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MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 2000 CÂU HỎI ÔN TẬP MÔN TIẾNG ANHTHPTQG (Unit 1 –Unit 8) Cô Phan Điệu – Moon.vn MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 TEST 9 REVIEW OF UNIT 8 - LIFE IN THE FUTURE ***** I/ PRONUNCIATION: Choose the word which has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest: 1 a. future b. mature c. pasture d. nature 2 a. chore b. technology c. much d. exchange 3 a. threaten b. earth c. healthy d. breathe 4 a. wipe b. allow c. powerful d. answer 5 a. service b. practice c. office d. device II/ VOCABULARY & WORD FORM: 1. In the future, the number of tiny but _____________ computers you encounter every day will number in the thousands, perhaps millions. a. power b. powerful c. powerfully d. powered 1. Advances in computing _____________, from processing speed to network capacity and the internet, have revolutionized the way scientists work. a. technology b. technological c. technologically d. technologist 2. Some who is ____________ thinks that bad things are going to happen. a. optimistic b. pessimistic c. threatened d. hopeful 3. Domestic chores will no longer be a burden thanks to the inventions of labor-saving devices. a. official b. household c. schooling d. foreign 4. _____________ is the technology of sending signals and messages over long distances using electronic equipment, for example by radio and telephone. a. telecommunication b. telegraph c. multifunction d. information technology 5. Peter was asked to ______________ to a newspaper article making predictions for technological progress in 10 years. a. expect b. invent c. develop d. contribute 6. Strict _________ measures are on force in the capital to protect it from terrorism. a. scientific b. normal c. transportation d. security 7. The _____________ of the future will no longer be remedial. It will be preventive. a. communication b. education c. medicine d. technology 8. Doctors and pharmacists have to assume _____________ for human life. a. responsibility b. achievement c. optimism d. aspect III/ GRAMMAR & STRUCTURES: 1. If you have ever watched television, you have seen plenty ________ drug ads. a. with b. of c. for d. about MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 2. The space shuttle crashed and went ______________ in flames. a. of b. for c. over d. off 3. Elevators in tall buildings make the top floors accessible ____________ everybody. a. to b. with c. about d. at 4. While I am waiting ___________ my bus, I often listen _____________ music. a. about / through b. for / to c. toward / about d. upon / in 5. Those spacecrafts are used _______ taking photographs _________ business. a. about / through b. for / in c. for / over d. in / for 6. Will you take care _________ my little dog when I am _________ business. a. through / away b. on / about c. to / with d. of / on 7. According _______ Bill, there’s something wrong _________ my computer. a. after / for b. on / about c. to / with d. upon / at 8. He depends _________ his sister _________ assistance. a. to / from b. from / in c. on / for d. at / with 9. By 2015, it will be widely accepted that schools and pre-schools have __________ extremely important role to play in _________ future of our world. a. an / a b. an / the c. the / the d. 0 / 0 10. There is one ________________ thing we can be sure :________ energy will be more challenging and more important in the future. a. the / 0 b. the / an c. a / the d. 0 / 0 11. _______ Europe and Asia are coming to rely more and more on _______ nuclear generation. a. An / a b. 0 / 0 c. The / the d. The / a 12. He usually travels to _____________ Philadelphia by _____________ train. a. 0 / 0 b. the / a c. the / the d. þ / a 13. You frequently see this kind of violence on _____ television. a. a b. an c. the d. 0 14. How do we know what ________________ universe is supposed to look like? a. a b. an c. the d. 0 15. I _________ to New York three times this year a. was b. were c. have been d. had been 16. 16. The number of learners _______ not large; a number of headphones _______ available to them in the lab a. are-is b. is-are c. are-are d. is-is 17. His choice of words _______ very good a. are b. be c. is d. being 18. Neither the mother nor the children ________ aware of the danger a. were b. was c. is d. has been 19. A number of people________ disappointed with the result of the football match a. are b. is c. was d. were 20. John made me promise ________ him next week a. call b. calling c. to call d. called 21. I got Mary ________ borrow her car for the weekend MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU a. to let me Facebook: phandieu89 b. let me c. letting me d. to let my 22. I think I hear someone _______ the window. Do you hear it , too? a. trying open b. trying to open c. try opening d. try to open 23. Russian is too hard ________ a. to learn b. to be learned c. learning d. to learning 24. Joan and her sister went on holiday with a cousin of ________ a. their b. theirs c. her d. hers 25. My mother bought me ___________ yesterday a. a couple of trousers b. a pair of trousers c. a set of trousers d. two trousers 26. She is the only one among the _______ who ______ stories for children a. woman-write b. women-write c. women-write d. woman-writes 27. He looked at the man and the woman angrily. He looked at _______ angrily a. them b. they c. their d. us 28. Were you able to locate the person ________ wallet you found? a. which b. that his c. who d. whose 30. Only a few of movies _______ on TV are suitable for children a. showing b. which show c. shown d. are shown 31. She turned on the TV ________ watch the news a. so that b. so as to c. to be able d. in order that 32. I took my umbrella ________ I wouldn’t get wet a. so that b. in order to c. so as to d. because 33. This is ________ good coffee that I think I’ll have another cup a. so b. such c. too d. very 34. The music was _____ loud that you could hear it from miles away a. so b. such c. too d. very 35. The food was ______ hot for us to eat a. so b. such c. too d. very 36. This river isn’t clean ______ to swim in a. such b. very c. too d. enough 37. Today is ______ cold than yesterday so I’m wearing my shorts a. little b. less c. least d. the least 38. Both roads lead to the city center, but the left-hand one is probably a bit __and ___ a. shorter- most direct b. more short- more direct c. shortest- more direct d. shorter- more direct 39. I think the board is too wide, I want a _________ one a. narrower b. the narrow c. narrow d. more narrow 40. That is _______ lecture we have ever listened to a. inspiring b. most inspiring c. the most inspiring d. a most inspiring IV/ SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION: Choose the sentence that is nearest in meaning to the given one: 1. I will take up golf this year. a. I will begin to play golf this year. b. I will stop playing golf this year. c. I will begin a golf court this year. MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 d. I will enter a golf competition this year. 2. Housewives do not have to spend a lot of time doing housework any more. a. Housework will never be done by housewives any more. b. Housewives have to spend more and more time to do housework. c. Never have housewives spent as much time doing housework as they do now. d. No longer do housewives have to spend a lot of time doing housework. 3. Go over the report before you submit it. a. Before you submit the report, you be should be finished writing it. b. Type the report quickly and then submit it. c. Read the report carefully before you submit it. d. Before you write the report you have to find enough information. 4. We always stand by you when you are in need. a. Whenever you are in need, we stand next to you. b. We can not do anything for you through you are in need. c. We always continue to support and help you when you are in need. d. We can never stand your necessity. 5. The sign says, “ Keep off the grass.” a. The sign says, “ Have someone cut the grass immediately.” b. The sign says, “ Don’t walk on the grass.” c. The sign says, “ Grass should not be grown here.” d. The sign says, “ Water the grass, please.” 6. You can try as hard as you like but you won’t succeed a . However hard you try, you won’t succeed b. You can hardly as you like, but you won’t succeed c. You won’t succeed because you can try as hard d. Although you won’t succeed, you can try as hard as you like 7. This journey is too long for us to finish in only 20 days a. We can finish this journey in only 20 days though it is very long b. This journey is so long that we can’t finish it in only 20 days c. Although long, we can finish this journey in only 20 days d. Being very long, we can’t finish this journey it in only 20 days 8. “ It’s breezing here”, said the students to teacher. a. The students mentioned that the room was too cold b. The students informed the teacher that the room was too cold c. The students suggested turning down the air conditioner d. The students complained that the teacher should not turn down the air conditioner. 9. Right after he had walked up to the stage, the electricity went out a. Whenever he walked up to the stage, the electricity went out b. As soon as the electricity went out, he walked up to the stage c. Hardly had he walked up to the stage when the electricity went out d. He walked up to the stage after the electricity had gone out 10. He had an operation yesterday, so he can’t be here today a. If he didn’t have an operation yesterday, he could be here today b. Due to the operation yesterday, so he can’t be here today c. Despite the operation yesterday, he can be here today d. If he hadn’t had an operation yesterday, he could be here today 11. Unlike her sister, Jane is a very athletic person MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 a. Both Jane and her sister are very athletic b. Either Jane or her sister is very athletic c. Neither Jane nor her sister is very athletic d. Jane is very athletic while her sister isn’t Choose the best answer to complete each sentence: 1. ________, it is very difficult for him to win the coming competition a. in case he trains harder b. As if he trains harder c. Unless he trains harder d. If he trains harder 2. The man living next door to me hasn’t talked to anybody since_________ a. he moves here b. he moved here c. he had moved here d. he was moving here 3. I think I’m as ________ as my classmates a. an attentive student b. a student attentive c. attentive a student d. a student attentive 4. Scientists found it really hard _________ a. to communicate with aliens b. to be communicated with aliens c. communicating with aliens d. be communicated with aliens 5. The lesson is ________________ a. so long that we can study in only one day b. not too long enough for us to study in only one day c. enough long for us to study d. too long for us to study in only one day Choose the answer that best completes each of the following conversation 1. John : “ How long has Ann been here?” a. She came here by bus b. Perhaps 20 minutes ago c. Yes, she’s been here now d. She hasn’t been here before 2. Betty: “Where’s your new house?” a. On the fourth floor b. It’s too big c. It’s in the cafeteria d. Yes, it’s the right place 3. A: “Excuse me, when does the next bus leave?” B: “ __________” a. At this bus stop b. In ten minutes c. It’s from Hanoi d. yesterday 4. A: “Would you like tea or coffee?” B: “___________” a. Coffee would be nice b. It’s fine, thanks c. yes, please d. I like it very much 5. A: “ It’s been raining all day!” B: “ ______________” a. What good weather! b. It’s happy to hear c. What an awful day! d. What’s the weather like? V/ READING COMPREHENSION: Read the passage and choose the correct answer for each question: In the future, genetic engineering will allow us to create the perfect human. It will be hard to get used to. Parents will order a baby who will grow up to become a genius or to MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 have a Miss World appearance. Also, genetic engineering will allow us to mix plants and animals. As computers have advanced, they have helped us remember, calculate, organize, and clarify. So it will become easier to deal with things, and much quicker. At a point in a future time, some may claim that computers become about as smart as Newton or Einstein. More advanced computers will be able to be creative, respond to feelings in a feeling way, develop intuition, recognize patterns, and suggest innovative alternatives. There is a hope if we choose to take action. We can select Internet information wisely, choose healthy computer games, limit our exposure to television commercials, and select television programs carefully. People will be aware of the importance of keeping active, getting outside to do more physical activities. We will be more concerned about making environmentally friendly choices, eating healthy, and helping build a healthier society by shopping at better stores that sell better food. Most people will be aware that a happy, loving family is a joy to be part of, and that it is a necessary foundation for building a strong society. But it is extremely important for our future that we maintain a healthy perspective. We need to value and appreciate the importance of what can be achieved by loving and committed parents. People need a strong foundation, so it is vital for our society that we encourage parents to work at creating love, joy, and happiness for their children in a decent, stable, and productive atmosphere. 1. How many aspects of life in the future are referred in the text? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four. 2. Which aspect is not referred in the text? a. Education b. Genetic Engineering c. Computers d. Family 3. The phrase to have a Miss World appearance means that------------------a. to become a Miss World b. to enter a beauty contest c. to be intelligent d. to be beautiful 4. According to the text, in the future,-------------------a. it will be difficult for us to select Internet information b. people will prefer taking a bus to buying a car c. food will not be sold at shops d. T.V viewers will not be able to escape from seeing a lot of advertising. 5. The last paragraph is about-----------------------a. family and parents’ responsibility in the future b. children’s education c. children’s health d. how to build a strong society. VI/ ERROR IDENTIFICATION: 1. Future is a time when most people assume that everything will keep getting A B C better and future generations will enjoy life in a more better world. better/ much better D 2. Many optimist people have made predictions about the positive impact of the A optimistic B C increasing mechanization on human life. D 3. Imagine an entirely wireless world where the net is “always on, always there”, A B MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 we live in endless sea of data, and objects are alive with intelligent. C intelligence D 4. Electricity is the most critical energy for the future of many countries and A cheap, plentiful electricity is associated for high employment and productivity. B C with D 5. Our continuously economic growth, the maintenance of our quality of life, A and assurance of our security all depend on a abundant, affordable supply of B C an D electricity. VII/ Rewrite these sentences 1. The couple who live in the house next door are both college professors The couple living in ……………………………………. 2. The people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet The people waiting ……………………………………. 3. The students explained their absence to the teacher. They did not come to the class yesterday The students explaining……………………………………. 4. Did you get the message which concerned the special meeting ? Did you get the message concerning ………………………………? 5. We are using books which were printed last year. We are using books printed……………………………………. 6. The psychologists who study the nature of sleep have made important discoveries . The psychologists studying……………………………………. 7. Here is a form that you must fill in Here is a form for you to……………………………….. 8. He is always the first who comes and the last who goes. He is always the first to ……………………………………. 9. He was the last person who was saved in the fire . He was the last person to be……………………………………. 10. I haven’t got anything that I could open a bottle of wine with . I haven’t got anything to……………………………………. 11. The fifth man who was interviewed was completely unsuitable . The fifth man to be……………………………………. 12. The road joining the two villages is very narrow . The road which joins……………………………………. 13. A lot of people invited to the party could not come . A lot of people who were invited…………………… 14. This was the only person to be offered the job This was the only person that was ……………………………… 15. I met a lot of new people at the party .I can’t remember their names. I met a lot of new people whose names……………………… MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 TEST 10 REVIEW OF UNIT 7 (PRONUNCIATION, GRAMMAR) ***** I/ PRONUNCIATION: A/Choose the word which has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest: 1. a. reduced b. stopped c. hoped d. involved 2. a. encourage b. country c. ground d. young 3. a. breath b. threaten c. health d. great II/ GRAMMAR & STRUCTURES: _________ that we were late, we began to run. a. Knowing b. To know c. We know d. As knowing _______ you were all sitting at your desks working hard last week, we were sitting on the plane bound for Hawaii a. Despite b. As soon as c. While d. Whenever 3. Doctors’ salaries have risen substantially, ______ nurses’ pay has actually fallen. a. however b. yet c. despite d. whereas 4. He refused to give up work _____ he’s won a million pounds. a. despite b. however c. even though d. as though 5. _______ he had no money for a bus, he had to walk all the way home. a. although b. as c. while d. when 6. _____ an accident in the High Street, traffic is moving very slowly on the London road. a. Despite b. Because c. Since d. Because of 7. ______ the wet weather, the football match went ahead. a. although b. owing to c. but for d. in spite of 8. ____the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more. a. Nevertheless b. Meanwhile c. Despite d. Although 9. I’d like to go to Thailand, _____________ it’s by no means the only country in the world I want to see. a. as b while c. yet d. since 10. There’s no danger in using this machinery_________ you obey the safety regulations. a. because b. in case c. although d. as long as 11. _____ he didn’t attend English course, he spoke English so well. a. Because b. However c. Although d. despite 12. I think I did okay in my speech last night ___ I’d had almost no sleep for 24 hours. a. in spite of b. unless c. so that d. despite the fact that 13. She dances ________ than her sister. a. most gracefully b. more gracefully c. gracefully d. as gracefully Test 10 10 MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 14. He is _____________ as his brother. a. hard b. harder c. as hard d. so hard 15. She asked __________ Tom could speak English. a. if b. that c. what d. unless 16. The box was ______________ that the boy couldn’t carry it. a. such heavy b. so heavy c. so d. too heavy 17. I wish he ___________ over his illness soon. a. would get b. got c. could get d. will get 18. He wishes he _______________ the driving test last year. a. passed b. would pass c. could pass d. had passed 19. I like bananas, ________ my brother doesn’t a. because b. and c. but d, even though 20. __________their small size, these cameras take good pictures a. In spite of b. despite of c. because d. and 21. My annoying neighbors just keep ______ the music loud at night a. to be playing b. to play c. playing d. to have played 22. Most students are hoping _________ to sit the exam again a. to allow b. to be allowed c. allowing d. being allowed 23. The singers _______ attended the charity show last night are very famous a. at whom b. who c. in that d. at which 24. Jim, ________ I owned a lot of money, is a very generous person a. to which b. at which c. to whom d. at who 25. The only person _______ the crime was killed in an accident this morning a. to witness b. witnessed c. witness d. witnessing 26. Readers _______ bring food and drink to the library. Please leave them out side a. don’t have to b. are permitted to c. have to d. are not allowed to 27._______ skiing with us this weekend? a. Would you prefer go b. Would you go c. Would you like to go d. Would you rather to go 28. The lights in Ruth’s room are still on. She _______ her assignment a. must be writing b. might be writing c. might have written d. must have written 29. They ________ the trip until we come a. will start b. didn’t start c. started d. won’t start 30. I wish I ______ one twin sister like my friend Sally. I have nobody to share my feeling with. a. had b. had had c. would have d. would have had 31. This kind of cloth ________ in warm water only a. must wash b. must be washed c. must be washing d. must washed 32. The Norman is said _______ England in 1066 a. to have invaded b. to invade c. to be invaded d. to have been invaded 33. I am fed up ________ a. to teach the same students all the time b. with teaching the same students all the time Test 10 11 MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 c. by having taught the same students all the time d. about being taught the same students all the time 34. He had hardly inserted the DVD into the player _________ a. as soon as the power went out b. than the power went out c. when the power went out d. as the power went out 35. Many new TV programs on children have been produced _________ a. in order that for parents to understand their children more b. in order that parents can understand their children more c. so that parents to understand their children more d. so parents to understand their children more 36. _________ that three more episodes have been produces c. The movie was so a great a. It was such a great movie b. It was so a movie great d. The movie was such great 37. The race will have been over _________ a. before we come there b. although we will come there c. because we come there d. by the time we come there 38. What’s _____ that you have ever seen? a. the more enjoyable movie b. more enjoyable movie c. the most enjoyable movie d. most enjoyable movie 39. The new car’s tires seem to be __________ a. bigger than my old car b. the biggest than that my old car c. as bigger as my old car d. bigger than those of my old car III/ SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION: Choose the sentence that is nearest in meaning to the given one: 1. He lost his money simply because he wasn’t careful. a. Unless he was careful, he lost his money simply. b. If he had been more careful, he wouldn’t have lost his money. c. Unless he had been more careful, he would not have lost his money. d. b & c are correct 2. My teacher said to me, “Have you done this exercise yet?” a. My teacher asked me have you done the exercise yet. b. My teacher asked me if I had done that exercise yet. c. My teacher asked me had I done the exercise yet. d. My teacher asked me I had done the exercise yet 3. The weather is much warmer than it was a few days ago. a. The weather today isn’t as cool as a few days ago. b. The weather yesterday was cooler than today is. c. A few days ago the weather was much cooler than it is today. d. a & c are correct Test 10 12 MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 4. Although the play received good notices, not many people went to see it a. Many people were not interested in the play. b. Despite the fact that the play received good notices, not many people went to see it. c. a & b are correct d. a & b are incorrect 5. Lan suggested going out for dinner. a. Lan said, “Why don’t we go out for dinner?” b. Lan said, “ Do you want to go out for dinner?” c. Lan said, “ Must we go out for dinner?” d. Lan said, “ Will we go out for dinner?” 6. The last time I met my uncle Tom was 4 years ago. a. I have met my uncle Tom for four years b. It’s four years when I met my uncle Tom c. It’s four years since I met my uncle Tom d. I haven’t met my uncle Tom for years 7. We can’t afford to buy a car now a. We are not rich enough for buying a car now b. We are so poor to buy a car now c. A car can not be bought by us now d. A car is too expensive for us to buy now 8. “What a pity you didn’t see that film” a. I wish you could see that film b. I wish you had seen that film c. I wish you have seen that film d. I wish you saw that film Test 10 13 MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 9. The children aren’t at home. Neither is the mother. a. Neither the children nor the mother is at home b. Neither the mother nor the children is at home c. Neither the mother nor the children aren’t at home d. Neither the children nor the mother isn’t at home 10. “Please , don’t make noise in this room” a. He said that everybody don’t make noise in this room b. He told that everybody didn’t make noise in that room c. He asked everybody not to make noise in that room d. She told everybody not making noise in that room IV/ ERROR IDENTIFICATION: 1. I hadn’t understood his directions. However, I asked him to repeat what he’d said. A B C D 2. Some people think Harry succeeded in business in spite of his charming A B C personality rather than his business skills. D 3. Anyone where works is regarded as a useful member of our society. A B C D 4. We got up early, ate breakfast, and the house was cleaned- all before my aunt arrived A B C D 5. It is believed that by the year 2015, a space station will been constructed between the A B C D earth and the moon V/ COMMUNICATIVE EXCHANGES: 1. Susan: “ How’s thing?” Anita: “______” a. They’re right b. They’re good c. Fine. Thanks d. I’m working here 2. Helen : “Do you like my new cell phone?” Edward: “______” a. Would you like it? b. Where did you buy it? c. What size is it? d. How much does it? 3. David :“Can I have a sandwich?” Pam: “_________” a. Yes, it is b. Yes, thank you c. Yes, that’s right d. Yes, of course 4. Hoa: “_____” Nam: “No, thanks. I’m not hungry” a. Do you like eating cookies? b. Would you like some cookies? c. Do you enjoy eating out at weekends? d. What kind of food do you like best? 5. Conductor: “Have you got a ticket?” Tom: “_________” a. At the ticket office b. Here it is c. Yes, please d. You’re welcome VII/ Rewrite these sentences 1. Tom plays tennis and so does Peter. Both Tom and Peter play…………………………………… MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 2. She doesn't speak Chinese, and neither does he. Neither she nor he speaks………………………………… 3. Mary can't play the guitar and she can't swim. Mary can neither play the guitar nor swim 4. The best players got the prizes. They got the medals too. The best players got not only the prizes but also the medals 5. In the summer Daisy can make a trip or she can stay home. In the summer Daisy can either make atrip or …………………… 6. He wrote the report and he did the translation. He not only wrote the report but also………………… 7. James didn't send the job application and Bob didn't either. Neither James nor Bob sent……………………………… 8. He has to get through this work or I have to get through this work. Either he or I have……………………………… 9. Anna collects stamps. Anna collects coins too. Anna collects not only stamps …………………………… 10. Mai plays the guitar well. Mai dances beautifully. Mai not only plays the guitar but also…………………………….. 11. They came late. They left early. They not only came late but also................. ……………….. 12. David can’t play tennis. David can’t play football. David can play neither tennis nor football 13. We can see the film tonight. We can see the film tomorrow night. We can see the film either tonight or tomorrow night. 14. It was a very boring film and it was very long too. The film was both boring and long. 15. The printer can print files, and it can copy. The printer not only…………………… VIII/ WRITING “ The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns”. Write a paragraph of 120 words to support your answer. I agree that the most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns.Each of us has to work to earn money for our living and support the family. Society always needs skilled technicians, qualified workers, experienced specialists…so I have to study hard so that I can get a good job. When I get a good job, I will earn some money to pay the bill. If I earn a lot of money, I can wear nice clothes, go shopping at weekeds. Having a well-paying job makes me become successful and helpful to my family ; however, finding a good job with high salary is becoming more and more difficult nowadays. Furthermore, the most important aspect of a job is the job should be honest, productive, useful to myself as well as to society although the salary I get may be unsatisfactory. TEST 11 REVIEW OF UNIT 6 - FUTURE JOBS MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 ***** I/ PRONUNCIATION: A/Choose the word which has underlined part pronounced differently from the rest: 1. a. explained b. disappointed c. prepared d. interviewed 1. a. honest b. holiday c. home d. happiness 2. a. character b. teacher c. chemist d. technical B/ Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest: 3. a. answer b. question c. polite d. keenness 4. a. advice b. relate c. during d. forget 5. a. employment b. remember c. concentrate d. position II/ VOCABULARY & WORD FORM: 1. I am so _____ that I cannot say anything, but keep silent. a. nerve b. nervous c. nervously d. nervousness 2. Her job was so _____ that she decided to quit it. a. interesting b. satisfactory c. stressful d. wonderful 3. Not all teenagers are well _____ for their future job when they are at high school. a. interested b. satisfied c. concerned d. prepared 4. Before the interview, you have to send a letter of application and your résumé to the company. a. recommendation b. reference c. curriculum vitae d. photograph 5. If you are _____ for a particular job, someone asks you questions about yourself to find out if you are suitable for it. a. paid b. chosen c. interviewed d. recommended 6. Qualifications and ____ are two most important factors that help you get a good job. a. politeness b. experience c. attention d. impression 7. Doctors have to assume _____ for human life. a. responsible b. responsibly c. responsibility d. response 8. _____ is increasing, which results from economic crisis. a. Employment b. Unemployment c. Employ d. Unemployed 9. He was offered the job thanks to his _____ performance during his job interview. a. impress b. impressive c. impression d. impressively 10. It is _____ to fail a job interview, but try again. a. disappoint b. disappointing c. disappointedly d. disappointment III/ GRAMMAR: Review of RELATIVE CLAUSES 1. Ms Young, to ____ many of her students are writing, is living happily and peacefully in Canada. MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 a. who b. whom c. that 2. I saw a lot of new people at the party, _____ seemed familiar. a. some of whom b. some of who c. whom that 3. My friend eventually decided to quit her job, _____ upset me a lot. a. that b. when c. which d. whose d. some of d. who 4. He was the man _____ car was stolen last week. a. whom b. that c. which d. whose 5. They have just found the couple and their car _____ were swept away during the heavy storm last week. a. that b. which c. whose d. when 6. It was the worst winter _____ anyone could remember. a. when b. which c. where d. why 7. I would like to know the reason _____ he decided to quit the job. a. which b. why c. that d. when 8. ______ instructed me how to make a good preparation for a job interview. a. Job Robbins to that I spoke by telephone, b. Job Robbins, that I spoke to by telephone, c. Job Robbins I spoke to by telephone, d. Job Robbins, whom I spoke to by telephone, 9. She always had wanted to go to places _____ she could speak her native language. a. that b. in that c. which d. where 10. He was always coming up with new ideas, ____ were absolutely impracticable. a. most of whom b. that c. most of which d. most of that 11. February is the month _____ many of my colleagues take skiing holidays. a. when b. that c. in that d. which 12. I come from the Seattle area, _____ many successful companies such as Microsoft and Boeing are located. a. which b. that c. where d. whom 13. He lives in a small town _______. a. where is called Taunton b. which is called Taunton c. is called Taunton d. that called Taunton 14. There was no one ______. a. I could ask for help b. when I could ask for help c. I could ask whom for help d. for that I could ask for help 15. Is there anything else _____ you want to ask? a. what b. where c. whom d. that Choose the best answer to complete each sentence 1. He ______ for hours but now he doesn’t any more a. is used to chat b. used to chat c. is used to chatting d. used to chatting 2. “ How about _______ out for dinner tonight?” “ That’s great!” a. go b going to go d. we go 3. Emma seems ______ some difficult problems a. to have b. having c. has d. she has MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 4. This medicine ________ after meals a. should take b. should be taking c. should to take d. should be taken 5. The planet Mercury_______ round the sun every 88 days a. travels b. is traveling c. traveled d. has traveled 6. How many people _________ in the World War II? a. have died b. were died c. died d. had been died 7. Tom is only eleven years old, but he has ________ as his elder brother a. as high b. as highly c. as height d. the same height 8. The children were frightened ______ thunder and lightning a. in b. of c. for d. at 9. They are looking for a ______ girl named Rita. She got lost in the park a. seven-year-old b. seven-years-old c. seven years old d. seven years of age 10. I don’t know the password to get access ____ this computer system a. in b. for c. to d. with 11. The match was _________ because of the bad weather a. passed away b. put down c. called off d. turned on 12. Provided that he_______ the car, we _____ able to drive to the country a. services-are b. services- will be c. will service-will be d. services-would be 13. I ______ him up if he ________ tomorrow a. called-will come b. will call-comes c. will call-came d. called-would come 14. If you offered more money I _______ stay a. would b. will c. have d. wouldn’t 15. There will always be a conflict between _____ old and ______ young. a. the-a b. an- a c. a- a d. the- the 16. The man got up early _______ he could catch the bus a. because b. so as to c. in order that d. although 17. The mail comes at ten o’clock every day _______ Sunday a. except b. although c. or d. and 18. ______ the encouraging response, the manager decided to continue the project a. because b. because of c. despite of d. In spite 19. When I rushed in he _______ a magazine a. read b. reads c. was reading d. has read 20. It took many hours of negotiation to _______ a compromise a. make b. do c. reach d. arrive 21. Let’s go somewhere quiet this evening, ________? a. do we b. shall we c. don’t we d. can’t we 22. I asked Pauline _______ a. whether has she completed her project yet b. if had she completed her project yet MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 c. whether she had completed her project yet d. if she has completed her project yet 23. He changed his address many times ________ a. so as to eluding the police c. so as to he elude the police b. in order that elude the police d. in order to elude the police 24. I would apply for that job if I spoke English __________ a. as good as you did c. as well as you were b. as good as you do d. as well as you do 25. It’s no use talking to her. She is _________ a. too stubborn that she doesn’t listen to advice b. too stubborn to listen to advice c. so stubborn to listen to advice d. so stubborn for anyone to listen to advice 26. Had you given me advice _________ a I had been able to avoid the failure b. I hadn’t been able to avoid the failure c. I would have been able to avoid the failure d. I wouldn’t have been able to avoid the failure 27. No sooner had she drunk the coffee __________ a. and she began to feel drowsy b. so she had a feeling of uncertainty c. before she had felt very sleepy d. than she began to feel drowsy 28. Kevin asked me __________a. had I played for my school team b. whether I had played for my school team c. that I had played for my school team d. that if I played for my school team 29. In the past the world’s resources _________ a. believed to be endless b. are believed to be endless c. were believed being endless d. were believed to be endless 30. After the party Ann suggested __________ a. that we should go for a swim b. to go for a swim c. us to go for a swim d. that we would go for a swim IV/ ERROR IDENTIFICATION: 1. Peter got his sister read his class assignment, and then asked her to write the report a b for him because he did not have enough time. c d 2. Marie is studied law at one of the most well-known universities in the East. a b c d 3. Peter was said being the cleverest in his class when he was at school. a b c d MOON.VN – Cô PHAN ĐIỆU Facebook: phandieu89 4. You had better working harder because the examination is coming. a b c d 5. When you see Tom, remember giving him my regards, won’t you? a b c d 6. Seeing his friends succeed in life, Tom regrets to leave school so early. a b c d 7. I will tell Tim about the plan when I am seeing him tomorrow. a b c d 8. The best thing doing now is to stop smoking as soon as possible. a b c d 9. The teacher spent the whole afternoon to correct papers a b c d 10. If classes had finished sooner, I would go to Canada last month. a b c d V/ SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION: 1. Sally is the cleverest student in the class. a. Sally is clever as her friends in the class. b. Sally’s classmate is so clever as her. c. Sally’s friends in her class are cleverer than Sally. d. Nobody in the class is cleverer than Sally. 2. The thief wore gloves so as to avoid leaving any fingerprints. a. The thief wore gloves so as to not leave any fingerprints. b. The thief wore gloves so that not leave any fingerprints. c.The thief wore gloves in order not to leave any fingerprints. d. The thief wore gloves in order to not leave any fingerprints. 3. Unless you come on time, we will go without you. a. Come on time or we will go without you. b. Come on time, we will go without you. c. Because of your punctuality, we will go without you. d. Without your coming on time, we will go. 4. The last time I saw her was three years ago. a. I have seen her for the last three years. b. About three years ago, I used to meet her. c. I have not seen her for three years. d. I saw her three years ago and will never meet her again. 5. Even though it was raining heavily, the explorers decided to continue their journey. a. It rained so heavily that the explorers could not continue their journey. b. The explorers put off their journey due to the heavy rain. c. The heavy rain could not prevent the explorers from continuing their journey. d. If it had rained heavily, the explorers would not have continued their journey. 6. John, whose cough is terrible, needs to see a doctor. a. John’s terrible cough prevents him from seeing a doctor. b. John needs to see a doctor because of his terrible cough. c. John’s doctor does not want to see him because he has a bad cough. d. John’s terrible cough forces him to see a doctor. VI/ COMMUNICATIVE EXCHANGES:
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