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speaking ielts
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Describe a couple Describe a piece of clothing A TV drama series/ movie/book => can have same content English lesion that you enjoy (đềề đã vào 2017) Describe a person solved problems in a clever way Describe an interesting neighbor Describe a helpful neighbor Describe a police Describe a famous person (đã vào 2017) ð You could describe your neighbor who is a famous police in your area because he can solve problems cleverly Describe an interesting experience during your childhood Describe an occasion when everyone smiled A time when talk with a stranger A wedding you have been to An occasion you got good service from a company/shop Experience you had in the countryside ð You could describe a wedding in the countryside which you attended when was a child, all people there were happy, you met a stranger and talk with him/her about the company which held the welding, its quality of the service and food. Describe a favorite sport you like to watch/play A bicycle tour A future plan not related to work/study A trip plan to take A plan that you haven’t done yet A leisure activity near sea ð A trip by bicycle to place near sea and have some our door activities. A city/ town you have been to A crowd place A place you can swim ð You can describe Hanoi, and West lake (where to swim) A kind of weather/season you like An organization/company which employs a lot of ppl A shop/coffee shop just open in hometown Well-paid job you like to do in future Quite place you can go ð You can talk about a chain of convenience shops where employ a lot of young people, just open one brand in your hometown. Its a quite place to go, if you work there, may get high salary for high position A statue/painting you see before -Person in history impresses you => painting/statue/history of a person => describe about a person’s appearance and her/his story An important change in your life A time when you moved to a new house/ school A decision that you disagree with ð Change house => disagree => change life 14. An occasion you have a cake Free gif A foreign food you try ð Occasion you have free gift => cake made in foreign style 15. Important invention change life Useful website you ofen visit Mobile phone ð Invention of mobile phone = > access internet easily (no need computer)… 16. A kind of vegetable/plant 17. Occasion waiting for something An appointment Interesting speed/talk ð Wait for meeting with important speaker who talked about technology development (invention as mobile, internet..) 18. Interesting house/apartment
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