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400 câu trắc nghiệm theo từng chủ đề hay và khó
400 CÂU TRẮC NGHIỆM THEO CHỦ ĐỀ (tổng hợp từ đề Đại học chính thức) 1. THÌ + CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN …………………….… 2. DẠNG ĐỘNG TỪ …………………………….. 3. LIÊN TỪ + CẤU TRÚC CÂU ………………… 4. GIỚI TỪ ……………………………………...… 5. TỪ VỰNG + COLLOCATION ………………. 6. ĐỘNG TỪ KHIẾM KHUYẾT …………….….. 7. PHRASAL VERBS và IDIOMS ………………. 8. TỔNG HỢP..(Hòa hợp S và V, Mệnh đề Danh ngữ, Câu hỏi Đuôi,..) PHẦN 1: THÌ + CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN 1. If she rich, she would travel around the world. A. would be B. is C. has been D. were 2. If you had taken my advice, you..........in such difficulties. A. won't be B. hadn't been C. wouldn't be D. wouldn't have been 3. My cat would not have bitten the toy fish..........it was made of rubber. A. if she has known B. if she should know C. had she known D. if she knew 4. They will stay there for some days if the weather fine. A. would be B. was C. is D. will be 5. If she sick, she would have gone out with me to the party. A. hadn’t been B. weren’t C. hasn’t been D. wasn’t 6. Jane law for four years now at Harvard. A. is studying B. has been studying C. studies D. studied 7. Our industrial output from $2 million in 2002 to $4 million this year. A. rises B. has risen C. was rising D. rose 8. If everyone , how would we control the traffic? A. could fly B. can fly C. flies D. had flown 9. It is blowing so hard. We such a terrible storm. A. have never known B. have never been knowing C. never know D. had never known 10.“You’ll recognize Jenny when you see her. She a red hat.” A. will wear B. will be wearing C. wears D. is wearing 1 11.If it for the heavy storm, the accident would not have happened. A. isn’t B. hadn’t been C. were D. weren’t 12.Only one of our gifted students to participate in the final competition. A. has been chosen B. have been chosen C. were choosing D. chosen 13.The packages _ so that it would be easier to carry them. A. are tied in a bundle B. are tied altogether C. were tied in a knot D. were tied together 14.The boat was sailing north when a terrible storm . A. had broken B. broke C. would break D. was breaking 15.Due to ever more spreading poaching, there _ a dramatic decline in the number of elephants over the last decade. A. was B. is C. has been D. had been 16. I work last week, but I changed my mind. A. have started B. was going to start C. had started D. would start 17. I ..with my aunt when I am on holiday in Ho Chi Minh City next month. A. will have been staying B. will have stayed C. stay D. will be staying 18.“What if the earth stopped C. happens D. will happen moving?” A. happened B. would happen 19. “Could you turn off the stove? The potatoes for at least thirty minutes.” A. boiled B. were boiling C. are boiling D. have been boiling 20. The theory of relativity by Einstein, who was a famous physicist. A. was developed B. is developed C. develops D. developed 21. a few more minutes, we could have finished the task. A. Unless we had B. If we had had C. If we have D. If we had 22. We could have caught the last train, but we five minutes late. A. were B. have been C. would be D. are 23. Students will not be allowed into the exam room if they their student cards. A. didn't produce B. don’t produce C. produced D. hadn’t produced 24. The headmaster has decided that three lecture halls in our school next semester. A. will build B. will be building C. are being built D. will be built 25. It is raining heavily with rolls of thunder. We such a terrible thunderstorm. A. would never see B. had never seen C. have never seen D. never see 26. Without your help, I the technical problem with my computer the other day. A. wouldn’t solve B. couldn’t have solved C. could solve D. can’t solve 27.For the last 20 years, we significant changes in the world of science and technology. A. witness B. have witnessed C. witnessed D. are witnessing 2 28.I haven‘t met him again since we school ten years ago. A. have left B. leave C. left D. had left 29.I my old school teacher last week. A. visited B. visit C. am visiting D. have visited 30.I all of my homework last night. A. finish B. will finish C. have finished D. finished 31. Lan _ learning English a few years ago. A. starts B. will start C. started D. is starting 32.Last week, we _ an interesting film about the animal world. A. see B. saw C. are seeing D. will see 33. My best friend, Lan, to England 10 years ago. A. was moving B. moves C. moved D. has moved 34. If he were better qualified, he get the job. A. will B. can C. may D. could PHẦN 2: DẠNG ĐỘNG TỪ 1. Mary was the last applicant . A. to be interviewed B. to be interviewing C. to interview D. to have interviewed 2. The equipment in our office needs . A. moderner B. modernizing C. modernized D. Modernization 3. Nowadays children would prefer history _ in more practical ways. A. be taught B. to teach C. to be taught D. teach 4. The room needs for the wedding. A. decorating B. to decorate C. decorate D. be decorated 5. I am considering my job. Can you recommend a good company? A. to move B. moving C. to change D. changing 6. I'm sure you'll have no the exam. A. difficulty passing B. difficulties to pass C. difficulty to pass D. difficulties of passing 7. “I’d rather you _ home now.” A. going B. go C. gone D. went 8. Susan’s doctor insists for a few days. A. that she is resting B. her resting C. that she rest D. her to rest 9. “How many times have I told you football in the street?” A. not playing B. do not play C. not to play D. not to have played 10.Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. A. to walk B. walking C. walked D. has walked 11.I’ve warned you many times the front door unlocked. 3 A. not leaving B. won’t leave C. not to leave D. don’t leave 12. It is imperative what to do when there is a fire. A. he must know about B. that everyone know C. that he knew D. we knew 13.Our boss would rather during the working hours. A. we didn’t chat B. we don’t chat C. us not chat D. us not chatting 14.The restaurants on the island are expensive, so it’s worth a packed lunch. A. to take B. taking C. taken D. take 15.The struggle for women’s rights began in the 18th century during a period as the Age of Enlightenment. A. that knew B. knew C. known D. is knowing 16. It has been suggested that Mary a computer course in preparation for a steady job. A. would have taken B. have been taken C. take D. was taken 17.The Principal usually has his pupils waste paper for their mini-project. A. collected B. collect C. to collect D. having collected 18.Geometry is a branch of mathematics the properties of lines, curves, shapes, and surfaces. A. that concerning with B. concerned with C. that concerned with D. that it is concerned with 19. one of the most beautiful forms of performance art, ballet is a combination of dance and mime performed to music. A. Being considering B. Considering C. Considered D. To consider 20.Michael looked deeply hurt and surprised when . A. scolded B. scolding C. to scold D. having scolded 21.Connecticut was the fifth of the original thirteen states the Constitution of the United States. A. to ratify B. ratify C. ratified D. have ratified 22.No one can avoid by advertisements. A. to be influenced B. having influenced C. influencing D. being influenced 23.The children ran away as if they a ghost. A. have seen B. had seen C. would see D. see 24.Books and magazines around made his room very untidy. A. that lie B. laying C. which lied D. Lying 25.“My secretary will book you an afternoon flight and have you at the airport.” A. picking up B. to pick up C. picked up D. pick up 26.Do you remember to help us when we were in difficulty? A. you offer B. being offered C. to offer D. once offering 4 27. Applications A. send in after 30 April will not be considered. B. which sent C. sent D. that is sent 28. “It’s about time you your homework, Mary.” C. will do D. do A. must do B. did 29. The girl was used birthday presents from her brothers. A. to receive B. to be receiving C. to being received D. to receiving 30. Although MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) spreads through close contact with sick people, not through the air, many people still avoid to crowded places. A. having gone B. going C. to go D. gone 31. By the time their babies arrive, the Johnsons hope painting the nursery. A. have finished B. finished C. to finish D. finish 32. In the wake of increasing food poisoning, many consumers have turned to vegetables organically. A. that grown B. grown C. which grows D. are grown 33. Most teenagers enjoy the Internet for information and entertainment. A. surfing B. surf C. surfed D. to surf 34.Richard, my neighbor, in World War II. A. says to fight B. says to have foughtC. is said to fight D. is said to have fought 35.Her fiancé is said from Harvard University five years ago. A. having graduatedB. to have graduated B. C. being graduated D. to be graduated PHẦN 3: LIÊN TỪ + CẤU TRÚC CÂU 1. What beautiful eyes _ ! A. does she have B. she has C. has she D. she doesn't have 2. the storm, the ship couldn't reach its destination on time. A. In case of B. In spite of C. Because of D. But for 3. He hurried he wouldn't be late for class. A. since B. as if C. unless D. so that 4. Do you know ? A. what wrong was it with B. what's wrong with it C. what wrong was with it D. what wrong is it with 5. , the results couldn't be better. A. No matter what he tried hard B. No matter how hard he tried C. Although very hard he tried D. Despite how hard he tried 6. I hadn’t realized she was English she spoke. A. only after B. in case C. until D. when 5 7. Ensure there is at least a 3cm space allow adequate ventilation. A. in view of B. so as to C. so that D. with a view to 8. He was speaker! A. so good a B. so a good C. how good a D. what a good 9. The building has a smoke detector any fires can be detected immediately. A. if B. as if C. such as D. so that 10. Prizes are awarded _ the number of points scored. A. because of B. according to C. adding up D. resulting in 11. The doctor decided to give her a thorough examination he could identify the causes of her illness. A. after B. so as C. unless D. so that 12. The price of fruit has increased recently, the price of vegetables has gone down. A. whereas B. whether C. when D. otherwise 13. I won’t change my mind what you say. A. whether B. no matter C. because D. although 14. The United States consists of fifty states, _ has its own government. A. each of which B. hence each C. they each D. each of that 15. They didn’t find in a foreign country. A. it easy to live B. it easy live C. it to live easy D. easy to live 16. There was nothing they could do leave the car at the roadside where it had broken down. A. but B. instead of C. than D. unless 17. broken several world records in swimming. A. She is said that she has B. People say she had C. She is said to have D. It is said to have 18. “You can go to the party tonight you are sober when you come home.” A. as long as B. as well as C. as far as D. as soon as 19. “The inflation rate in Greece is five times my country,” he said. A. as high as that in B. as much as C. as many as that in D. more than 20. Not having written about the required topic, a low mark, . A. the teacher gave me B. I was given C. the teacher gave D. my presentation was given 21. We have bought extra food our guests stay to dinner. A. so that B. when C. if D. in case 22. I might, I couldn’t open the door. A. However hard B. As try C. Try as D. No matter 6 23. Before I left for my summer camp, my mother told me to take warm clothes with me it was cold. A. so that B. despite C. whereas D. in case 24. “Never be late for an interview, you can’t get the job.” A. otherwise B. if not C. or so D. unless 25. The temperature takes place varies widely from material to material. A. which melting B. which they melt B. C. at which melting D. at which they melt 26. She built a high wall round her garden _. A. in order that her fruit not be stolen C. so that her fruit would be stolen B. to enable people not taking her fruit D. to prevent her fruit from being stolen 27. The sky was cloudy and foggy. We went to the beach, . A. so B. however C. even though D. yet 28. “ you treat him, he’ll help you. He’s so tolerant.” A. In addition to B. Even though C. As if D. No matter how 29. smoking is a causative factor of many diseases, there is no ban on tobacco advertising. A. However B. Therefore C. In spite of D. Although 30. You should look up the meaning of new words in the dictionary misuse them. A. so as not to B. so that not to C. so not to D. so that not 31. Working as a volunteer gives her a chance to develop her interpersonal skills, promote friendship, and her own talent. A. discover B. discovered C. to discover D. discovering 32. He is a very intelligent boy; , he sometimes gets bad marks. A. otherwise B. thus C. so D. however 33. that Columbus discovered America. A. There was in 1492 B. That was in 1492 C. In 1492 D. It was in 1492 34. The pool should not be made so deep small children can be safe there. A. if B. so as to C. though D. so that 35. Education in many countries is compulsory _ the age of 16. A. for B. when C. until D. forwards 36. has been a topic of continual geological research. A. The continents formed B. If the continents formed C. How did the continents form D. How the continents were formed 37. Standing on the tip of the cape, . A. people have seen a lighthouse far away B. B. lies a lighthouse in the middle of the sea 7 C. a lighthouse can see from the distance D. we can see the lighthouse in the distance 38. John Kennedy was elected president, he was the youngest American President ever. A. When B. While C. Before D. As long as 39. You can use my car you drive carefully. A. though B. as though C. as long as D. lest 40. The Moon is much closer to Earth , and thus it had greater influence on the tides. A. but the Sun is B. where the Sun is C. than is the Sun D. unlike the Sun 41. It is work of art that everyone wants to have a look at it. A. such an unusual B. such unusual a C. a so unusual D. so an unusual 42. We decided to take a late flight we could spend more time with our family. A. so as to B. in order C. so that D. in order to 43. My brother tried to learn Japanese at a night school, he gave up after 2 months. A. therefore B. when C. until D. but 44. Having traveled to different parts of our country, . A. we have learned a lot about interesting lifestyles and customs B. we are seeing a lot of interesting lifestyles and customs C. many interesting lifestyles and customs have been learned by us D. much has been learned about interesting lifestyles and customs 45. In my opinion, _ new technology who will finally decide which ideas take off. A. that the development of C. that the user of 46. B. it is the user of D. it is the development of my mother’s encouragement, I wouldn’t have made such a daring decision. A. In spite B. Providing C. Until D. But for 47. The bank has more than 100 branches, in a major urban area. A. the location of which B. and are located C. each located D. each locating 48. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking accepting opinions without questioning them. A. in addition B. because of C. instead of D. for instance 49. , she continued to carry out her duties. A. Despite her good health B. Although in poor health C. Although she is in good health D. No matter how poor her health 50. “Take a spare tyre you have a puncture on the way to the beach.” A. in case B. unless C. so that D. if 51. he got top marks at high school, he never went to university. A. Although B. Despite C. Nevertheless D. Meanwhile 8 52. In my apartment there are two rooms, is used as the living-room. A. the largest one B. the large one C. the largest of which D. the larger of which 53. The higher the content of carbon dioxide in the air is, . A. the more heat it retains B. the heat it retains more C. it retains the more heat D. more heat it retains 54. Mrs. Chau has managed the department that she’ll be promoted next month. A.too successful B. too successfully C. very successful D. so successfully 55. Sammy had worked in England for a year moving to Scotland. A. while B. before C. once D. until 56. always gives me real pleasure. A. While arranging flowers C. Arranging flowers B. The flowers are arranged D. I arrange flowers 57. the salesman promised to exchange the defective CD player for a new one, they insisted on getting a refund. A. And B. But C. Although D. Despite 58. Marie Curie, , was awarded a Nobel Prize for her work. A. whose scientific discovery of radium B. was the scientist who discovered radium C. the scientist discovered radium D. the scientist who discovered radium 59. about gene-related diseases has increased is welcome news. A. Scientific knowledge B. It was scientific knowledge C. Though scientific knowledge D. That scientific knowledge 60. I knew they were talking about me they stopped when I entered the room. A. because B. so that C. despite D. therefore 61. they are delicious, hamburgers and French fries are too high in fat. A. However B. Although C. Because D. Despite 62. Most psychologists agree that the basic structure of an individual’s personality is . A. by the age of five it is quite well established B. quite well established by the age of five C. well established quite by the age of five D. by the age of five and quite well established 63.Ms Brown asked me in my class. A. there were how many students B. how many students there were C. were there how many students D. how many students were there 64.John wanted to know in my family. A. there were how many people B. how many people were there C. were there how many people D. how many people there were 9 PHẦN 4: GIỚI TỪ 1. He completely _ with what I said. A. accepted B. complained C. agreed D. argued 2. I finished my homework a few days ahead the deadline. A. of B. to C. by D. at 3. It was really kind you to help those poor people. A. by D. to B. of C. at 4. She nearly lost her own life attempting to save the child from drowning. A. at B. for C. in D. with 5. Anne persisted _ her search for the truth about what had happened. A. onB. about C. at D. in 6. My computer is not of running this software. A. able B. compatible C. capable D. suitable 7. “This library card will give you free access the Internet eight hours a day.” A. onB. to C. from D. in 8. She had to hand in her notice advance when she decided to leave the job. A. with B. from C. in D. to 9. Young people have become increasingly committed social activities. A. of B. to C. in D. at 10. While everybody else in our class prefers working in groups, Mina likes working . A. on herself B. on her own C. of her own D. in herself 11. This part of the country is famous its beautiful landscapes and fine cuisine. A. about B. with C. of D. for 12.Many rare and precious species are now the verge of extinction. A. in B. from C. on D. by 13. Students are A. under less pressure as a result of changes in testing procedures. B. above 14. Jim didn't break the vase on A. occasion B. chance C. upon D. out of , but he was still punished for his carelessness. C. intention D. purpose PHẦN 5: TỪ VỰNG + COLLOCATION 1. Make exercise a part of your daily . A. regularity B. chore C. routine D. Frequency 2. Argentina Mexico by one goal to nil in the match. A. beat B. scored C. won D. knocked 3. There should be no discrimination on of sex, race or religion. A. fields B. places C. areas D. Grounds 10 4. He felt when he failed the exams the second time. A. discouraged B. annoyed C. undecided D. determined 5. I have bought a present for my mother, and now I need some . A. paper wrapper B. wrap paper C. wrapped paper D. wrapping paper 6. Computer is one of the most important of the 20th century. A. inventings B. inventories C. inventions D. inventors 7. If they are not careful with their accounts, their business will go . A. poor B. bankrupt C. penniless D. Broken 8. He gave me his personal that his draft would be ready by Friday. A. endurance B. insurance C. assurance D. ensurance 9. Many people like the slow of life in the countryside. A. step B. pace C. speed D. space 10. The case against the corruption scandal was _ . A. discarded B. refused C. eliminated D. dismissed 11. The two countries have reached an agreement through dialogues described as . A. counterproductive B. productivity C. productive D. unproductive 12. My father hasn't had much with my family since he moved to New York. A. business B. connection C. meeting D. contact 13. He’s a very person because he can make other workers follow his advice. A. creative B. influential C. deciding D. effective 14. Increasing of fruit in the diet may help to reduce the risk of heart disease. A. the amount B. an amount C. the number D. a number 15. That hotel is so expensive. They you sixty pounds for bed and breakfast. A. charge B. fine C. take D. cost 16. I’m afraid I’m not really to comment on this matter. A. qualifying B. qualified C. quality D. qualitative 17. Today, household chores have been made much easier by electrical . A. utilities B. applications C. appliances D. instruments 18. The curtains have because of the strong sunlight. A. faded B. fainted C. lightened D. weakened 19. The referee the coin to decide which team would kick the ball first. A. caught B. threw C. cast D. tossed 20. How long does the play ? A. last B. extend C. prolong D. stretch 21. There should be an international law against . A. afforestation B. deforestation C. forestry D. reforestation 22. “Don’t worry. I have tire at the back of my car.” 11 A. another B. other C. others D. the other 23. We couldn’t fly because all the tickets had been sold out. A. economical B. economy C. economic D. economics 24. Through an , your letter was left unanswered. A. overtone B. overcharge C. overtime D. oversight 25. “Please, will you just tidy your room, and stop excuses!” A. having B. making C. doing D. taking 26. Even if you are rich, you should save some money for a day. A. windy B. rainy C. foggy D. Snowy 27. Laura had a blazing _ with Eddie and stormed out of the house. A. gossip B. chat C. word D. row 28. All students should be and literate when they leave school. A. numerate B. numeric C. numeral D. numerous 29. As the drug took , the boy became quieter. A. action B. influence C. effect D. Force 30. Is it true that this country produces more oil than ? A. any another country B. any countries else C. any other countries D. any country else 31. The Internet has enabled people to with each other more quickly. A. interconnect B. interlink C. interact D. intervene 32. Martha, Julia and Mark are 17, 19 and 20 years old . A. independently B. separately C. respectively D. respectfully 33. The sign “NO TRESPASSING” tells you . A. not to approach B. not to smoke C. not to enter D. not to photograph 34. The village was visible through the dense fog. A. mostly B. hard C. only D. barely 35. Before going to bed, he wanted some tea but there was left. A. a few B. any C. no D. nothing 36. In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye with the interviewers. A. link B. touch C. contact D. connection 37. As a(n) girl, she found it difficult to socialise with other students in the class. A. industrious B. ashamed C. dynamic D. reserved 38. New machinery has enhanced the company’s productivity and . A. competitive B. competitiveness C. competitor D. competition 39. Scientists have a lot of research into renewable energy sources. A. solved B. made C. carried D. done 12 40. The recent heavy rains have helped to ease the water . A. abundance B. poverty C. plenty D. shortage 41. She passed the National High School Graduation Exam with colours. A. flying B. bright C. true D. red 42. Nowadays, with the help of the computer, teachers have developed a approach to teaching. A. multilateral B. multilingual C. multiple-choice D. multimedia 43. Although we have a large number of students, each one receives attention. A. alone B. separate C. individual D. only 44. Anna is holding her shopping bag with one hand and turning the door handle with . A. others B. another C. the other D. Other 45. The language centre offers courses of various levels, such as elementary, intermediate and . A. advance B. advancement C. advancing D. advanced 46. No matter how angry he was, he would never to violence. A. resort B. resist C. refuse D. resolve 47. The use of vitamin _ and herbs has become increasingly popular among Americans. A. components B. materials C. ingredients D. supplements 48. Long ago, women were to vote in political elections. A. prevented B. stopped C. forbidden D. banned 49. In spite of her abilities, Laura has been _ overlooked for promotion. A. repeat B. repeatedly C. repetitive D. repetition 50. his brother, Mike is active and friendly. A. Alike B. Unlike C. Dislike D. Liking 51. The water supply of our home city has failed to average purity requirements. A. see B. meet C. own D. hold 52. He applied for a teaching at Bales University with great confidence. A. employment B. post C. work D. career 53. In the last match, Sabella changed his formation at half-time, introducing Fernando Gago in midfield and Higuain in attack, but in the end it was Messi’s magic that the difference. A. did B. gave C. took D. made 54. The cinema is no longer as popular as it was in the 1930's and 1940's, but it is still an important of entertainment. A. prospect B. origin C. status D. source 55. The carefully nurtured gardens with a wide of flowers and fruit trees have 13 added elegance to this place and made it a major tourist attraction. A. number B. amount C. variety D. species 56. China’s placement of its oil rig in Vietnam’s East Sea EEZ has been denounced by ASEAN and Western politicians and professionals as the violation of Vietnam’s waters. A. territorial B. fresh C. farmed D. inland 57. Communities in remote areas are extremely to famine if crops fail. A. disappointed B. helpless C. defenseless D. vulnerable 58. Be sure not to rely too on your mother tongue when you are learning a foreign language. A. numerously B. heavily C. abundantly D. severely 59. It is of businessmen to shake hands in formal meetings. A. familiar B. ordinary C. common D. typical 60. A molecule of water is of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. A. created B. included C. consisted D. composed 61. Such characters as fairies or witches in Walt Disney animated cartoons are purely . A. imaginary B. imaginative C. imagining D. imaginable 62. This is the most difficult job I have ever tackled. A. by rights B. by all means C. by far D. by the way 63. His answer was so confusing that it hardly made . A. meaning B. interpretation C. intelligibility D. sense 64. My father sometimes the washing up after dinner. A. washes B. takes C. makes D. does 65. Waste paper can be used again after being . A. produced ` B. recycled C. wasted D. preserved 66. Since has been so poor, the class has been closed. A. attendance B. attendant C. attending D. attendee 67. He was too sure of himself to pay to the warnings against the danger. A. notice B. attention C. respect D. recognition 68. In a modern family, the husband is expected to join hands with his wife to the household chores. A. doB. run C. take D. make 69. She took a course in fine arts starting her own business in interior design. A. with a view to B. in terms of C. in order to D. with reference to 70. All the in the stadium applauded the winner of the marathon when he crossed the finishing line. A. watchers B. audience C. viewers D. spectators 71. The firefighters’ single-minded devotion to the rescue of the victims of the fire 14 was . A. respecting B. respective C. respectful D. respectable 72. The university administrations are introducing new measures to _ that the enrolment process runs smoothly. A. maintain B. improve C. facilitate D. ensure 73.They are always of what their children do. A. support B. supporting C. supportive D. supportively 74. Women in some parts of the world are still struggling for job opportunities to men. A. equal B. various C. suitable D. legal 75.Tom is getting ever keener on doing research on . A. biology B. biological C. biologist D. biologically 76.All nations should hands to work out a plan to solve the problem of global warming. A. join B. hold C. shake D. lend 77.Many people and organizations have been making every possible effort in order to save species. A. endangered B. dangerous C. fearful D. threatening 78.A number of young teachers nowadays _ themselves to teaching disadvantaged children. A. offer B. stick C. give D. devote 79.Whistling or clapping hands to get someone‘s attention is considered _ and even rude in some circumstances. A. suitable B. unnecessary C. appropriate D. impolite 80. It is not always easy to make a good at the last minute. A. decide B. decision C. decisive D. decisively 81. Mr Brown has kindly agreed to spare us some of his time to answer our questions. A. valuable B. worthy C. costly D. beneficial 82.A survey was _to study the effects of smoking on young adults. A. commented B. filled C. conducted D. carried 83.The of the Internet has played an important part in the development of communication. A. research B. occurrence C. invention D. display 84.A university degree is considered to be a for entry into most professions. A. demand B. requisite C. claim D. request 85.They were among the first companies to exploit the of the Internet. A. potential B. prospect C. possibility D. ability 86. Thanks to her father's encouragement, she has made great A. standard 87.Travelling to in her study. B. development C. contribution D. progress countries in the world enables me to learn many interesting 15 things. A. differ B. difference C. differently D. different 88. I am not used to the cold weather here, so I need to have a heating system . A. installed B. serviced C. developed D. repaired 89.The water in the area has resulted in poor crop production. A. absence B. shortage C. lack D. deficiency 90. In Vietnam, children begin their primary at the age of six. A. educational B. educationally C. educate D. education 91.Could you me a hand with the washing-up, Kent? A. join B. shake C. give D. hold 92.I will phone Vivian to her to buy some sugar; otherwise, she will forget. A. remind B. encourage C. allow D. advise 93.We were by the spectacular scenery of the countryside. A. overwhelmed B. bewildered C. preoccupied D. overjoyed 94.There has been growing public concern about the use of chemicals in food recently. A. preservation B. protection C. reservation D. conservation 95.During a job interview, candidates are advised to on the interviewer's questions and make an effort to answer them properly. A. emphasize B. decide C. concentrate D. rely 96.Harmful environmental factors can the development of certain diseases. A. generate B. accelerate C. produce D. monitor 97.The success of the company in such a market is remarkable. A. compete B. competitively C. competitive D. competition 98. As the clouds drifted away, the pattern of the fields was clearly _ from a height. A. apparent B. visible C. foreseeable D. evident 99. The mobile phone is an effective means of in the world nowadays. A. communicated B. communication C. communicate D. communicative 100. The teacher gave some on how to prepare for the test. A. consequences B. effects C. suggestions D. ways 101. The audience showed their by giving the world-famous orchestra a big round of applause. A. intention B. admiration C. consideration D. sympathy PHẦN 6: ĐỘNG TỪ KHIẾM KHUYẾT 1. I can't find my purse anywhere; I must _ it at the cinema. A. leave B. have left C. be leaving D. have been leaving 2. - "Why wasn't your boyfriend at the party last night?" - "He the lecture at Shaw Hall. I know he very much wanted to hear the 16 speaker." A. should have attended B. can have attended C. was to attend D. may have attended 3. He to the doctor after the accident, but he continued to play instead. A. must have gone B. should have gone C. couldn’t go didn’t have to go 4. The kitchen dirty because she has just cleaned it. D. A. should be B. can’t be C. mustn’t be D. may be 5. “You have cooked so many dishes. There are only three of us for lunch.” A. wouldn’t B. oughtn’t C. needn’t D. couldn’t 6. He us but he was short of money at the time. A. could have helped B. can help C. might help D. would help 7. Jessica looks very tired. She have stayed up late to finish her assignment last night. A. should B. must C. would D. will 8. Changes have been made in our primary schooling program. As a result, young children do homework any more. A. couldn’t B. needn’t C. oughtn’t D. haven’t 9. You use your mobile phone during the test. It's against the rules. A. mightn't B. mustn't C. oughtn't D. needn't 10. I'm not sure, but Tony probably get that demanding job. A. must B. need C. ought D. might 11.All students hand in their assignments by Friday at the latest. A. ought B. might C. must D. may 12.You pass the exam in order to graduate from high school. A. must B. can C. may D. might PHẦN 7: PHRASAL VERBS và IDIOMS 1. I wish I hadn't said it. If only I could . A. turn the clock round B. turn the clock down C. turn the clock back D. turn the clock forward 2. I just took it that he’d always be available. A. into account B. for granted C. into consideration D. easy 3. My car is getting unreliable; I think I'll trade it _ for a new one. A. in B. off C. up D. away 4. Anne persisted _ her search for the truth about what had happened. A. onB. about C. at D. In 17 5. The old houses were _ down to make way for a block of flats. A. banged B. put C. hit D. knocked 6. I accidentally Mike when I was crossing a street downtown yesterday. A. caught sight of B. kept an eye on C. paid attention to D. lost touch with 7. My mother told me to for an electrician when her fan was out of order. A. send B. write C. rent D. turn 8. It is very important for a firm or a company to keep the changes in the market. A. pace of B. track about C. touch with D. up with 9. The forecast has revealed that the world’s reserves of fossil fuel will have by 2015. A. taken over B. caught up C. used off D. run out 10.Even if you are rich, you should save some money for a day. A. windy B. rainy C. foggy D. snowy 11.We with a swim in the lake. A. gave in B. cooled off C. got out D. took up 12.They’re staying with us the time being until they can afford a house. A. during B. for C. at D. in 13.Since he failed his exam, he had to _ for it again. A. take B. sit C. make D. pass 14.“Why don’t you sit down and ?” A. make yourself at peace B. make it your own home C. make yourself at home D. make yourself at rest 15.He never lets anything him and his weekend fishing trip. A. come among B. come between C. come up D. come on 16.The Second World War in 1939. A. turned up B. took out C. brought aboutD. broke out 17.“We'd better _ if we want to get there in time.” A. take up B. put down C. speed up D. turn down 18.I could not the lecture at all. It was too difficult for me. A. make off B. take in C. get along D. hold on 19.My mother had to work 12 hours a day in a factory just to _ . A. tighten the belt B. make ends meet C. call it a day D. break the ice 20.He is coming _ a cold after a night out in the rain. A. across with B. down with C. away from D. up with 21. It was so kind of her to put me while I was on a business trip in her town. A. down B. up C. off 18 D. in 22.It is interesting to take a new hobby such as collecting stamps or going fishing. A. upB. over C. in D. on 23.The team were eager to make the loss of the previous match. A. up for B. away with C. up with D. off with 24.He died lung cancer last month, leaving his wife in great shock. A. byB. for C. in D. of 25.He came a lot of criticism for the remarks he made in a television interview. A. out of B. off C. over D. in for 26. She started the course two months ago but dropped _ after only a month. A. in B. out C. off D. back 27.I can’t find my dictionary at the moment. I hope it will up soon. A. turn B. clear C. come D. look 28.The children made _ a funny story and wrote it on the card. A. off B. for C. out D. up 29.Regular exercise and good diet will bring fitness and health. A. from B. to C. about D. up 30.I am sorry I have no time at present to _ detail of our plan. A. bring in B. take into C. come in D. go into 31.We must push the piano to the corner of the hall to our party tonight. A. make place for B. take up room to B. C. make room for D. give place to 32.His honesty is ; nobody can doubt it. A. in question B. beside the question C. without question D. out the question 33.He's sometimes bad-tempered but he's a good fellow . A. at heart B. by heart C. with heart D. in heart 34.A large number of workmen because of the economic recession. A.have laid down B. has laid aside C. have been laid off D. has been laid out 35.The government was finally by a minor scandal. A. put back B. brought down C. pulled down D. taken down 36.We’ve already bought the house but won’t it until May, when the present occupants have moved out. A. take possession of B. catch sight of B. C. keep track of D. gain recognition of 37.The young lady sat still in the afternoon breeze, with her hair her back. A. running over B. streaming down C. flowed down D. fallen against 38.While I was looking through my old albums the other day, I this 19 photograph of my parents' wedding. A. took after B. made up C. turned down D. came across 39.I could hear voices but I couldn’t what they were saying. A. turn up B. bring about C. make out D. try out 40.We received a call from the teacher charge of our course. A. to B. in C. at D. on 41.When asked about their preference for movies, many young people say that they are in favour science fiction. A. for B. in C. with D. of 42.Nguyen Thi Anh Vien performed so well in the 28 th Sea Games women’s 200m butterfly that none of her rivals could her. A. catch up with B. come up to C. look up to D. put up with 43.Global warming will result crop failures and famine. A. of B. to C. from D. in 44. A large number of inventions and discoveries have been made accident. A. byB. at C. on D. in 45.He till the early hours of the next morning listening to pop music. A. took me up B. kept me up C. caught me up D. held me up 46.The Government has brought a new law in an effort to prevent further environmental deterioration. A. in B. about C. up D. on 47.The table in the living room should be moved to the new TV set. A. get rid of B. pave the way for C. make room for D. take hold of 48.The US president Barack Obama an official visit to Vietnam in May 2016, which is of great significance to the comprehensive bilateral partnership. A. delivered B. paid C. offered D. gave 49. Candidates are requested to the form to the admissions officer by July 25th. A. fill out B. show up C. pass over D. hand in 50.The manager his temper with the employees and shouted at them. A. had B. lost C. took D. kept 51.Garvin is a new computer application to see whether it works. A. looking after B. putting on C. trying out D. turning up 52.Terry is a very imaginative boy. He always comes interesting ideas. A. out of B. down on C. up with D. in for 53.―”Sorry for being late. I was in the traffic for more than an hour.”A. carried on B. held up C. put off D. taken after 54.She was tired and couldn‘t keep the group. A. up with B. up against C. on to D. out of 20
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