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PERSONAL INFORMATION Name Nguyen Thi Hiep Date of birth March 25th,1992 Place of birth Thanh Hoa province Gender: Female Email: nguyenhiep2503@gmail.com Quang Phu commune, Thanh Hoa Address city, Thanh Hoa province Mobile phone: 0987 494 901 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Period Universities/ Schools From To 09/2010 06/2014 Vietnam University of Commerce Degree Bachelor in Business English SKILLS Communication Computing     Obtain tactful style when writing emails Good communication in both English and Vietnamese Taking effective control in team working Active, enthusiastic and very careful person  Office skills: Word, Power Point, Excel  Carefully checking skill is enriched by ability to derive key contents and making overviews  Desperate to be on assignment  I manage all tasks in an organized way Responsible for detailed works Being organized WORK EXPERIENCE From To 10/2014 7/2015 Employers Positions Annora shoe Ltd. Co at Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province Merchandiser Resume of Nguyen Thi Hiep Responsibilities 6/2014 10/2014 Responsibilities 1/2014 6/2014 Responsibilities  Dealing with purchasing orders of Nike, Converse customers on website of connect system  Checking and updating status of orders and inform for production and shipping  Communicating with customer via email and phone to deal with any issues of orders  Making reports ( output, production plan) to inform another department working well Vietnam NHK Trading & Service company at Long Bien, Hanoi  Searching for the best goods & suppliers  Negotiating with suppliers to get the good price  Checking status of goods to make sure with customers NamSongMa Construction& Commerce J.S company Purchasing staff Internship  Translating and composing contracts    Supporting for finding materials suppliers Gathering materials and documents to classify them into folders for specific use. Preparing all materials in bilingual: English-Vietnamese HOBBIES & INTERESTS      To be a volunteer to rural undeveloped areas and mountainous regions Singing and dancing Taking part in outdoors activities Painting, reading book Traveling Resume of Nguyen Thi Hiep
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