Selection plan for marketing team of risingstar s213

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Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 I. INTRODUCTION RisingStar S213 Touch Phone is new product of company. As project manager, I have to undertake the company’s promotional activity to launch the product into the market. The project needs candidates for positions in marketing team with promotion activities. Therefore, company requires members within team can bring out plan for project, implement Public Relations, advertising for product, evaluating effectiveness of plan in reality and so on. I have been asked to come up with a selection plan for suitable candidates and how to build a winning team to successfully accomplish the project. The necessary tasks for selection plan are identifying the characteristics of candidates needed for the team, suggesting suitable methods for selection, describing roles of project manager in the selection process and identifying the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the selection process. They must be carried out exactly and carefully to achieve success in selection process by choosing appropriate members for team. Moreover, to build a winning team, the project manager need to Page 1 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 identify the mix of knowledge, skills and experience necessary from the team members to accomplish the project, analyze the dynamics within the team which stimulate and promote team spirit and help motivate and provide support to its members, identify the clear expectations of relationships between team members, explain how the team encourage its member to develop roles during team assignments and analyze empowerment theory and the important to its members to develop their own ways of working independently and to rely on their own capabilities within pre-set boundaries. Page 2 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 II. SELECTION PLAN FOR MARKETING TEAM OF RISINGSTAR S213 1. Identifying the characteristics of candidates needed for your team According to American Marketing Association “Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.” (BPP Professional Education, 2004, p8). RisingStar S213 is new product, the company needs a team which carries out promotional activities to launch it into the market. Hence, the team selects candidates for promotional activities with separate works which are planning, research, implementation, control and evaluation. The characteristics of candidates who apply for team have to meet the characteristic of these works. Page 3 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 Firstly, the planning requires people who are creative, imaginative and unorthodox because they have to bring out initiatives, ideas for the team. RisingStar S213 touch phone is new product in existing market, so it must create differences with existing product. To these characteristics, planning people can make special, original plan which launch the product into the market successfully. Secondly, the research work needs independent, concentrated and patient people since they will find out about market and demands of customers which are very complicated, so it needs long time to have good result. Thirdly, the candidates have to have disciplined, reliable and efficient characteristics for implementation work. The reason is that they will bring plan into reality, which all ideas about launching product will be carried out. If without these characteristics, result of the team might be bad because one mistake could destroy the plan. The next is controller who examines details and enforces rules, so the candidates should have general view and strict characteristic. Hence, they can ensure that everything will be implemented directly and exactly. This characteristic is very important because it makes the Page 4 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 difference between group work and team work. Finally, the task of evaluation work is to offer insightful analysis of options, so the characteristics which are suitable to this work of the team are strategic and discerning. When the team bring out ideas and strategies, these characteristics will help team choose the best way to launch RisingStar S213 touch phone. 2. Suggesting suitable methods for selection RisingStar S213 touch phone is new technological product, it has to be launched into the market quickly to have advantage with product of other firms. Hence, this is short-term project which is implemented in two or three months. In order to saving time and money for selection and training, the company should use internal resources. They are familiar with each other, tasks and culture of company, so they can work together effectively. Because they are people who inside the company, it can skip Page 5 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 many methods of selection which are used for candidates from external resources, such as application forms, CVs and covering letters, test, references and so on (BPP Professional Education, 2004, p22). Therefore, appropriate methods for this selection process are interview and group selection methods. Interview is the most popular method for companies. The team can use it to find the most suitable candidates for tasks of marketing RisingStar S213. They have opportunity to show their abilities and knowledge of marketing directly. Therefore, the project manager can know they understand the job or not. Beside, interview method makes applicants feel that they are fair. There are two ways of interview: individual interviews and panel interviews (BPP Professional Education, 2004, p29). The project manager is main selector, but the company should have technology specialist and staff of Human resource department to interview candidates with many specialist areas. Therefore, panel interview is suitable with candidates of this marketing team. Furthermore, group selection method can help project manager Page 6 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 have long time to study about candidates’ personality and attributes and candidates can reveal their soft-skills, such as communication, team working, etc. Group role-play exercises and case studies are two techniques of this method (BPP Professional Education, 2004, p25). Here, case study about marketing will assess the problem-solving and team work skills of candidates clearly because they must discuss and work together to bring out good solution for case study. Therefore, the appropriate candidates will be chosen. 3. Describing the roles of project manager in the selection process The successful project managers are people who know their roles clearly and complete them effectively. The function of project manager in the selection process is select good members for team, so the roles of project manager are very important. As the project manager of team which implements promotional activities for RisingStar S213, I have to know clearly how to plan, carry out a selection process and make right decisions. Firstly, the job analysis needs to be come up and from it I will bring out job description which outline the tasks of marketing team, Page 7 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 such as research needs and wants of customers, public relations, etc. Furthermore, the job requirements about qualifications, experience and skills which are suitable with marketing will be set up and given to Human resources department. Secondly, as main interviewer, I will prepare questions which help candidates show all their abilities and take part in interview period to interview candidates to study their skills, personalities, etc. Through answer of candidates, I have to assess them exactly and fairly. Besides, I can show my knowledge and trustworthiness to make candidates feel interested in the tasks of team. Thirdly, I will find out about and bring out appropriate case study which relates to promotion activities, such as promoting old product into the market for candidates to test them, after that, observe their performance and acknowledge their abilities. Finally, relying on my evaluation and opinions of other selectors, candidates will be chosen. If there are confusion and difference opinions, I am main person who make last decisions to select suitable candidates who can satisfy requirements of team and the company to launch Rising Star S213. Page 8 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 4. Identifying the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the selection process All operations of companies have to obey legislation of the country in particular and the world in general. Therefore, when selecting members for the marketing team, the company is influenced by legislation, for example Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and so on (BPP Professional Education, 2004, p34). The most popular law is equal opportunities and discrimination legislation. In labor law of Vietnam, there is one chapter about “Particular regulations for female labor” which affirm clearly that people who use labor must follow sex equality regulations in recruitment (Vieclam.spt, n.d). Therefore, in selection process, the company must ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to apply and be selected for positions in team and there are not different treatments between male and female candidates, such as the name of applied position in documents. Besides legislation, the regulations of company are essential thing. All people who work in company, though they are employees or Page 9 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 managers, must follow them strictly. To candidate, in selection process, the regulatory considerations are meeting all job requirements of the marketing team, present at the interview on time and take part in case study of project manager, if not their mark can be minus or they can be rejected immediately. Because they are employees inside the company, other regulations, such as application form, CV and cover letter, medical examination, etc., are not necessary. The last thing is ethical issues which depend on assessment of selectors. The selectors have to treat with candidates equally. They cannot have good treatment with people who have close relationship with them or reject someone because they do not like these candidates. The equity in decision of selectors is very important in selection process. Moreover, the candidates must be respected, such as interview question should not mention to their private life. In general, the selectors must have unbiased evaluation with skills and abilities of candidates to ensure that they do not break ethical issues. III. THE WAY TO BUILD A WINNING TEAM TO Page 10 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 SUCCESSFULLY ACCOMPLISH THE PROJECT 1. Identifying the mix of knowledge, skills and experience necessary from the team members to accomplish the project “A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable” (BPP Professional Education, 2004, p58). According to this definition, the members of the marketing team share and learn their knowledge, skills and experience together to achieve common goal. To launching Rising Star S213 into the market, the members have to have knowledge about phone market in general and touch phone market in particular. Besides, features and characteristics of this product are essential knowledge for the team. However, not all members have these areas of knowledge, so they can combine their knowledge. Furthermore, people who have lots of experience can help others. Sometimes, experienced people do not have new ideas, while young people have deep knowledge and can take many initiatives but do not have experience to carry out them. Hence, their complement Page 11 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 will make good plan and effectiveness in working for the team. Similarly, the key skills for marketing are communications skills, application of number, IT, problem solving, and improving own learning and performance (Kodz J, Atkinson J, Perryman S, 1997). These skills are very important with marketing staff, but if members have them without knowledge about marketing or technology, it is difficult to explain and satisfy customers’ requirements, for example when PR the product to customers, the team need two people who have communication skill and knowledge about product. Therefore, the mix of knowledge, skills and experience is necessary for an effective team to accomplish the project. Another thing is that sharing and learning knowledge, skills and experience between members of team will develop and perfect their own competence. And these things create the most important skill for both marketing and team which is team working. Hence, the roles of project manager are the key to have close relationship of team members. 2. Analyzing the dynamics within the team Page 12 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 The effectiveness and success of a team have close relationship with the dynamics within the team. Because if the team has suitable dynamics, members of team and team spirit will be motivated, so they will try their best for common purpose of team. First of all, clearly identifying roles of members are very important. When all members have their roles, they can affirm their position in team which makes them feel confident, be respected and trusted. Besides, the encouragement of project manager contributes significantly to enhance productivity of team members, because it will make members feel that they are not individuals, they are team. From this point, team spirit will be stimulated. Therefore, this is essential dynamic within the team. Secondly, the team cannot lack contribution assessment between team members. The correct assessment will make equity in team which is one of motivation theories, so both members who have a lot contributions or little will be fostered. On the other hand, when the manager has incorrect assessment, between team members have unfair situations, so the team spirit could be frustrated. Page 13 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 Another dynamics is culture and structure of company and team which always plays important roles to motivate employees because they exist with the company and have influence in all operating of company. Therefore, if members want to integrate with others, they must follow company’s culture and structure, in other words, culture and structure foster all members pull together and increase team spirit. The last thing which contributes into team dynamics is reward. It is physical dynamic which have practical nature to improve life demand of members. Hence, they must try to achieve it, because it has influence not only for themselves, but also for their family. Rewards are motive power for them to fulfill their responsibility with family. “Team Dynamics are the unseen forces that operate in a team between different people or groups. Team Dynamics can strongly influence how a team reacts, behaves or performs, and the effects of team dynamics are often very complex.” (TeamTechnology, n.d). 3. Identifying the clear expectations of relationships between team members Page 14 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 The relationships between team members have high influence to team, if they have good relationship, this team can achieve its goal faster and better and inverse. It is easy to realize that these relationships affect to both manager and team members, so they need to have clear expectations about them. To team members, the close relationships help them a lot, so these are their expectations. Firstly, the honest communication between members is necessary relationship. They are expected to express your opinion not only about situations of project but also others in team if someone making mistake. It can help members improve their ability and understand about themselves and others, the sentiments of team will be raised and it makes a pleasant working environment which help people work freely and effectively. Secondly, team members should have help together when there are problem in one part of process. This relationship bring many benefits to project of company, for example, planning person is entrusted PR part, so there need other member who have acknowledge and experience about PR help this person, or when one member is sick, Page 15 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 others can help he or she to complete the task. Moreover, others members can bring out their initiatives to help project manager, as me have right decisions for project. Therefore, the team can launch Rising Star S213 on deadline successfully and members have good view about each other more and more. Another important thing is the belief which is always base in any relationship. The members of this team also expect all members believe each other because it can pull members closer. Besides, this is key relationship between team members with me. The members of team want me trust them when entrust tasks of project for them and the belief of team members with my decisions is very necessary. It can motivate team members that enhance their energy in working. Thus, this is my expectation with team member relationship because it makes achievements for team with RisingStar S213. 4. How the team encourage its member to develop roles during team assignments The team has five main roles which are planning, research, implementation, evaluation and control. Each member within team has Page 16 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 their own role which affirms their position. The most suitable way to encourage members is empowerment. The manager has to have empowerment from the top of company to have all power about this project. I can manage all tasks follow my opinion, so I can develop my role which control the project. Moreover, I empower to other members to do their tasks with their own ways. If each member has their role clearly, they can implement it with highest responsibility because they feel that they are equal and trusted. Therefore, empowerment can motivate the effort of team members to develop their roles. Besides, the support of other members has high influence to role development of team. When the task is given to one member who has not knowledge, experience or skills to do it perfectly, others can help them little part, but main task still is implemented by this person. Therefore, members can complete their task which they can think that they cannot do before, it means they are encourage to improve their roles within team. For instance, person who carries out planning role cannot decide which preference between two plans is, he or she can Page 17 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 ask opinions of others to support the ideas to bring out the choice or member carries out implement role such as PR, advertising can ask advices from person who has experience or a lot of relationships, etc. In fact, there are many ways for the team to encourage its member which depend on conditions of team, however the simplest way which can apply for all team is the existence of team. When people are members of team, they work for common goal, in other words, they have responsibility not only themselves but also other members, so they must try to develop their roles to not affect others. 5. Analyzing empowerment theory and the important to members of the team Empowerment is management practice of sharing information, rewards, and power with employees so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance. It is based concept of giving employees the skills, resources, authority, opportunity, motivation, as well holding them responsible and accountable for outcomes of their actions (BusinessDictionary, n.d). It is easy to realize that empowerment is Page 18 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 very important with team members. Firstly, the empowerment manifests the trust of project manager with capabilities of team members within pre-set boundaries. They are given responsibility to what they do, so they will try their best with all knowledge, skills and experience to accomplish their task and role. Therefore, they can improve their capabilities in other projects and live. For instance, person who plans how to launch RisingStar S213 can bring out any ideas which are reality, although they may be not happen before. However, the last decision still belongs to project manager. Secondly, empowerment is necessary for team to develop the working ways of team members’ own independently. When members are empowered, they work alone which without the control of manager, they can show their creativeness, apply their ways to launch the product into the market. It means they can make success for project follow special sides which they really want individually, do not have to depend on anyone. Thus, independent working skill will be developed day by day. Besides, the members can feel free in working which make working environment become more comfortable, Page 19 Website: Email : Tel : 0918.775.368 WORKING WITH AND LEADING PEOPLE ASSIGNMENT 1 the energy and productivity of members within team will be enhanced. As project manager, the empowerment is effective working way for me, too. I can reduce my responsibility to other members and refer to their initiatives to develop our project. At last, we can launch the product successfully and help team members develop their own capabilities and confidence. Page 20
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