Tài liệu Bài giảng tiếng anh 11 unit 7 (listening)

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BÀI GIẢNG ENGLISH 11 1. Population is quite equally distributed all over the earth. True or False? FALSE 2. Most of the world's population lives in the Southern Hemisphere. True or False? FALSE 3. Almost all people live on a small part of the earth. True or False? TRUE 4. Which three countries have China, India, and the the largest populations in the United States world? 5. How many people live in the world? About 6,700,000,000 UNIT 7 Vocabulary: • Latin America • Developing countries • Punishment (hình phạt) ≠ reward • Inexpensive • Rank (xếp hạng) • • • • Explosion (bùng nổ) Fall (giảm) Solution (giải pháp) Improvement (sự cải thiện) • Shortage (sự thiếu) • Implement Task 1: Listen to the expert and decide whether the statements are TRUE or FALSE 1. According to the expert, there are over 6.7 billion people in the world today. 2. The expert says the population of the world increases by 76 million a year. 3. The expert says Africa has the highest population growth rate. 4. Scientists say that a fall in death rates is the main reason for population explosion. 5. One of the problems mentioned by the expert is about living conditions. 6. There were four solutions that the expert offered. Task 2: Listen again and answer the following questions 1. According to the expert, what will the population of the world be by the year 2015?  The population of the world will be over 7 billion. 2. What did the expert say about the population growth rates in some parts of the world?  The population grows more quickly in some parts of the world than others. 3. According to the expert, what is the reason for a fall in the death rates?  The improvement of public health services and medical care. 4. According to the expert, what problems does population explosion cause to the world, particularly to the developing countries? • • • • food  Shortage of _________ hospitals  Lack of ___________ schools and _________ Illiteracy  ____________ Low living standars ___________________ 5. What are the solutions the expert offered? •  To __________ educate people and make them aware of the danger of having ______ more children _________ birth-control methods •  To provide safe, inexpensive ___________________ implement a family planning policy. •  To strictly _____________ exercise strict and fair reward and ___________ punishment •  To __________ policies  Rate of population growth.  Reason for the population explosion.  Problems of the population explosion.  Solutions to the problems.
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