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CONTENT ASSIGNMENT INTRODUCTION.................................1 I. INTRODUCTION..........................................................2 II. BODY.............................................................................2 1. Mexico – South American country ....................................................2 2. History of Paricutin Volcanoe and its’ story.......................................3 3. The value of tourism.............................................................................4 4. Advice for visitors..................................................................................6 5. Ralate to World Wonders in Viet Nam...............................................7 III. CONCLUSION............................................................8 IV. RECOMMENDATION.................................................8 0 ASSIGNMENT INTRODUCTION Hi. We are Nhan Thi Thanh Nga and Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc. We are happy to do world wonder assignment. This is the first time we do work wonder assignment. And this is also the first time we word impair. This assignment is our work we work together. We will introduce our assignment. We do about the wonder: “Paricutin volcano”- a volcano in Brazin. My assignment includes four main parts. When you firstly read our assignment, you can see the main parts in the table of content. And after reading all my assignment, you can improve your knowledge about the world wonder Paricutin, it countries – Brazil and you also know more about some beautiful sights in Viet Nam. I can say that our work is very interesting and it has a great knowledge. We do it by ourselves so please give us some advice. We always listen your advise teacher. 1 I. INTRODUCTION Tourism is a favorite action with people all over the world. On our planet, there is much knowleadge which people can not know all. For example, knowleadge in tourism, history, art… Especially, potentials for tourism is great and various. There are over two hundred countries in our world. Each country has its particular beauty and culture. Some famous place for tourism you can know are: The Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls or The Great Barrier Reef, Paricutin Volcano… They are all natural beautiful spots when you travel you can get more knowleagde in tourism, nature. A beautiful site you shouldn’t miss is Paricutin Volcanoe. Paricutin volcano is one of world nature wonder. It is located in the village Paricutin. It’s location is from 19,50N to 102,20W in Paricutin village_ in the Mexican state of Michigan. The glamorous and fabulous beauty of this volcano attracts many visiters come from four corners of the world. It’s beauty is the main reason why it is recorgnized as a world wonder. It’s the first reason. And the second reason is in the Paricutin village where the volcano is located, villagers do bussiness and live in for along time. Say in another way, this is a place of many culture and civillization specially Spanish culture and Mexico culture. The strongly influence is reflected especially in architecture. That’s all the reasons to recognize Paricutin volcano is a wonder world. II. BODY 1. Mexico – South American country Have you ever travelled America, the USA, Brazil? If you have travelled American, if you’ve travelled, the USA and Brazil you shouldn’t miss traveling Mexico – a south American country. Mexico is the country has many beautiful sites. It is the country of the pyramid of the sun: Maya civillization and Aztec civillization. 2 It sounds like very terrific. When you visit Mexico, you shouldn’t miss the chance to eat traditional food: nachos and enchiladas. You also have chance to drink a special wine in this country, the country with population exceeds 106 million. It’s tequila wine. It can be considered the symbol of Mexico. It’s very wonderful for you to enjoy traditional food with any tequila: with Mexican. It’s more terrific if you enjoy them in some festivals in Mexico: Guadalupe festival. And of course remember to visit Paricutin volcano – an unique volcano. 2. History of Paricutin Volcanoe and its’story An Unique volcano? Why? Now let’s know more about it’s history, its stories and its legends to explain the question. Paricutin is an unique volcano. It’s the youngest volcano in Mexico, also in the world. It appeared in 1943. To day, it is only 66 years old. It’s special because the development of the volcano was seen by human beings. On the afternoon 20, 1943, on the cornfields of Pulido, Paricutin Volcano began by a fissure. At that time, Mr Pulido, his wife and his son were floughing their fields to ready the fields for spring crop and saw directly when the volcano started to erupt. It’s very amazing that day by day, a volcano developed under the fields where the villagers did their work. Beside Pulido family, there were some people saw in front of their eyes when the volcano started erupting. This story improve that Paricutin is an unique volcanoe. It’s the story of Placo. He said that when he was 9 years old in 1943, the year Paricutin volcano started erupting his father was working in Pulido’s cornfields. When it happened, his mother was preparing dinner and he was dropping lived lizard in girldpants and all the thing nine-years-kid did. The famer in the fields witnessed. The ground crack opened in one thunder rumbing and out of this open fissure came the strong smell of rotten eggs. But he said that it wasn’t rotten eggs and sulphur from beneath the earth’s 3 crusted which was rising to the surface of the fields. So magic! Human beings saw all the development of this volcano. After 1943, the volcano was 335m. In 1946, it erupted and buried everything on the way laver came across. In 1952, the volcano stopped erupting. At that time it height was 424 m. In the end of 1951, the eruptions burned everything around it 25m. Since 1952 to today there’re no eruption of Paricutin volcano. It means that this volcano can’t erupt again. Paricutin is a volcano in Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt and North America. It’s so luckily that there was no death caused by the eruption of the volcano. Arcording to summery, there were three people died but because of lighting not lava or ash of Paricutin volcano it is an unique volcano because of that reason. Beside the youngest volcano, it’s also the fastest volcano. The development and eruption of Paricutin only passed in a short time: 41 years. It began erupting very past and also stopped erupting very past. So it’s very unique! However, it’s very extremely unique because Paricutin volcano still exists on our planet and it brings much usefulness for people living nearby. It brings rich sold for agriculture to the village near it: Paricutin and San Juan Parangaricutiro. Fact, Paricutin is still standing. It poured out over 1 billion tons of Lava during 9 years. After 645 years the eruption stopped, the only trace of village is church tower. 3. The value of tourism The volcano has been quite seen and will never erupt again. All things around Paricutin volcano make it more beautiful and unique. Paricutin volcano is one world wonder so surely that there’re many beautiful and particular places which attracts visitors. It’s beautiful site near the capital, the city centre of 4 Mexico - the country of sun, sea, sand. So it’s very convenient for tourists to travel Paricutin volcano. You can go there by bus, by your car, by air or by everything you want. It’s very wonderful. It’s importance that visitors fell comfortable. After the eruption of Paricutin volcano, many trees grow and become some kinds of forests. So today, there’re many glamorous sights in this area. When you visit this volcano, you shouldn’t miss Tierra Calierdo Terrain. The Paricutin is located about 200 miles from Mexico city – is in a climb region call Tierra Calientdo in which has long hot summers and mild winters. That is suitable for many kinds of tree to grow: Catus forest, tree Ferns, Mossy or hilds and other flowering plants. In this area, there be also many rare animal: such as: many spines of snakes, coyotes and lions. Traveling there, visitors can enjoy the fresh air, fresh inviroment and understand more about nature. Tourists come here to have good heath and fell better after much pressure of their life and society. It’s so terific to take a ecotourism trip in this area. Beside ecotourism, visitors can visit the paricutin volcano to know more about history, architecture. After the eruption of the volcano in 1952, on the trace there is church tower. This area is famous for a church called San Juan Paragaricutino. It’s a church with special and impressive architecture. The architecture of the church is strongly influenced by Spanish, especially the church bell tower. It’s an elegant tower rises above the lava, offering a sharp constrast again the rough, menacing waves of black from which they seem to emerge. The walls are still standing there, engulfed an surrounded by the black sea of volcanic rocks. I’m sure that when visitors come to see this tower, they have to admire for it ancient beautiful architecture and have many interesting felling when they are going inside the tower, an image of El Senor de los Milagros, the Lord of Micracle, to whom the church 5 wesdedicated. There be many flowers and candles surrounding the icon, silent testimonies of a farth that is always present although the old town has never been forgotten. And it is as beautiful as the beauty inside the tower, the beauty out tower is also interesting. On the ward of the mountain, the path of lava are clearly outlined from the mount of volcano to the valley below. The rocks are warm to the touch in one of small pit. That’s wonderful place for us not to miss traveling. 4. Advice for visitors Famous for it’s glamorous beauty, Paricutin volcano is the destination for thousands visitors come from all over the world. It’s well – known for it special development. And it’s also well known for the beautiful sights, for churches with Spanish architecture. Visitors can go to this area easily because it isn’t far from Mexico city. So tourists can go by what they want. They can go by cars, moto bikes, bicycle… That brings to visitors pleasant and convenience. Besides convenient ways to get Paricutin area, when tourists visit this area, they can travel by renting a horse and riding the horse to beautiful places. It’s realy a impressive way to travel. Renting a horse, riding on it and wearing a hat like cowboys to explore newlands, secret land in this area. At that time, tourists fell they’re cowboys. Surely that felling is interesting. It’s very difficult to express that felling in some words. Paricutin is an unique volcano. Near it there’re two villages. So surely that when visitors come here, they not only see beautiful sight but also know more about traditional culture of villagers. Tourist really become villagers living in Paricutin volcano area. It sounds like interesting. So let’s travel this area to know all felling. 6 Traveling this area is very wonderful. But tourists who travel this area should know more about the climate there to choose suitable time for traveling. This area is located in tropical zone. The climate is clearly divided into two seasons: dry season and wet season. Wet season is always summer. So an advice for visitors traveling there is visitors shouldn’t travel this area in summer because it’s very dirty and difficult for you to go on lava and soil. That’s so terrible. However, visitors can visit there in spring or autum because of dry days, pleasant climate. And when tourists come there, they shouldn’t do something to destroy the inviroment there, they ecosystem village there and shouldn’t write anything on the wall of the churches… In the end, you should preserve every beautiful sites, beautiful place in that area because Paricutin volcano only still standing when people take action to preserve it. 5. Ralate to World Wonders in Viet Nam Vietnam is also located on tropical zone like Paricutin volcano area. So in Vietnam there are many beautiful sites and wonderful places. It’s so unfortunaly. In Vietnam there are someplaces recorgnized as the world Heritage sites. We can say about: Ha Long bay in Quang Ninh, Phong Nha – Ke Bang in Quang Binh. Ha Long bay and Phong Nha – Ke Bang are as beautiful and glamorous as Paricutin volcano. Ha Long bay is a beautiful place with the system of islands and caves. Most islands on Ha Long bay are limestone and were performed 5000 millions years. In Ha Long bay, there are hundreds glamous names :Thien Cung ,Dau Go ,Sung Sot,Tam Cung…With all these islands and cave. Ha Long Bay is cognized as world Heritage site two times for its’geology and geomor phology. Beautiful as Ha Long Bay is Phong Nha Ke Bang in Quang Binh. When tourist travel Phong Nha, tourists shouldnot miss the longest underground river in Viet Nam, the romantic spings, the mountains, dream like streams and many diffirent charming cencery . In 2009, Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha ke Bang are being voted to become world wonder because of their beautiful sites. At all, Viet Nam has much potential for tourism, this potential is as beautiful as Paricutin Vocano_an unique vocano in our world. 7 III. CONCLUSION World wonder Assigment is a good idea of faculty of tourism in Ha Noi open university. It is realy necessary for who learn tourism. This assignment help students gain more knowleage in tourism not only in Viet Nam but also in the world.This assignment also help students improve their vocbualy in tourism. It’s so useful for students’ career in the future. Doing this assignment improves students’skill at collecting information and writing. This way says the result ofdoing in pair so student can learn how to work in pair. How to share work equally, how to support each other. This assignment is a good way for students to say their new ideas. Say at all, this assignment help students in tourism faculty prepare skills, practice for their future career. As a student in faculty of tourism, I think this assignment is very interesting and useful. It helps me learn more about potential of tourism not only in Viet Nam but also in the world. After finishing this asigment, I know more about are world and I have opportunity to work is pairs. It’s realy useful for my career in the future. They’re all the advantages. Beside advantages, this assignment give us some difficulties. The first difficulty is working impairs because it’s very waste of time for us to meet each other. The second difficuty is finding the information because infor mation on Internet is so various and it’s very difficult to choose information exactly. So surely that my assignment has some mistakes. In general, World wonder Assigment brings us more advantages than difficulties. IV. RECOMMENDATION Making an effective assignment is very difficult. My partner and I have some suggestions to have an effective assignment: We want some help from teachers. We want our class has some days to share ideas with all members in class. After that, we have some experience to make assignment. We are new students so we want to choose partner ourselves, that makes our assignment more effective. So I think teacher should let us choose partner, instead of helping us choose partner. It is not realy good for us. The World wonder assignment have to be typed. Some students have to hire house in Ha Noi and the standard of living is difficult. They do not have a computer or their computer do not link internet. This is a difficulty for some students to finish this assignment effectively. In general, the World wonder assignment brings many advantages for students studying tourism. And of course, if students know the way to improve difficulties, they will be successful in the world wonder assignment. 8 REFFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. www.google.com.vn www.worldwonder.com www.kiwimedia.com Web others 9
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