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/+dYarrced CAE Practice Tests o . . Audioscripts & Key Writing Supplement including sample responses with examiner comments Detailed JUSTIFICATION of the Answers for all key parts of each practice test BN '81 B 78 16415, 1545 ilil|lt 4154 |ilil Sample Responses for the Writing sections written by CAE candidates followed by detailed justification of the marks awarded. FREE DOWNLOADS: You can download All the Sample Answers for All the Writing tasks for Practice Tests 1-10 from our website: www.globalelt.co.uk/Cambridge-exams-CAE.html Assessment scales The scales which are used for marking the answers to the Writing questions consist of the following four subscales: l. Content: Candidates are assessed based on how well they have fulfilled the task, and whether they have addressed all the content points stated in the questions. 2. Communicative Achievement: It focuses on the appropriateness of register and format for the task. Candidates are expected to show command of the conventions of the communicative task and communicate their ideas in an effective and convincing way, holding the target reader's attention and fulfilling all communicative purposes. 3. Organisation: lnformation and ideas should be adequately organised with the correct use of cohesive devices. 4. Language: It focuses on the range of structures and vocabulary and how accurately they are used. Candidates' responses are marked on each subscale from 0 to 5. Guidelines on Length The number of words required for each writing task is 220-260 words and it is clearly stated in the questions. Answers which might be too short, usually, do not have an adequate range of language and do not include all the information that is required for the specific task. On the other hand, very long answers, very often, contain irrelevant information and may confuse the reader. ln both cases, candidates' marks on the relevant subscales are affected in a negative way. Spelling US and other versions of spelling are accepted if used consistently. Paper 2 - Writing Part I - Essay The Part I question, which is the compulsory task, is always an Essay. Some notes on the topic, in the form of three bullet points, are provided and candidates are required to select two of the bullet points and wn'te their essay. They should not refer to more than two ofthe points, as this will lead to the essay being less developed than required. Candidates should state which ofthe two points is more important and justiry their opinions. They will also be provlded with three short opinions related to the bullet points to which they can refer in order to get information to helP them develop their essay. Candidates should try and use their own words as far as possible and not cop), from the texts given. An Essay is usuallywritGn for an academic tutor or as a follow up ofa discussion, panel discussion or a documentary etc. lt should be well organised, with an introduction, clear paragraphs and final conclusion and should present an opinion giving reasons to support it. Candidates need to practise using different ways to express opinions and agree or disagree using formal language. Correct use of appropriate linking words, as well as opening and concluding paragraphs, is essential in essay writing. TEST2 I PART1 QUESTION 1 . ESSAY MARK: 5 Everywhere we turn, nowodcys we see chsrities beseeching the public for money. Whether in the mony '6egging letters' thot pop unsolicited though our moilboxes daily, or in the televised oppeals for charities, heoded by celebrities trying to tug at our heort-sfrings .... but the guestion is, which chorities deserve to be funded cnd which should be given priority in government funding? Are sporis ond recreotion charities more northy o couse for exomple, thon heslfh chorities? This is o mojor dilemmo that is by no means o cleor-cut issue. Let's toke sports ond recreation chorities compared to heolth chorifies Gs o cose in point. The formen hove o volid cloim io government funding. 5porf ond recreotion halp reduce stress, ond keep people fit, positive ond heolthy. fn oddition, sports ond recreotion centres olso provida a community focol point, enriching fhe lives of mony. if you are too unwell to porticipote? There is o much stronger orgument, greoter prioriiy thon sport ond recreation. However, whot good is recreotion ond sporf that heolth is sf Furthermore, an increasingly oged population is becoming a heavy burden on healthcare, necessitating greoter funding for charities as the prevalence of Alzheimer's ond cancer increose proportionolly with on ogeing populction. Mony now sre relisnt on support from heolth chorities. We hove on obligotion to fund these chorities, in return. I believe thot the funding of health chorities is the greoter priority. After all, whot good ore heolth ond recreotion if we don't have enough hospitols for people who ore suffering? Without doubt, government funding musf be directed first and foremost to health chanities. centnes Examiner comments: Commentary Content Communicative Achievement The essay clearly examines two of the points of debate, first setting out the general dilemma of government funding with regard to charities in the introduction, before proceeding to debate the relative merits of two given charities and the validity of their claim to government funding in the subsequent paragraphs. The reader is left in no doubt as to the writer's belief, as to which charity is the more deserving of government funding, due to the clear analysis of why health charities are the more deserving cause, in paragraphs 3 and 4, '.. good is recreotion ond sPort if you ore too unwellto porticipate?'- (para 3)'An increosingly oged Population is ing o heavy burden on healthcore,' (para 4), and the strong conclusion, voicing a personal opinion 'l believe thot the funding of heolth chorities is the greoter priority.' personal opinions are voiced, the register is appropriately formal throughout and the arguments for specific funding of certain charities are being presented in a neutral tone: e.g 'Ihis is o mojor dilemmo thot is by no meons cleor-cut issue (paragraph l)...' 'There is o much stronger orgument,..' (paragraph 3). The use of rhetorical questions, also engages the reader, helping them follow the writer's line of argument: e.g '... but the question is, which charities deserye to be funded ond which should be given priority in government funding? (paragraph l). The writer's belief in health charities being more wofthy of government funding, compared to sport and recreation charities, is clearly laid out in paragraph 3: '... whot good is recreotion ond sport if you ore too unwell to porticipote?' and paragraph 4:'... on increosingly oged populotion is becoming o heovy burden on healthcore, necessitating greoter funding chorities,' and reinforced in the conclusion: '/ believe thot the funding of heolth charities is the greoter priority.' Organisation Language The essential dilemma of government funding of various charities is clearly stated in the introduction: '..the question is, which charities deserve to be funded ond which should be given priority in government funding?' before proceeding to analyse the relative merits of two charities for government funding: 'Let's toke sports ond recreotion chorities compored to heolth chorities os o cose in point.' The merits of funding sport and recreation charities are then analysed in paragraph 2 before the writer launches into their opinion in the following paragraph as to why health charities are more deserving of funding, developing the argument in the subsequent paragraph. Arguments are clearly marked with signposts such as 'however.. furthermore..' guiding the reader through the writer's viewpoint. The conclusion clearly states the writer's opinion, 'l believe thot the funding of heolth chorities is the greater p.riority,' ond proposes oppropriote action,'. Without doubt, government funding must be directed first and foremost to health charities. ere is ample evidence throughout of a sophisticated level of vocabulary: e.g 'beseeching' and 'unso/icited' as ll as in phrases used, e.g 'tug ot our heart-strings'. The use of rhetorical questions to engage the reader shows advanced command of language: e.g' ... what good is recreotion ond sport if you ore too unwellto porticipate?' (paragraph 3). Overall, the language is formal and neutral in tone, but the writer also offers their personal opinion 'l believe that ..'and uses informal devices, e. g. 'Let's take sports and recreation charities..', so the essay is lively and engaging. TEST2 I PART1 QUESTION 1 . ESSAY MARK: 3 There are mony chorities oround. Some are deserving more of government funding fhan other ones. This essay will discuss whether sport and recreotion charities or heolth chorities should io get the money. fn my oPinion, there is no guestion thot sport ond recreotion charities are of lesser importoht to health charities. There are mony peopla who don't do sport. so ii is stupid to be giving money to them-why be wostihg money thot musf to be spent on more imporfsnt causes? On the other hond, everyone at soma level in their lives is wanting heolthcore. Few people spend thier lives wiihout visiting to the hospitol. Whot's more, as people get older they are needing more heip fron heolth charities, such os concer chorities ond those concerned with ogeing-reloted illnesses. You know, this is going io be more of a problem os the populsfion gets oldet. This is why we need more noney from the government being spend on haalth chorities. 50, in conclusion it con be seen thot sports ond tec?eation chorities do not deserve to be given so much honey os health charities. I ihink thot it is not just unuseful; it is octuoly wrong fo be giving money to sport and recreotion chorities. I think you must to agree wiih me. Examiner comments: Subscale Content Mark 3 Commental'f Whilst the government dilemma of which charities should be funded, is clearly set out in the introduction, as well as which charities will be addressed in the discussion, e.g.'Ihis essoy willdiscuss whether sport ond recreotion charities or heolth chorities should to get the money.', the writer fails to develop their argument as to why sport and recreation charities are of lesser importance than health charities. The author merely gives one reason why sport charities should not be funded but makes no reference to why recreation is not as important, compared to health. The conclusion voices a personal opinion 'l think thot it is not just unuseful, it is octuoly wrong to ...' as well as offering a general viewpoint on the issue: '... in conclusion chorities.' Communicative Achievement Organisation 3 4 it con be seen thot sports ond recreotion chorities do not deserye to be given so much money os heolth The introduction includes a clear definition of the essay topic and what is to be discussed, followed by a coherent development of ideas in paragraphs 2 and 3, debating respectively the relative worthiness of sport and recreation charities vs health charities. The essay allows the reader to easily follow the writer's train of thought, which is clearly summed up in the conclusion. The use of a rhetorical question:'... why be wasting money thot must to be spent on more importont couses?' (paragraph 2), actively engages the reader in the debate as does the writer's device of directly addressing the reader:'You know, this is going to be more of o problem os the populotion gets o/der.' The register, is however, a bit too informal, here. The often, incorrect use of grammar, whilst not impeding understanding does not aid clarity. The essay is clearly organised into an introduction, raising the issue of government funding to charities and the dilemma it presents, as well as setting out the main issues to be discussed: 'fhis essoy will discuss ..' The issue of whether sports and recreation charities should be funded is first addressed, but not fully developed, in paragraph 2, followed by an adequately developed discussion in the subsequent paragraph as to why health charities should be given the priority in government spending. A strongly-defined conclusion: 'So, in conclusion it con be seen ...' draws the essay together, as well as voicing the author's own opinion on the issue: 'l thinkthot it is not just unuseful, it is octuoly wrongto be giving money to sport and recreotion chorities.' Language 3 There are frequent grammar mistakes throughout the essay, with the present continuous form being used instead of the present simple 'Some are deserving..' 'it is stupid to be giving' and the wrong constructions of modal forms,'should to get the money...'Money that must to be spent,' You must to agree,' as well as incorrect grammatical structures '..are of lesser importance to..'. Phrases are also misused, the phrase 'On the other hond' being used to draw the reader's attention to an opposing argument, without having first qualified it with the preceeding phrase, 'On the one hond..'.ln addition there is quite a considerable number of misspelled words 'thier,' 'actuoly,'and incorrect preposition use '... visitlng to the hospitol.' TEST2 - PART 1 QUESTION 1 . ESSAY MARK: 2 Sport and recneotion chqrities and health charifies are both too importonce. So we hove fo be choosing one, fhe govetnmenl must to decide ond the problem is which, fhen? 5o let's think about sPorts ond recreation charities first. Well f'm doing a lof of sport ond recreotion ond f reckon it's o good thing. But do you think the government should pcy for these chorities? OK, I'm doing o lot of sPort but not everyone is like me. Thera's loads of people who think therefore that the government shouldn't spend money on this kind of chcrity. Let's now look ot heslth chorities, then. f think thot fhese should be given lots of more honey thdn sport and recreotion chorities. There ore too morry old folk todoy in the populafion so they arc needing o lot of heolthccre ond so on. Ihey ore depending on health choriiies. I reckon this is going to get worsi ss the populotion is getling older- And that's another thing .. with so mony oldar folks oround whose going to wont sports focilities 5o thot's a woste olso spending money on sport qnd recreotion chorities. Then there's the foct thot everyone gets ill sometime-don't they? 5o people like you and me ore going to be wonting io use focilities fundad by heolth charities. There are loads of illnesses being coused by ageing so when we too get old we will need help. fn conclusion, I belief thot money should be spent on health charities. Sporfs ond recreotion just ore not so importont ora thay? Examiner comments: Commentary Content Achievement Organisation Language The content is relevant to the task but the writer's ideas are not expressed in an organised way. The dilemma of government funding with regard to two of the given charities, is addressed in the introduction, although the overall dilemma of charity funding, is not. The discussion is then developed in the following paragraphs, referring first to sport and recreational charities in paragraph2 and then developing an argument favouring the funding of health charities in the following 2 paragraphs. However, the validity of funding sport and recreation is only being briefly touched upon and then only with regard to sport and not recreation, in itself. Paragraph 4 abruptly reintroduces another argument against sport and recreation funding, repeating some of the ideas of the previous paragraph. The register is far too informal, the reader being frequently addressed directly by the writer: 'So /et's think obout...' or 'do you think the government should ...'. There is also an overuse of informal phrases: 'O.K, ..not everyone is /ike me ...'. Opposing viewpoints are too informally introduced: 'Let's now look ot ...' 'Then there's the fact thot ...'rather than conventional devices such as: 'With regord to, ... moreover, furthermore..'. conventions of essay writing are not used well and the arguments used are limited. The writer of the essay doesn't manage to hold the target reader's attention. Despite the clear paragraphing, the essay is not well organised and coherent. The introduction clearly introduces the types of organisation that are to be discussed, with reference to government funding, however arts are not clearly or logically developed, such as the writer's belief that sport and recreation charities are not as deserving of government funding .as are health charities. The writer gives a personal example to ilIustrate this belief without clearly relating the issue to the general public: 'OK, l'm doing o lot of sport but not everyone is /ike me. Ihere's loods of people who think therefore that the government shouldn't spend money on this kind of chority.' There is a frequent misuse of the present continuous tense throughout-the present continuous form being used in place of the present simple: 'So, we have to be choosing one..' 'l'm doing a lot of sport..' Vocabulary is extremely limited and simplistic; the writer referring to'/oods of people,'and 'o/d folks'instead of using more formal, advanced vocabulary such as 'the vost mojority' or'older people'respectively. Vocabulary and phrases are also incorrectly used, e.g'lots of more money.' The major problem though, is the inappropriate use of an informal tone throughout, the writer frequently addressing the reader: 'So /et's think obout..., Now, /et's look dt ...' as well as too often use of informal phrases e.g 'l reckon this...'. TESTlIPART2 Deor I sir or MARK:3 QUESTION 3 - LETTER Modqm, wriling in resPonse io ihe odvert I sqw in ihe newspqper moke o very good tour guide ond f wish to opply for the job. qm s eeking for people to work os tour guides. I think f would fhere ore s number of reosons thot I think I would mqke on ideal zmployee for you. I am nineteen yeors old ond hove just cohplefed my first yeor studying orchceology at the universiiy. Alfhough f did not grow up in lhis city, I reolly love it here ond have eqjoyed getting to know the city. Now, I know it like the bqck of my hond, but I still hove the ehthusiosm of o visifor. For this rcoson f think f would be very good ot showing other visitors oround. I hove olwoys been o socioble ond like meeting and ialking with people; for exomple when I storted university f joined five diffenenf clubs! Thoi wos a bit much, so now I choose my three fovourite which f'm still octive with. I believe the highlight of our orea is the hisfory. mony crchoeologicol sites, which ore well known. ft for is o very greoi history ond it is known exfensively. There are very people to see ond visit ond undersfsnd. Not many cities hqve such on opportunity io educote visitors so much qbout the post. f oPPreciote your attention to my letfer cnd I hope you will consider my opplicotion. please leel free to contqct me. I hope to hear from you soon. If you need any more infonhoiion Yours foithfully, r Content The LETTER must include the following . Age ofthe applicant. . Whether hdshe has knowledge ofthe ' r r information: Register: Formal language. Organisation; Clearly organised into paragraphs with appropriate linking area (include highlight ofthe area). Applicant's character, his/her interests and he/she tets on well with people. a devices. r whether Language: Language ofdescription, explanation and comparison. Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Commentarl Allthe points covered and expanded. The candidate Content Communicative Achievement Organisation Language 4 has provided all the information required: 'l am nineteen yeors old and hove just completed my frrst year studying ...'and '... the highlight of our oreo is the history.' The ideas are presented in clear paragraphs in a logical manner. The target reader would be informed, and would consider the applicant. 3 The conventions of an application letter writing are used well. The register is formal, but some expressi;ns could have been expressed in a more formal way: 'Now, I know it like the bock of my hand, but ...'. The clear paragraphing also helps to hold the target reader's attention. 3 The letter is clearly organised into paragraphs and uses some cohesive devices: 'Although I did not ...' 'For this reason I think I would be ...'. More linking words such as: 'therefore, moreover, on the one hond etc' could have been used to make the meaning even clearer. The ideas are clearly introduced, although in the second paragraph the 'number of reasons' are not mentioned very clearly in the sentences that follow; 'There ore o number of reosons thot I think I would ...' 3 There is a range of relevant vocabulary which is used appropriately 'l would be very good ot showingother visitors oround.' There is also a range of simple grammatical structures used accurately: 'l think I would moke o very good tour guide' (use of modals) There are a few non-impeding errors: 'l have olways been o socioble and like meeting...' and 'l hove olwoys been a socioble and like meeting'. r TESTlIPART2 QUESTION 3 . LETTER MARK: 2 Deqr Sir or Mqdqm, wonl to opply for the job of tour guide. f hope you will like my opplicotion. I know my locol areo very well becouse f grew up here and I om interested in lecrning oll obout oll ihe interesting things here. There are o lof of sites to see ond good hotels qnd restquronts to visii. I gel on wzll wifh people ond I comrnunicote very well with theh. I om friends with everybody. I do not fight or argue wiih people ond I om polite with lhem. I om funny ond I like to go to lhe cinemo with my friends and fhen moybe to cof6 to tolk with fhem qbout things. We give eoch other qdvice. I also like to reod nany book ond f like sometimes to moke poiniings. I would like very much to hove lhe opportunity to be o tour guide ond moke friendships with more people. f would moke o good lour guide becsuse f om friendly to oll the people and I arn polite with them. I would help them to be comfortoble ond to hove nice times. I f would scy the highlight of the oreo is oll the good seofood restouronts ond the seofront ploces to wqlk qnd sit in cqfes ond eoi. These ore o perfecl ploce to toke o holiday ond to relox. The food is very good ond if is unique. The tourists cqn sit outside by the seo ond they con enjoy themselves. Thonk you very much for reoding my letter qnd I hope you will think qbout tqking me for the job of tour guide. Yours foithfully, A Letter of Application is always formal in style unless the question explicitly states otherwise. lts purpose is to propose a candidate, and outline his suitability, for a particular position. Description (of a person's character and strengths), explanation and justification are important functions in a Letter of Application. Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Commentary Not all the points mentioned in the advert have been covered (e.g. oge of the applicont) and some irrelevant information has been included: 'We give each other advice.' Content 2 The target reader would be informed despite the lack of cohesive devices: 'We give each other odvice. I olso like to reod mony books ond ...' Communicative Achievement 2 The conventions of the communicative task are not used effectively. The register and tone should be formal but instead in most cases informal language is used: 'l om friends with everybody ...' 'l wont to opply for ...'. This would have a negative effect on the target reader, who is the potential employer. Organisation 3 Organised into paragraphs, but lacking cohesion. Linking words such as: 'therefore, moreover, on the one hond etc.'are not used: 'l would moke o good tour guide becouse I om friendly to oll the people ond I am polite with them. I would help them ...' Language 2 Range of vocabulary and structure is limited: 'l om friendly to all the people.' Vocabulary not adequate to effectively accomplish the task. Basic structures generally accurate, but no attempt made at anything but very basic expressions: ' The food is very good ond it is unique. The tourists con sit outside by the seo ond they can enjoy themse/ves.' tt TESTlIPART2 Film Review - QUESTION 4. MARK: 3 REVIEW Roheo ond Juliet This new film of Romeo and Juliet is o very successful sdoptotion of Shokaspaore's fomous ploy and it does a greot job of engaging the oudience with the story af oll times. The story begins with a lorge fighl between the capulets ond the Montogues, two prestigious fomilies in Verons, Itoly. Tha two protagonists of the story, Romeo and Juliet, who come from these two fomilies fcll in love, but they loter neolise thot fheir fomilies are enemies. They are devostated, but they decide to morry ond finolly Romeo ond Juliet mcrry by Frior Lawrence. Juliet's mother wonts to make Juliet to morry o mon nomed Poris but Juliet, refuses to comply. Fr. lawrence gives her o poiion which will moke her oppeor deod ond he pnomisas to tell Romeo. She drinks the potion and evarybody thinks she is deod. Frior Lowrence's letter foils find Romeo, so he ossumes thot his wife is deod ond commits suicide. Lorer, when Juliet wokes she finds Romeo deod ond kills herself. 5o the film doesn't hove o hoppy end like mony Hollywood movies, but still the oudience loves itl f would wholeheortedly recommend this film to onyone who like Shokespecne and romontic love stonies. clossic siory ihot still oppeols to everybody even io younger oudiences. ft is o r Organisation: r Content Clearly organised into paragraphs with appropriate linking The REVIEW must: ' Describe the plot and the characters. . Say for whom the film is suitable. . Mention any special effects or other important characteristics of the film. . Say why you would recommend that film to somebody. r Register: Formal language. devices. r Language: Language of description, explanation and opinion. Vocabulaqy related to description of plot and recommendation of a film. Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Content 4 Communicative Achievement 3 The conventions of the task (review) are used effectively, holding the target reader's attention. The language is appropriate for the task - formal language since the review is addressed to the editor of a 3 Clearly organised into paragraphs. The text is well organised and coherent, but more cohesive devices should have been used especially in the second paragraph. 3 Adequate range of vocabulary:'l would wholeheortedly recommend ...' A range of simple and some more complex grammatical structures is used: 'Fr. Lowrence giyes her a potion which will moke her ..'(the simple present tense is used to describe the plot) A number of non-impeding errors and awkward phrases: '... hoye been fighting with marry by ...' 'moke ... to'. Organisation Language Commentary All points covered and expanded (Describe the plot and the characters etc): 'The two protagonists oFthe story, Romeo ond Juliet ...'. The target reader would be informed and interested. magazine. r TESTlTPART2 QUESTION 4 - REVIEW MARK: 2 We all hove some zxperience in our lives thct we wish we could just forget. Have you evet though obout whof would hoppen if the wish could come truez The novie "The Eternal Sunshine of o Spotless Mind" oddresses just this thought. ft is o story obout o mon and o womon who ore in love but then split up. They hove o very bad tihe qnd end up hste eoch other ond hurt so bodly. 5o they decide to 90 in for o treothent to moke them better by arasing their mem ories of eoch other totolly. The movie shows us their memories os the doctors go to find them in order to erose them. We leorn obout thein relotionship ond oll the things that weht wrong. We see them in their memories os they are fighling. We olso see the doctors find ond erosing some happy memories, thot probobly they would like to keep. fhen afler the process hos completed. they go bock out into the world. They end up meeting eoch oiher foll in love. After sll, ihey ore the some people ond fhey hove no bcd memories to moke them frighten. Will they moke the some mistokes ogoin, or might if work if ihey try ogoin? ogain, ond guess whot? They once agoin It is o very clever movie, ond o fun movie ond I would highly recommend you to woich it if you get o chonce. A Review is usually written for a magazine or newspaper. lts aim is to describe and express the writer's opinion about a film, a book, etc. Description, explanation and recommendation are important functions in a review. Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Commentary Content 2 Too much space devoted to describing plot and not enough suggesting who the film is suitable for and why. Characters not described adequately. The target reader would be partially informed. 3 Register appropriate to the task. Despite there in not clear paragraphing the text manages to hold the target reader's affention. Communicative Achievement Organisation Language 2 2 Not very well organised. Paragraphs present but very uneven in size. Linking words such as: 'therefore, moreover, on the one hand etc' could have been added. There is a range of relevant vocabulary but this is not always used correctly:'... end up hote each other The language is generally accurate but there are a few errors: 'the doctors find and erosing', 'process hos completed' however they do not prevent the reader from understanding the writer's intention. r .. TEST2IPART2 euEsrtoN 4 - PRoPoSAL MARK: 3 The oim of this proPosol is to outline what should 6e oflered by our new coreer service ond how it should be run. Opening times First of oll, I think it is imPortont to choose which hours would be open corefully. ff it is open when people connot use it this is not helpful for onyone. The students who use it will 6e free to visit ot the lunchtima hours ond also sfter classes in the evening. These times it should be open. Whot it shoqld offer It offer certoin things to help the students inform. fnformction must be provided on higher educotion opPortunities. Also ii should inform obout psrt fime ond temporory work opportunities. This is inportont becouse should nof sll the people wont the some thing. Secondly, we should hove seminors by peopla who ore following differenl coreers so thot they con tell students whot this is like. This will help students to moke their decision. Finally, we should olso provide o job notice boqrd whera componies con cdvertise obouf their jobs. This will help the students ond the componies both to find whot they look for. I think if you follow these suggestions it will be o vzry helpful coreer service. r Content The pROpOSAL must: . State what service this new career office could . How it could be run. . the target reader should be informed r Registen Formal language. offer. r Organisation: r Cleady organised into par€raphs, possibly with headings. Language: Language of description, recommendation and persuasion. Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Content 3 All content is relevant to the task and the target reader is fully informed: 'l think it is importont to choose which hours would be open carefully' 'lnformotion must be provided on higher educotion opportunities' Communicative Achievement 3 Formal language is used which is appropriate for the task. Clear paragraphing helps to hold the target reader's attention and address the points required for the task. Organisation 4 Well-organised, making use of headings. The ideas are clearly introduced with effective use of cohesive devices: 'First of all,' 'Secondly,' etc. Commentary Uses a range of vocabulary and simple and complex grammatical forms correctly. There are a few non-impeding errors, e.g. " to help the students inform ...". Language 3 TEST2IPART2 euEsrroN 4- PRoPoSAL MARK: 2 Deor Jcckie Sondown, We have received funding to sef up o new coreers service. My proposol is os to whqt the service could offer and how it could be run. The opening hour should be lunchtime ond fill 8 pm because this is when fhe students arefree to visit the new office. It should provide for the students mony higher education informotion ond olso port-time ond temporary work oPPortunities. These ore oll very good opportunities for students ond they will be veny interested in the information. It will slso be very good for them lo see seminors ond tolks obout people in dilferznt coreers. Thay will leorn about Ihe diflerent coreers snd have on interesting time learning obout thot. In oddition, if would be odvontogeous for us to moke job notice boards ihot companies con be used fo adveriise on obout the jobs they wcnf someone to do. Student con come ond reod this ond be helped to find o good job while the companies are helped becouse they find the studenfs. fn conclusion I think you will have avery nice careers service. The students will be helped so much by this service and thay will oppreciote it so much. You should follow my proposol and everyone will be very glod. hope to heor from you very soon. I Sincerely, The target reader(s) for a Proposal is (are) usually an employer/superior, college principal or a specific group of people (work colleagues etc.). The aim of the proposal is to present some suggestions and support them with facts, in order to persuade the reader to do something and it should be clearly organised with headings. Candidates are expected to make recommendations and suggestions using formal language. Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Content 2 Communicative Achievement 2 Organisation Language Commentary All points addressed, but there is little expansion. There is considerable borrowing from the prompt. The target reader would be informed, however there would be a rather negative effect. Ioo informal; requires formal register: ' You should follow my proposol and everyone will be very glod.' 3 Some cohesive devices used, but the first paragraph is too long and it contains different ideas. Letter form is not correct for a proposal. 2 A rather limited range with notable repetition. There are a number grammatical and syntactical errors: 'My proposal is os to ...' 'They should work both for' ' ... componies con be used to advertise' Iil . TEST 3 - PART 2 euEsrtoN 2 - REpoRr MARK: 3 fnhoduclion The purpose of this report is to evoluate the eftect of the shopping centte on the environment ond community. Positive Points Oversll, there seem fo be hony positive points for the community. The shopping cenl?e is well monaged ond in good condition. It providas voluoble employment ond troining for locol people. In oddition it looks sttroctive with good londscoped grounds. Finolly, becouse ex'frs trees were plonted it impnoved the locol environmenf. Negative Points On the other hond, there ore some negalive eflects of the moll. There is o lot of litter that ie coming from the shopping centre ond it's very hord to find ponking spoce in the oreo since there ore a loi of people visiting the shops ond the restourqnts of the mall. Thera is olso o lot of noise lote ct night, which is bothering the residants, and mokes il difficult to get some sleep. Other negctives is thot smoll shops ond restouronts might lose their customers who will probably decide to gotothe new shops thot cre in the shopping centre. Recommendotions There ore sone chonges that would benefit all. There should be noise limits ofier 10pm, ond perhops the complex should hire people to cleon the orea orounf'fhe centre. The grounds should ba lit at night, fo improve sofety, and also a car pork should be built in the ares, Conclusion Overoll, this complex hos been o positive addition to the community, in spite of some problems. with noise. porking ond litier ore addressed, things will be much better. r Content The REPORT must: . state both the positive and the negative aspects of the shopping centre . state what effect the shopping centre might have on the local environment and the community . make some suggestions as to how the more negative aspects could be improved Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Content Comm un icative Achievement Organisation Language If these problems r Register: Formal language. r Organisation: Clearly organised into paragraphs with appropriate linking devices. Headings should be included. r Language: Language of description and recommendation. Commentary 3 All content is relevant to the task and the target reader is fully informed: e.g. the positive and the negative aspects of the shopping centre: 'Overall, there seem to be mony positive points for the community.' 3 The register is consistently formal appropriate for the task: 'Overall, there seem to be many positive points for the community.' 4 The text is well organised and coherent, and uses a variety of cohesive devices paragraPh headings: 'On the other hond, there ore ...' 3 Acceptable, though rather limited range of structures. Generally accurate, with some awkwardness of language: ' good londscoped grounds' 'mokes it difficult to get some s/eep'. TEST3.PART2 euEsrroN 2- REPoRT MARK: 2 The shopping cenfre hos mdny effecis on ihe environmenf ond cohmunity. The purpose of this report is to the positive points cnd lhe negative points of the shopping centre. tell Ihere ore a number of positive points. The cen'lre is in good condifion, ond the londscope hos been node very well. Mony extta frees hove plcnted to irnprove the environhent. If is like o beautiful pork oround the buildings. ft provides employment ond fraining for local people ond this is a greot deol beneficial. There ore no problems with management as it is very well monogad. The following ore the negolive points. There is litter oround the buildings. The shopping centre is noisy lote ot night and this is dnnoying all the people. On the other hond it geis very crowded. There should be a ploce for cors. Theys should olso increose the sofety issue. o better shopping centre lor fhe environmant ond the community. If you do these things, it will be The target reader(s) for a Report is (are) usually an employer/superior, a college principal or a specific group of people (work colleagues etc.). The purpose of the report is to assess the present situation objectively looking at both the good and bad points, and make some suggestions on how to improve the situation. Candidates are expected to use formal language and follow the writing conventions of a report, with the use of headi ngs where appropriate. Examiner comments: Subscale Mark Content 3 Communicative Achievement 2 Commentarf Most points addressed, but the meaning is not very clear. The target reader would be partially informed. The register is consistently formal but the there is lack of linking words that confuses the target reader. Organisation 2 The text is organised into paragraphs, but there are no headings and cohesive devices, There are a lot of short sentences with very basic grammar structures: 'There should be a ploce for cars. Theys should also increase the sofety issue.' Language 2 Simple basic structures. There are a number of errors: 'trees have planted' ,'o greot deal beneficial' IT Reading and Use of English Justifications Part 2 9. Both each and every are used with singular nouns, where it is implied that an action will happen more than 0nce 0r be repeated. "Each breath you take" - because you take repeated breaths. 10. in lact/ in short : linking words used in orderto marise a point. 11. exactly/ precisely : the verb or after the verb 12, could / should : 13. gelling / doing object. modal verbs; express suggestion : illustrate/ sum- adverbs ol manner; usually their position is after + i possibility / speculation preSeflt parliciples that replace a first -conditional sentence. (if we do it right ...) 14. we use some with countable plural nouns in the affirmative [whereas any is also used with countable plural nouns but in interrogative 0r nega- tive clausesl. 15. actually lreally: adverbs used as linking words to express reality. 16. miss out on (idiom) thing i : to lose the chance to do somethingi get some- achieve something e.g. missed out on the promotion. Part 3 . vary Nouns Adj ect ives Adverbs variety various variously variation variant varyingly variant variable invariably varier varied 19. increase f ind increase increasable increaser increasing f inding f crime profile l0w" that thieves do not empty an account. 32. The correct answer is D. Paragraph 3. Glen Hastings says it's easy, you only need to be able to read and write. lt's not A because computer skills help butthey are not'essential'. Banks lend to people with "excellent credit records" so B. is wrong. D. is wrong because he never repaid the m0ney, 33. The correct answer rs B. Paragraph 3. he re-morlgaged "the properly {or f210,000, which he then took out of the country". lt's notA. because rent was paid in advance". Re-moftgaging a propefty means getting a loan, using the property as collateral so C. is wrong. D. is wrong because he used the teacher's identity to 'get a loan'. 34. The correct answer is A. Paragraph 6. because "she felt'stunned', upset and violated" and not angry 0r ill so it can't be B. or C. As an actress she takes 'other people's identities' but she wasn't play-acting and "burst into tears" so it's not f 20. absorb increasingly indable absorbent absorbing absorber absorbable absorbent unabsorbable C. B, the credit card company was Part 6 at the painting absorbingly absorbedly colour, with stupendous results.' Reviewer C says, '...t0 create the colourJul and seemingly insouciant paintings...' 'Today it seerns clearer than ever that Matisse was, first and foremost, a supreme colourist. His use of pinks and purples, clarets, 0ranges and crimsons, is more surprising and electric...' Reviewer D says, 'Ravishing c0l0urs...' 38. The correct answer is A. '...which also showed Matisse's inherent abil- measure ity to depict form and colour, with stupendous results,' measurer 39. The correct answer is D. '...he revisited the same sublects over and worldly over, and he often used completed canvases as models for later ones.' 'He used photographs of his own paintings to judge whether he was making believable believably pr0gress...' believability unbelievable unbelievably 40. The correct answer is C. 'Even when you c0mpare him to that other believer believing worldwide worldwide worldliness be lief 2Oth-century giant Picasso, Matisse wins the colour wars hands down (even Picasso admitted it, once).' believing believableness 24. - the money was taken so it's not next to it, which also showed Matisse's inherent ability to depict form and absorbability world 23. believe because they used it to test the limit and waited until after midnight to 37. The correct answer is B. Reviewer A says, 'Then I looked 2t. measure measurement measurable measurably - B use it again. The building society cancelled her card but we don't know if all the factthat people themselves can detect card fraud makes C. incorrect, ind absorption D. 35. The correct answer is D. Paragraph 6. 'concealed gadgetry' was used to "steal her pin and clone her card". lt's not A. as her card was copied. lt's vigilant by checking the use of her card lt's not D. because the finance c0mpany can 'detect' not 'solve ' these cases. A. is obviously wrong and unf indable fi nde r 22. tl.7bn in the UK but how serious it is compared to the US is not stated so B. is not right D is wrong because it's in order "to keep their not A, lt cost 36. The correct answer is B. Paragraph varying 18. , 31. The correct answer is C. Paragraph2. "some people may not knowtheir accounts have been raided". ldentity theft is " far ahead of mugging" s0 it's not Verbs L7 5 Fart TEST 1 problem problematically problematic Parl 7 which introduces the Marmaray Rail Tunnel Project, the 'audacious engineering project' referred to in 41. The correct choice is F, a general paragraph, Part 4 25. in the habit ol (expression) : if you are in the habit of doing some- thing, you do it regularly or often. 26. have a good chance of (expression) : there is strong likelihood / pos- sibility of doing something or of something happening 27. it goes without saying (expression) need not be said. : something is so obvious that it 30. such + : + lull infinitive. Let alone : much + noun + that clause : verb to be used for emphasis. associated potential earthquake problem and, as the {ollowing paragraph does not referto geological problems, this rules out paragraphs A, C, E, and G. 42. The correct choice is B. lstanbul is divided between Europe and Asia by the Bosphorus Strait and Paragraph B. refers to two road bridges crossing the strait. Paragraph B. also refers to the Sultan's suggestion, and in the following has an emotional or cognitive im28. something slrikes somebody as pact upon them e.g. "This behavior struck me as odd". 29. slruggle the last sentence of the previous paragraph. Paragraph F. also discusses the less, not to mention. inverled clause of result, paragraph the dream is becoming a reality. 43. The correct answer is D. as the last sentence in the previous paragraph refersto'traffic hell'and in paragraph D we read about "braving gridlock'and 'two overcrowded road bridges'. The last sentence of paragraph D. talks about an 'upgraded rail service' and the first sentence of the next paragraph continues G. points 0l interest." this theme, also ruling out paragraphs A, C, E and : side pubs, plus suogested routes and specilic 44. The correct choice is G, as the previous paragraph describes the process : 12. "We're keen to encourage both experienced and inexperienced anglers of building the tunnel and paragraph G explains that although it (building the ionto the well-stocked canal network and reseru0il$.'' tunnel) 'might sound straightforward', there is a problem with a geological i 13. "Rod licences are obligatory, and can be obtained lrom your local post faultline kn0wn as the NAF. The lollowing paragraph describes the NAF so this ioffice." rutes out E, which talks about designing tunnels lo withstand earthquakes. i 14. "We can all share the delights of the canal system so please be consid45. The correct answer is A. because we read lhat "earthquakes along the i elate to other users." NAF are common" and the next paragraph continues the theme, referfng to part 3 ::: D - "All of the people I admire in showbiz are very' very sma 0uite a 46. The correct ch0ice is c. oecause it reters to an earttrquare strir