Tài liệu Bài giảng tiếng anh 12 unit 15 (language focus)

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English 12 WARM UP Situation 1: Put questions for these situations. At break, a girl wants to invite her close friend, Mary, to go to the canteen? What will she say? Would you like to go to the canteen? Situation 2: It is so hot today. The teacher asks a student to open windows? What will he say? Can you open the windows? I. INTONATION THE RISING TUNE • Practise reading the following sentences with the rising tune. 1. Did you have a good holiday? 2. Must you go now? 3. Shall I bring some sandwiches for you, too? 4. Can I go with you, Jack? 5. Have your parents been to Britain, Jo? Notes: The rising tune is used for YES/NO questions • Work in pairs. Practise reading the conversations. 1. Mr. Wise: Were there any letters this morning? Miss Roke: No. Mr. Wise: That’s odd…Oh, before I forget…..have you heard the news? Miss Roke: No? Mr. Wise: Miss Robert is getting married. Are you thinking of getting married, Miss Roke? Miss Roke: No. 2. Father: Are you drunk, David? David: No, I’m not. Father: Did you wash your face this morning? David: Yes, I did. Father: Have you completed your essay? David: No, sorry Dad. I haven’t II. GRAMMAR Eg: When I was young, I'd listen to the radio waiting for my favorite songs Phrasal verbs Some common phrasal verbs To explain sth to sb To laugh at sb To invite sb to somewhere To listen to sb/sth To point sth at sb/ sth To glance at sb/sth To search sb/sth for sb/ sth To look for sb/sth To speak to sb To stare at sb To throw sth at sb/sth To write sth to sb To leave somewhere for somewhere To have a discussion about sth To ask sb for sth To look at sb/sth To apply to smb/ sth To wait for sb Some examples for phrasal verbs To explain sth to sb Eg: The teacher is explaining the new lesson to her students. Some examples for phrasal verbs To point sth at sb/ sth Eg: The soldier is pointing his gun at the boy. Some examples for phrasal verbs - to throw sth to sb - to throw smt at smb Eg: The boy is throwing a lifebuoy to his friend in the water. Some examples for phrasal verbs To throw sth at sb/sth Eg: The man is trying to throw the ball at the net. - to leave somewhere for somewhere. Eg: I am going to leave Ho Chi Minh for Paris. EXERCISE 1 Choose one of the following verbs (in the correct form) + the correct preposition to complete the sentences. Explain Invite Laugh Listen Point Glance Speak Throw Stare Write glanced at my watch to see what the time was. 1. I _________ 2. We’ve been ________ invited to the party but unfortunately we can’t go. listen to me! I’ve got something important to tell you. 3. Please _______ throw the stones __ at the birds. That’s prohibited. 4. Don’t _____ staring at me. 5. The woman sitting opposite me on the train kept ________ speaking to one another. 6. Sally and Kevin had an argument and now they’re not __________ wrote to Joanna last week but she hasn’t replied to my letter yet. 7. I _______ point them __ at me! 8. Be careful with those scissors! Don’t _____ EXERCISE 2 Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate preposition if necessary. 1. You’re always asking me ______ for money. Ask somebody else for a change. 2. I’ve applied ______ for a job at the factory. I don’t know if I’ll get it. 3. If I want a job at the factory, who do I apply _______ to ? 4. I’ve searched everywhere _____ for John but I haven’t able to find him. about what happened last night. Let’s forget it. 5. I don’t want to talk _____ 6. I don’t want to discuss ____ Ø what happened last night. Let’s forget it. about the problem but we didn’t 7. We had an interesting discussion ________ reach a decision. 8. Keith and Sonia are touring Europe. They’re in Rome at the moment, but tomorrow they leave _____ for Venice. 9. The roof of the house is in very bad condition. I think we ought to do something ______ for it. 10. We waited _____ for Jim for half an hour but he never came. HOME WORK: Do the rest of the exercises at home. Learn the lesson. Prepare unit 16 (reading).
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