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Người mà bạn ngưỡng mộ/Thần tượng/Giáo viên ưa thích In my mind, Mrs. Phuong is my best teacher having influence on me. To begin with, she help me to improve my English so much. Through a variety of lectures, Mrs.Phuong bring to me an amount of knowledge in a easy way, not to mention that sometimes she provides me with knowledge about another fields in life.Besides, she has unique sense of humour. During break time, she usually tells a funny story that makes me study more effectively. Additionally, she gives me a lot of advices about humanity and social issues. Therefore, I have more careful preparations for my future. Besides, she has unique sense of humour. Also, Mrs.Phuong is well known for the author of numberous English book and is a female model for anyone seeking a successful life. The way of her living has inspired a lot of people. In a word, Mrs. Phuong is always my best teacher. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lợi ích của việc vào đại học Education plays an important role in the development of modern society. Consequently, a university, which is a nice place to gain more knowledge, new experience, career preparation and many useful lessons in human relations, has become the best choice of many students after graduating from high school. First and foremost, with the knowledge learned at a university, we have a deep understanding of our society. Furthermore, high-paid jobs always require capacity and qualifications. Thus, by obtaining a university degree, we are able to get a dream job. In addition, a university is like a small world with numerous types of people where we have chances to meet and talk to people of different characteristics. Whereby, we learn how to interact with other people appropriately. In truth, university is the key to open almost every opportunity in life. Therefore, it could be described as a great environment for people to learn and grow up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sở thích/Lợi ích của việc đọc sách From my point of view, reading book plays an important role in life.The benefits of reading book are enormous. First and foremost, reading daily enable us to gain more knowledge, reduce stress and improve memory. There is no doubt that people reading books everyday are usually optimistic and happy. Additionally, reading books helps people to expand vocabularies and ideas about various fields in life. Thanks to these new vocabularies and ideas, we have a better quality of conservation, as a result, we feel more confident when interacting with people. Also, reading book bring you another useful ways to spend free time instead of doing harmful activities as playing video game. It provides you a deep understanding of society and humans. In a word, it could be said that you should read book everyday. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lợi ích của việc học Tiếng Anh/Môn học yêu thích With no doubt, English is the most spoken language in the world. There are many benefits derived from learning English. First of all, travellers from other countries who are good at English will easierly interact with native people, having a more enjoyable experience, not to mention that they will save considerable money because of not hiring a translator. Secondly, learning English can help us to broaden our knowledge. The original writings of scientists, economists, writers, novelists and others not speaking and writing the English language have been all translated into English. If you are a master of English,you will get access to all the sources of information. Moreover, the England industrial entertainment creates a lot of great English songs. Learning English well, youcan understand the meaningful lyrics. In a word, I can say that English hascountless benefits. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My most memorable experience happened a few years ago, when i was a grad 9 student. In those days, my biggest dream was a guitar. I was really interested in its sound. My father knew this, so on my birthday he gave me some money so that i could buy the guitar for myself. I was extremely excited and decided to go to the shop at once. I got on the bus and sat down next to a schoolboy. The boy glanced at me and turned away. It was a sneaky look. After a while, I turned round and noticed that inside the boy's schoolbag, there was a wad of dollar notes exactly like the ones my father had given me. I quickly looked into my own bag - the notes had gone! I was sure that the boy was a thief but i didn't want to make a fuss, so i decided just to take my money back from the schoolboy's bag silently. With the money I bought my dream guitar. When I got home, I showed it to my father. Unexpectedly, He asked me how i had paid for it and pointed to a wad of dollar notes on the table at the same time. Can you imagine how I felt then? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Môn thể thao yêu thích Playing football is really my cup of tea in leisure time for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there is no doubt that people playing football keep fit and healthy. By being on the pitch one hour a day, I feel full of energy, which make my day's work more effectively. Secondly, I have more relationships thanks to playing football. It doesn't matter that you are teammate or opponent, every person on the pitch is friend. After a competitive match, we gather and chat with each other about how the game was or even hobbies and plans in the future. Therefore, you are more confident when interacting with a stranger. Last but not least, playing football is entertaining. It helps me to relax after a day hard work and relieve stress. In a word, i am a fan of football since it brings me a lot of benefits. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bảo vệ môi trường Today, environmental problems have become more crucial as the world is moving into a constantly advanced industrialization. We all know that a clean environment is very neccessary to live a peaceful and healthy life. But in fact, our environment is getting more dirty day by day because of the neglience of human beings. Thus, it is high time we acted to protect the environment. First of all, reducing, reusing and recycling are some of majority ways to keep surroundings cleaner. For instance, recycling is the best way to lessen and avoid global warming and climate change. In addition, it also helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste and uses less energy. In this way, we have contributed to much preservation natural resources for the future. More importantly, our health is also improved that brings a better quality of life. Therefore, the protection of the environment could be described as such a duty that people have to do. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lợi ích của phương tiện công cộng Public transportation is a essential part of a city, helpingto bring a better quality of life. There are many advantages of using publictransportation. First of all, it encourages people to have a more activehealthy lifestyle, walking or cycling to a bus stop or a station, for example.Secondly, you can relax, listen to music, read a book or even finish yourbusiness when sitting on a bus, instead of focusing on the road. Therefore, italso saves time. Besides, public transportation can reduce pollution caused bycars or motorbikes. The more people travel by train or bus, the fewer cars areon the road. On the other hand, using public transportation is much cheaperthan owning a car because of spending less money buying petrol. In a word,public transportation plays an important part in life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Holiday Tet or Vietnamese New Year is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. It takes place from the first day of the first month of the Vietnamese calendar until the third day. Many Vietnamese people prepare for Tet by cooking traditional foods and decorating the house. I always look forward to Tet because I am a fan of Banh Chung. On these days, people try to be nice and polite to each other. Adults give their childrens lucky money while teenagers getting dressed beautifully and formally come down to the road and celebrate New Year. Tet is also an occasion for families to gather together after one year working far from home. During Tet, people forget about the troubles of the past year and hope for a better new year. Tet, therefore, is a highly valued tradition in Vietnam. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hobby To have a hobby is to know how to spend one's leisure moments. A hobby, providing an avenue of escape from boredom, can also warm one's soul. My hobby is guitar. when my day's study is over, I sit down in the privacy of room and strum its strings for a while and the stress of my daily life can be easily relieved. In my own world when i play, i feel freedom, silence and it keeps me out of other things that could get me in trouble. This feeling is a source of pleasure to me. Besides, in free time, my family often listen to the gentle sound of my guitar, relax that make us a very close-knit family. The guitar is not only an instrument but also my companion, my outlet to express my feelings to people and connect them together.
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