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Look at all the pictures and match them with the correct kind of books. Unit 11: Books – Listening Matching 1 Text book 3 Craft 2 Detective story 6 Sciencefiction Novel Thriller 4 5 Activity 1 : Vocabulary - incredible [in'kredəbl] (adj): unbelievable (không thể tin được) - wilderness ['wildənis] (n): vùng hoang dã, vùng bỏ hoang - reunite[,ri:ju:'nait] (v): sum họp - distinct [dis'tiηkt] (adj): clearly diferent (khác biệt) - faithful (adj): = loyal (trung thành) - survive [sə'vaiv] (v): sống lâu hơn ai; sống sót Activity 2: Checking Vocabulary What and Where 1 incredible 2 wilderness 4 distinct 3 reunite 5 faithful  Listen to a woman talking about the book that she has just read and do the tasks that follow. Activity 1: Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). 1. The woman recently read a book whose title is “The Incredible Journey”. 2. The book is about three Canadian animal friends. 3. The Canadian wilderness. for a long trip _____________ family go to the Canadian England _________________ 4. The animals leave the friend ’s house because they want to find their owners. 5. The central theme of the book is “ how to toresolve survive __________ an problem ”. in order to get home ________________________ lifeanimal in the wilderness Listen again and answer the questions below 1) How do animals almost care for one another ? 2) What did the old dog find when he decided to take the long journey to find their owners ? 3) What made the book interesting and unbelievable ? 4) Who would the author like to recommend the book? LUCKY NUMBERS A 1 2 4 5 3 6 B (Group work) Topic: “ Why do you read books ? ” Suggested ideas: I read to relax and - To get information and a books better understanding of what we learn. widen my knowledge - To widen and improve our knowledge. - To raise our awareness of the good things to do and the bad things to avoid. - To relax our mind. .... HOMEWORK Write a short paragraph about the importance of reading books. Prepare the Writing Lesson in advance. Answer the question 1. How do animals almost care for one another ?  They care for one another almost as if they were a family. Answer the question 2. What did the old dog find out when he decided to take the long journey to find their owners ?  The old dog found the strength in making the long and difficult journey to find their owners. Answer the question 3. Why did the book become interesting and unbelievable ?  Because the author was faithful to her characters as animals and show us their journey through animal eyes. Answer the question 4. Who would the author like to recommend the book ?  The author would like to recommend the book to anyone who likes animals to read it. Group A are the winners
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