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BÍ KÍP NHỚ TỪ VỰNG SIÊU TỐC GIÁO VIÊN :VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG GIÁM ĐỐC TRUNG TÂM NGOẠI NGỮ 24H MOON.VN Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG KHÓA HỌC “BÍ KÍP NHỚ TỪ VỰNG TIẾNG ANH SIÊU TỐC” Bài 1 A- HỌC TỪ VỰNG QUA TRANH: WEATHER - THỜI TIẾT Using verbs to describe the weather The sun is shining It's drizzling The wind is blowing It's raining (The rain is falling.) Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG It's hailing It's pouring (The rain is pouring down.) It's snowing (The snow is falling.) It's thundering Using adjectives to describe the weather Sweltering = It's sweltering. or It's a sweltering day. Freezing = It's freezing. or It's a freezing day. Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG Warm = It's warm. or It's a warm day. Cold = It's cold. or It's a cold day. Sunny = It's sunny. or It's a sunny day. Cloudy = It's cloudy. or It's a cloudy day. Clear = It's clear. or It's a clear day. Stormy = It's stormy. or It's a stormy day. Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG Misty = It's misty. or It's a misty day. Foggy = It's foggy. or It's a foggy day. Breezy = It's breezy. or It's a breezy day Windy = It's windy. or It's a windy day. Showery = It's showery. or It's a showery day. Rainy = It's rainy. or It's a rainy day. Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG Frosty = It's frosty. or It's a frosty day. Snowy = It's snowy. or It's a snowy day. Icy = It's icy. or It's an icy day. Drizzly = It's drizzly. or It's a drizzly day. . Dry = It's dry. or It's a dry day. Wet = It's wet. or It's a wet day. Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG Other things associated with the weather sunshine lightning puddles raindrops hailstones Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG snowflakes frost The weather forecast flood drought Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG tidalwave tornado / twister Atlantic / Eastern Pacific = a hurricane Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG 1. cloudy 2. Partly cloudly 3. Windy 4. Rainy 5. Sunny 6. Snowy 7. Stormy 8. Lightning Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG Good morning. The weather in Samut Prakan today is not very good. There is a lot of cloud and rain. The sky is not clear. It is raining. It will rain tomorrow too. 1 Is the sky clear? No, it isn't. Yes, it is. 2 What is the weather tomorrow? Raining. Snowing. Cloudy. Sunny. 3 What is the weather like in Samut Prakan? It's rainy. It's sunny. It's hot. It's cold. 4 What season is it? Autumn. Summer. Winter. Rainy season. 5 Is it morning or afternoon? Afternoon Morning. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 It's a lovely day. The sun is _______ and the sky is blue.A blowing B raining C shining D sunning It's _______. Take an umbrella.A raining B falling C shining D blowing My hands are blue! It's so ____. I need to put on my gloves.A hot B warm C cool D cold You need a lot of ____ to ski in the mountains.A sun B cloud C water D snow It was a grey day. We couldn't see the sun because of the ______.A wind B weather C clouds D sky In winter, the ___________ is very low in Canada.A climate B heat C temperature D degree It's so cold - look. There is ___ on the river. You can walk on it. Maybe it's thick enough to try skating.A ice B frost C mist D snow Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG 8 Drive slowly. It's difficult to see anything because of the ___.A damp B sun C fog D grey 9 There was a great _____ last night. I couldn't sleep at all.A breeze B storm C thunder D rain 10 There was a great flash of _________ and then we heard thunder. We knew that a storm was coming.A light B bright C sun D lightning 11 Sometimes when the weather is hot, it's cooler at the beach because of the ______ from the sea.A damp B breeze C fog D mist 12. I think it rained last night. Look, the grass is ____.A damp B humid C dry D cold Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG KHÓA HỌC “BÍ KÍP NHỚ TỪ VỰNG TIẾNG ANH SIÊU TỐC” Bài 2 Video Jennifer: It’s freezing outside! What happened to the weather report? I thought this cold front was supposed to pass. Gabriela: Yeah, I thought so too. That’s what I read online this morning. Jennifer: I guess the wind chill is really driving down the temperature. Gabriela: Can we go inside? I feel like my toes are starting to go numb. VIDEO Hi, I'm Randall. If you like semi-arid climates with plenty of sunshine and low humidity, Utah might be the place for you here in the United States. The summer temperatures average around 26 degrees celsius; winter temperatures around minus 1. Uh, snow in the valleys from November until March, but there's plenty of snow skiing, and if you like summer activities, there's hiking, water skiing, but you have to be careful in the summer because there are plenty of thunderstorms that cause sometimes flash floods. But if you like great weather, Utah is the place for you. 1. Utah has a relatively ____________ climate. A. dry B. humid C. harsh 2. There is about a _________ degree celsius range difference in temperature during the year. A. 25 B. 26 C. 27 3. One possible weather danger during part of the year is ______________. A. heavy rain B. strong wind C. dense snow READING: Well, weather is a very neutral topic of conversation – it’s the perfect subject to talk about when you don’t want to have a serious or meaningful conversation with someone. You can talk about the weather to anyone, anywhere – with a stranger at a bus stop, with your friends on the phone or when you bump into your boss in the office kitchen! However, talking about the weather can mean more than just trying to make conversation with a stranger. Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG It is also used as an ice-breaker in difficult situations (for example, a job interview) or it can be used to find out more about someone’s personality. If there is heavy rain one day and someone says to you, “wow, it’s been raining all day”, how would you reply? If you’re thinking, “I know, I really hate rain. I wish it would stop”, it’s possible that you’re quite a negative person. But, if you’re thinking, “oh well, at least it’s good for my garden”, there is a high chance you’re an optimistic person! The weather is everywhere and it affects everyone so if you meet a stranger or if you are introduced to someone, it is the perfect way to start a conversation! It also changes every day so there is always something to mention. Imagine that you’re in a park and you spot a girl or boy that you like. Do you think it’s better to start a conversation with, “your eyes are really beautiful. Do you want to go on a date?” or, “it’s a lovely day today, isn’t it?”? So, how can you start a conversation about the weather? Well, it’s actually quite easy. Just remember a few of the phrases below and try them out on a stranger next time you’re waiting for a bus or in your next job interview! “It’s a beautiful day today, isn’t it?” “What strange weather we’re having!” “There’s not a cloud in the sky!” “The sun’s come out!” “We had a lot of rain this morning.” “We’re having a heatwave!” Or a very typical idiom that is used a lot in England to describe heavy rain: “It’s raining cats and dogs!” BÀI HÁT: Rhythm of the Rain 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 HOME WORK: We like studying in our new classroom because in the morning we get a lot of ________ .
 A sun-time B sunshine C sunny D sunnyness I think there is a storm coming. I can hear _______ about two or three kilometres away.
 A lightning B downpour C thunder D flashes On Wednesday it was quite bright and sunny but on Thursday it was more ______ .
 A cloud B cloudy C clouded D clouding The rain was only for a few minutes but it was very _____ so now everything is very wet.
 A strong B large C loud D heavy In Japan in spring, the weather is not very hot but it feels hotter because the ________ is high, so there is a lot of water in the air.
A humour B humid C humidifier D humidity It was very hot in the morning, but in the afternoon there was cool, gentle ______ from the sea and it felt more comfortable.
A gale B gust C breeze D whirlwind There are a few spots of rain on the ground. I think it's ________ and maybe it will really rain in a few minutes.
A spotting B spitting C dropping D dripping Moon.vn Hotline: Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG 8 In the morning it started raining, then stopped about five or six times and in the afternoon it was _______ too.
A showers B showery C showering D showered 9 I hate the weather we have just before a storm, when it's really hot and ______ and everybody is sweating so much.
A sticky B tricky C drippy D slimy 10 Last night it was really freezing in Bristol. Somebody told me that it was ___________ degrees. It was definitely below zero.
A under eight B eight below C minus eight D eight negative 11 Tomorrow you can expect bright sunshine all day and temperatures in the low ________ .
 A thirty B thirties C thirty-somethings D thirty-ish 12 This morning it was sunny and the sky was _____ .
A empty B open C clean D clear Key 1 B sunshine 2 C thunder 3 B cloudy 8 B showery 10 C minus eight Moon.vn 9 A sticky 4 D heavy 5 D humidity 11 B thirties 6 C breeze 12 D clear Hotline: 7 B spitting Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG Bài 8: FEELINGS Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG AUDIO Culture Shock Good morning class. Today I'd like to talk about culture shock. Now, many students think they know what culture shock is, but often they are confused by the real meaning of the term "culture shock". For example, I've heard students say, "I know what culture shock is. Culture shock is a kind of surprise that you get when you travel. You might be surprised by something such as cars with their lights on during the daytime. You might notice that Canadians take off their shoes in their houses or that they usually eat sandwiches for lunch." Well, those aren't really examples of "culture shock". They are what I like to call "cross-cultural surprises". Actually, culture shock is quite different from a "cross-cultural surprise". Culture shock is the feeling of anxiousness and confusion caused when a person tries to adapt to a new environment. Culture shock also involves a physical and psychological reaction to a new environment. When you live in a new country, it is common to feel sad, lonely, or disoriented. You might feel very tired or you might have difficulty sleeping. You may have sore muscles and you might even lose your identity and wonder "who am I". All of these types of reactions can be signs that you are suffering from "culture shock". Many people feel that culture shock has stages. The first stage is often called the "honeymoon period". Just like the holiday that newlyweds take after marriage, you might feel very happy and excited when you arrive in a new country. You look around and are amazed by all of the new things that you see. This happy period can last a short time or it may last for months or even years depending on the individual. Some students have said that they never had a honeymoon period. They were sad from the Moon.vn Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG moment they arrived in the country. Many of them weren't here because they wanted to be here, but because their parents sent them here. However, I think most people do have a honeymoon period. The second stage of culture shock is often called the "transition period". During this period of time you may begin to feel frustrated. You may get angry or sad. Typically, people start to think about how easy life was at home. When you look around your new country, you can't believe how crazy people are. Why can't they just be like you? Why can't they speak your language? How can they live in this awful climate and eat that disgusting food? Everything starts to get on your nerves. If only you were at home. Later, you will move on to the integration stages and you'll finally become comfortable with the new culture and the new environment. You'll come to accept that the new environment is different, but you'll start to understand that there are some good things as well as bad things about the culture. Things won't be so difficult for you then. In fact, you might actually start to prefer some parts of the new culture to parts of your own culture. Then, when you return home, you'll probably go through a whole new stage called "reverse culture shock". We'll talk about that tomorrow. One thing to remember about culture shock is that people experience it in many different ways. Each person adapts to new environments differently and each stage of culture shock can last for varying periods of time. Before you travel to another country, it might be helpful to do some research on culture shock so that you will be mentally prepared for the emotional and physical reactions that you may have. As well, it may help you to understand the behavior of the other travelers around you. Now, please open your book to chapter 13 and read the group questions entitled "Culture Shock Stages"... 1. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of culture shock: Feeling confused Feeling lost Being tired or unable to sleep Being surprised by the new culture 2. The honeymoon period is characterized by feelings of: Acceptance and comfort Happiness and excitement Nervousness and fear Anger and frustration 3. From the listening, what does "get on somebody's nerves" mean? To bother someone To excite someone To surprise someone To calm someone down 4. During the integration stage the person will: Want to return home Begin to feel comfortable Moon.vn Join the new culture Feel very uncomfortable 5. When does reverse culture shock happen? When you arrive in the new culture When you live in another country for a long time During the integration stage After you return home 6. Which is NOT true about culture shock: Culture shock is different for everyone. The honeymoon stage usually lasts three months. Some people don't have a honeymoon stage. Culture shock is different from a cross-cultural surprise. KEY: 1. Being surprised by the new culture 2. Happiness and excitement 3. To bother someone 4. Begin to feel comfortable 5. After you return home 6. The honeymoon stage usually lasts three months. [VIDEO] HAPPY TOGETHER [VIDEO] Cô VŨ MAI PHƯƠNG
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