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C K .0 0 0 0 0 4 4 1 1 2 IM NH NH T n| U 0 N G | 1 £ CAC BAl LUAN ■ ■ A # THONG DUNG ■ COMMONLY USED ENGLISH ESSAY g r im p ic i nhA XUAT BAN T l/D I^ N bach khoa C ac bai luan tieng Anh thong dung C O M M O N L Y U S E D E N G L IS H E S S A Y CAC BAI LUAN TIENG ANH THONG DUNG ■ ■ NHA XUAT BAN TU" DIEN BACH KHOA Commonly used English essay 1. THINGS I LIKE TO DO I have many interests. T he activities I spend m ost of my leisure on, however, are reading, jogging and painting. I enjoy reading very much. I read widely, ranging from fairy tales to non-fiction books on outer space and nature. Reading helps to widen my general knowledge and improves my writing skill. T herefore, my parents think well of my hobby and often buy me books that I can not find in the library. W hen my eyes get tired from reading too much, I would go for a slow jog with my dog in the park near my house. Jogging regularly m akes on e healthier. I have also made a few friends among the regular joggers in the park. Som etim es, instead of jogging, I would stroll in the park, carrying with me Thy painting equipment. I love to capture beautiful things on paper. I have taken arts lesson since I was nine and I am especially good at w ater-colour painting. Besides painting pictures of the park, I also like to draw portrait of my family m em bers. All my interests are funny and useful pastim es. I believe that everyone should spend their time on som e useful hobbies rather than laze precious time away. C a c bAi Iuan TitNq a n Ih t ^onc * duNQ 1. non-fiction (n): sach, bai uiet, u.u. ue n h u n g s u viec co th a t 2. to stroll (v): d i dao, tan bo 3. to capture (v): ( th a n h c o n g t r o n g uiec th e h ie n ai/cai gi t r o n g m o t buc a n h , bo p h im , u.u..) g h i lai 4. portrait (n) ch a n d u n g 5. to laze sth away (idm): an k h o n g n g o i ro i p h i thcri g ia n NHLTNG Vl£C TOl THICH LAM T oi co nhieu sd thich. Tuy nhien, toi thi/Ong danh het thdi gian ranh roi cua minh de doc sach, chay bo va ve tranh. Toi thich doc sach bao. T oi doc rat nhieu the loai, ti/ truyen than thoai den sach khoa hoc ve vu tru va tif nhien. D oc sach giup toi m o rong kien thtfc pho thong va phat trien ky nang viet. Do do, cha me toi danh gia cao sd thich nay cua toi va thirdng mua cho toi nhCfng quyen sach ma toi khong the tnr> thay trong thii vien. Khi mat qua moi vi doc nhieu, toi chay bo vdi con ch o cua minh d cong vien canh nha. Ghay bo thudng xuyen lam ch o ngifcrt khoe manh. Toi con ket ban vofi m ot vai ngi/cfi trong so nhCfng ngu'Oi thUOng chay bo trong cong vien. Doi khi thay vi chay bo toi lai di dao trong cong vien va mang theo dung cu ve tranh ben minh. T oi rat thich ghi lai nhCfng gi dep de tren trang giay. T oi da hoc ve ti/ khi len chin va dac biet gioi m on ve tranh mau nifdc. Ben canh nhung buc tranh ve canh cong vien, toi con thich ve chan dung cac thanh vien trong g.a cf:nh 6 Commonly used English essay_______________________ T a t ca nhCfng sd thich cua toi deu thu vi va hdru ich. T oi tin r§ng m oi ngi/di nen sii dung th khi chung ta di nghi m at hay dinh di du lich nifdc n goai trifdc h et ch u n g -ta nen quyet dinh di bSng phifOng tien gi. T h eo toi di du lich bang may bay vifa tien loi vifa bat loi T afd c het, trong khi di du lich bang may bay chung ta co the ngoi thoai mai trong m ot chiec ghe banh, doc tap chi hay xem phim mien phi tren ti vi. Roi d en gid an , chung ta se difOc c a c nam nCf tiep vien phuc vu tan tinh chu dao. Sau cung, du ljch bang may bay la phifong tien van chuyen nhanh nhat. Chung ta co the tdi noi den trong m ot vai gid ma c h ln g cam thay m et moi chut nao sau m ot chuyen di thoai mai nhif vay. Tuy nhien, ngoai nhCfng thuan cung co nhieu bat loi nay, du lich bang may bay loi nCfa. Trifdc het, day la hinh thifc van chuyen dat tien nhat. Chi co m ot sd it ngifdi co kha nang di du lich bang may bay trong khi du lich b5ng difdng bo hay difdng thuy re hon nhieu. Tiep den, du lich bang may bay noi tieng la nguy hiem nhat, ngay ca nhung du khach gan da cung phai so. Da co nh:e_i vu roi may bay ma phi hanh doan va hanh khach deu chet het. 20 Commonly used English essay C uoi cu ng, ch u n g ta khong the difng lai noi n ao m a chung ta m uon de thifdng thifc ph ong can h dep tren difdng di n hif trong cu o c h an h trinh b3n g x e hoi hay tau thuy. P h on g can h nhin thay qua m ay bay chi la nhCfng phong can h Id m d. NhCfng chuyen du lich bang m ay bay ch i c h o chung ta m ot phong can h tong quat ve the gidi m a thoi. ">1
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