Tài liệu Đàm thoại tiếng anh ở trường học

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Chúng ta thường thắc mắc là phải nói tiếng anh trong trường học như thế nào. tài liệu này cung cấp cho bạn một số mẫu câu giúp bạn nói tiếng anh tốt hơn. Chúng ta phải rèn luyện thường xuyên mới có thể tạo được thói quen nói tiếng anh trong trường học.
ĐÀM THOẠI TIẾNG ANH TRONG TRƯỜNG HỌC T: Now you listen to me carefully and answer my question ? G: Yes T: I speak in the English, do you understand ? G: Of course T: Are you sure ? G: Sure T: Really G: Really T: Good evening G: Good evening teacher T: How are you ? G: Fine thanks , and you ? T: Fine thanks T: What’s your name ? G: My name’s Vy T: How do you spell it ? G: Vy T: How old are you ? G: Nine T: Are you from HCM city ? G: No T : Where are you from ? G: Phu Quoc Island 1 T: What’s your job ? G: A student T: Which grade are you in ? G: Three T: Which class are you in ? G: Three T: Where your classroom ? G: This is my classroom T: Where is your school ? G: Duong Dong town T: Where do you live ? G: Nguyen Trung Truc Street T: How many people are there in your family ? G: Five T: How many children have your parents got ? G: Three T: How many boys and girls ? G: Two boys and one girl T: Are you older or younger sister ? G: Younger sister T: What time do you get up every morning ? G: Six T: What do you do every morning? 2 G: I get up , get dressed , brush my teeth , wash my face , have breakfast and I go to school T: What time do you go to school ? G: Seven T: What do you do after school ? G: I watch TV , do my homework , listen to music , I read T: Who do you usually go to school with ? G: My classmate T: How do you usually go to school everyday ? G: By bike T: How long does it takes you to go to school ? G: 15 minutes T: Can you speak English ? G: Yes T: How many languages can you speak ? G: Two T: Which ones ? G: English and Vietnamese T: Who teacher English to you at school ? G: Miss Trang T: Is she nice ? G: Yes T: The same your mother ? G: No 3 T: Is your mother more beautiful or uglier than your English teacher at school ? G: More beautiful T: How many periods of English a week have you got ? G: Two T: Do you find learning English difficult ? G: Yes T: Which ones ? G: Speaking T: What will you do to improve that problem ? G: I try to study hard T: How long have you learnt? G: Six months T: Why do you learn English ? G: I want to have a good job T: Do you want to become an English teacher when you grow up ? G: No T: What do you want to become ? G: A doctor T: How many hours do you practice your English everyday ? G: Two hours T: Do you usually use the the computer to study English on Internet? G: Yes T: Have you got a computer ? G: Yes 4 T: Laptop or Desktop ? G: Destop T : Who bought it for you ? G: My mother T: What makes is it ? G: SAMSUNG T: How much does it cost ? G: Five million DONG T: Do you like it ? G: Yes T: Why ? G: Very beautiful T: Are you connected to ADSL ? G: Yes T: How much does it cost , you pay per month when you connect to ADSL ? G: Two hundred thousand DONG T: Do you sometimes chat with your friends on Internet ? G: Yes T: What your nickname ? G: Tho con ngay tho T: What your email address ? G: Tho con ngay tho @yahoo.com T: When you study English on Internet ? G: Leo Viet Nam.com 5 T: Which website do you like the best ? G: Ok, that’s all Have you done /dΔn/ your homework? Yes. Hello, everyone. I'm a teacher trainee /trei'ni:/ and I'll be teaching you today. Does anyone know where A is? Is he absent /'æbsзnt/? I don't know. Perhaps /pз'hæps/ he'll ill. You were absent for your lesson /'lesn/ last week /wi:k/. Oh, yes. I was ill. What's [wɔts] the matter /'mætз/ with Nam today? Has [hæz] anybody seen [si:n] Bill today? Why are you late /leit/? Where have you been? We started ten minutes ago. What have you been doing? Try to be here on time next time? Is there anybody who hasn't got a copy? You'll find the exercise on page 206. Now turn over to page 15. Turn over. Turn over the page. Turn to the next page. I want you to turn on to page 200. Turn back to page 15. Turn back to the previous page. Now look back at the last onit. Refer back to the 6 grammar notes on page 23. [mɪ'steɪk]; however I think the idea [aɪ'dɪə] is not really good. How do you use the word moreover in a sentence? First of all let me say welcome to this group. Please don’t make so much noise [nɔɪz]. I’m working. Which is correct? (It's my pleasure if you tell me my writing mistakes) Is your English getting better? So I would like you to bring a pen and a piece [pɪːs] of paper ['peɪpə(r)] and we will go to the writing. So that’s the lesson ['lesn] for you today. Copy down what's on the board [bɔːd]. How can it be wrong? Go have a sit. Practise this phrase: Let's practise ['præktɪs] some phrases you can use to introduce your opinion about something. phrase [freɪz] In my opinion... Practise with me: Repeat these [ðɪːz] phrases after me: I'm afraid I'm not convinced convince [kən'vɪns] 7 That's all for today -see you next time on The Business of English. See you next time. Practise again, with the question to follow. So what are we going to do? Practise with Tan some different ways of letting someone know that what you're stating is your opinion. Listen again. What are you reading? Show it to me. 8
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