairy products is unsurpassed. Dairy products are the richest source (4)_____ calcium. A growing child, who is still developing the body’s bones, needs a lot of calcium. Educationists all over the world (5)____ realized the importance of nutrition education. Since children are the target of advertising for junk food manufacturers, it (6)_____ important that education about food and nutrition importance be given in schools. Today, the importance (7)______ food and nutrition is taught to students from the time they are in school. This helps them in dealing with nutrition as well (8)_____ their body’s needs. Nutrition education can also (9)_____ you find out what is dietary cholesterol, what is dietary fat, what is dietary fiber, what is dietary supplement, and what (10)____ dietetics. KEY: 1. A 2. Be 3. A 4. Of 5. Have 6. Is 7. Of 8. As 9. Let 10. Are ##### C13.From infancy we're taught that we need to (1)_____ accountable for our actions. If we hurt someone, we (2)_____ apologize; if we take something that isn’t ours, we should give it back. As we mature, holding others accountable (3)_____ their words and actions enables us to live with purpose and integrity. But what happens when those in our lives struggle with being held accountable for their (4)_____? There are 3 reasons. Firstly, their word is their bond.With clear limits in place they had (5)____ explain their motivations in greater depth and were more likely to be bound by their word. Secondly, it’s your expectationthat matters.Your expectations (6)____ relationships, friendships and work dynamics matter. If you have respectfully asked a certain family member, for example, to stop speaking poorly (7)_____ your wife, it is both justified and necessary to hold them accountable for their words. Tell them what you need, how their words (8)_____ your family and that you would love to be a part of their life only when your expectation for basic respect has been met.Thirdly, you love yourself and honor (9)_____ limits.The more we hold (10)_____ accountable for how they treat us, the better our self esteem. KEY: 1. Be 2. Should 3. For 4. Actions 5. To 6. To 7. To 8. Affect 9. Your 10. The ##### C14.Our physical environment (1)_____ have an enormous impact on our wellbeing. Although we don’t (2)_____ complete control over our surroundings, we can make specific efforts to infuse them with positivity.Think about your office: What feelings (3)_____ it inspire? People who flank their computers with pictures of loved ones aren’t just decorating—they’re (4)____ a hit of positive emotion each time they glance that direction. Bring (5)_____ framed picture of your spouse, child or closest friends to set on your desk. It’ll boost your mood (6)____ time it catches your eye.Making time (7)_____ go outside on a nice day also delivers a huge advantage. One study found that spending 30 minutes outside (8)____ good weather not only boosted one’s positive mood but also broadened thinking and (9)______ working memory. Don’t forget to take a break from the screen every once in a while for a breath of fresh air.You have (10)_____ power to set yourself up for success. KEY 1. Will 2. Need 3. Does 4. Being 5. The 6. Every 7. To 8. In 9. Helps 10. The ##### C15. I learned (1)____ accept my error. I discovered the value of growing from my mistakes (2)______ coming to terms with missed opportunities. With time, though, I have come to (3)_____ that many common errors, and the regrets that follow, can (4)_____ avoided. With foresight and forethought, you (5)_____ spare yourself the wounds that result from mistakes like these.Nothing is more limiting (6)_____ being with the wrong people. They drag you down, limit your growth, distract your (7)______ and inflict negative thinking upon you. In contrast, the right people are like your personal cheerleading squad, pushing you to victory.Determine (8)_____ kind of people who inspire you to be your best. These include those who offer unconditional love, (9)______ value to me, continually grow, walk with me, and enjoy life. Their optimism, enthusiasm and sense of adventure (10)______ contagious. KEY: 1. To 2. And 3. Conclude 4. Be 5. Can 6. Than 7. Attention 8. What 9. That 10. Are ##### C16.There are five character qualities (1)______ each side of the blocks on the Pyramid of Success that Coach Wooden referred to as the ‘mortar’ that held the other blocks together. These character qualities bond (2)_____ other 15 character traits and make them sturdy, solid and unshakable.The mortar on the left side of the Pyramid is made up (3)_____ambition, adaptability, resourcefulness, fight and faith. The mortar on (4) ____ right side is sincerity, honesty, reliability, integrity and patience.Coach Wooden explained (5)_____ strategic placement of faith and patience by describing how they are ‘leading up from competitive greatness to the top, success, according (6)_____ my definition, at the apex. On one side, I have patience, and on the other side, I have faith. You need those two things.’ More (7)_____ once, Coach said that faith and patience could be at the very top (8)____ the very bottom of the Pyramid. He believed (9)_____ these qualities are both the goals and the bedrock of what we need to maintain the other blocks on the Pyramid as we overcome obstacles on (10)_____ journey to success. KEY: 1. For 2. Each 3. Of 4. The 5. The 6. To 7. Than 8. And 9. All 10. Our ##### C17.High blood pressure, or hypertension, may result (1)____ heart failure and premature death. A diet high in whole grains, poultry, fish and nuts but that limits red meat, fats, sweets and sugary drinks (2)_____ the risk of developing hypertension. Salt and sodium intake (3)_____ also a primary contributing factor in heart disease. Many processed and prepared foods (4)_____ high sodium levels; avoid these products if you have any heart problems. For optimal results, (5)_____ a heart-healthy diet with regular aerobic exercise, which helps keep blood flowing and the heart pumping.A healthy diet provides adequate amounts of vitamins and nutrients, which (6)_____ essential for growth, energy and proper development. When vitamin levels are inadequate, serious health problems can result. Vitamin A deficiency, for (7)_____, can cause blindness in children and is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. Vitamin deficiency anemia is caused by insufficient vitamin C, folate and vitamin B12 levels, leading (8)_____ extreme fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, weight loss and other undesirable symptoms. (9)_____you think you might have a vitamin deficiency, see your doctor for some dietary suggestions, and consider taking (10)____ daily multivitamin. KEY: 1. To 2. Eliminates 3. Is 4. Are 5. Have 6. Are 7. Example 8. To 9. Do 10. A ##### C18.Early in my career, I was named pastor of a church in California. To my congregants it (1)_____ a well-loved worship hall, steeped in tradition. To me it was an overcrowded building in a less-than-desirable location.Within two years, I (2)_____ the leadership into moving and expanding. I found a great spot with a manageable price tag. In (3)_____ youthfulness and eagerness, I thought building a church was as easy as hiring an architect, (4)_____ engineer and a construction firm. I was so wrong.Even then California was a highly regulated state, and I encountered one blow after (5)_____: Local officials nixed the first design; endangered birds restricted construction on the second. We proposed building elsewhere (6)_____ the property only to discover endangered plants. We relocated (7)______ and found remnants of an (8)______indigenous population. Years passed (9)_____ we kept doling out money, mandatory ecological studies, environmental mitigation (10)_____, costly new building codes. KEY: 1. Was 2. Convinced 3. The 4. An 5. Another 6. On 7. Again 8. Local 9. On 10. And ##### C19.Research from the University of Michigan (1)_____ that the right dose of constructive criticism is actually one (2)_____ the biggest factors in predicting a high-performing team. And research from John Gottman, Ph.D., a top relationship researcher, also found (3)_____ is a sweet spot for how much criticism helps keep relationships alive.Both teams of researchers arrived (4)_____ a similar conclusion: In order to keep (5)______ relationship or work team performing well, five or six positive interactions (6)______ needed for every one criticism or negative interaction.Criticism, (7)_______ delivered thoughtfully, helps teams perform better and helps people improve their behavior. It (8)_____ wakes people up and makes them realize they can’t be complacent. If people on your team are doing a terrible job, they deserve (9)_____ know so they can improve their work. And if your partner is acting in a way that upsets you, he or she should know why.Keeping this research in mind, here are a (10)______tips for delivering criticism. KEY: 1. Showed 2. Of 3. Out 4. To 5. The 6. Are 7. Are 8. ___ ( no need answer. It’s correct) 9. To 10. Few ##### C20.Often, hearing the words, ‘We need to talk’ from (1)_____ boss, partner or friend sends you (2)_____ panic mode. If you hate hearing about the things you’ve done wrong (3)______ the mistakes you’ve made, you’re not alone. We don’t like being criticized, (4)_____ honest feedback is one of the most valuable tools we have for self-improvement. Criticism hurts for (5)______ reason, and the explanation lies in neuroscience. In order to keep us alive, our brains have evolved to react much more strongly (6)______ negative things. The brain has evolved this way for a good reason: to keep us safe. Just as 20,000 years ago, the brain (7)_____ trying to keep hunter-gatherers safe from warring tribes, your brain reacts the (8)______ way to a critical comment from your spouse or boss.But just because that negative feedback hurts, (9) ______ your partner have avoided giving it? And should you avoid doing the same?No way! As long as you put a little bit of thought (10)_____ it. KEY: 1. Your 2. Into 3. And 4. A 5. One 6. To 7. Was 8. Same 9. ___ ( no need answer. It’s correct) 10. into ##### ĐỂ TẢI TRỌN BỘ ĐÁP ÁN TIẾNG ANH, TIN HỌC VÀ CÁC TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI CÔNG CHỨC KHÁC TẠI ĐỊA CHỈ: https://123doc.org/trang-ca-nhan-2727329-linh-hoang.htm HOẶC https://xemtailieu.com/user/hoanglinhviet?type=1
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