Tài liệu Bài giảng tiếng anh 10 unit 1(listening)

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WARM UP JUMBLED WORD RKPA EIVRR CCLEY DOFO OEIFFC  PARK RIVER CYCLE FOOD OFFICE PRE-LISTENING WHO IS HE?     He gets up very early. He usually has meals at a food stall. He gets people from one place to another. He has a cyclo.  HE IS A CYCLO DRIVER PRE-LISTENING * VOCABULARY: - District (n): quận, huyện - Purchase (n): đồ mua sắm - Ride (n): lái xe đạp, cyclo - Pedal (v): đạp xe - Food stall (n): quầy bán thực phẩm - Passenger (n): hành khách PRE - LISTENING Look at the pictures and describe them He takes an old man to……. He gets up at 5:30 Hetakes has lunch at a food stall He two pupils to home He parks the cyclo under a tree and nearhe Ben Thanh takes a shortMarket rest He takes a lady to her shop in T.H.D street WHILE-LISTENING Task 1: Listen and number the pictures in their correct order.  Correct order 1 2 3 4 5 6 WHILE-LISTENING Task 2: Listen again and decide whether the statements are True (T) or False (F) T F Ho Chi  1. Mr. Lam lives in District 1.Minh city 2. Mr. Lam usually gets up early.  3. After Mr. Lam gets up, he rides his cyclo from  District 5 to District 1. 1 to district 5 4. Mr. Lam’s first passengers are two pupils. is an old man   5. Mr. Lam has lunch at home his a foodwith stall near Benfamily. Thanh Market  6. After lunch Mr. Lam immediately goes back to work. parks his cyclo under a tree, takes a short rest POST-LISTENING Ask and answer about Mr. Lam’s activities - name What is the man‘s name ? - ocupation What does he do ? - start work What time does he start work ? - passengers  Who are his passengers ? - lunch Where does he have lunch ? - rest Does he take a rest ? POST-LISTENING Look at the pictures and retell the stoty about the daily activities of Mr. Lam. HOME WORK - Remember the story about Mr. Lam and write a short paragraph about him and his daily routine. - Prepare the next lesson.
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