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Best Email Marketing Apps Side By Side Product Comparison Rank CloudScore Pricing Starting price Plan Options 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Benchmark Getresponse MailChimp Aweber Constant Contact Mailigen Mailjet iContact ActiveCampaig n Mad Mimi 87.0 84.0 84.0 83.0 83.0 82.0 82.0 81.0 81.0 80.0 Benchmark Getresponse MailChimp Aweber Constant Contact Mailigen Mailjet iContact ActiveCampaig n Mad Mimi $9.95 $15.0 $240.0 $19.0 $15.0 $10.0 $7.49 $14.0 $9.0 $10.0 Benchmark Getresponse MailChimp Aweber Constant Contact Mailigen Mailjet iContact ActiveCampaig n Mad Mimi Benchmark Getresponse MailChimp Aweber Constant Contact Mailigen Mailjet iContact ActiveCampaig n Mad Mimi Free Trial Free Plan Devices & OS Windows Tablet Mobile Mac Linux Email Marketing Features Form Builder Integration Scheduling Campaign Automation Email Analysis Social Media Integration A-B Testing Real Time Reports List Management Api Integration Mobile Friendly Customizable Templates Email Autoresponder Deliverability Reports Reviews 100 Most favorable critic With some of the most powerful email design and contact management tools in the industry along with generous plans suitable for lower budgets, Benchmark Email is appreciated by both experienced, technologically oriented marketers and smaller organizations with less savvy. Benchmark 50 Less favorable critic Overall Benchmark provides a solid service, but we’ve seen much better template designs and easier-touse administrative interfaces elsewhere, so it’s hard for us to recommend Benchmark over some other email marketing companies we’ve used. 100 Most favorable critic GetResponse provides an exceptional feature set and a powerful yet simple account interface. Although GetResponse doesn't have specialized tools for event marketers, most customers will be highly satisfied with the value they receive. Getresponse 75 Less favorable critic Getresponse represents one of the most cost-effective ways to host and communicate with an email database. It's significantly cheaper than most of its key competitors whilst offering just as much, if not more functionality as them; its responsive designs, reporting and comprehensive split testing functionality in particular help it to stand out from similar e-newsletter solutions. As far as user-friendliness goes, there are some improvements to be made (particularly to the drag-and-drop style email editor) but my gripes in this department are fairly minor. 100 Most favorable critic MailChimp is a very good email marketing tool for small businesses. It lets you create good looking campaigns, manage your mailing lists and track the effectiveness of your marketing. MailChimp 75 Less favorable critic MailChimp is a Web-based email marketing service that comes with a great suite of tools. One of the most important things to know is the service is completely free if you are mailing less than 12,000 emails per month to less than 2000 email accounts. This “forever free” option does not give you access to all of the features and it does leave a MailChimp icon embedded in your newsletters. That seems a small “price” to pay for free, in my opinion. 100 Most favorable critic AWeber's customer service was excellent. Easy to reach, easy to speak with and answered my questions quickly and even walked me through the process so I would know what I was doing. Aweber 75 Less favorable critic Email marketing is a major part of marketing your business today. You need the best in the business to have your back and bring the needed expertise to your marketing campaign. AWeber is ranked at the top of email marketing software. They offer you the easy setup, support, and tracking that you need to create a successful email marketing campaign. 100 Most favorable critic For Internet marketeers running email newsletter campaigns, Constant Contact offers a professional, easy-to-use solution for creating effective campaigns with high conversion rates. Constant Contact 75 Less favorable critic Constant Contact is not a dynamic email marketing system, but it is a reliable choice for small business owners. The system is especially useful for those who are in retail and professional services, looking to build up their marketing services. Because the templates are simple and easy to use, you can quickly send out quality emails to your list. 100 Mailigen Most favorable critic Ease-of-use The feedback on any marketing software is the most important thing, and Mailigen scores an A here. Wonderful analytics.Functionality I have 2000 customers with whom I actively engage daily. That just sums it up.Product Quality It is above board compared to market equals and competitors.Customer Support It is definitely a win here. I like the quick and non-geeky response given to "regular" customers like me.Likes Best The social media integration is perfect. I like the way I can post into pages.Likes Least I just like majority of the features; that's all. The limitations are few.Recommendations Mailigen is one of the best systems to get your email campaign started. To start with, there is a money back guarantee; that gives you the option to get back your investment if the software is not helping you. I think this is one of the biggest steps a confident software company can take. Anyway, to the features. I like their social medial integration. The fact that I can post to people's inboxes and to my Facebook page makes my campaigns very easy to manage. The analytics are excellent to say the least, and I get to know every detail that I must about the performance of my emails. The complex systems underlying the architecture of Mailigen are sweetly packed in a very easy-to-use and customizable interface. I like this product. Its awesomely valuable! 60 Less favorable critic Mailigen is definitely a good autoresponder provider. We would recommend Mailigen if you are looking for a pay-as-you-go method and are not frequently/often sending out emails to your list. Their subscriberbased membership is from our point of view only recommendable to small and medium sized companies dealing with large email lists and having a strong focus on CRM. 100 Most favorable critic Overall impression is very good. Integrated the solution to route my app emails: was done very quickly. Mailjet 60 Less favorable critic What do you like best? An interesting feature is its emphasis on email security. The service offers dedicated IP addresses to send your email for silver account holders. In addition, the ReturnPath tool provides you with a real-time status update.One can also choose to send the campaign to select users or an entire domain. For example, you could choose to send the campaign to the entire yahoo domain or select contacts from your address book. What do you dislike? Nothing to dislike really. Easy to set up and configure. 100 Most favorable critic iContact is a well-designed email marketing software with a great selection of campaign management and design tools. Pricing is competitive, but email marketers that create image-heavy campaigns should be prepared to pay extra. iContact 100 Less favorable critic iContact is defintely one of the leaders in the online customer management field, and one of the main positive things about it are its easeness to use and deliverability rate (>99%). 100 Most favorable critic I've been using this email program for over 5 years now. We've done research on other products but have found ActiveCampaign Email Marketing to be the most reliable and mature application out there. ActiveCampa ign 100 Less favorable critic ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing tool if you want to save more time in keeping track and sending communication to thousands of customers. You can also give access to your sales staff as many as you want as agents with no extra fees unlike other tools that often charge extra per user. 100 Mad Mimi Most favorable critic What do you like best? I test drove several email services before deciding to go with Mad Mimi. They provide enough features to send a good looking email campaign, with a very intuitive interface. There aren't a bunch of bells and whistles, and you don't need to earn a Phd. before you can send your first campaign. It's very simple, easy to understand, and provides just what is required. Want more tools? They can be switched on, as needed, keeping your dashboard uncluttered with things you don't need. What do you dislike? There are a few formatting limitations when composing emails. Other than that, I've never felt as though I wanted or needed more than is offered. 75 Less favorable critic I love my free account from Mad Mimi. It does everything I need at the moment and is a great way to grow my list. My list is pretty small and I know that the free account won’t be right for those who have larger lists. I wouldn’t recommend something I wasn’t 100% firmly behind though. I use them and LOVE them!
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