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Cambridge movers 6 student book bản đẹp
Cornbrtdge Young Le crners English Tests C crrnbrldge Movers 6 Examination papers from I-Iniversity of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: English for Speakers of Other Languages CavTBRTDGE UNIYERSITY PRESS Contents Test L 1 i,stenlng Reoding ond Writlng 4 10 Test 2 L iste ning Reoding ond Writing 24 30 Test 3 Li,stenlng 44 Reodi.ng ond Writlng s0 Speoking Tests Test 1 65 Test 2 6q Test 3 73 Listeni^g Part 1 - 5 questlons Listen and draw [ines. There is one example. Listening Part 2 - 5 questions Listen and write. There is one exomple. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Soturdoy Doy, Ploce, 2 Number oJ children: 3 Where theg sot: 4 Food, The Cof6 toble coke, ond ice creom 5 Drlnhs: lemonode ond Jurce Test I Part 3 - 5 questlons - What did John do last weeh? Llsten and drow a line fro* the dog to the correct plcture. There is one exonrple. Tuesdog Wednesdog Thursday Fridoy Soturdoy Sundoy Listening Part 4 - 5 questions Llsten ond tlch (r') the box. There is one exomple. Whot did Som do ot school todog? AT BZ ctr Whot's the matter with Doisg? Atr Btr ctr Btr ctr Which child is Ben? Atr Test 1 Whot does John wonr Jor tunch? (;*:'ri. AI t 4\ ..']r,*.1t') Btr ctr Btr ctr Whot con Jone ond Jim do? Atr Whot dtd Nich do ot the weekend? Ar Br ctr Listening Port 5 - 5 questions - Llsten ond colour ond draw. There is one exompte. _^ I ^-\ -4'-://'--'---->'---\ ffi* Reoding and writing Port 1 - 5 questions - Loolc ond reod. Choose the correct words and write them on the llnes. There [s one exomple. handbags a roinbow a 10 rul,er Reading and Writing Exomp[e This hos numbers on i.t. You can drow lines wlth it. o ruler Questions 1 Thls otwoys hos seven cotours ond [t i.s very beoutiJu[. 2 This is [ong and thi.n. You wrlte with it. 3 Women corru these. Theg put things in them. 4 People weor these on thelr Jeet. 5 Children love p[oying in this. It's white. 6 People weor this in cotd weather. It's lihe o long jochet. 11 Test I Port 2 - 5 questions - Look and read. Write $€S or ItO. Exomp [es It is night in the street. There ore two p[onts next to the door. 12 yes no Reading and Writing Questions 1 The goung girl is riding the bigger horse. 2 The mon wlth o moustoche is weoring o blue 3 scorJ. The womon who ls on the horse hos got o guitor on her bock. 4 A snohe 5 There ore some glosses under the i,s going up the tree. tob[e. 6 The boy on the botcong ts loughing. 13 Test 1 Part 3 - 5 questions - Reod the text ond choose the best onswer. Exomple John: He[[o, my nome's John. Are you new ot this schoo[? Fred: A @ C Yes, qou do. Yes, i om Yes, he ts. Questions 1 14 John: When did you stort here? Fred: A B C It wos mg Jlrst dog yesterdog. I come to leorn Engti.sh. I storted mg lessons here. Reading and Writing John: Fred: Hove Uou got ong brothers ond si.sters? A B C Yes, we've got some oJ it. Yes, theg've got o big Jomity. Yes, I've got two brothers. John: Whot's your Jovourlte sport? Fred: A B C I love Jootball. I ptay ot the weehend. I'd like o gome. John: Would you like to plog with me on Soturdoy? Fred: A B C No, I ptoyed boseboll. You'd [[he to p[oy tennis. I've got o swlmmlng tesson. John: How do uou come to school? Fred: ATo the town. B0n mu bihe. C AJter breokJost. John: Con I come with you sometimes? Fred: A B C Yes, I con come with you. Yes, you went with Yes, ni'ue. I'd [i.he thot. 15 Test I Part 4 - 7 questions Read the storg. Choose o word fro* the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5. There is one exomple. It wos Thursdog ..5iighg.q evening. Nick ond his mum were i.n ... It wos hot ond Nich (1) .... wlndow. Then Mum storted to ... the the (2) the eveni.ng meot. She soid, "lt'sJi.sh ond chips toni.ght." Nich sold, "Mum, I "No, sorrg. Fish don't like Jirh. Con we hove burgers, good Jo, gou," she down Nick (3) rJ it wos verg dfJicutt she looked round, the wi.ndow with and solod ond 16 hetp him. the Jirh wosn't therel the Jith ln its (4) (5). wos't ong more Jood in his soid. to do his homework. Some ond Mum come When it saw Mum, it jumped down ond f here pteose?,, When A cqt wos ot ro o tree. the house. Nich Mum went to a caJ6. Nich hod o burger ond o big (5) He wos verU hoppg! Reading and Writing Exomple nr !t l_ffi t4!r!@Atg mffiffi Kitchen r0n mouth /-1-- /'. [o --\ ..) \ NflUTcooK sot woved coke opened dreqm (7) Now choose the best nome for the storg. Ticlc one box. Dod hetps Mum in the house A hungry cot tohes the Jish Mum ond Nick cooh burgers tr tr tr 17 Test 1 Port 5 - l0 questlons Looh ot the pictures ond reod the storg. Write words to complete the sentences obout the storg. You ccn use 1,2 or 3 words. Grandpa Bill ---------------- Lost weeh, Som ond Anno's Grondpo Bitt come to their house. Theg loved doys with their grondJother becouse he did tots oJ excLtlng things with them. 0n Soturdoy, the children went to the zoo [n thetr grondJother's cor. Som loved the monhegs ond Anno loved the llons. At the end oJ the morni.ng, theU wonted to go home ogoin, but Grandpo Bitt couldn't stort the cor. Exomp les Iost week Grondpo Bi[[ went to the children's house Som ond Anno ioved being wlth thelr grondJother. Questions 1 Grondpo Bitt tooh the children to the zoo on At the zoo, Som [ihed the o [ot When the chlldren wonted to go home, their grondJother couldn't the cor. 1B Reading and Writing Theg ron guich[y to the bus stotion to cotch o bus. On the bus, they storted tolhing to two o[der children, Ben ond A[ex, who were with theLr porents. Grondpo Bitt totd the Jour chitdren some verg Junny storles ond theg [oughed o [ot. Then the mother sold, "Woutd you otl Lihe to come to our house Jor [unch? We've got o swi.mmi.ng pool in the gorden. You con swlm there beJore lunch." Grondpo Bitt soid, "Thonh Uou. We'd [i.he thotl" Grondpo BitL, Anno ond Som cought q bus ot the The two older children on the bus were co[led 6 Bi[['s Grondpo I . were verq JJ funnq. J ' The older chlldren's Jomity had gorden. o ln their 19 Test I The Jomity's house wos veru o[d. It wos bi,g and o[[ the wo[[s were b[ue. The Jour children swom then played bodminton. Grondpo Bt[[ wotched them ptog Then Jor lunch theg ott hod chichen ond vegetables. A[ex took pictures oJ the Jomlty's three new Jri.ends and then Grondpo Bt[[, Som ond Anno soid goodbye ond went home. The cotour oJ the Jomi.ly's house wos The children ploged 10 20 The Jomity ond thei.r new Jriends ote [unch. aJter their swim. Jo, Test I Port 6 - 5 questions Reod the text. Choose the right words o.nd write them on the lines. Teeth Exomple They We hove teeth ln our mouths. We our Jood with them. Verg Uoung bobies con't have 2 ore whlte. Jood lihe opples, meot theg don't coconuts or hove ony teeth. Theg drinh lots oJ mt[h. Children's Jirst teeth ore veru smo[[. Then new teeth come. 3 These are bigger ond stronger 4 teeth. You must cleon Uour teeth the Jirst dou. Most peop[e cleon their teeth in the mornlng ond 5 22 beJore theg to bed. ot night
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