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BÀI GIẢNG ĐIỆN TỬ TIẾNG ANH 7 A- A student’s work (2, 3) Brainstorming Write the date of some important days in Viet Nam. Brainstorming Write the date of some important days in Viet Nam 1. January 1st 1. New Year’s Day 2. Lunar January 1st 2. Tet holiday 3. Lunar March 10th 3. Anniversary of Hung Kings 4. April 30th 4. Liberation Day 5. May 1st 5. Labor Day 6. September 2nd 6. Independence Day A- A student’s work (2,3) VOCABULARY: Christmas (n): Lễ Giáng sinh Independence Day (n): ngày Quốc khánh THÁNG GIÊNG New Year’s Day (n): Tết Dương lịch New Year’s Eve (n): Easter (n): Đêm giao thừa Lễ Phục sinh Thanksgiving (n): Lễ tạ ơn (to) celebrate (v): kỷ niệm SOME PICTURES ABOUT EASTER EASTER EGGS EASTER BUNNY SOME PICTURES ABOUT THANKSGIVING SOME PICTURES ABOUT THE INDEPENDENCE DAY IN AMERICA. SOME PICTURES ABOUT TET IN VIET NAM. SOME PICTURES ABOUT CHRISTMAS 1 2 Easter Christm as 3 Thank sgiving 4 I ndependence Day 5 N ew Year’s Eve 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Easter Christmas New Year’s Day Anniversary of Hung Kings. Tet holiday Thanksgiving Vietnamese Independence Day American Independence Day a. 1st of January b. Lunar 10th of March c. Late March or early April d. 2nd of September e. The fourth Thursday of November f. 4th of July g. Lunar 1st of January h. 25th of December 1+ c ; 2+ h ; 3+ a ; 4+ b ; 5+ g ; 6 + e ; 7+ d 8+ f VIET NAM HOA AMERICA TIM PREDICTION * True/ False statements : 1.Vietnamese students have more vacations than American students. 2. American students have the longest vacation in the winter. 3. They don’t have Tet holiday. 4. Their most important vacation is New Year’s Day. 5. They usually spend their time with families on Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. Unit 7: THE W OR LD OF W OR K Lesson 2 : A2-3 *Checking True/ False: T 1. Vietnam ese students have m ore vacations than Am erican students. F 2. Am erican students have the longest vacation in the w inter. summer T 3. They don’t have Tet holiday. F 4. Their m ost im portant vacation is N ew Year’s Day. T 5. They usually spend their tim e w ith fam ilies on Christm as and Thank sgiving holidays. a. Summer vacation is the longest in America. b. During his vacation, Tim spends time with his family. c. Vietnamese students have more vacations than American students. A. A student’s work A2. Read.Then answer the question. * Vocabulary: * True/ False statements * Answer the questions: A3. Listen. Write the name of the public holiday. * Ordering pictures: a b c d 1- d ; 2- a ; 3- b ; 4- c * LISTEN AND WRITE THE NAME OF THE PUBLIC HOLIDAY. b a THANKSGIVING c NEW YEAR’S EVE d INDEPENDENCE DAY CHRISTMAS * ANSWER THE QUESTIONS 1. Which American vacation is the longest? 2. Does Tim have a Tet holiday? 3. What is the longest vacation for Vietnamese students? 4. What does Tim do during his vacation? 5. What do you usually do in the summer? 6. Which holiday do they celebrate on December 25th? 7. Do Vietnamese students have more or fewer vacations than American ones?
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