Tài liệu 42 ngày luyện phát âm

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Tài liệu giúp các em phát âm đúng tiếng anh, phỏng theo Thầy Dan trong 42 ngày luyện phát âm tiếng anh, các em có thể sao chép vào google dịch để nghe và luyện dần dần. chúc các em thành công trong việc phát âm chuẩn tiếng anh.
1 /p/ pet Bài 1 pill please pencil stop Can you help me put this away ? hope shop develop Stop giving me your opinion. What type of people do you like ? Bài 2 /b/ bad body He got a job at a pub. busy job club verb The word “remember” is a verb. Don’t disturb a sleeping bull. /t/ Bài 3 tell take time city later between system We’re going to meet to study. Today is too hot. I want to try some thing different next week. /d/ i4 dog day don’t good bad need I don’t have any ideas. I need to feed my kid Why did God kill the dinosaurs ? . 1 entrance hot what about 2 /k/ kiss i5 call come book like Can you cook ? sick quick He has a stomachache. Don’t show too much skin in public. /g/ i6 girl give get egg drug I saw a ghost again. pig My guitar is too big for me. There’s a bug on your rug. /f/ i7 fight feel forget stuff laugh Don’t fight your wife. if This is the first half of my life. Have you found enough staff yet? /v/ i8 very voice view have love I live in a valley. give Can we save the victim? I don’t like to receive expensive gifts. 2 work ache 3 /θ/ think thanks thursday thirty thin thing both with mouth bathe smooth His car isn’t worth anything I study math on Thursday. The theater is south of here /ð/ i 10 this they though brother feather They love their brother. rather breathe The weather there is good for sunbathing. This rock is really smooth. /s/ i 11 sad sing small rice face The sea was really nice. service this I stayed at that place inthe summer. School can be a bad experience. /z/ i 12 zoo zero zambia choose Don’t lose your zebra is because My brother has lots of musics He loves his girlfriend’s eyes 3 4 /ʃ/ 13 ship she should wish cash I see a ship on the ocean. push I need to wash that shirt. This is a very special fish. /ʒ/ 14 vision usually luxury massage I like to dress casually. beige rouge I usually get a massage on Mondays. We have to do some revision. /ʧ/ i 15 choose chat chair rich such I have to choose a church. each match Which teacher do you like? Did you catch your child stealing a watch? /ʤ/ i 16 job jeans June age fridge I just want a new fridge. orange Try to imagine a huge guy named James In general, I don’t enjoy gyms. 4 5 /h/ i 17 hat hard here behind He doesn’t have a head. alcohol ahead I don’t know who’s who in history. How should a human behave? /m/ i 18 mom make move arm from I bought a comb for him. them We made some mistakes. It’s impossible to climb that mountain. /n/ i 19 name night now can woman I’ve got a new knife. again When will I meet the right woman? There’s nothing new in this book. /ŋ/ i 20 sing rang evening hungry It’s been a long morning. anger single Language is a funny thing. How strong is your tongue? 5 6 /r/ i 21 run really relax teacher Don’t forget to clean your room. year hour I want to buy a diferent mirror. Our teacher has taught us for over a year. /l/ i 22 like long late tell feel travel call I want to live until I’m ninety. I love my school. I can’t control myself. /w/ wake water winter away quality i 23 I saw that woman twice. reward I wish I could swim with penguins. Washington State is where I come from. /j/ i 24 yes yard young pure popular My nephew is quite young. value I have a few opinions. Over 30 milion people live in California. 6 7 /i/ i 25 ship hit this it is It’s little. ill Is this your tin? It’s an important skill. /i:/ i 26 these please seen easy eager He can see you. evil Does she believe me? Each of you needs one of these. i 27 /ʊ/ book could woman foot full It’s a good book. put You shouldn’t look. Put some sugar in the pudding. /u:/ i 28 food do June use tooth Choose a fruit. suit Do you want some food? I study with a group from my school. 7 8 /e/ i 29 bed said dead end egg Let’s have some bread. exercise Get well soon. Can you suggest something better? /ə/ i 30 about China policy ago My brother is a doctor. teacher pencil lemon supply around away Organize the materials. You should protect your computer. /ɜ:/ i 31 were person girl early urgent That bird is hurt. urban The girls are wearing skirts. The service here is perfect. /ɔ:/ i 32 four door chore thought That horse is short. order orange organ I was more bored than my friend. They’ve been at war for four years. 8 alone 9 /æ/ i 33 hat map Dan after apple I can’t here that man. ask My dad often makes me laugh. That band is so bad, I can’t stand it. /ʌ/ i 34 up butter nothing under My mother loves summer. oven ugly Her cousin lives in the countryside. That company has enough money. /ɑ:/ i 35 hot far shop often always I want a job. art He goes to a lot of parties. You have to water the whole garden. /eə/ i 36 hair care chair air airplane arrogant I don’t care about millionaires. Are you scared of bears? I rarely compare my parents. 9 10 /eɪ/ i 37 say name late age able ache Let me go. He’s late. We’re waiting for the rain to stop. It’s a good day to play. I have to explain why I was late. /ɔɪ/ i 38 face toy join choice oil royal That new toy is noisy. coin My little boy enjoys singing. Our new employee is from ILinois. /əʊ/ i 39 ghost rope phone open only over He won’t smoke those cigaretes. Joe wants to be alone. I think it’s going to snow tomorrow. i /ɪə/ here peer clear ear irritation irresponsible 40 This beer is too clear. He has a career as an engineer. She volunteered to work in Nigeria. 10 11 i 41 /aɪ/ like find quite island I feel shy tonight. eyebrow ice He finally replied to me. They’re fighting behind the school. i 42 /aʊ/ around mountain crowd out hour There’s a brown cow. owl I heard the sound of a mouse. Our teacher is Dan Hauer. 11
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