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Requests & Offers Exchanging Information Requests  Can you…?  Would you mind …(Verb+ing)?  Do you think you could…?  Could you…?  I’d like you to…  Do you mind… (Verb+ing) 1. Ask a colleague to translate a letter for you. 2. Ask a friend to do some supermarket shopping for you. 3. Ask your secretary to work three hours overtime this week. 4. Ask a colleague to give you a lift to the train station. Requests 1. Would you mind translating this for me? Can you translate this for me? Do you think you could translate this for me? 2. Would you mind going to the market for me? Could you go to the market for me? 3. Do you think you could work three hours late today? Do you mind working three hours late today? 4. Could you give me a lift to the station? Can you give me a lift to the station? Requests  Can you…?  Would you mind …(Verb+ing)?  Do you think you could…?  Could you…?  I’d like you to…  Do you mind… (Verb+ing) 1. Ask your secretary to make some photocopies. 2. Ask you son or daughter to tidy their bedroom. 3. Ask a colleague to move some office furniture. 4. Ask a friend to water you houseplants while you’re on holiday. Requests 1. I’ d like you to make 20 copies of this. Could you make 20 copies of this for me? 2. I’d like you to tidy up your bedroom. 3. Do you think you could move this desk for me? Could you move this desk for me? 4. Can you water my houseplants while I am away? Would you mind watering my house plants while I am away? Requests: Asking        Could you possibly … ( call him)? Do you think you could…(come too)? Would you…(ring the company)? Could you…(translate this), please? Can you…(give me a hand)? (Informal) Would you mind…( checking these figures)? Do } Requests: Agreeing     Yes certainly. Yes that’s no problem. Yes, of course. Yes, I’ll do that  Would you mind…? No of course not. Not at all Requests Would you mind = Would it bother you to… So yes and no are opposite to the other request forms. No of course not Not at all No problem Would you mind I’d rather not Actually, I do mind Yes, I would ( angry) Requests: Refusing  I’m sorry but that’s not possible…(It’s too late).  I’m afraid not…(I have to go now).  I think that will be very difficult…(I’m very busy).  Sorry but …(I’m too busy) (Informal). Requests Imagine you are preparing for a seminar. Student A Student B Ask your partner to Agree  help you translate a document.  give you a lift to the Refuse with an excuse airport. Agree Refuse Ask your partner to  Explain a new computer system.  Look after a visitor next week. Offers: Offering        Would you like me to…(book a room)? If you like , I can…(find out)? Shall I…(change your flight)? Do you want me to…(call her)? (Informal) Would you like…(a lift)? Can I get you (a drink)? (Informal) Do you need a hand? (Informal) Offers: Accepting     Thanks, I’d appreciate that. That’s very kind of you. Yes please. Thanks very much. Never say “Thanks a lot.” that means “That was no help at all.” Offers: Declining  Thanks, but that won’t be necessary.  That’s very kind of you but …( I can manage).  Thanks, but please don’t bother / trouble yourself.  No thanks. (Informal) Offers Imagine you are preparing for a seminar Student A Offer to:  set up the audiovisual equipment.  check the number of participants.  Accept  Decline Student B  Decline  Accept Offer to:  open the windows.  get supplies of stationery. Exchanging Information: Listening  Listen to the conversation and indicate which phrases are used in each situation. Asking I’d like some information on… Checking That’s…is it? Confirming Yes, that’s right. Correcting No,… Showing Understanding Exchanging Information: Asking      some information on… I’d like to ask you about… to know… Could…? you tell me… Can…? Do you know…? Do you happen to know…? Exchanging Information: Checking         You did say…, didn’t you? That’s …, isn’t it? You don’t …,do you? Do have received…(the file), haven’t you? You have …(the file), don’t you? Do have So…? Sorry, did you say…? Exchanging Information: Confirming & Correcting     Yes, that’s right. Yes, I have received Yes, I have it. I said …  Sorry, I made a mistake. It’s …, not…  Sorry. That’s not correct. It should be… Exchanging Information: Showing you understand  I see  Right. I’ve got that.  OK. I understand now. Pronunciation Stress the information that changes with particular emphasis on the new correct details.  No, not the 7th, the 17th.  No, not Malaga, Madrid  No, not 10:35, 10:25
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