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VnDoc.com - Tải tài liệu miễn phí. CÁC THÀNH NGỮ TIẾNG ANH VỀ MÀU SẮC Trong tiếng Anh, màu sắc xuất hiện rất nhiều trong các thành ngữ, cụm từ, và không ít câu thành ngữ có sự đồng điệu kì lạ với tiếng Việt của chúng ta. Hãy cùng khám phá một số thành ngữ như vậy nhé! 1. Black 1.1 Black mood To be in a black mood means to be irritable, angry or even depressed. Also : to be in a bad mood. 1.2 In the black To say that a person or organization is in the black means that they are financially sound, have a positive balance on their account and that they owe no money. 1.3 Black and white To say that something is in black and white means that there is written proof of it. Eg: “It’s an obligation. It’s written in black and white in your contract.” 1.4 Black market The black market refers to the illegal buying and selling of goods or currencies. 1.5 Black sheep The black sheep of the family is one who is very different from the others, and least respected by the other members of the family. 1.6 Black gold Black gold refers to the black colour and high value of oil. 2. Blue 2.1 Blue around the gills (also green or pale around the gills) If a person looks blue around the gills, they look unwell or sick. Eg: “You should sit down. You look a bit blue around the gills.” 2.2 Blue chip company This term refers to a company with a solid reputation for the quality of its products and the stability VnDoc.com - Tải tài liệu miễn phí. of its growth and earnings. Eg: “It’s usually safe to invest in a blue-chip company. 2.3 Blue in the face If you do something until you’re blue in the face, you try unsuccessfully to do something for a very long time. Eg: “I explained the situation until I was blue in the face but she wouldn’t change her mind.” 2.4 Blue-eyed boy A blue-eyed boy is somebody’s favourite. Eg: “He’s the director’s blue-eyed boy! 2.5 Out of the blue If something happens out of the blue, it happens unexpectedly. Eg: “I had nearly given up hope when out of the blue I was offered a job.” 3. Brown 3.1 Brown as a berry To say that someone is brown as a berry means that they are very tanned. 3.2 Browned off To be browned off means to be bored, fed up or disheartened. E.g.Tom is browned off with his job. 4. Golden 4.1 Golden handcuffs The term golden handcuffs refers to a large sum of money or a generous financial arrangement granted to an executive as an incentive to stay in their job, or to ensure long-term cooperation after their departure. 4.2 Golden handshake A golden handshake is a generous sum of money given to a person when they leave a company or retire (sometimes given to encourage early retirement). VnDoc.com - Tải tài liệu miễn phí. 4.3 Golden opportunity A golden opportunity is a favourable time or excellent occasion which should not be missed. 4.4 Golden rule The most important rule or principle to be remembered when doing something is called the golden rule. Eg: “When travelling abroad, the golden rule is to respect the local customs.” 5. GREEN 5.1 Green fingers To have green fingers means to be good at gardening. 5.2 Green light If you give or get the green light, you give or get a signal or permission to do something. Eg: “We’re ready to launch the campaign as soon as we get the green light.” 5.3 Green with envy Someone who is green with envy is a person who is very envious. 6. PINK 6.1 Pink elephants This term refers to hallucinations or strange imaginary things seen by people as a result of heavy drinking or the use of narcotics. Eg: “No more drinks for me please, otherwise I’ll be seeing pink elephants!” 6.2 In the pink of health If you are in the pink of health, you are in excellent physical condition or extremely healthy. Eg: “Caroline looked in the pink of health after her holiday.” 6.3 Tickled pink To say that someone is tickled pink means that they are extremely amused or pleased 7. RED VnDoc.com - Tải tài liệu miễn phí. 7.1 Red-handed If a person is caught red-handed, they are caught while they are doing something wrong or illegal. Eg: “The boy was caught red-handed stealing chocolate in the supermarket.” 7.2 Red herring A red herring refers to a fact or argument introduced into a discussion which draws attention away from the main point. Eg: “Look, bureaucracy is a red herring. How to deal with the oil crisis is the important issue today.” 7.3 Be in the red If a person or organization is in the red, they owe money or have a negative account. Eg: “I’m afraid I can’t lend you any money. I’m in the red myself.” 7.4 Like a red flag to a bull To say that a statement or action is like a red flag to a bull means that it is sure to make someone very angry or upset. Eg: “Don’t mention Tom’s promotion to Mike. It would be like a red flag to a bull!” 7.5 Paint the town red If you paint the town red, you go out and enjoy a lively evening in bars, night-clubs, etc. Eg: “To celebrate the victory, the team’s supporters painted the town red.” 7.6 Roll out the red carpet To roll out the red carpet means to give special treatment to an important or honoured visitor. Eg: “The management is going to roll out the red carpet for the visit of the Nobel prize winner.” 7.7 See red If someone sees red, they suddenly become very angry or annoyed about something. Eg: “Discrimination of any kind makes me see red!“ 8. SILVER 8.1 Silver lining A silver lining refers to the good or pleasant side-effects of an unpleasant situation. 8.2 Every cloud has a silver lining VnDoc.com - Tải tài liệu miễn phí. This is a proverb which means that there is a positive or hopeful side to every unpleasant situation. 8.3 Silver spoon To say that someone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth means that their family is very rich and privileged. 9. WHITE 9.1 White Christmas A white Christmas is when it snows at Christmas and the ground is white. Eg: “We haven’t had a white Christmas in twenty years.” 9.2 White as a ghost/white as a sheet A person who is as white as ghost looks very pale and frightened.
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