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The Weather Stormy, Snowy, Rainy, Sunny, Cloudy, Windy The Weather 1. What is your favorite type of weather? Why? 2. How do you get ready for school on a rainy day? 3. What can you do outside on a snowy day? 4. Choose one type of weather. What are three fun things to do on that kind of day? 5. Choose another type of weather. What clothes do you wear outside in that weather? 6. What climate would you like to live in? Why? Eat Your Vegetables Broccoli, Pepper, Tomato, Carrot, Peas, Onion Eat Your Vegetables 1. What are three vegetables on the card? 2. What are two more vegetables not on the card? What do they look like? 3. Which vegetables are common in this area? Which vegetables are uncommon in this area? Why? 4. Which vegetables do you like? What other foods do you eat with these vegetables? 5. What vegetables do you eat at breakfast? At lunch? At dinner? 6. What vegetables would you grow in your own garden? Why? A Trip to the Zoo Bear, Elephant, Monkey, Lion, Kangaroo, Giraffe A Trip to the Zoo 1. Which animal on the card is your favorite? Why? 2. Tell me more about one animal. Where does it live? What does it eat? 3. Which animals have you seen in real life? When and where did you see them? 4. What are three other animals you might see in the zoo? What do they look like? 5. Which animal would you like to speak to? What would you say to the animal? 6. Imagine you are one of these animals. Which animal would you be? Why? Feelings Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Tired, Confused Feelings 1. What are three feelings on this card? 2. When do you feel happy? Why? 3. When have you felt surprised? What happened? What did you do? 4. When do you feel tired? Why? 5. What are three feelings not on this card? When do you have these feelings? 6. What do you do when you feel confused? Beverages Tea, Milk, Soda, Juice, Water, Coffee Beverages 1. Which drink on the card is the healthiest? Why? 2. Where do the drinks on the card come from? Where do you get these drinks? 3. What do you drink at breakfast? What do you drink at lunch? Why? 4. What is your favorite drink? What is your second favorite? 5. Why do you drink hot drinks out of a mug? Why do you drink cold drinks out of a glass? 6. Imagine you are in a hot desert. Which drink would you want to have? Why? Let’s Play! Volleyball, Baseball, Tennis Ball, Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball Let’s Play! 1. Which games on the card do you play as a team? Which do you play as an individual? 2. Which game is the easiest to play? Which one is the most difficult to play? Why? 3. Choose one game. What do you need to play it? Why do you need it? 4. Which games do you like to watch? Why? 5. Which games do you like to play? Why? 6. Which games have you never played before? Which games would you like to play? Why? Time for School Desk, Backpack, Pencil, Notebook, Blackboard, Book Time for School 1. Which items on the card do you put in a backpack? 2. Which items do you need to do your homework? What else do you need to do your homework? 3. Which items on the card are the most expensive? The least expensive? Why? 4. What do students usually do at a desk? Who else uses a desk? 5. What does the teacher use in the classroom? What do the students use in the classroom? 6. What new item would you like in your classroom? Why? Personal Items Glasses, Purse, Wallet, Mobile Phone, Comb, Watch Personal Items 1. Which item on the card is the most useful? Why? 2. Which items on the card do you wear? Which ones do you carry? Where do you carry them? 3. What are some other personal items that you carry and wear? 4. Which item do you use the most? Why? 5. What do people put in a purse? Why? 6. What personal item would you like to buy? Why? Snack Time! Grapes, Crackers, Donuts, Apple, Banana, Chocolate Snack Time! 1. Which of the snacks on the card is the healthiest? Which is the least healthy? 2. Which snacks are salty? Which are sweet? Which are crunchy? Which are soft? 3. Which of the snacks do you like to eat? Why? 4. What other snacks do you like to eat? What do they look like? 5. Which snacks are easy to carry with you? Why? 6. Imagine you are having a party. What snacks would you serve? Hobbies Reading Books, Riding a Bike, Watching Movies, Listening to Music, Playing Sports, Surfing the Internet Hobbies 1. Which hobbies on the card are good for a rainy day? Which are good for a sunny day? 2. Which two hobbies are the most similar? Why? 3. What is your favorite hobby? Why? 4. What do you usually read? Tell me about it. 5. What sports do you play? What sports do you watch? Why? 6. Imagine you have a day off from school. What activities would you do for fun? Why do you enjoy them?
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