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Cambridge movers 7 student book bản đẹp
Contents Test 1 Listening Reoding ond Writlng 4 10 Test 2 Listening 24 Reodlng ond Writlng 30 Test 3 Llstenlng 44 Reoding ond Wrltlng 50 Sp.ohing Tests Test 1 65 Test 2 6q Test 3 73 L istening Port 1 - 5 questions Listen ond drq,w lines. There [s one exomple. Doisy Kim Vicky Listening Part 2 - 5 questions - Listen ond write. There is one exomple. Redbridge Sports Centre Name, Whtch closs? Soturdoy 2 When? 3 Nome oJ teacher? Mr 4 Comes 5 Fovourlte sport: to Centre bg, Test 1 Port 3 - 5 questions Whot did Ben do lost weeh? Listen ond draw a line fro^ the dog to the correct picture. There is one exomple. :@il:- Mondog s8s #t Tuesdog Thursdog Fridoy Soturdog Sundog Listening Port 4 - 5 questions Listen and tich (/) the box. There is one example. Whot did Tony eot ot his portg? Atr Btr cv Whtch pet did Tong ger Jor his birthdoy? An Btr ctr Whot did Tong weo.r at hls porty? AI Btr ctr Test 1 Whot did the children do ot the portg? Atr Btr cr Whot di.d Tony lihe best obout his blrthdoy? Atr Btr ctr Whot's the motter with Tong? Atr Br cI Listening Port 5 - 5 questions Listen and colour and drq,w. There is one exomple. I \ ( .--a)(l ), 1'. \\( ) ,..-.-\ \-\ /\ i r I ,--. 5e Reading ond Writing Port 1 - 5 questions - Looh ond reod. Choose the correct words and write thenr on the Lines. There is one exo,mple. muslc 10 Reading and Writing Example o comero You con toke pictures with this. Questions 1 These ore round ond theg hove Jilms on them. 2 You put this in o bowl ond eot it. You con mohe it Jrom vegetobles. 3 You con ploy this on o gultor ond donce to [t, too. 4 These ore o hind oJ Jruit. Theg're ojt.n green or ge[[ow. 5 This drinh i.s brown ond some people put m[[h in it. 1 6 Some people lnvlte Jrlends to one oJ these on their birthdoy. 11 Test 1 Part 2 - 5 questions - Looh ond reod. Wri,te $€S or rtO. Exomples Two women ore woiting Jor the bus. yes It's rolnlng ond o[[ the people ore weorlng coo.ts. 12 no Reading and Writing Questions 1 The person who is runni.ng is weorlng o scorJ. 2 There [s some gross under the tree. 3 There's o big picture oJ o dolphin [n the shop window. 4 The blue truck is bigger thon the ge[[ow one. 5 The gtrt with the red skirt [s crossing the rood. 6 One oJ the bogs hos got o kitten with him. 13 Test 1 Port 3 - 5 questions - Recd the text ond choose the best onswer. Jim ond his Jri.end, Ton!, ore totking obout school. Exomple Tong: Jim: I didn't go to lessons gesterdoy mornlng. A I thinh he lsn't. @ Yes, I know. C "l con't," he shouted. Questions 14 Tony: Did Mr Loke glve us ong homeworh? Jim: A B C Yes, he did. Yes, he WOS. Yes, he hqd. Reading and Writing 2 3 4 5 6 Tong: Whot do we hove to do? Jlm: A B C Tony: Is it dilJicutt? Jim: A B C Reod o storu. Let's go now. We[[ done. It's very naughtg. No, [t's eosg. It's busler now. Tony: Which book is it in? Jim: A B C Tong: When must we give [t to h[m? Jim: A B C Our English one. On[y on the pictures. OK, I've got lt. I do thot sometlmes. He gove it lost week. On Thursdog morning. Tony: Let's do it this evenlng. Jim: A B C Me too. Go to bed! Att right. 15 Test 1 Part 4 - 7 questions - Read the story. Choose o wordfrom the box. Write the correct word next to numbers l-6. There is one exomple. Fred oJten went to hetp on his uncle's Jorm. There were cows ond ...:.i9.9P which lived in the (1)... There were chlchens ond three cots. But Fred's Jovourite onimols were two white robbits. He lthed giving them b[g, oronge (2) to eot. Lost Soturdog, Fred (3) to the Jorm on his bihe, but he couldn't Jind his uncle there ond his ount wosn't in the house. . He shouted, "Uncle Bi.[[, where qre Fred wos (4) gou?" "We're here," sold his uncle, "with the robbits. Theg,ve got slx new bobles!" Fred ran to see. He wonted to pich one up. "Con I (5) one?" he osked. "Yes, but be coreJul," soid his ount. Fred piched up the smo[lest robbit ond (5) "Now I've got more Jriends to ploy w[th!" he soid. 16 Reading and Writing Example smiled surprised ctoudg (7) Now choose the best nome for the story. Tich one box. Some new Jrlends Jor Fred Unc[e Bit[ ond the doctor The kittens ot the Jorm tr tr tr 17 Test I Port 5 - l0 questions at the pictures q.nd read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You cq,n use 1, 2 or 3 words. There are two exomp[es. Loole, Sollu's crocodile - Pqu[ [ived [n a J[ot, but he hod o cousin colted Sotty who lived [n q house. Sotty hod o swlmming pool tn her gorden and on hot dogs Pou[ sometimes went there to swlm. One Sundoy oJternoon, Pou[ wolhed down the roqd to Sa[[g's house. In his bog he hod his towel ond his things Jor swimming. Examples Poul's cousln lived in o There wqs o sWrmmtnc pool .J house in So[[y's gorden. Questions 1In weother, Pou[ sometimes swom ot So[[g's house. On Pou[ wolked to So[[y's house in the oJternoon. He tooh his things Jor swimming ond o with him in a bag. 1B Reading and Writing He wolked to the door. It wos open. Pou[ went ond stood in the hol,t. He soid [oud[g, "lt's me! Pou[!" But there wos no onswei'. fhen he went to the kitchen ond shouted, "So[[gl" But the house wos quiet. Pou[ wolhed to the gorden ond tooked ot the swlmmlng poot. He cou[d see something in the woter. It wos o big, green crocodlle. He wos verg oJroid ond ron boch inside the house. The oJ Sotty's house wos open. Pou[ shouted Sotlg's nqme when he wos ln the oJ her house. Pou[ could see o in the swi.mming poot. 19 Test 1 He dropped his bog on the J[oor ond quichty closed the door. Then So[[g ron downstolrs. "So[[g!" sold Pou[. "There's o crocodlle outside. We must hide!,, "No, Pou[," Sotty loughed. "It's o toy one! My mum ond dod bought it Jor me to ptoy with." Pou[ loughed, "lt's not o hungrg crocodlte then!,, "No!" soid So[[g. "Come on! We con both rtde on lts boch!,, 7 Pou[ dropped his bog, ctosed the door ond then come downstoirs. Pou[ wonted to Sa[[y's 10 20 becouse oJ the crocodlte. gove her the crocodile. The children could rlde on the crocodile,s Test 1 Port 6 - 5 questions Reod the text. Choose the right words ond write them on the lines. Parrots Example A porrot is q hind oJ bird. Most porrots live lnJorests orjungles thot hove oJ tott trees. Their to.ils o.re oJten verg long ond beoutiJut. are red, ge[[ow, blue or green porrots. 2 3 But in the Jorest, the red po.rrots ore eqsiest ones to see. Most porrots eot Jruit, which theg Jind in the Jorest. Some like 4 eotlng Jlowers Porrots ore veru clever. They hold their Jood with thelr Jeet when theg ore eoting it. Some con 22 to so.U words [[he "he[[o!" Reading and Writing Example live [[ves Iived 1 oIt [ots onlg 2 Theg This There 3 o the on 4 too second CIgorn [earn Ieorns Ieornlng 23
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